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LMT Launcher Brings “PIE” Goodness Without the Custom ROM

LMT Launcher

If you have been following our coverage of Paranoid Android ROM’s PIE and full desktop features, then we also wanted to direct you to an app with similar qualities that can be installed outside of a ROM. It’s called LMT Launcher, and it has been around for quite some time – November 2011 to be exact. It received a pretty major update today, though, so we wanted to make sure you were all aware of it. Its set of features is quite close to the PIE from PA’s ROM that we showed you, but only requires that you be rooted in order to use it. So for those of you looking for PIE goodness while remaining stock, this is an option. 

In the video below, I summarize the launcher in the briefest of manners. It’s one of those apps that you could probably spend a couple of hours with, tweaking and testing, until you find a setup that you like. But the basics are this – it allows you to setup regions to swipe from to access the PIE menu (pictured above), use gestures for completing actions, and set invisible swipe areas so that you can perform tasks from anywhere. There are custom color options, buttons that can be turned to actions in the PIE menu, and so much more.

If this sounds interesting enough, and it should since it received a sizable update this morning, then check out the video before jumping through to the XDA thread down below.


Via:  XDA [Download]

Cheers to everyone that sent this in over the last week!

  • jc

    Does it work for S3

  • Oh My God, nice job!

  • AranelAlasse

    I think I’m going to love this on my SGN2. I otherwise hate using the physical home button. Now I just need a way to turn off the back and menu capacitive buttons so I don’t bump them. …

    • TheRealBeesley

      Edit the Build.prop in /system/ a quick XDA search should set you right up.

  • teejaycard

    Found out that it’s not the app that’s lagging but AOKP jb-mr1 build 2. Suck….

  • How can ANYONE argue that iOS is better than Android?? This is a prefect example of the deep custimization on Android

  • teejaycard

    Does anyone know of a way to cut down on the lag between hitting the keys like “home” and it actually going there?

  • DanWazz

    This thing is pretty awesome. Just need to get used to using it.

  • cortesjues

    the Droid DNA stock browser has a setting under the “labs” option to add a pie function to the browser. this is one of the features that i love the most about the DNA

    • brando56894

      that’s native to the stock android browser, everyone has it since ICS 🙂

  • the original pie control is part of the aosp, google made it in 2010, its author is michael kolb. this is a readymade control that anyone can take and use, it comes automatically when you repo sync android. here is the source code: https://github.com/android/platform_packages_apps_browser/tree/jb-mr1-release/src/com/android/browser/view

    lmt and paranoidandroid have very different goals. lmt gave users basic navigation, using kolbs button 1:1. paranoidandroids goal is and was to make a real systemUI replacement out of it, which is technically impossible to reach with a mod.

    SystemUI is the service that normally displays your bars. PIE used the idea of michael kolb for the navigation, althought drastically faster and easier to handle than the original control. it is part of systemUI, can access everything and extend where necessary, it added statusinformation on touch, added notifications on touch, we wrote custom panels for toggles and notifications. fixed aosp related bugs, and many things will follow. THIS is for what PA takes credit, not the button. and this is what you will not get with lmt. although they’re starting to add our ideas there are certain limitations they can’t cross, not even rooted. while one control will stay basic, you will see the other reaching a polish that will be up to par with googles original statusbar implementation.

    some people got really crazy over this thing, coming to our channels and trolling us. i urge you to get your facts straight first. and it starts to really piss me off. im just saying, we did give credit where credit was due right away, linking to the original author. maybe, if lmt would have done the same, and they did take michaels control, such confusion would have had no space to exist.

  • bos

    LMT + hiding the nav bar is the best thing I ever did for my N7. Been using it for months now with zero problems.

    • How do you remove the current onscreen keys with LMT?

      • rockstar323

        If you’re running AOKP if you go into ROM control > Power menu you check Show nav bar toggle. Then just hold the power button down and hit the power icon under nav controls. Not sure about other ROMs.

  • Thomas

    MMMMMM…Pie. I love pie, especially blueberry.

  • John Burke

    Would be great if some of the “PIE/LMT” features could be added to Taskarou

    • sfehrman

      Some of those added features might be why root is required

  • The same thing as TasKarou Launcher Overlay By ne0fhyk but more features and NO root needed !! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ne0fhykLabs.home.taskarou

  • JMonkeYJ

    How about a way to hide the soft buttons? Is there an app/launcher that does that? I see someone mentioned Hide Bottom Bar, but it sounds like it has some pretty serious drawbacks…

    • bos

      FullScreenToggle works well for me on N7:

      • JMonkeYJ

        thanks, i was very hopeful for that and tried it, but on the Nexus 4 at least it makes you completely unable to answer phone calls 🙁

        • br_hermon

          How exactly do you mean? I’m thinking about installing this on my Gnex.

          • JMonkeYJ

            the phone notification shows up, but when you swipe to answer it, it just freezes and eventually you miss the call. it went away immediately upon deactivating the app, so i’m pretty sure it’s the app’s fault. give it a shot on the Gnex, but make sure to place a test phone call to your phone. you don’t want to discover you can’t answer for the first time when your gf calls you like me 😉 it seems like everything is back to normal now that i deactivated it.

          • br_hermon

            I haven’t had time to test it yet but in the mean time I did also look into “Hide Bottom Bar” on the Play store. It effectively does the same thing as the XDA app. Anyways… looks like there’s complaints there as well with ppl having a similar issue answering phone calls. Looks like android wasn’t designed to work without navigation buttons (sans custom ROMs).

            When I get some time I’ll try either or and try to report back.

  • ynksbsbll2

    Maybe I’m missing something, but when I add multiple apps to the Pie it just says “App” in each slot, but doesn’t give any indication as to what segment launches which app. Is there a way to customize the name or get the app’s icon in there?

    • Akashshr

      Mine keeps force closing on the N4, everytime I pick an option from the pie….
      Whats going wrong anyone.?

    • You can turn on app images under Settings > PIECONTROL > Show app images.

      • ynksbsbll2

        You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman

  • Is there any way to keep status bar while using Pie? And just hide the nav bar.

    • Regarding PA PIE by the way

  • Abhisshack D

    LMT Launcher is an awesome app but i wonder why it is not in Play Store !!!!!!! ???

  • is it possible to use this with apex launcher?

  • Tim242

    I like the pie. However, the clock, date, and all of that other info is a bit obnoxious. I can’t find anything in settings to disable.

    • Settings > PIECONTROL > Show status infos > 0. Done.

      • Tim242

        Ahhh. Thanx!

  • Geo

    Kellen did you ever get to review those cases for the nexus 4? Ringke was their name I think.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      ^^^Works for Ringke

      • Geo

        no he had them but said they sent him revision ones later because they had a flaw that scratched the phone, rearth was the brand name actually =p

        • mustbepbs

          ^^^Works for Rearth

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    LMT was out before PA had “Pie”. But this isn’t a”we before them” thing. In fact the LMT developer has been working with the PA developers to make both products better. That’s pretty impressive to see.

    I’ve used PA and LMT for the “Pie” functionality, but I find LMT’s ISAS (Invisible Swipe Areas) to be more functional than the “Pie” when removing just the Navbar.

  • AlwaysAndroid

    Works great in conjunction with “Hide Bottom Bar” in the Play store. Been using this combo for quite some time on my rooted RAZR M. Hide Bottom Bar is currently optimized for tablets, so it gets kind of funky when you receive a call. But the extra screen real-estate is awesome.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Does this remove the circle widget in the Blur launcher?

      EDIT: Damn I sound stupid. Like I mean does this replace the entire launcher like Nova or Apex? I like my Circles widget. :/

  • S23

    Gold All in Mah Chayn – Trinidad James

    • Gold all in mah watch!

      • Michael Nichols

        Don’t believe just watch.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Uhh… N… Never mind

  • bombayslim

    cant find it in the play store…

    • bombayslim

      nevermind..just saw xda link

  • blakestimac

    Think I just died a little. Just rooted my Nexus 4 and lost everything for Pie on PA. ha.

    • Tim242

      You didn’t do a nandroid backup?

      • Royal2000H

        If he just rooted for the first time, he likely just unlocked his bootloader. Meaning no way to do a nandroid backup before wiping.

        • blakestimac


        • Dc

          You can at least do an ADB backup of your apps before hand. Then restore via ADB as well.

          • blakestimac

            The apps aren’t really that important to backup. It’s the app data that you can’t get back. Nonetheless, this rom is proving to be nicer than this app.

          • I’m pretty sure the app data is backed up too with the ADB backup.

        • coolsilver

          This is why I root as soon as possible.

          • ah boo. youre gonna have to start Angry Birds Star Wars from level 1 again… heh.

    • No root needed same launcher different developer: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ne0fhykLabs.home.taskarou

      and ALWAYS made sure to backup .. thats the VERY FIRST thing you HAVE to do .. Lesson Learned lol !!