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Original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean Update has Been Rooted

pink razr maxx

Can we just start referring to Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss) as Mr. Root? The man that seems to have rooted every single Motorola device over the last couple of years has done it again, only this time with the original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX running the latest OTA update of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2). That would be the update that was mistakenly pushed to your device on X-mas Eve.

For those of you who lost root during the update and have been waiting patiently for a new exploit to be found, your time has come.  At this point, the method only works from a Windows PC, but it’s as simple as can be. At the source link, you’ll find a .zip file with a .bat file inside that needs to be run with your phone attached to your Windows machine with USB Debugging on.

Go have some fun. Be sure to donate to the cause if you can, and thank Mr. Root.

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers @P3Droid!

  • Bobby J.

    So where is “the source link” to be found?

  • SupaDave718

    I dont see the .zip and .bat files

  • wcsdinv

    Where is the link for the file? I guess I am over looking it here somewhere.

  • Bekstaah

    How can I unroot it if I didn’t make a backup file of my stock ICS on my Droid razr maxx?

  • josh

    Just get the DROID DNA! They’re already talking about 4.2 coming out in several months.

  • JAY

    ICS has made MOST Razr Maxx phones near unusable. Since the ICS update my phones been SCREWED, and Verizon takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for it. It sucks, we get screwed left and right and yet, we pay the bill EVERY DAMN MONTH.

  • I am a little confuse, my phone never actually prompt me for making an upgrade, does this mean i am suppose to do it manually? I have a DROID RAZR, how do i do it If I have to make changes manually to get Jelly Bean?

  • Lisa Grim

    Will this work on the Motorola Razr M? I have the JB 4.1.1

  • Rusty

    You can still get jb for the razr @ http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7971042/Android_Jelly_Bean_Leak_for_Motorola_Droid_RAZR_XT912
    Works much better then ics!

  • rb

    how do i run the file in the source link?

  • What is the source link?

  • Joel Snyder

    Can any one tell me if the procedure to root razr maxx hd on JB will work on a plain razr maxx??

    I wood like to root my phone but am not sure of the differences between the maxx and the maxx HD

  • shaycay

    lets get this official update rolling BIG RED!!!!!! Taking way too long!

  • Worked like a champ on my razr maxx. I am thrilled.

  • Megan8369

    Stupid question. Where do I find the source link! I’m itching bad for a taste of the bean.

  • n0m0n

    With all the different Razr versions is this also for the Razr Maxx HD?


    • kixofmyg0t

      The HD and MAXX HD have had official OTA Jelly Bean for at least a month now…..where have you been?

  • LOL, read this after I just randomly searched and found that there was a root this morning and did it.

  • Brent Newcomb

    Kellex, I have tried this procedure to root my Razr with JB and and cannot get it to root? Anyone have any suggestions? I have the .bat file and followed everything.

    • You might need to factory reset first if you have used the smart actions app before.

  • Jessica V

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one this has happened to! I would love to have Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr , but its made my phone impossibly slow. After calling Motorola and complaining about the various flaws and issues, they’re sending me a new phone in the mail and I’ll paciently await the release of the official JB update. Until then, back to ICS I go!

    • kd1979

      I didn’t get that lucky. Moto rep told me that I would have to send my phone in and they would fix it. I asked about getting a loaner phone…they pretty much told me to get bent

  • Sporttster

    Very hesitant to upgrade to this. I did dl the upgrade but have not installed it yet. It’s sitting on my SD card waiting for me to push ‘go’. But I upgraded my original Razr to the Razr Maxx by getting the Maxx conversion kit, new batt, back, etc. So if that upgrade messes my phone up, I don’t think I can just replace the phone. ICS is laggy but at least the phone works. If I upgrade and am one of the unlucky ones that screws my phone up, I’m screwed. Gotta wait I guess even though I’d love to try JB….having a locked down phone sucks pretty bad….

  • kane

    How about a nice unlocked bootlader now

    • JoshGroff

      It would be nice.

  • positive

    Seriously my phone got the jb update has been running great and if we wait on the official it will have all the bloat where the leak does not!!! I can report radios works fine screen rotate is good and battery life has been phenomenal!! Also like to point out I am running it unroofed and everything is fine no need for root to adjust anything all is good here!!! Also if anyone is having issues with things not working FDR just like with windows operating systems a update is never good I have always done a fresh install when moving to a new system!!

  • Knlegend1

    Now how do I do it?

    • Knlegend1

      nevermind lol

  • Bionic

    Bionic JB update coming end of FEB

    • Detonation

      That’s 2014 right?

  • Sp4rxx

    What’s the point of rooting the ‘leak’ if we don’t know if that’s the final? Haven’t people who DID get the update been reporting radio/antenna problems and other miscelaneous malfunctions, even VZW saying they would replace your phone because of the mixup? If it were a guy putting a beta test out on the wrong server, I get it, it happens – we are all human. Why root something when it has bugs anyway? As much as I am excited that the OG RAZR (and maxx) are in the running for JB, I will wait for the official WORKING 100% OTA. We’ve waited this long – a couple months isn’t all that much to ask.

    • nevildev

      I’ve been running the leak since day one, WAY fewer bugs than ICS and much better battery life. Take the leap!

      • rob black

        Me too. Grabbed the link from here, loaded it and have had no problems. In fact, the hot spot seems to connect faster and browsing from the phone seems faster as well.

  • Ryan C

    Hopefully this JB update fixes my Razr Maxx.. Mine has seriously been buggy, slow, and laggy ever since the update to ICS, being almost unusable at times. Screen rotation is almost unbearably laggy and slow and home screen redraws out the wazoo. and the one that bugs me the most, is when I go to call someone and when I press their number to call it, it wont do anything. and then about 10 minutes later it will finally initiate the call. and if you pressed it more than once thinking it hadn’t registered the first click, it will call them that many of presses you did and send you to their voicemail for the remaining calls after the first mid conversation with them. it will also hang up on them for you.. Anyone else having these issues? Did the JB update improve the speed and overall performance of anyone’s Razr?

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      I’ve had most of those issues. I also have issues or more issues with GPS when using Google Nav but curiously, not with Waze.

    • Detonation

      I’ve also some had lag issues, especially on the lock screen (pattern unlock) but it might have been due to an app that didn’t play nice with the update. I uninstalled a lot of apps to test and it seems to have gotten a little better. It also seems to happen more when I’m in an area with really poor signal.

      I wanted to do a factory reset (seeing as how you’re always supposed to wipe when you flash a new ROM) but didn’t want to lose root. Now I can do that!

      • Ryan C

        Yes, I forgot to mention that also! I use a pattern unlock as well and it can take up to 10 seconds or the screen will timeout before it ever unlocks! good point. and I noticed I have really iffy signal sometimes. quite frequently drops all data and searches constantly for hours where I know I have 4G/3G/1X data coverage and other people do as well. meanwhile I cant pick up any. and when that happens the phone gets super hot in my pocket.

        • Cole

          I am having all of the same problems. Even my swype take several seconds to recognize my inputs

          • Ryan C

            That brings up another super annoying bug! and it isn’t due to the keyboard I am using at the time either, as I have tried about 6-7 different ones. What will happen is I’ll go to either swipe text or regular input and it either will 1) lag and be super slow at inputting the text into the text box 2) show all the letters and words i’m typing in the predictions, but it’s not actually typing them 3) I’ll go to correct a word and it will delete large random sized chunks of the text from a random cursor location and not from where i have selected 4) when I press delete, it will reenter the last word typed multiple times.. 5) refuse to allow the cursor to move from the end of the text being written.. and these are just a few, there are many more instances of typing glitches, all very very annoying. and they happen when using any keyboard app.

          • AnnoyedRazrUser

            This is exactly what i’ve been experiencing ever since I’ve gotten an ICS update on my Original Razr Maxx. terrible lag, glitchy screen,10-20 sec freezes, 4GLTE connectivity issues., to name a few. Im in an area where 4GLTE is rock solid. I previously had a HTC Thunderbolt which outperformed far far better than this phone. I am also on an unlimited data plan and hence im not looking forward to upgrade anytime soon. Please post if this rooted JB leak would fix all these issues. I am just not able to bear this crap phone anymore. Ive taken it to VZW service center, called tech support a numerous times but no luck.

    • Knlegend1

      I thought I was the only experiencing everything you just mentioned. Dang that’s crazy!!! I swear someone in Verizon is pushing buttons making our phones malfunction so we’ll go upgrade or something.

      • Ryan C

        Ha, I am so relieved I am not the only one with a really buggy Razr around here.. I really hope this Q1 JB update happens and with it, brings a lot of performance fixes and fixes the issues we all seem to be having. And upgrade I won’t do as I still have unlimited data.. Ive been keeping my eye on a cheap refurb G-Nex or something decent to replace my Razr before I cant stand the horribleness of its performance and totally lose it.

        • Knlegend1

          You are not the only one. I’ve always dreaded the what if I had an emergency situation and this phone fails on me fear. It ridiculous for this phone to perform this way.

          • Ryan C

            Thank you! same here..! I’m really gonna need to make a call sometime and its going to just be slower than ever.. meanwhile the calling issue just makes me mad plus everyone I call mad because it hangs up on them! and yes, it is completely ridiculous!

          • John D

            Did you ever try doing a factory reset? Most people who were experiences Post-ICS issues on their RAZR/RAZR MAXX (including me) did one and it solved all problems. ICS is completely different in every way from GB (including file system) so performing a system wipe should have been a no-brainer…

          • Ryan C

            No, but I shouldn’t have to do that.. Verizon can’t expect all of their Razr owners to have to do that to their phones in order for them to work properly.

      • here i thought they just kept sending me “certified like new” replacements and it was all me lol

        • turbocel91

          man i sweat i have gone through literally 20 lol

      • I had the Razr for about 6 months before the update and I didn’t experience that. But the JB update seems to be very smooth and stable so far.

    • Damn that sounds like my Razr when I got the early push of ICS sucked for about a month then I rooted it and tried to mess with Roms ( still haven’t tried it since haha) anyways I had to wipe the Razr/ clear cache so on and so forth cause I thought I had brickd it and BOOM no more lags or calls not going through for a minute after hitting send… hopes this helps/ works for you guys

    • BigRed4X15

      The JB update has totally restored my faith in my Razr Maxx. Project butter is in full effect and there is hardly any lag. It is improved so much that I can use a live wallpaper that updates based on weather, and it causes no lag in my home screens. The camera app is improved as well. It will actually rotate for portrait view, and is faster at taking pictures. The quality is about the same though. The stock gallery app is basically the stock anroid gallery. my only complaint is that it doesn’t show my picassa images. Besides the gallery, the only real bug I have run into is that the screen will lock sometimes while using the phone, meaning I have to find the power button to get the phone to wake to hang up a call. Another issue, not a bug, is that they made it so FoxFi will no longer work. So getting the root back will hopefully fix that!

    • turbocel91

      i have the exact same problem. that was a ICS issue.

    • One thing I have to say about these phones is Whenever there is a major update, You should back up all your info and restore the phone to factory settings. Just make sure that you factory restore the smartphone AFTER the major update. This will allow the phone to remove any older files/folders that the OS no longer needs. Again: Backup of your data is necessary!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I have just been Rooted.

  • wustehase


  • Any more updates on when they might do the official push of JB?

    • Speaking of Official push, shouldn’t this have been kept under wraps till it does happen? I can see them patching it before we get the official push.

      • mgamerz

        Don’t worry you’ll have an easy 2-3 months while verizon tests it again. You know how fast they are at their job.

    • LiterofCola

      Did I miss something? I thought they did an official push on Christmas Eve? I’m running JB on mine as we speak

      • endurotech

        It is more of an official leak.

  • Still pissed at Verizon for taunting me by taking the official update down before it could finish downloading on Christmas Eve of all nights.

    • Detonation

      Well at least the zip was posted hours later

      • Kyle

        I was rooted, downloaded the zip, used Voodoo OTA to save root, installed the JB zip, and had root afterwards!

    • Master O’Disaster

      Drew – Actually, you should be happy. I wish we didn’t take the update when it arrived on my wife’s RAZR MAXX on Christmas. It has been running so flaky (even after a Factory Reset), we are going to try and return her phone to Verizon for a replacement. 🙁

      • FLHC

        yeah, it does have a few bugs. sometimes my keyboard just won’t input letters and sometimes it’ll just stop vibrating mid-sentence.

        • DarkNightRJ

          The vibration doesn’t have anything to do with JB I’m still on ICS and I started having the same problem. I think it’s a hardware problem. I searched around and found shaking it can bring the vibration back on. No idea why.

        • My RAZR did the same thing, had a replacement sent to me…. I think its a hardware issue, store rep didnt give me a hard time at all- My phone is still on ICS, so i dont believe its a software issue.

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    I have it;…. Now,, can we just get FoxFi working again!!!;….. (side note)

    • Seriously, life feels semi-empty without FoxFi in it.

    • jeesung

      if you’re rooted, just do the Entitlement Check Hack.

    • Droidzilla

      Why would you use FoxFi if you’re rooted? There are better options out there for root users.

  • The Jelly Bean leak was 4.2.

    • 4.1.2

      • Stephen D



      • My mistake, thanks.

    • Jeff Johnson

      it was 4.1.2