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Download: Represent Android and Valentine’s Day With This Wallpaper

android valentines wall

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seemed only fitting to share the newest wallpaper from the Android Foundry. Look at that cute little Bugdroid destroying a beautiful white wall with a can of red paint, all for the sake of today’s holiday. <3

Download a variety of sizes at the link below.

Via:  Android Foundry

  • MichaelThomason

    Everything causes DRAMA, move on, life is way too short

  • gary

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  • Max resolution is below full HD. Pass.

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    • mechapathy

      With all that money you could afford to learn English!

  • Josh Ingram

    I thought the paint spot on his face was his eye at first. Terrifying.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    • Austin Warren

      I think it brings out my feminine side.

  • mechapathy

    It looks like a heart with a bite taken out of it. I smell lawsuit…

    • Wow, stretching an old joke that wasn’t funny to begin with.

      • mechapathy

        Still a joke. Lighten up.

        • That’s posted constantly.
          Seriously, can you try to come up with something on your own rather than copying and pasting the same comment that has been posted on almost every article for the past year?

          • mechapathy

            Listen, I was fully aware when I posted that comment that it wasn’t the most original thing in the world. I’m a creative person, and I don’t need a comment section on an Android blog to be my outlet. But here’s the thing: my comment wasn’t about you. There’s nothing to argue about here. If you didn’t like the comment, fine. But hey, four people smiled at it. At the end of the day I care more about that than I do about the fact that you didn’t like my admittedly cliche joke. #dropthemic

          • Dr_Buttballs

            I remember when I got into a tussle on the internet.