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Is HP Planning on Manufacturing an Android Tablet and Smartphone Sometime Soon?


Up until today, the only reason HP and Android would be in the same device is if you jumped on the TouchPad fire sale and hacked Android into the thing. However, The Verge and ReadWrite are reporting that HP and Android might be making things a bit more official. Citing multiple unnamed sources within the company, HP is working on an Android tablet and maybe even a phone that we should see sometime this year.

HP’s Android tablet has apparently been in the works since last Thanksgiving, but now is rumored to be launching with NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 processor packed inside. Details on the smartphone are even less concrete, but in the past HP has expressed a serious interest in getting back in the market.

It would certainly be a win for Android to have another big name manufacturing high quality devices. The TouchPad was a highly regarded tablet when it was released, but it was saddled with webOS running on it. This tablet is far from being official, but it sounds like HP has something good up their sleeve.

Via: The Verge

  • DanWazz


  • bionicwaffle

    It’s not the first time HP has used Android. HP used Android a few years ago for a mini tablet/control pad for some of their printers. I don’t know that the idea really took off and I’m not sure if those printers are available anymore.

  • JoshGroff

    I’m certainly interested, loved my Touchpad.

  • CHRIS42060

    Since it worked so well for Dell?

  • Android + WebOS? {{o_0}}

  • “OMG a tablet that has Beats Audio!!”

    I can see the airheads flocking already…

  • nightscout13

    Probably the only thing that can save HP……..

  • OreoMan

    HP, day late…

  • Didn’t HP learn the first time?

    • trbasil

      Yeah, they are not going with webOS this time.

    • tehserver

      No. HP fails to learn from history and will keep repeating its mistakes over and over until it dies. Even the people that work for HP don’t like HP. I would know, I used to work for them.


        woz liked hp…

        • tehserver

          In the past he may have, but I doubt Woz likes much of anything they do these days.

      • brando

        I work for HP, and I like HP. You must not have left on your terms.

        • tehserver

          It’s nice of you to make that assumption, but I did leave on my own terms. I think it probably depends on which branch of HP you work in whether or not you like them.

  • On the side, I work at HP and the logo you have used here is the old logo

    • Hunter

      It was probably the first google images result

  • KleenDroid