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Motorola Looking to Hire Director Product Management for the X Phone (Updated)

xphone director

Weren’t buying into the hypebeasting of the Motorola X Phone, the company’s ultra-secret, next big smartphone? Does an official job posting for a position as the Senior Director Product Management for the phone make you a believer? The posting went up last night and includes the name and everything, just peek at a piece of the job description above.Β 

Nothing specific is mentioned about the phone, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The job listing itself looks like it could meet the needs of any product manager. The key here, is the fact that it actually mentions the “X-Phone,” something many believed to be nothing but a myth.

The last wild rumor we reported on talked of a multi-carrier launch, also on Google Play, with unlockable bootloaders and a price that you won’t be able to pass on. I think it’s safe to say that the phone is real, we just don’t know if any of the other parts of the story are.

Update: Β Motorola has pulled the X-Phone job listing from LinkedIN. It’s still available in the jobs section of the Moto careers site (here), though. Not sure what to think. Were they trolling us? Did someone screw up?

Via: Β LinkedIN | Phandroid

  • MKader17

    This happened before, but I can’t remember when.

  • GuestA

    yo Bionic we know where you are getting your information from and we aren’t happy. Not one bit, how about you stop stealing his information and passing it off as your own. Not cool bro not cool, if you have a problem you know where to come talk to us… since its where you are taking the information from

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i just want the battery, radios, and build quality of Moto devices on top of vanilla android.

  • dandar

    No way it’s 299 on VZW and $329 on the play store. This is a new flagship. It’s not a Nexus that’s supposed to be cheap. If it’s $299 on VZW than it’s $499-$699 on the play store.

  • While not a regular commenter here on DL, and certainly not to be a contrarian to all of the information Bionic has mentioned, I was under the impression that Verizon had a closed network. By that, I mean, they don’t let just any CDMA compatible phone into their ecosystem. In order to have a phone on Verizon, the phone has to be listed in their system and, in reality, sold by them (or a subsidiary).

    I don’t know the jargon whether it’s IMEI or some other sort of serial number that’s cataloged, and maybe someone can shed some light on that for me.

    I certainly hope that I’m wrong and that the Moto X Phone is capable of being purchased unlocked through Google then brought over to Verizon. I’m on board.

    • Tim242

      You are absolutely correct.

    • Droidzilla

      I should think this will be a Google/Motorola invention, but not a Nexus phone. Still, if it’s unlocked on the Play Store and gets updates direct from Google, who cares if they call it a Nexus? I will be very shocked, though, if they sell a Verizon version on the Play store. I would expect it to go more like the Galaxy Nexus (only not be called a Nexus). Doubt I’ll want to ditch my Nexus 4 for this, but it could be a sign of good things to come!

      • Regardless of what it’s called, my concern is that, due to Verizon’s policies, they wouldn’t allow such a device to be brought in to their network.

        • Droidzilla

          Well, this isn’t going to be a Nexus phone but a Motorola phone. I’m excited for it (not enough to ditch my Nexus 4, no matter how good it is), but I doubt very much that it’ll usher in a new era of Verizon phones. Though I would love to see Motorola go toe to toe with Samsung; I think Moto’s one of the best OEMs out there and can only get better under Google.

  • Tranquilbeast

    To bad Alicia Keys isnt available

  • Brandon Trtan

    Since nothing has been mentioned about the radios other than LTE by Bionic, I will wonder aloud:

    Could this be a VoLTE phone? According to Bionic, it’s going to be released over all carriers (different spectrums of LTE). We know that Verizon has been testing VoLTE since September/October ’12. Since part of the deal for Verizon’s LTE spectrum is to have it open (like GSM, I believe), it would allow for an unlocked phone purchased outside of Verizon, much like the N4 for GSM carriers. Google doesn’t need explicit permission from Verizon to have a phone run on their network, nor do they need to rely on carriers to approve updates. I think this scenario is the only way for Google to get a pure phone on the best network without having to jump through hoops.

    IF Verizon is ahead of schedule with VoLTE and want to start using it, why not make a huge splash with a bleeding edge phone?

    Just a thought for discussion.

  • Michael swaim

    Do you hear that Cry in the distance……Someone at Motorola just lost there job for Posting that job add in the wrong place for people to see.

    • Droidzilla

      They have to post it publicly for 2 weeks. It’s the law.

  • Androidatic

    The only thing keeping me from a Moto was the terrible camera. If the camera is great and the is an SD card slot, I’m dumping my GS3.

  • elemeno

    I nominate Kellex… get your resume ready.

  • What I care most about is the battery. Anything less than the Maxx is unacceptable at this point to be honest.

  • TheWenger

    Nobody knows anything about this phone. But the fact that it’s called “X Phone” gets me excited for reasons I can’t understand.

  • This “X Phone” idea is a brilliant move by Google. They get to continue the “Nexus” program while at the same time, releasing the best Android handset in the world without having to worry about folks complaining that Motorola is getting preferential “Nexus” treatment.

    • Bionic

      i seriously believe its the biggest thing since the OG Droid

  • Dkunk

    They took down the job posting

    • Bionic


  • moelsen8

    That’s.. quite interesting..

  • Bionic

    Guys, you dont need a product manager until after the phone is nearly complete, a project manager is different and is needed from the get go. understand now?

    • jak_341

      I concur with this.

    • Bryan

      That might be normally true, but did you read the job description? This person is in charge of setting deliverables, requirements, etc. This person is the one who is going to tell the project manager what their goals are. If you don’t have this person, then the project manager doesn’t have a project to manage.

      I still thinks this means the phone is a ways off. I would love to be proven wrong, though!

      • Bionic

        Someone with the first name of Punit has been in charge of these duties until now, he needs a replacement to handle launch and other things so he can do his real job.

        • Bryan

          You seem to have legit inside info. Hopefully, it’s true. If that’s the case, then it makes sense they could have the phone created soon and be hiring this person for longer term planning and to relieve Punit.

          I assume you are either related to or close to someone who is employed on the inside. If the specs listed by you below are true and I can get it through the Play Store on Verizon and keep my unlimited data – I am sold!

          • It’s a lot of “ifs” but I’m right there with you. And I’ll also know who to browse through D-L comments for inside info from.

          • Larry Franks

            He has always had good info on the Droid Bionic, like updates and stuff.

          • Bionic

            You’ll see. This phone will be the biggest release, especially for motorola, but for android in general since the OG Droid.

        • monkey082506
          • Bionic


    • Is this superphone going to be water and shockproof? That is a bigger selling point to me than any spec bump, which can only be incremental.

  • Bionic

    Seems like there is a lot of people who havent been caught up on the news. So here it is. This phone will be on all carriers sold through the play store and also by the carriers themselves.

    The phone will be top of the line to fight against the Galaxy S series and iphone.

    It will be revealed at google i/o

    • I have no reason to believe anything you say other than that I want to. So I will.

      Also – I believe that Google has the ability to pull this off. History does not equal future.

      • Bionic

        exactly, people need to realize that the droid razr maxx HD was the last phone of the old regime. Anything from now on is under google’s regime and Punit Soni.

        Dont you think they wanna make a huge splash? I certainly do.

      • Tim242

        He is just repeating rumors. He does not have inside info.

        • nvitone23

          Its people like you that stop people from coming out and sharing info. They guy comes here on his own time and decides to share what he knows and you’re jumping on him. Read all his posts and then try to tell me that it doesn’t seem to know any inside info.

          • Tim242

            I have read all of his posts. He is just repeating everything already known/rumored. I’ve been on this site for several years. He is just a normal poster. He sometimes jumps on rumors to make it seem that he is an insider.

          • nvitone23

            Or maybe it is the truth since we have heard it from two different sources…

          • Tim242

            It very well may be true. I’m not disputing that. I’m just pointing out that Bionic, the over zealous poster, does not have any insider info. He is repeating rumors already widely spread. Was he posting any info prior to these rumors?

          • nvitone23

            I don’t think you can just say that he doesn’t have any inside info just like that without knowing him, that’s all. Maybe he saw this post and decided to share a little with us. Based on what he has said, it does seem like he knows at least some things that we don’t. Just my thoughts.

          • Bryan

            How do you know he/she isn’t the source of those rumors? If multiple people know the truth, then multiple people are going to say the same things and it will look like someone is just repeating rumors.

            I don’t know him/her, so they could just be blowing smoke. But if he/she is blowing smoke with that much confidence, then they need some help. Maybe he/she is the fake lover of Te’o? πŸ™‚

          • Tim242

            He wasn’t announcing info, until after it was widely reported. Today is the first day he’s made any claims. Being the fake lover of Te’o is more his thing : )

        • You may be right. But Bionic may also have real insider info. Something tells me you left VZW for the N4, and would regret it immensely if this turns out to be true, so you’re just HOPING it isn’t.

          Something like this is bound to happen. No reason it can’t be this year.

          • Tim242

            I have been watching his posts for years. He is just a normal poster. I am still a current Verizon customer, with a Note II that I paid full retail for. I also bought one for my boyfriend. If/when another phone comes along that I must have, I’ll buy it full price as well. : )

          • Yikes. D-L commenter stalking at it’s creepiest.

            Full retail for TWO Note IIs? Now I KNOW you’ll be regretting that purchase when this thing drops. Sorry! lol

          • Tim242

            No I won’t! I’ll just buy it and sell my current phone. No loss of sleep.

          • For your sake, I hope there are plenty of suckers left who would pay more for a used, outdated, Note II than they would have to pay for a brand new “X Phone”. #notlikely

          • Droidzilla

            I left Verizon for the Nexus 4, and if they sell this X Phone unlocked on the Play Store for $350 and working on Verizon’s network I’ll still have zero regrets.

    • Tim242

      You are just repeating rumors already spread.

  • Chiaroscuro7

    Kellen, I don’t usually do this but please use “Peek” instead of Peak(!!). That’s twice in two days you’ve used it incorrectly. Just bugs me for some reason. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Dammit. I’ll be better. πŸ™‚

    • Crankintopwater69

      Last night I peaked out my window.lm so mean.lol!!!

  • Bionic

    The phone variation that is likely to win is running an S4 Prime clocked at over 2ghz.
    -2gb Ram
    -android 5.0
    – 400ppi LCD3 screen
    -5 inch screen
    -edge to edge display
    -3500 Mah battery

    • The only way i’d use a 5″ screen is edge-to-edge, so they got that right. the ppi you quoted can’t be right though, as that works out to 1696×1060(16:10) or 1743×980(16:9), neither of which is very likely. So, I’m just going to assume that its the 440 ppi SLCD3 screen from the DNA (excellent choice, btw), and say that if they can really make the bezel as thin left-right as on the RAZR M, AND keep it from being goofy-tall like the iPhone 5, the this is my next and I’ll have it day 1.

      • Bionic

        you are correct, i dont actually know the precise ppi. I know that at the worst it is high in the 300’s.

        I DO NOT believe it is 440ppi.

        This is one spec im not certain on. But lets be honest, anything above 350ppi is damn good

        • Oh absolutely. I suppose a 1600×900 screen is possible, and would be 367 ppi. But, with 5″ FullHD screens available, the only reason I can think of to use something lower resolution is if the overall quality (color accuracy, contrast, saturation) is much much better.

          • Bionic

            yeah we’ll just have to see what they decide, as i said there are 3 variations of this phone testing and they could take many permutations from those 3 and make one phone.

    • monkey082506

      You couldn’t “leak” a picture of this device could you?

      Edit: Also is this going to be a “Nexus” device?

      • Bionic

        haha, no

        • monkey082506


          • Bionic

            believe me i wish i had one

        • Bryan

          Being called the “X” Phone and the Nexus logo usually being an “X”, why won’t it be considered a Nexus phone? Will it not be running stock Android?

          • Bionic

            Verizon basically put a sour taste in google’s mouth when it comes to nexus phones. I believe they want to rebrand the nexus idea, so to speak.

            If you purchase from the play store it will come unlocked with no bloat and bascially be a nexus.

            If you buy from a carrier it’ll be locked and have bloat and possibly a skin.

          • fitzgerald52

            I love it, play store minus bloat and skins is a winner. This will help change the way phones are acquired and hopefully bring prices off contract much more reasonable.

  • Anon

    The problem with peaking is that it’s all downhill from there.

    Peeking, on the other hand… πŸ˜‰

    • Crankintopwater69

      Peek a boo,I see YOU!!!!LOL!!!

  • thefullritz

    Disappointing…..this means the X phone is still a year or longer away.

    • Bionic

      Nope. Google i/o in May. Phone is already testing in 3 variations.

      • coolsilver

        I can not wait

  • Bionic

    The phone is already in testing. You don’t have to believe me but I know this as fact. It will be revealed at Google i/o in May running key lime pie

  • Bionic

    Still think it doesn’t exist?

    • JoshGroff

      It’s too good to be true, therefore it can’t exist. πŸ˜‰

      • Bionic

        Hahahahah. Don’t you think Google knows that? This is the first phone under the new administration. They want to make a huge splash and compete with the Galaxy s series and iphone. Trust me when I say I KNOW this is happening.

        • JoshGroff

          I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out. I just hope they put in a good camera. It doesn’t have to be great, but I do occasionally need to take pictures.

          • Bionic


        • Big_EZ

          I hope this phone is everything we could hope it to be, I was a Motorola fanboy until a month ago, I got a Note 2 and love it, Samsung has redeemed themselves for me. LG and HTC are garbage, Motorola has always had quality build, and reception so I always went back to them but now Samsung has quality reception as well, it’ll be hard to choose. Motorola software has been lacking whereas Samsungs is great, Motorolas build quality is great (although it is declining, but still the best) and Samsungs plastic sucks. Some people will say that plastic is better, but this thing flexes bad and after the first time I removed the battery door it pops off easily. If Motorola can keep up with other manufacturers specs and remain open then we’ll have two great choices for manufacturers.

  • i think they are using this as a cover for something else, i remember when the droidx was the new best thing, for about a day

    • Justin Howard

      The Droid X was actually a really good phone…it held it’s own in its time

  • dreadnatty08

    Seeing as I see the word “launch” or “launching” several times, I think it may be closer than folks are fearing.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    eh…maybe it’s for a real job, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was only posted for our speculation. If the phone is supposed to come out before the end of the year, you wouldn’t be hiring someone now as a senior project manager. Of course, the flip side is that the phone isn’t coming out for quite a while and everything we’ve heard so far is Motorola leaking their own hopes for the future…not actual product development.

    • teleclimber

      Companies often post jobs as a way of signaling something. Startups always say “we’re hiring!!!” event when they can barely pay the 2 people they already have on staff because it gives the impression of growth.

      In this case I think Moto is quite happy to feed the X-Phone rumors. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but I think this job post has more to do with marketing than jobs.

      Don’t people think Moto would look internally for someone to lead product management on a new ground-breaking product?? And if they were to post such a job, wouldn’t they say “Product manager on new exciting products” or something like that? Why on earth would they leak the actual “secret” name unless it is there for people to notice?

  • Dustin Murphy

    This might finally be the droid we seek…

  • autodog

    but is it going to have LTE?

    • Crankintopwater69

      Personally,I could carless if it doesnt.

      • Droidzilla

        This. LTE is the most overrated feature ever. I don’t care if it has LTE or HSPA+; just as long as it has something over the older 3G methods.

  • Maybe Motorola should hire Lil Bow Wow

  • MichaelFranz

    I’ll take it, sign me up

  • Elliot Kotis

    So this may be the Next Gen Nexus, seeings as the project only just started it could be the Nexus 5, and come out November this year xD

  • coolsilver

    You wouldn’t hire someone in management for just a phone. This is something more. This a project. Probably more than likely a division for an entire new platform.

    • Ian Winchell

      thats what i was thinking, you might bring short term dev guys in for a phone, but you don’t create management division unless you have a longer term goal then just the next greatest phone for a 6 month cycle. This sounds like a much bigger thing.

      • The X-Phone is likely going to be an ongoing product. Mobile has, historically, been the only tech segment with a 1 year product lifecycle. Obviously, Google is trying to bring something that will completely break that paradigm. Imagine a device powerful enough at lauch and ruggedly enough constructed that you can actually use it reliably for 3-5 years, with full software updates.
        Sound familiar? That’s exactly what Apple does with the iPhone. Google is finally building what they want to be its direct competitor, and they know what needs to be done to make that a reality.

        • Ian Winchell

          This is exactly how i am reading this, googarola wants one phone, and if you want high end you buy the latest and greatest if you want a midrange, then by last years model. This is the reality of iphone market, people that i know that have them, the one that can afford it get the newest, the ones that cant get last years model because they are offered on the cheap. I can see googarola doing the same thing here.

          • Possibly the best part of Google’s strategy is that they can update their core apps separately from the OS, so they can also make sure that all of the latest and greatest OS features are available for all their currently-supported X-Phones, and having the device’s overall specs and/or design drive the desire rather than feature-locking some devices’ “upgrades”.

  • Damian

    Someone from the DL crew needs to apply!

  • Kevin Bojarski

    If you guys will be my references for the “6+ years of mobile device experience with a proven track record of successful launches” I can give you all the details you would ever want.

  • I cannot explain how happy I am that I didn’t leave VZW for the N4. This is the droid I’m looking for.

    • KleenDroid

      What about this phone do you like so much?

      I don’t think we even know what it is and who is getting it.

      • What do I like so much? 1. Motorola. I love my Gnex, but the OG Droid I gave my daughter still sounds better. 2. Potential. THROUGH THE ROOF.

        You’re right, we don’t know much (anything) about it other than rumors. But I like the rumors, and if I had ditched VZW for the N4, I wouldn’t be ready for a new phone and I wouldn’t still be on unlimited VZW LTE.

        I tried the N4 for a month on TMo and AT&T. Very disappointed with the coverage and speeds of both compared to VZW.

        • KleenDroid

          I am with ya and hope some of the rumors come true. I also would love nothing more than this being what I’m waiting for and the successor to my Nexus.

    • Bionic

      This phone will be on all carriers

    • sranger

      It most likely will NOT be available on Verizon or it will be locked down to the point of being worthless to me….

      • Jeremy Martin

        Or sold on the play store unlocked and/or through VZW locked but with the monthly $15 fee they were talking about if you wanted to unlock it.

        Id personally go through the play store and get it if the rumors are true…so far seems to be coming true.

        • Bionic

          exactly, it will likely be in the play store first, possibly as early as the day after announcement. The july 8th date is for verizon and their locked version of it.

      • You have every right to be skeptical. And I don’t blame you. However I am going to be optomistic. I don’t believe that VZW is incapable of being reasonable when it comes to how our phone ownership and managment is changing. I also don’t blame them for being reluctant to change.

        There is a possibility that this will deliver what we have hoped that Google and Verizon can do with intelligent reasonable collaboration.

        If not, I can still switch to whatever carrier does get this beast this summer. And it will still blow the doors off the N4.

        • Bionic

          ill say it again, you can purchase one unlocked in the play store and you can also go to any carrier to get their version of this phone

          • Look, I believe you. But you’re being a little overzealous. Tone it down a bit so you don’t turn people off.

  • monkey082506

    That settles it, no new phone until I hear a release date!

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Please excuse me I’ll be in the bathroom for about 30 seconds…

    • Bionic

      thats the 2nd time you said that, isnt your member chafed yet?

      • coolsilver

        I think he was about to crap bricks.

  • pubasnacks77

    This is the phone I’m waiting for, really hope Motorola knocks it out the park

    • sranger

      Sounds good, but Verizon will either not carry it or lock it down so I cant (or wont) buy it…

      • Booyah

        What if there’s a CDMA version sold unlocked on the Play Store?

        • Bionic

          There is

          • Justin Winker

            You seem to believe pretty strongly in this phone (I have a lot of hope that your right). How is it you know all of this info, and do you have any sources?

          • Bionic

            i cannot tell you where i get this information. I can only tell you that what I say will come to fruition at Google I/O

          • moelsen8

            Who are you.. really? I must know!

          • Bionic

            i am not the droid you are looking for

          • sranger

            If there is, I will probably get it…

        • John Jacobs

          If there is an unlocked Verizon-compatible LTE version of this in the Play Store for $299 or $349? Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Combine that phone with Motorola Accessory know-how? /faint

    • John

      It’s been leaked by a creditable source it probably won’t be on VZW. While I wait for someone to say “what source”, let me go find his tweets.

      • BaconEater

        Ya remember seeing that as well

        time will tell

    • I told everyone this months ago. No big deal until we see it

  • 3M4NU31

    Can’t wait!

  • Larry Franks

    So doesn’t this mean that the phone is still very far away from being released?

    • Bionic

      July 8th

      • T4rd

        On what carriers, Mr. Knowitall? =p

        • Bionic

          All carriers my friend, All

          • T4rd

            Nice, so what are the specs? Pricing?

          • Bionic

            There are 3 variations in testing however the current favorite is as fofllows.

            5 inch screen edge to edge
            2 ghz S4 prime cpu
            LCD3 screen at 400ppi

            2 gigs o ram
            vanilla android 5.0 (play store version)

            because there are 3 variations the onboard storage isnt known yet but will be high and an sd card slot is likely

            LTE support on all carriers
            13 megapixel camera
            $299 on verizon
            $329 – $389 in play store

          • nvitone23

            Any details on the specs of the one thats gonna be on Big Red? And thank you for already telling us as much as you have! I believe you and hope its the truth!

          • Bionic

            same specs but locked with some bloatware

          • nvitone23

            With that big battery?! :)))

          • Bionic

            the battery is non removable so yes

          • nvitone23

            Thank you so much! I know you didn’t have to say anything and I just wanna remind you how many people here appreciate it! Thanks! πŸ™‚

          • C’mon, man. Don’t let an anonymous commenter on a blog get your hopes up. Always remain skeptical until concrete facts are leaked and then confirmed.

          • nvitone23

            I get that but I know he posts often here and he really seems to know his stuff. Even things down from exact specs to dates and he even mentioned 3 different versions in testing. I mean I know anyone could make something up but that is pretty specific. I wanna trust people when they come to a site like this and not always have to doubt them or be so skeptical. Sure it may turn out to be false information, but I have hope.

          • What about the battery? Anything less than the Maxx is unacceptable at this point to be honest.

          • Bionic

            3500 mah

          • I’m buying it.

          • Bionic

            LOL, good man, good man

          • Guestapo

            Well, we can be sure of THIS, if Big Red gets it.

          • T4rd

            Wow, so is that $299 on Verizon on contract or full retail? I assume it will be on contract and they will subsidize the $29-$89 for you, lol. I also assume you won’t be able to get any Verizon phone through the Play Store and will have to buy it from Verizon =(. Is this true?

          • Bionic

            Verizon is full of themselves. They are wanting to sell this phone for 300 bucks but someone can easily purchase the unlocked verizon compatible version on the play store for a little more money and still use verizon’s great network.

            now if verizon were to sell it for 200 they might get more interest.

          • Larry Franks

            So, would buying it from the play store allow us to keep unlimited? Bionic, you still rocking the bionic? I hope mine lasts until July 8th now.

          • Bionic

            I actually have a razr now. I can’t speak for verizon about keeping unlimited.

          • TheWenger

            Appreciate the info, but why should I believe you?

          • Bionic

            I guess you’ll just have to wait and see when its revealed.

          • Bionic

            It not like im looking for personal fame on the internet here, im just trying to get the “word of mouth” going because i believe this phone is the biggest thing since the OG Droid

          • TheWenger

            Fair enough. I’m just curious.

          • Dillon Brown

            In your knowledge was there anything extra done to make the camera experience top notch? thanks.

          • Bionic


          • Man, I really hope you aren’t trolling. That would be amazing!

          • Raven

            Crap, I was hoping for a high end smaller screened phone no bigger than 4.65″. Oh well, I guess we will wait and see.

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            prime cpu? so they skipped pro and went to prime?

          • nvitone23
          • Bionic

            False. The screen is 5 inches. The internal storage is 16 and 32 and it has an SD card slot.

      • Stevedub40

        Man, you remind me so much of a guy from Howard Forums that use to have all the juicy details well in advance of a phone release. I nominate Bionic as our new Moto prophet!

  • schoat333

    They are hiring a project manager. To me, that means this phone is still just an idea, an not going to be here for quite some time.

    • Butters619

      The are hiring a Product Manager not a Project Manager. This manager will handle things after a product has been developed.

      • LionStone

        “Projects occur along all stages of the product lifecycle…”

      • schoat333

        They wouldn’t hire this person after it has been developed. This person would need to be involved from the idea stages all the way to EOL.

        The good news is, it seems they will have one person in charge of making sure this device is supported properly. That could translate to proper updates in a timely manner.

        • Dan Churco

          Product managers are not always included in the design phase. They are brought in to develop a marketing strategy once something exists.

          • schoat333

            That might be true. My experience has been that they are always involved from start to finish tho. (At least at my employer it is that way.)

        • The last part has nothing to do with who they hire on their end.

    • Charlie

      Totally agree. After reading ALL of the text, this thing is still a ways off. This is just the beginning. Very excited though.

    • JoshGroff

      Ideas are bulletproof.

    • Bionic

      product managers are hired when devices are nearly done, project managers are used from the get go.

    • Droidzilla

      Companies are mandated to post new job openings to the public for 2 weeks before filling a position. This stupid law means that if you’re hiring or promoting within the company you still have to post the job position publicly for 2 weeks. It’s very possible that someone at Google did a great job on the X Phone and is being promoted to this, they’ve created the position for someone working on the project, or any number of things like that. None of that would signal that this is a fledgling project, but any of them would require a job listing like this be posted.

      Short answer: this does not mean that the X Phone is either just an idea, complete, or anything else in between.

  • Uriah Bullard

    Pay for my relocation and I’m on the first flight out!

  • Wannabe Managr

    No spell check Moto??? C’mon man!!!

  • Thomas

    Kellen stop writing this article & go apply already πŸ˜‰