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VZW Stores Selling Galaxy Nexus Accessories for Cheap Now That the Phone is Gone

vzw gnex accessories

Last week, a reader pointed out that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer being sold through Verizon, a sign that most of us would consider to be the end of the phone’s life. While that may be sad news to some, this move typically brings good news along with it. With EOL phones, carriers tend to slash prices on accessories for them in order to get leftover stock out the door. That appears to be the case with Verizon stores who still have some in stock. 

One reader tipped us to the discounted prices earlier this week (pictured above), which we then shared with listeners of The Droid Life Show last night. One of those listeners then stopped by his local VZW store today and was able to get a car dock for as little as $9.98.

So if you were in need of a new charger, car dock, or extra battery, you may want to cruise into your neighborhood store and see if they have any accessories lying around in the back or on a discounted rack.

Cheers Alan and Evan!

  • jelly andrews

    That sounds pretty cool. Quite a great deal! Thanks for sharing this information. I guess this would be useful to some individuals.


  • mikeoxbigg

    Thats just somebody who has an employee discount. 25% off.

  • Joel

    If anyone is looking for the extended battery, it’s marked down to $25 on Amazon.

  • I loved those times when I worked at Verizon. Also being in charge of labeling the discounted items and regularly checking the accessory matrix helped me in finding some great deals. $15 for an Bluetooth headset that normally is $100

  • Ted

    Nobody told the VZW website that the phone was discontinued

  • duke69111

    I stopped in and the batteries are not discounted yet. I picked one a car mount for under $10.00 last night though.

  • steveliv

    I just called my local store to see if they had any accessories in stock. the lady was awesome, she said she found a whole box of nexus accessories and she bagged them up and put my name on it so no one could grab any of them before i can get down there at lunchtime to pick what i want. sweet!

  • Whoa! That’s crazy! I’m from that town!

  • I’m looking for the car dock that used to be in the Google Play store. Anyone know where I can still get this?

    • i’m in the same boat as you…zero luck in finding it

      • What is interesting is that if you attempt to contact someone through the Google Play store via email to ask about the Galaxy Nexus car dock you don’t even have an option to send them an email without having to select one of the current products that are currently selling. I’m tempted to just select Nexus 7 and then ask them about the Galaxy Nexus car dock.

        • let me know if you have any luck

  • coolsilver

    You call that cheap?

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    just had the wife check at the Glendale, CA store. everything seems to be full price.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Where is the damn pogo charger?

    • NemaCystX

      They had one, although not officially, the Pogo Car dock worked fine with the VZW Gnex, I still have mine and it worked great, just had to make a small modification so the volume keys wouldn’t stick by cutting out a little piece of the edging around the dock.

      The landscape pogo dock worked too, Verizon didn’t offer it but they did offer the HDMI dock, Google offered the pogo accessories.

      its a shame they never took advantage of the pogo pins like they did with the Nexus One

  • Barlog

    Yep picked up a car dock last week for $9.98 but that was the last of the acc they had in stock

    • NemaCystX

      “car mount” there fixed

      that sorry excuse for a dock is just a piece of plastic that doesn’t do crap but hold it up. The real dock is worth the full price in my opinion

  • Jim McClain

    Not much of a sale

  • Cael

    haha those prices are terrible even with the discount

    who the hell goes to a carrier store for accessories anyway?

    • NemaCystX

      unless you have a 25% discount, its not worth it.

  • 80am

    So the picture blocks out the reps name and code who sold it but if anyone wanted to find out who sold this item all they would look at is the Transaction number and store code and game over

  • laffingrass

    RAZR cases (not sure about other accessories) can be had for about $5. I also believe the RAZR/RAZR MAXX (originals, not HD) bundle with the navigation dock and flip stand is deeply discounted, down from something thing $79.97 to $40.

    • Liderc

      Why would anyone need a case for the Razr, it’s made out of super-awesomely strong kevlar!

  • Lance Cokel

    This is true. I just went and got some screen protectors and a case. The screen protectors where 9.99 and so was the case. Its just the black shiny rubber case. I have a GSM GNex it fits but it has a little gap on the back since its thinner than the Verizon version. But for the price I can’t complain until I get a THA Phlash AOKP case from Cruzerlite.

  • Detonation

    Razr accessories are also cheap. Screen protectors are $5 and last time I saw the docks I believe they were $20, though they’re not sold online anymore.

  • tomn1ce

    I’ll check it out tomorrow when I go in to have them check my G-Nexus somehow my email icon disapeared from the phone….

    • ive wished that would happen since day one. but only using a custom launcher allowed that

  • Christian Le

    Just went to the Verizon store in Berkeley, CA the extended battery is still $40

    • droidftw

      I call them up and get batteries for free. Say your battery is going bad and they’ll ship you a new one out. Most of the time it’s an extended battery.

  • Christopher Riner

    Man, just called my store. They are saying that the phone is still for sale for 49.99 and that they should have it for a while. They are so behind on the times around my parts.

    • Anon

      Kind of like VZW is on software updates for the GNex?

    • Guest

      My store still had it on sale as well.

      • duke69111

        My still still had it on sale.

    • duke69111

      My store still had it on sale and out on the display.

      Not sure whats going on with my posts though. Weird.

      • NemaCystX

        Thats new, never saw a store display have a case installed with it attached to the security cord. Not exactly what I would call a good display, not everyone wants a TPU case on their phone. The Nexus was indeed a gorgeous design (on the front)

        • duke69111

          I had the same thought as well. They actually had two on display. This one just happened to have a case on it.

  • Chris Badalucco

    those prices are…. not exciting

  • I sent this in, but I forgot to check for extended battery, someone come in with an update!

    • apsupra25

      It’s still 49.99 online.

      • NemaCystX

        wow, it was $29 at launch

    • duke69111

      I stopped and checked last night and everything was discounted except for the batteries.

  • Speedyrulz

    While it may be true they are discounting accessories now, that photo just shows the standard 25% discount you get when you get a discount through work with Verizon.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Or a partner company. I get the same discount working for the feds.

  • Sean Bello

    there’s accessories for the gnex? LOL

  • ChristianJohnson

    Wait…Galaxy Nexus accessories? There is no such thing.

  • Score! Checking this out tomorrow.

  • KleenDroid