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Here are All of the New Google Now Cards: Real Estate, Fandango Movie Passes, and Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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In today’s Google Search update that was just released, we are seeing a major update in terms of Google Now cards. The update introduced real estate cards in a variety of forms, Fandango movie pass support, and Rotten Tomatoes scores in movie listings. We have examples of all of the new cards for you below, something we try to do with each update.Β 

Fandango Movie Passes

Similar to the event booking card, in that it is pulled through your Gmail account. Tells you when you need to leave for the movie you have purchased tickets for and then shows a scannable QR code that can be used at the theater.



Movie Listing with Rotten Tomatoes Score

Shows when you are near a theater or when a movie you are interested in is playing. Now shows Rotten Tomatoes score.


Real Estate

Shows after you have been searching Google for real estate and are near properties that are for sale.

real estate1

real estate2

real restate3

The entire list of Google Now cards can be found here.

  • What do you say to pull up the rotten tomatoes rating if you’re not near the theater? Just “rotton tomatoes Ice Age” or…?

  • Capt. Crunch

    Is anyone else annoyed that every time they launch Google Now the keyboard decides to pop up (RAZR Maxx)

  • Jim McClain

    widget is not needed on rooted nexus, just ad search to nav bar

    • Justin Winker

      … That just means you have an easier option to open the Now cards. The widget gives you a quick view on your desktop where you most likely have other widgets with quick-view info available.

  • Well I live right by an AMC 30 theater, looks like the Rotten Tomato card is going to be my new friend

  • ShadrachCA

    I’m digging the new movie cards. Too bad for me that Fandango isn’t so great in my area – the most popular theater by me only lets you buy tickets through movietickets.com.

  • Warwick

    I go to those movie places.

  • Austin Warren

    Every time I google something now it opens in browser and not google now?

    • Austin Warren

      It’s asking me to open browser….WHYYYYYYYY

  • Kisuk3

    Kellex I’m curious does the real estate function include apartments?

  • Warwick

    Nice, once i pay for my car I can add the real estate one!!!

    • Justin Winker

      Nice name.. Play Leagues much? πŸ™‚

      • Warwick

        Good eye lol.

  • Does Google Now pulling through Gmail work if you have a Google Apps account? I’ve had multiple packages come in the past couple of months and Google Now has never notified me. I’m curious if it’s a Google Apps thing or not.

  • Lte_Addict

    this is just a teaser, can’t wait to see how google now will be once KLP is released!!! i love google πŸ˜€

  • NYAvsFan

    The Google Now widget is included as well which I believe is new.

    • Justin Tiell

      I had to open Google Now before any of the widgets worked.

      • NYAvsFan

        Just did that. Works now!

  • This thing keeps getting better and better!!!…..Needs to integrate Open Table, and Sports Tickets to be even more amazing…

  • ChristianJohnson

    “Would you like me to search the web for ‘real estate’?
    Ha. Siri. You noob.

  • DaveTea

    Now they just need to enable these for people that are paying for Google Apps accounts. I am not sure which ones don’t work with Apps accounts but for sure package tracking does not and its the only one I really care about.

  • I need Google now to check multiple email accounts!

    • PyroHoltz

      Auto-forward all your accounts to your primary Gmail account.

      • Not a bad idea, just tons of email

        • JasonIvers

          Automatically label it and mark it read… tons of email, but it doesn’t interfere with your usage of GMail.

          • coolsilver

            I auto forward but I never been able to get my labels to work correctly. Though I am sure if I used POP it work just fine.

        • You wanted to check multiple accounts. It’s the same number of emails whether you aggregate it or keep it separate.

  • Isaiah

    Search with camera looks new too. It’s in the Google now menu

    • That’s actually been around for a while. I think DL posted something about that a month or two back.

    • Wasn’t that always there?It was added in the last update I think.

    • steve-o

      was there since last update i think

    • Andy

      that was already in there. I never messed with it though.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Awesome. Don’t really have need for any of these, but the more they keep adding the more functional it is.

  • ßen Murphy

    Google Now > Siri. That is all.

    • Austin Warren

      Thank god Verizon didn’t buy it. Now Apple can live with a failed product.

      • Tyler

        I wouldn’t call it failed product, because it does work IF it understands you, its just one step behind in terms of the idea of notifying you before stuff happens.

        • Austin Warren

          Maybe not failed, but nowhere as nice as Google Now.

          • Tyler

            Now that i can agree with πŸ™‚

        • One step behind in understand you and getting the right information.

    • Why I completely agree that Google Now is better than Siri, I must say that they are two completely different services! Apple set out to make a voice assistant while Google set out to make a life assistant! Siri is centered around the user asking questions in order to get a reply, no where in there does it “learn” about this user however with Google’s tight integration (Gmail, Google Search, etc) the service sets out to “learn” about said user. Both products accomplish the goal the designers set, its just that Google had a much higher goal!

      • But you can tell Siri to call you an ambulance. So in that sense, it learns that you want to be called “an ambulance”.

        • Chris


    • Technically Google Now is not like Siri at all. Google Search is. Google Now is the predictive card stuff, Google Search is the voice search stuff. Or maybe not, I have no idea. It’s all rolled into one app and it’s awesome.

  • Greg Morgan

    Each update gets better and better…!

    • JasonIvers

      Seriously… who down voted that? And without a comment?

      • Justin Winker

        Some people are just rude… +1 for the defensiveness on this, and +1 to the OP to help offset the down vote πŸ™‚