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10 More Android Apps I Can’t Live Without [My Life Scoop]

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Back in December, I published my latest contribution to Intel’s My Life Scoop site titled “10 Android Apps From 2012 I Can’t Live Without.” The post grabbed enough attention and conversation that they asked if I had another 10 apps that are constant staples on my Android devices, and that I would be willing to share. As you all know, I have no problem coming up with great apps, as Android developers continue to send us some incredibly impressive work.

So here is my next 10 apps that I can’t live without. The goal here wasn’t to grab the best from the last year, but to focus on some that are new, some that are oldies but goodies, and some that you should already know about. Many of them are teased in the image above, but I recommend you check out the entire list anyway, and then share another 10 or so of your must-haves.

Read the full post over at My Life Scoop.

  • Thank you for linking to that My Life Scoop article, Kellex. I’m going to spend some time checking those out when I get home from my shift at DISH later tonight. Out of all the apps on my phone, there is only one I can’t live without, DISH Anywhere. I use it to stream live TV and DVR recordings to my phone. I didn’t think that that was so amazing until I got stuck at the DMV last week. I was there for 3 hours, but put on one of my favorite movies, and the time flew by.

  • Apps I can live without? Hmm.. I’d go for social and photo app such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and of course, Facebook. For communication app, I useTablet Talk. For games, I’m currently addicted to Temple Run 2 and Clash of Clans. 🙂

  • BaltiCzar

    Need some enlightenment please. How does one use Google voice for texting w/o having to give out two numbers? My point is, I’ve had my Verizon number for over a decade. I’m also a huge texter. I really don’t want to have to give out a second number (for my friends, family’s and coworkers convenience) in order for them to know it’s me texting them. I have a ton of contacts and text a larger portion of them.
    I suppose this issue is what’s really holding em back from utilizing Google Voice for text. Any feed back or ‘revelations’ greatly appreciated.

  • BubbleSort

    How does Pilxr Express compare to Snapseed?

  • Raven

    This weekend I discovered a new combination of apps that has blown me away. I have long been a fan pf PowerAmp as the best on device music player and I have recently gotten into connecting my phone or tablet to my home theater receiver and big screen via HDMI for playing movies and music. This weekend I discovered projectM which is an Android port of the old Winamp favorite MilkDrop. This cool app turned my humble little phone into an instant Audio and Video DJing device with awesome visuals. It supports controlling both Poweramp and Google Play Music. I would highly recommend everyone to check it out.

  • I’ve used NewsRob for ages. Is press better/comparable?

  • possomcrast1

    Kellen you mention you’re a movie snob…What are your favorite movies if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Tojen1981

    Mine would be:
    -Amazon MP3(I despise the fact that Play Music doesn’t let you play your mp3s bought in the play store on other music players)
    -Apex Launcher
    -Glass Theme
    -Cerberus (hopefully I’ll never have to use it)
    -Google Drive

  • joejoe5709

    I’ll give Push Bullett a try. That sounded neat.

  • EDNYLaw

    Top 10 apps in my life are definitely:

    Google Voice (basically has replaced carrier text messaging for me)
    Apex Launcher
    ES File Explorer (greatest file explorer ever and great for playing videos from the NAS)
    ZArchiver (great for creating flashable zips or modifying zips on the fly)
    Chrome (Beta is on the N10)
    MX Player (best video player ever)

  • John Burke

    My 10 would be:
    -Nova Launcher Prime
    -SwiftKey 3
    -PhoneLocator Pro
    -SOS Backup
    -SwitchPro Widget

  • JoshGroff

    It doesn’t surprise me you brought up AppSales, ever since I installed it, it’s been one of my staples, right up there with Sixaxis Controller (on my tablets, phones die too quick to use it much for gaming.) and Flow Free.

  • John

    Anyone had issues with GoogleVoice voicemail playback since its last update?

    • jnt

      I always have issues with Google Voice period. Some days it’s fine, other days it puts messages out of order and is very delayed.

  • jnt

    And just like last time, it’s an odd layout having the images above their respective number in the list… :p Thanks for sharing despite my dig, a few gems I hadn’t used before!

  • Detonation

    “When it comes to something like text messaging, a dying form of communication”

    What world are you living in?

    • avinyc

      A world where there are many chat alternatives, unified across different devices to communicate with someone. 90% of my contacts no longer use txt messaging and dumped their plans. It’s going the way of the pager unless carriers decide to stop charging for it.

      • duke69111

        and here I was just thinking about adding a texting plan in addition to Google Voice. Good thing I checked here first.

        • avinyc

          Hey, whatever works for you, I’m just stating one side. I wish google voice was MMS capable – would really make giving up a text plan quicker.

          • duke69111

            Sorry, I was just being a smart ass. I agree though if GV did support MMS, I would use my GV number a lot more than I already do.

      • Raven

        Personally, I have had unlimited texting along with unlimited data since I got my OG Droid. I figured everyone around here still on Verizon would have basically the same thing. That being said, I would say that 90% of my contacts only use txt messages for 1 on 1 text chats and emails if it is a group thing. I don’t really know anyone that regularly uses anything else.

        • michael arazan

          Exactly the same thing here Raven. Non personal contacts email, friends and acquaintances text. Unl data and text plan still, with minimal amount of minutes, $78 a month

    • Friends and I don’t really text anymore and it’s just used to share some long stories or gossip that aren’t really time-sensitive. We just like to tweet each other or use Facebook Messenger. It’s faster, more efficient, and we are more likely to respond as soon as we get it. Plus, it makes group convos so much easier, especially since most of my friends have iPhones.
      Besides, I’m a teenage girl. We need to talk to our friends constantly and as much as possible.

      EDIT: would like to note that texting is mainly used with family nowadays, and only if I can’t call them at the moment.