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App Sales Roundup: runtastic Pro, NBA JAM, and ShadowGun THD

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Looking for some new apps in Google Play to waste your time with? If you are, why not save some money while you are at it! There are a few good apps/games on sale today, such as runtastic PRO, ShadowGun THD, and Reddit News. If you are into running, than the runtastic app seems like a good choice, but if you are more of a couch potato, then NBA JAM is where it’s at. 

As for apps like Pocket Informant and CLZ Barry, this is a good way of discovering new and helpful apps that you otherwise wouldn’t hear about.

As always, if you want to stay up to snuff on the latest app sales taking place in Google Play, check out the AppSales app.

  • Joe

    AppSales is nice. Too bad the dev doesn’t answer his emails.

  • Mike Petty

    One of these days, NBA Jam will support my N10…..Add Monopoly and a couple more EA games to the list…

  • Runtastic Pro is free on IOS !

    • Tom Z

      That’s a change… Usually it’s the other way around.

    • Jarrett Hickman

      It is on android too for the non-pro version.

  • The Bard’s Tale is also on sale. It includes the classics so it’s 4 games for the half price of one.