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This Android Napkin Dispenser is Cute

Android Napkin Dispenser

This is just what every Android fan needs, right? This little Android ceramic piece is a napkin dispenser whose arms double as toothpick or Q-tip holders as well. Now that’s what I call multitasking! For today only, it can be yours for $15, which when compared to a $70 Android mini collectible, seems rather reasonable. 

And if anyone knows of Hobo Ninja, when you order $25 or more worth of their stuff today, then add the coupon code “DROID25” you get a free Android plush doll with your order. Righteous!

Buy. ($15)

Hobo Ninja.

Cheers Rob!

  • kevlar

    When I click on the buy link it shows pink slippers. Anyone else getting that?

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  • s23

    They should do with the the suit and tie and also make it look less like “samsung cheap plastic” lol. So-So for 15 bucks