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Costco has the RAZR MAXX HD Plus Car Dock and Case for $99

razro maxx costco

Earlier today, we talked about Verizon slashing the price of the RAZR MAXX HD to $249, also noting that Amazon had it at $149 for upgrades. But how does $99 on-contract sound from Costco? Better deal, right? Oh, they are also tossing in a car mount and case as some sort of “Accessory Kit” mail-in offer.

You would technically need to be a Costco member in order to grab this deal. Either that, or you can con a friend into letting you use their card or taking you with them on their next trip.

We’re told the deal may only last until the 12th, which is tomorrow.

Cheers L!

  • ed

    Free accessories were complete trash. Waiting for advertised accessories in a main-in-rebate deal.

  • Tsmooth

    It seems like a great deal at first… but if you have unlimited data you will lose it with this purchase. This is something the costco cell phone kiosk worker’s. Wont tell you.

    • Ed

      I managed to get a Droid Razr HD on contract price and keep my unlimited data! Woman at COSTCO was very helpful, and understood my dilemma. She did an alternate upgrade, but act quick as I hear Verizon is trying to close the loophole.

  • noc007

    The thing that annoys me about mobile phones and Costco is they only sell phones for new or renewing contracts. They won’t sell you a phone off contract. I’ll be maintaining my unlimited account so my next phone will be full price and not from Costco or used.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Go to best buy and have them price match.

      • michael arazan

        I didn’t know amazon and BB priced matched, thanks, will be great when I replace my gnex at full retail for uld

        • chrismcconkey

          Yeah a buddy of mine bought a Droid X there and about 2 yrs later, when he was due for his discounted handset, his phone was broken and unable to be fixed. Since he has BB extra warranty he got $600+ for his broken phone so he got the Nexus, Sony bluetooth headphones, sony bluetooth headset and a couple other things.

        • noc007

          BB lost a bunch of money during Black Friday due to price matching. WallyWorld would have some crazy door buster deal, but only five units on site so people took the ads to BB and they price matched it.

      • noc007

        I doubt they’d sell me a phone off contract for the on contract price Costco is selling.

        I may consider checking BestBuy out next time I’m going to buy a phone if their protection plan is as good as CompUSA’s was back in the day. If it is, I’d pull the trigger and have a yearly “accident” to upgrade. I have read for some it isn’t as good and the plan wasn’t honored; granted I’m not sure it was for a phone or not.

  • kash521

    We’re probably going to be seeing a lot of these deals since MWC is coming up

  • ckeegan

    Would be seriously tempted if I didn’t know something like the X phone might be coming in the not so distant (but still too long) future.

  • Bryan

    Droid Life just saved me $50! Amazon Wireless matched their price!

    • Capt. Crunch

      I didn’t even know amazon wireless matched prices, well I know what I’m doing when looking at my next phone.

      • noc007

        Amazon does price matching and other adjustments such as if they sell it for less 30 days later. One of the reasons I think Amazon will continue to get market share is their fantastic CS. Seriously, I have yet to make it to 10 minutes to get an issue resolved; most calls I’ve had last 5min.

  • The “Accessory Pack” is a joke at best. The “case” i got when I bought my Galaxy Nexus is 7″ and fits my Nexus 7 perfectly (pretty cool..) – However, most people wouldn’t need that. It also came with a belt clip fake leather thing that I hope nobody uses, a “screen protector” which was just a generic square of plastic.

    All in all, I got a good deal, but not because of the awesome accessories that went straight into the trash.

    • Cyberpunk

      Yeah. The accessories are trash. But they have a special Motorola deal for the nav dock, and battery pack as mail in rebates. Primarily tho, the cost is the main benefit.

  • I came here thinking it was about the Razr Maxx HD Plus

    • It’s a misleading title, it should’ve been, ‘Costco has the RAZR MAXX HD package + Car Dock and Case for $99′. Fix yo’ Scheiße DL!

  • Droidzilla

    Wait, someone has a better deal than the Verizon store? Amazing!