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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for February – Jelly Bean Slithers Along, the Rest Drop

android distritbution february

Within the hour, Google released new Android distribution numbers for the month of February. The numbers, as usual, aren’t anything to have your IRC troll group run to reddit with, but they do offer up a look at whether or not any Android OEMs have updated phones over the last month. As expected, there have been, so the numbers are changing in the slightest of ways.

Jelly Bean is up to 13.6% (from 10.2%), Ice Cream Sandwich actually dropped to 29.0% (from 29.1%), Honeycomb dropped to 1.3% (from 1.5%), and Gingerbread still leads all but is down to 45.6% (from 46.6%).

Neat, right? If you say so.

Via:  Android Developers

  • Trey Mitchell

    These charts still remind me of the windows market share charts from a couple of years ago with XP hanging on for dear life refusing to die(read gingerbread)

  • schoat333

    IMO if you group ICS and JB together, considering there was less than a year between their releases, that looks pretty good.

  • Manny

    That 45% still on Gingerbread is Android’s Achilles heel. Most of those people are not tied to the OS, and unlike many of us, do not know of the wonderful work of themeing, rooting, roming, etc. As such, they are more likely to switch OS with their next upgrade. Sure, some will likely move to whatever Samsung phone happens to be the “next big thing” at the moment, but others will just as easily transition to Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, or even iOS. Many of those people more than likely have never purchased even a single app on their phones, so they are not invested in Android like most of us are. As such, and given the time frame for the last 2 yr contracts that took effect when these phones were out, it is likely that Android will see a drop in activations in the US as many of these Android users on Gingerbread seek out new replacements for their old phones sans subsidized phone prices.

  • r0lct

    2 points:
    Many “average consumers” don’t replace their phones, even when their contract is up until their current one breaks.

    Those numbers would actually look worse if they took out tablets considering most of them are on ICS or JB. So phones only GB I bet is still more than half.

  • Alexander Anteneh

    People with a nexus 4 are really part of the one percenters of the world. If you think about that as far as how big Android is in the smart phone market in total, the chances of bumping into someone with a nexus 4 is really rare.

  • Simon Belmont

    Well, at least ICS + JB combined are ALMOST as much as Gingerbread now. A few points shy.

    Next chart Android 4.x might finally eclipse Android 2.3. Also, the holdouts on Donut, gotta love that.

  • But don’t they know that the Thunderbolt just got ICS?!

  • j__h

    The reason for the large GB numbers is that GB to ICS is a big frameworks jump and takes a lot of work Froyo->GB is smaller. Similar to ICS->JB is a fairly small jump.

  • I would say this is great news, now everyone gets to taste what Android can really do. But then I remembered some sad souls still have to deal with the OEMs’ crappy bastardization of it, like Touchwiz and Sense.

  • Yep

    They should re-release it tomorrow after all of us TBolt owners are done trading up to ICS.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Does this include custom roms or only stock?

    • Tyler

      Anything that accesses the play store, which i would assume includes roms, but that’s such a small percentage anyway.

    • Detonation

      They count any device that accesses Google Play. So custom roms are included, but given the small percentage of people running custom roms compared to the entire android user base, it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

      Edit: Ninja’ed below with almost the exact same response haha

  • MrSteve920

    I feel bad for those poor 8.1% of users who are still on Froyo.

    • Raven

      I honestly didn’t think Gingerbread was that much better than Froyo, but I do feel for those still using Eclair or Donut. Those were dark, dark days before app2sd on small internal memories.

  • KRS_Won

    This is why at Google I/O the next software version should just be called 4.3 Jelly Bean. Still gets all the new bells and whistles, and makes the Android circle grafts look better.
    Save Key Lime fall the Fall Nexus phone release. Goolge gift us with new tablets and features in the spring. 


    Once contracts go up, ICS should drop down

  • Alex Farra

    Froyo has more than half of what jellybean has. Who the hell still has a phone with froyo?

    • Raven

      My Droid 2 which I still use as a media player from time to time does 🙂
      This is all Android devices and not necessarily just active cell phones right?
      I also seen a girl texting away on a stock OG Droid the other day.
      You would be surprised how long some people hang on to their old phones.

      • J. Gilbertson

        Droid 2 has been on gingerbread for a long time. My wife uses hers as an alarm clock. Mine is just a backup phone that I turn on maybe once every two months to check the charge

        • michael arazan

          Droid 1 still used as a music player/ alarm clock

          If verizon would push 4.2 to Gnex owners the JellyBean would go up to as far as 5% I’d bet for 4.2, but then decrease 4.1

        • Raven

          I know the Droid 2 was OTAed to Gingerbread, my wife’s was, but I had mine rooted and so heavily customized that it just never seemed worth it to go through all of the hassle to upgrade. Besides, I replaced it with a Droid 4 anyway.

  • gokusimpson

    My bad, that ICS drop was me. I went back to Liberty rom (gb) after issues with my ics rom on my droid x.

    • KOBALT

      My backup device for my Note2 is a DX with Liberty on it. Great stuff. Justice ROM was my favorite. Too bad it didn’t take off, well.

    • mantis99

      I too had ICS on my DroidX. Battery life was awful even with cell and data off. Now on liberty to listen to music.

      • gokusimpson

        My ICS roms (blackice and gummy) had only slightly worse battery life than gb. It’s just that they were smooth only 80% of the time. Other time was lag. Seeder didn’t even help. Ran them for about 6 months and gave up on them.

  • droyd4life

    Hey, gingerbread is still better than iOS 6.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Total Android install base had to be getting close to 1 billion by now. Who the he’ll are the 2 million people still on Donut?

  • zepfloyd

    I hate to say it, but ICS and Jellybean together aren’t even 50%…that’s really sad. Shame on OEMs.

    • KOBALT

      Chances are that the people with older phones don’t care what OS version they’re running anyways. OEMs just have priorities on newer phones to keep people coming back.

      • mustbepbs

        Exactly. My boss has a GS2 on US cellular, which (finally) just got an update to ICS from GB. He says he doesn’t care and it’s working just fine, why mess with it?

        Honestly, this probably happens a lot more often than not.

        • Tony Allen

          This is exactly it. A lot of us in *the bubble* don’t realize that most end-users could care less if their phone was running Android lasagna.

          • mustbepbs

            Mmm, Android Lasagna sounds like a good candidate for L.

          • Kr B

            Except it’s not a dessert or sweet candy of any sort. : Watch it be Licorice.

          • Trey Mitchell

            I could eat lasagna as if it were a dessert.
            It gets my vote

        • michael arazan

          I just saw advertisements last week for smaller carriers still selling and using the GS2 in commercials for (( of 50 bucks with contracts

      • r0lct

        Correct. I buy a new phone every year and my wife is good with waiting every two years if not more (until it breaks). I also know a few people still using a DInc 2 and Droid X either who are either under contract still or waiting for their phone to break to buy a new one. Some people just have higher priorities with their money.

    • lemonhead127

      More like shame on Verizon (and other carriers)

  • Greg Morgan

    Man…Gingerbread just wont die!!

    • supermiah

      it is because of all those prepaid and cheaper phones….

      • Greg Morgan

        Yeah that’s very true.

      • Mack

        Very true. One of my coworkers just bought a new prepaid phone and it runs Gingerbread. She’s not the type to really care though because to her it was new and up to date. Came from an iPhone though.

      • Danrarbc

        But you can still get phones that ship with ICS even in that market.

    • JetBlue

      Kind need to do what Apple does and start making it so apps don’t work with older versions of iPods or iPhones. Google does it but they do it a different way but having their apps styled as 2.3 instead of 4.0 and don’t get new features.

      • spunker88

        You can’t just ignore 45% of the market as an Android dev. Web devs were in the same boat with IE6 for years, its terrible standards support meant creating webpages was a pain but its market share was too large to ignore.

        • Tony Allen

          Except that making an app work across 2.3.x and 4.x isn’t the painful task a lot will make it out to be.