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Bump Receives Update, Makes Syncing Files Between Mobile and Desktop Easy


Last year, Bump launched a website that users loved. It allowed them to send photos from their phone to computer pretty easily. Today, they’re taking it to the next level and allowing phones and computers to swap photos and more files back and forth between devices without even having to think about cables.

Once you are logged in to the Bump app on your phone and your computer, all it takes is a “bump” against the computer’s keyboard and the files will transfer without any more action. Moving photos and videos, saving phone contacts to your computer and transferring other documents are now easier than ever. If you’re ready to get bumping, hit the link below.

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Via: Bump

  • K. Nelson

    This concerns me:

    “The matching algorithm listens to the bumps from phones/computers around the world and pairs up the two that felt the same bump. Then we send the photos from your mobile to your computer.”

    Matching algorithm? You don’t pair devices before allowing transfer? That seems a bit risky.

    So, if you live in an apartment complex, and your neighbor bumps his/her SGS3 on their MBP at the same time as you’re bumping your SGS3 & MBP…is there a chance it could go to the wrong device?

    I’ll be toying with this tonight at home.

  • This isnt new…I’ve been able to do this with bump for a while

  • Crazydog

    So, would this work on a Desktop computer? It was my understanding Bump worked mostly by location, and a system without a wireless card couldn’t access any fancy location APIs…

    • Tyler Bowden

      Your IP address is enough to find out which city you are in. I’ve never used bump but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work on a desktop. Most laptops don’t have gps and the only way to get location from wifi is from google’s wifi data collected from streetviewer.

  • gary

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  • Sean Wood

    Hoccer kicks Bumps scrawny bottom….


    • nightscout13

      There are many competitors but I don’t think any one of them is better than the other, they all get the job done. It’s personal preference at this point