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Shapes & Sounds: The Shape Shooter Makes Asteroids a New-School and Beautiful Android Game

shapes and sounds

Last night, we were turned onto a new game to Android called Shapes & Sounds: The Shape Shooter. The name, while a bit lengthy and overdone, is the exact opposite of the actual game. Shapes & Sounds is quite like the Asteroids of old, but it has been designed in such a beautifully minimal way that it’s like playing a new game. 

The idea is pretty simple – you start out as a circle, triangle, or square, and then shoot the shapes that aren’t like you. So for example, if you start out as the triangle, you shoot all squares and circles, while trying to absorb all triangles to help fuel your life. But if you aren’t down with the triangle, you can use swiping gestures to quickly switch to the square or circle and then continue to blast away.

The game gets fun as more objects fly at you, when you unlock powerups (each shape has its own), and eventually let yourself zone out thanks to the amazing sound experience.

It’s $0.99 in the Play store, but again, is one of the more beautifully designed games we have seen in some time. Feel free to give it a shot.

Play Link ($0.99)


Cheers Nader!

  • michael arazan

    All I want is some Galaga love, but Namco says they don’t own it and the licensing won’t come to android.

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  • “Feel free to give it a shot.”

    I see what you did there…!

  • Wow, that is a god-awful trailer.

    • sciwizam

      I mentioned it to the devs, in the mean time check their tutorial on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/57706498

    • David Becker

      Agreed! This does not make me even want to try the game.

      • If Kellen hadn’t mentioned Asteroids, I would have absolutely no idea what the game even is.