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Samsung Galaxy Note III to Feature New Exynos 5 Octa Processor?

Samsung Exynos

According to Unwired View, there is no doubt that the next rendition of Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note device will sport the brand new Exynos 5 Octa processor. The Galaxy Note III is said to launch sometime this year in the second half, featuring something like 6.3″ display, dwarfing the already monstrous 5.5″ Galaxy Note II. 

The Octa chip features two quad-core processors, one for high performance and one for power conservation. So, as many have said already, it should not be labeled as a true octa-core chip as the two are never running simultaneously. As for the Galaxy S4, which hasn’t been in the headlines too much yet, is still unspoken for in terms of what chipset we should expect.

As we saw last year, Samsung held their own event in London to unveil the Galaxy S3, so our money would be on them doing the same thing this year and we should plan on not seeing their new lineup at MWC or CTIA. It is a bummer we have to wait, but these next two devices should certainly be worth it, given there are rumors of flexible displays, very high-res screens, and now the Exynos 5 Octa inside.

Via: Unwired View

  • hdawg

    Technically the article has some mis-information, the Exynos 5 chip can go full blazing 8 core if needed, so it is still technically a true 8 core processor, but will only warrant if the app is required all that processing power.

  • if they go edge to edge screen, verizon will have a logo on screen…

  • Galaxy Note III

    Now now now. Would you carry me If I had the same footprint? 😉

  • James

    My wife’s next phone.

  • tomn1ce

    Now they want to compete with huawei, who can make the biggest cell phone…..6.3″ is ridiculous. I wasn’t too thrill with the 5.5″ of the G-Note 2 but after I held the device in my hands it didn’t feel that bad but, I don’t know about 6.3″ if it turns out to be true. That is if they manage to cramp a 6.3″ display in a chassis the size of the G-Note 2 or a few mm larger…I guess the waiting game begins now.

  • alka

    If it will be 6.3 I bet they go with little to no bezel and on screen buttons.Thus keeping the same or close to the same form factor.

  • N8shon

    I don’t see the 6.3″ size happening for the Note 3. Sorry, I just don’t.

  • chris125

    Maybe they decided this size and will make it edge to edge with no physical keys so verizon can’t stick their logo on the home button if there is no home button lol they will be stuck with just their branding on the back of the device.

  • Dave

    “According to UnwiredView……” Because everybody else doubted they would put their new massive powerful chip in the next version of their flagship phone.

  • Yep

    6.3″ = a great way to ruin a good thing, Samsung.

  • Korey Page

    Pretty much a tablet with phone capabilities? Cool, but that sorta makes me want to get an S4 as well.

  • S2556

    I doubt the event will be held in London this year. The only reason it was last year was because of the Olympics and Samsung being a major sponsor. None the less looking forward to what they have in store

  • This kind of seems like a longshot. I have no idea how credible Unwired View is in terms of rumors, but this just seems TOO brash. Even for Samsung.

  • Jeff “Big Red”

    I just bought the note 2. Its a sick phone and I love it. I would say a 6.3″ note 3 would be ok by me if it was more edge to edge on the screen. which could make the phone smaller then the note2…. Just a hunch…

  • DC_Guy

    They MUST be planning some sort of edge to edge screen and keeping a physical total size form factor very close to that of the Note 2. Otherwise I am not seeing how this will work.

  • Dave

    They can’t get that screen size out of the existing body. You’d have to wipe out the earpiece, sensors, front camera, and even with on screen buttons, you couldn’t gain almost an inch, let alone have anything on the front besides screen. Even doing that I don’t see how to gain the extra. 8″.

  • James_C_L

    it shall be mine

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    A 6.3 inch screen would give me a reason to buy a 10 inch tablet. Consider me sold.

  • Mike Yost

    I have an upgrade coming in October, and well, after seeing other Samsung Galaxy devices I can pretty much guarantee that this will be my next device. No doubt. The Nexus 7 is just barely too big to fit in my pocket so 6.X” anything should be perfect. Can’t wait!

  • These phones are only made for leBron (he loves that barber shop!) & people in his assosciation

  • Is that a Note 3 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

  • Boner for Octa

    Just call me boner champ

  • InyRules

    If the screen size is still 5.5″, this will be my next phone. Any bigger than that, it’s basically a small tablet. If it’s the rumored 6.3″, I’ll be passing on it in favor of the S4.

    • Thomas


  • chris125

    Hope it’s in the s4 as well. The note 2 was already on the big side so I’d rather go with s4 and its smaller size.

  • chris kilps

    no that’s a tablet

  • Why can’t the Note III have the same 5.5″ display? 🙁

    • chris

      right? and just bump it up to a 1080 display. I’d be due for an upgrade around the time it would be released, too. (based on the note 2’s release date, if it would be around a year after) But if it’s 6.3, i’m going to pass 🙁

      • Exactly. I love my Note II with the big screen but I don’t need anything bigger. It’s perfect. I have even two upgrades in September and I want the Note III, but not such a massive screen. Just 1080p.

        • michael arazan

          Would love the Note 3 to take advantage of the Flex Display by having the phone open up in to a mini tablet when needed and then folded in half to use as a regular phone.

    • Jonathan Bunch

      Too big! Keep it 5.5″

      • Dave

        Sounds like my wife….

        • pete

          Is she Asian?

          • Dave

            Me love you long time.

    • Maybe they are getting rid of the physical buttons and bringing the screen more edge to edge, resulting a bigger screen in the same size smart phone?.

      • ^ This. I have a hard time imagining using anything bigger than the current Note as a phone. The DNA though has a 5″ display in a chassis that’s closer in size to the GSIII.

        • Dave

          How does a 42″ Vizio look next to my ear?

      • Dave

        They’d have to go edge to edge, switch to a near square body, ditch the speaker, camera, and sensors, and maybe get close to 6.3″. I don’t see the benefit in dumping the soft keys, the on screen keys would most likely occupy the same amount of area.

        • Under current dimensions, a best case scenario edge to edge screen would produce a 6.7″ screened phone. Given the rumored 6.3″ screen, that leaves room for a mic, speaker, front facing camera, and curved edges. Barely, but space is there.

          Also, they are going to start employing bendable screens that may wrap part way around the phone as well which may be reflected in the screen size in a funky way.

          I obviously have no idea what’s coming, but i find the notably larger screen size exciting if it means a minimal phone size increase.

          • Dave

            I’ll bet my estate on a 3.15″ screen on the front and rear of the phone. You simply turn the device around to continue viewing. Maybe a noise cancelling mic too. 🙂

          • 😀

          • Big_EZ

            Only if the corners were sqared off and there was no bezel could a 6.7″ screen fit. If they add on screen keys and move the logo to the bottom leaving minimal space between the screen and speakers/sensors/logo a 5.85-5.9″ would fit with the current design and bezel (perfect size bezel on the sides for this size phone, a 4.3-4.5″ phone should have no bezel)

      • Well by my calculations if you keep the current note 2 chassis (5.95 x 3.17 x 0.37 inches) if you keep the 16:9 aspect ratio and have an almost bezel-less display you could fit a 6.34 in display in
        calculations : max chassis width width 3.17 (0.06 inches to the rounded sides of the phone where the volume rocker and on buttons are) so 3.11 in
        to find the max height given the 16:9 aspect ratio: 3.11/9 x 16= 5.528
        there for max screen size= 3.11 x 5.528 so max diagonal length (M) is M^2 = 3.11^2 x 5.328^2=40.24
        so M= root 40.24= 6.34 to 2 decimal places so yeah a 6.3 inch display may not be so insane after all if it does go edge edge to edge.
        (please check my math I’m in the 9th grade)

    • Seriously, I’d even upgrade from my Note 2. The only thing it’s missing is the super crisp display. The 720p is really nice, but it looks a bit flat sometimes.

      I stop at 5.5″. I will not carry a 6.3″ phone. I’ll go as far as saying that, if it’s that big, I truly hope it fails in sales.

    • My guess is the sg4 will have the 4.99 inch 1080 screen that was shown at ces. If that happens, 5.5 is too close in size. If you measure the note ii from corner to corner it is about 6.3 inches. So maybe it will be edge to edge.

      • Dave

        What about the camera, speaker, and sensors? The screen would need to be rounded too.

    • Greyhame

      It’s 6.3″, covering both the front and SIDES of the “phone”. Flex tech.

    • Galaxy Note III

      Would you carry me around if I had the same footprint and removed that tattoo on the place you love to touch the most lover boy 😉