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New Swiftkey Flow Beta Released – Closer Than Ever to Official Release

swiftkey flow

Swiftkey released a new version of Swiftkey Flow beta this morning as build Be sure to grab this, as it includes a number of changes and even more bug fixes.

In this latest version, predictions and Flow happen in most places outside of email fields, password boxes, or other semi-secure spots. Corrects are made easier with a tap on incorrect words, there are new languages, and the typing style is no inferred.

Jump below to download the new versions. 

Download Links:  Phone Version | Tablet Version [Build]

Changes in this version:

  • Predictions (and Flow) now on in most places (exceptions: email fields, passwords, anywhere where the app doesn’t behave itself with SK, fields offering their own corrections on Android versions <= 2.2)
  • Easier corrections – just tap on the word and SwiftKey will offer you 3 possibilities
  • New languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Albanian, Javan, Sundanese (plus those added in 3.1)
  • Features from SwiftKey 3.1: Berry theme, split layout in landscape on phones, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America) and Tagalog
  • New layouts for Hindi and Russian
  • Ukrainian landscape layout fixed
  • Backspacing on to the final word of a multi word prediction (Flow through space)  will now give better alternatives
  • Typing style now inferred rather than a setting
  • Long press delete accelerates after the first word

Bugs fixed:

  • Flowing off shift no longer triggers a change in shift state
  • Flow no longer gets stuck when you flow off the bottom of a page
  • Quick period working after single letter words
  • Arrow key repeats
  • Learning when sending messages or tabbing between fields with the enter key fixed
  • Azeri capital i behaviour corrected
  • Estonian will now predict words containing ö
  • Fixed force close on Beta predictions
  • Flow trace no longer left behind after flowing
  • Mounting an SD card will turn predictions off only if SwiftKey language packs are stored on that SD card
  • Keyclick sounds no longer doubled
  • Haptic duration made consistent with flow on and off

Known issues:

  • Places you still cannot Flow: email fields, passwords, anywhere where the app doesn’t behave itself with SK, fields offering their own corrections on Android versions <= 2.2
  • Selecting and deleting a chunk of text in Samsung email client on SIII and Note 2 deletes text before the cursor as well as after
  • Slight jitteriness when toggling between Hindi and Thai primary and secondary layouts
  • Turkish i still does not capitalise correctly
  • Long pressing SK mic in Google Now causes the keyboard to disappear
  • Occasional surprising capitalisations of flowed words
  • Flowing through space often fails after relatively unusual words
  • If you experience high memory usage after installing, this may be fixed by rebooting your phone

Via:  Swiftkey

  • I have been giving this a try (I always loved Swype) but I just found that it lacks some basic options. I still use it all the time but I would still like to see the “I” being auto-capitalized when I type ” i [space]”

  • the predictions are still horrible. Installed and uninstalled in less than 2 minutes after attempting to “flow” through one sentence. Swiftkey 3 is much better; this flow thing isn’t working out for you guys.

    • You need to give it more time to learn. I had the same problem at first but it is nearly flawless now.

  • Tom Z

    I gave it a try with the last beta, but went back to Swype. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  • stephan390

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    • HuskerHog


  • abhisahara

    Though the link says – SwiftKey Flow Beta for smartphones (APK, 6.9 MB)
    But in actual the downloaded file says – SwiftKey_Flow_Public_Beta- and is of 6.7 MB
    Not to worry as the installed version is the . So i guess its a typo in the filename 🙂

    • Bigwavedave25

      Nice catch… Little too hasty to get out the release, I guess 🙂

  • microdot

    since the release of Kii keyboard I have only been using that and see no reason to switch. Hard to believe that awesome keyboard is in beta (Kii that is)

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    I can finally swype/flow in a web browser and in the google play store!

    • JoshGroff

      That was the thing that made me uninstall the last beta. Now to test it after using swype the last few weeks.

  • The Flow stunk compared to Swype. Hope they fixed that but I’m not holding out much hope.

    • I was huge fan of Swiftkey before they added Flow. Was probably my favorite keyboard. WIth Flow, it’s painful to use. I tried to use it all week at CES and grew incredibly frustrated as the week wore on. Glad to be back on my Nexus 4 and the stock keyboard,

      • wickets

        is the stock nexus 4 available as a stand alone in the playstore??

        • Bigwavedave25

          Looks like someone made an App out of it.
          However you could always grab the pure “Google” version, which is probably better, from any AOSP 4.2 Rom download. Then sideload the files or add them to a flashable zip.

          Just grab these two files and place in the same corresponding locations with your file explorer of choice…


          (sorry, above is not a link! Chrome likes the extension)

          • wickets


          • Guest

            Starting out simple, ended up horribly complex.

      • MyStroPro

        Just out of curiosity – if you don’t use any swiping action – how is it different from the original? I used to be on Swype before SKF came out, and made the switch then. I thought Swiftkey was alright, but I don’t like the hunt and peak style of typing that most interfaces rely on. To me, it just feels painful most of the time typing on screens with two hands.

      • danofiveo

        I’ve tried many Swype-like keyboards, including the latest SwiftKey beta. I always end up returning to Swype because these other experiments are so awkward and lacking in features. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to SwiftKey on a permanent basis mainly because there is no [Shift] key on the right side on the tablet layout. What’s the problem with that? It’s not because there’s no space. It’s too awkward for me to always use the left side to shift when the letter I’m trying to type is on the left side as well.

    • Doan

      Yep. If you don’t peck, then I don’t see any benefits of SK/Flow over Swype. Swype is much more accurate. “Flow through space” is a great feature, that unfortunately doesn’t work. I feel safe assuming that Swype will have a similar feature, and if it works as well as Swype does now, I’ll likely stick with Swype for good.

    • MyStroPro

      The problem with Swype is that it will be perpetually stuck in beta hell. Development completely stopped. I’ve not noticed a huge difference with SKF to be honest, but then I’m not chaining giant emails together or anything like that on my device.

      Sadly, I’m not a fan of the stock keyboard at all since I’ve been used to Swype since my first Android device. The stock keyboard falls big time in not being friendly for single hand use in my opinion. In fact, that’s my issue with a lot of keyboards. I even tried going to keymonk, but hated its prediction engine.

      At least Swiftkey is still in development though – that’s one great thing to see.

  • Captain_Doug

    Corrections sucked. I’m glad they’ve done some work on it.