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T-Mobile Specific Nexus 7 Arrives in Google Play Store for $299

tmo nexus 7

Up until today, Google was selling their HSPA+ Nexus 7 with an AT&T SIM card, so that users who bought the device could quickly get it connected to AT&T’s network and use it on the go. The AT&T pairing was a bit surprising at first, since the device is actually “unlocked.” After all, T-Mobile also has an HSPA+ network here in the U.S. and wasn’t mentioned anywhere near the device. Well, until now. 

As of this afternoon (or some time recently), Google added a new page for the Nexus 7, pairing the HSPA+ version with T-Mobile as well. It’s the same 32GB unlocked version only it comes with a T-Mobile SIM. So just as with the AT&T version, you can open your tablet the minute it arrives on your doorstep and connect to an HSPA+ network.

Via:  Google Play

Cheers Chase!

  • The only difference is that it saves you the 7 bucks you’d have to pay to get a TMO sim card. I guess that’s better than nothing.

    • snowblind64

      $7? I only paid $0.99 plus tax when I ordered my T-Mobile microSIM on their website. It even came with a $3.34 credit so I actually made a profit of $2.27.

      • Last I looked it was $6.99, glad to know the prices are even less now.

        • Jason Mystic

          TMO and ATT bandwidth speeds are the same with the Nexus 7, correct? The only difference in going with TMO is a $7 savings for a SIM card? The data price plans are the same. IF this is the case why did Google release a TMO version to begin with?

          • Droidzilla

            Many people are already with one carrier or the other, not to mention variable speeds depending on your particular coverage area and network congestion.

  • Droidzilla

    Wonder if I can use my T-Mobile SIM from my Nexus 4 in this. That might just make it worth it.

    • michael arazan

      Yes you can

  • snowblind64

    Still no Nexus 4 though. 🙁