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Dropbox Sync API Now Available for Android and Other Mobile Developers

dropbox android

Dropbox announced today that it has released its Dropbox Sync API to mobile developers, including those who make beautiful apps for Android. With this new Sync API, devs will be able work with Dropbox as if it were a local filesystem, with Dropbox taking care of the background tasks to help make the experience for users seamless across multiple platforms. The goal here is to allow the API to take care of the complexity behind syncing, caching and working offline, so that devs can focus on building great apps.

While I’m no developer, and talk of APIs is above my pay grade, I’m always excited to hear that Dropbox support has become easier for developers to integrate into their apps. In the past, from the sounds of it, writing code to include Dropbox syncing was a mess. In fact, the Dropbox team mentioned that the Squarespace Note developer was able to cut his Dropbox code in half after switching over to this new API.

Via:  Dropbox

  • Why doesn’t Google Drive already have this?

  • Austin Warren

    I wish I could use Dropbox. Verizon screwed me out of 50gb 🙁

    • JetBlue

      Just use the hack to get the 50gb did it with my N2 and am enjoying my 50gb of storage.

      • Austin Warren

        What’s this “hack” you speak of?

        • JetBlue

          If you’re rooted you change your build.prop to a phone that has the 50gb or download the app with 50gb. My ROM came with it that’s how I got it.

  • Pedro

    Maybe this puts the pressure on Google to create a viable API for linux sync?

    Nah. Probably not. But I’d drop my Dropbox account if my linux box could automagically sync with my Drive account.

  • Does this mean that some of our favorite music apps (Player Pro) can use dropbox as a place where music can be played from? Kinda act like Google Music in a way?

  • Jim Bolla

    This would be great way for Android games to support save game sync between my phone, tablet and (soon) OUYA.