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Google Now Widget Outed Early on Support Page?


When you think of missing features for Google Now that you wish to see included in the future, was widget one of them? Your prayers may be answered shortly, as a widget was spotted through a Google support page (has since been pulled). Little other details were given or are known, however, the idea isn’t a difficult one to understand. Google Now is great at giving you information before you realize you need it, but it can usually only be accessed through a swipe up from a home button or long-press on one of the many navigation button configurations that Android phones utilize. 

In the image above, you can see three sections for traffic, weather, and stocks, though those may change depending on what Now decides to offer. We have no idea if you’ll be able to customize each or if Now will reconfigure the widget based on what it deems to be most important. The styling, obviously matches up to other Google Now cards.

We don’t know when we’ll see this widget, but I would put money on it coming via Google Play update for Google Search. With a support page live momentarily, I can’t imagine this little bugger is far off.

Via:  Google Support | Android Central

Cheers Logan and David!

  • duke69111


  • Droidzilla

    This is all that is good and right in the universe.

  • joejoe5709

    A step in the right direction for Google Now. Needs to be more visible (if we want it to be).

  • Why not just have Google Now itself as the widget… as in, a full screen scrollable widget? Why mess with it at all?

    • I think they should give that option as well! Like multiple sizes of the widget.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    One app to rule them all.

    • summit1986

      One app to find them…

      • One app to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

        • Droidzilla

          What about second breakfast?

  • 4n1m4L

    The graph is showing up like Now does in search too.

  • Tyler Casilio

    That’s convinent

  • JoshGroff

    It’s like the convenience store of widgets, a conglomeration of things you want and need in one small package.

    • Greg

      That’s what she said!

  • teevirus

    Google is clearly taking from the success of Windows phone’s Live Tiles.

    • stevetherat

      You mean windows phone took widgets, made them plain and boring. nice try troll.

      • Eric Franca

        Definition of “/s” = displaying the ending of a sarcastic moment in the nerdiest/best way possible. Thought this would be a good teaching moment.

      • Austin Warren

        Wait, Windows took what!? They steal everything. /s

        • Tim H

          Ya, including Windows itself! not/s

      • JBartcaps

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet he’s never checking this comment thread again

  • ddevito

    I still think Google Now will eventually become the ONE interface for all things Google:

    Gmail, calendar, scores, travel, traffic, calls, texts/msgs, etc

    • r0lct

      I agree they have bene on this path a long time, just look at Chrome. They are essentially taking the omnibox from Chrome and applying it at an OS level while adding in automatic pre-search.

      • ddevito

        agreed +1