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Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock 50% Off With Coupon Codes, Normally $100 (Updated)

galaxy note 2 smart dock

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock is showing as back in stock over at Samsung’s official store for $99, but you can have it for much less with a coupon code. If you are interested in one, then feel free to try the few different codes below that will get you 50% off and help you walk away with a dock that features two full USB ports, HDMI out, audio out, and a microUSB port on the cheap. 

Update:  And just like that, it’s out of stock again.

Codes:  rE168020t or RE157750D or rE155509e

*No telling how long these will last.

smart dock deal

Via:  Slickdeals

Cheers Scott!

  • Yakuzahi

    As soon as i saw Via: Slickdeals, I knew it would be out of stock.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Wow… Basically a laptop dock for your GNote2. Sweet. Netbook replaced just like that. Bam!

  • N8shon

    This pisses me off. I backordered this in December, and didn’t get the email notification that it was back in stock like they promised I would in the confirmation email. Now it’s gone again. Such crap.

  • rustedfenders

    I bought a dock from RND solutions on Amazon for 22 dollars and it works just as good.

    • TheRealBeesley

      Its not even the same thing. All you bought was a charging dock. This is way more than that.

  • Tech Pro

    Too many cables. Samsung should just support WIDI or Media Link HD. This dock is too expensive for just charging, that would what most people end up doing with it.

  • bittrblue

    just so everyone knows these docks have no sides so it relies on the charging port to hold it upright. I returned mine as I was afraid it would lead to a loose or broken charging port. The risk was not worth it.

  • strider_mt2k

    Oh man it’s the dock everyone wishes they had for their phone.
    Now I want a Note 2 even more. 🙁

  • NemaCystX

    Do we know if this works with the S3?

  • ericsorensen

    I bet the X-phone won’t have a shortage of accessories!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Superdroid

    3 USB ports……there is one on the other side.

  • Slickdeals effect…

  • Chris Clark

    Any chance this would work with a Galaxy Nexus?

    • Tony Allen

      Outside of charging, no.

      • Chris Clark

        Well, that sucks. Guess I won’t be picking one up then.

        • Bewara2009

          Ha ha

  • KLy

    Bought 3!!!

    • darkl3ad3r

      You get a massive thumb down from me.

      I’ve had my dock on backorder since the beginning of December, and here I am still not able to purchase one.

      So f*** you.

  • Tony Allen

    Why is this accessory so damn hard to get ahold of?

    It’s obviously popular, and Samsung has to know that *grumpy face*

  • ”Update: And just like that, it’s out of stock again.” …DOH! (Homer Simpson voice)

    • michael arazan

      Android is becoming more amd more synonymous with “out of stock,” I don’t know if this is good or bad

    • Skinny_Jogging_Hotty

      They only had a VERY small number of these to sell. They figure people will still buy them at the extreme inflated price: $100 for a cellphone docking stand.

  • Link to buy is DOA on the Samsung website

  • anon

    Bah its OOS again

  • RiotingPanda

    The first line of the post is incredibly misleading. I was ready to buy a Note 2 for $99

    • Oooh sh*t, sorry about that. Definitely forgot words there in my hurry to get the post up. Apologies.

      • RiotingPanda

        No worries! Just wanted to make sure that others didn’t fall into the same trap

      • Sweet_Windows_Chick

        Does ANYONE proofread anything at all at droid-life? Sheezessss. It just gets worse and worse. What’s next?

    • Bob

      This is absolute FACWORS!!@#!@#!@

    • Bob

      This is absolute FACKWORS!@#!@#

    • I did get a Note 2 for $99 after threatening to cancel my contract.

  • PalmerAdam

    back ordered again

  • Tim242

    Can you use USB plug & play devices?

    • T4rd

      You can use pretty much any USB device; mice, keyboards, thumb drives, external hard drives, game controllers (360 and PS3 controllers natively), etc. It’s pretty crazy.


  • S2556

    so also compatible with the Galaxy S3 I assume?

    • fartbubbler

      yes. my son’s S3 works just fine in my dock like this one.

    • Tony Allen

      Charging and supposedly HDMI out, but no USB ports on the S3. IIRC

      • Q

        Yea.. I have one for my galaxy note 2. I put my friends GS3 in it and the HDMI out worked and it charged, but the USB ports didnt work.