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Almost 50% of Verizon’s Data Traffic Happens Over 4G LTE

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According to Mike Haberman, VP of netwok engineering for Verizon Wireless, in an interview with Fierce Wireless, almost 50% of the company’s data load happens over 4G LTE. In October, the company announced the number at around 35%, which has more than likely seen a significant jump thanks to another successful holiday season for Verizon. 

It makes sense that we would continue to see this increase, especially since Verizon refuses to sell a phone that is without a 4G LTE radio. Plus, with the iPhone 5 and current Samsung lineup available at all VZW locations, this number will only rise. In fact, the carrier expects overall data traffic to grow by a factor of seven during the next three years, something that is largely related to the growing LTE share.

Haberman also mentioned that in the “distant future,” they would re-farm their 850MHz spectrum for LTE. They currently run their 3G/CDMA network over that spectrum. Since they have committed to running their CDMA network through the decade, you can sort of get an idea as to what “distant future” means.

Via:  Fierce Wireless

  • master94

    What’s the point when any new customer reaches data limit in 20 minutes?

  • feztheforeigner

    In other news over half of Verizon users are stuck on 3G…

  • Tim242

    Hmmm. Only 11% of their customers have LTE devices, but LTE is 50% of traffic? Not so sure about that.

  • RandyP


  • Denvertoad

    I’m getting tired of reading how great 4G is. We have 4G in town but there’s solid coverage for only half the town. I admit we’re a smaller town (Hemet CA.) but dammit do it righ would ya. I’m lucky to get 3G much less 4G. I’m curious what the coverage is in towns similar to ours.

  • nightscout13


  • edwoordd

    I tether everyday from my gnex to my Xbox 360 & play online or watch Netflix, I use about 6gigabytes or more on a daily basis! So far I used 28 gigs as of yesterday.

    • Tim242

      Usage like that is why they implemented tiers and those ridiculous family share plans. Glad you are so proud of that. It really is true that some mess it up for all. As soon as usage like yours causes them to end unlimited altogether, I’ll find another carrier.

      • Shadow

        No offense but this is a stupid comment. It almost sounds like you work for Verizon. I am no way saying go and run a server off your phone, but 28gigs isnt bad. With all there is to do now a days over internet im not surprised. Comments like yours one of the reasons why Verizon made the share data/cap plans in the first place. There is no point to having unlimited if you are only using a certain amount of data per month. Verizon was just looking for more ways to make money off its customers. You make your comment about going to Sprint, and how long do you think they will keep it unlimited with no data throttle or data cap? They had that for their data cards and capped it with data throttle. Even people were under contract with unlimited they didnt grandfather crap. They sent out letters telling everyone they can get out of their contract now with no ETF because they are removing unlimited from their data cards. Complain all you want about people using high amount of data on their grandfather plans. No matter where you go sooner or later it will get capped/throttled

        • Tim242

          28 gigs is a lot. Unlimited data is for phone use, not everything that you can tether to it. I do tether, but only small amounts if I need to pull out the laptop, which rarely happens. I use less than 1GB tethering. Using 28 gigs on mostly tethered devices is out of control. Usage like that is why they are ditching unlimited. People like you abuse it. Again, unlimited was for on that one device only. If you used 28 gigs on your phone, then my point would be moot.

      • edwoordd

        I’m a heavy data user!! I’m always on my phone: emailing,gps, I tether a lot because the internet at school is crap & same with my home service plus why not use my unlimited data if I have unlimited data!?

        • Tim242

          Because their TOS that you agreed to says that it’s unlimited for your one device. They would not and did not offer unlimited for as many devices as you could tether.

          • edwoordd

            the FCC already fined Verizon for not letting people use tethering apps a while ago.. I still have my grandfathered unlimited data I never get overcharged.

          • Tim242

            No, the FCC did not fine them for blocking tethering apps. The Block C rules allow tethering on tiered plans, which is why they include that in their tiered plans. The FCC got on them about blocking apps, not tethering apps specifically. It has been posted many times that unlimited plans are not covered for tethering.

          • edwoordd

            What would you do with unlimited data huh!?

      • michael arazan

        BS Tiers was a cash grab to Gouge customers on over priced Data.

        Effing hate people that think these corporations do no wrong

        • Tim242

          They do wrong…the share plans are criminal. I edging hate people that think they do no wrong.

  • Wonder how long before I lose my unlimited data? We’re looking into getting my daughter’s smartphones and when we go through the upgrade, it shows that I get to keep my unlimited data, but for $30 a month (plus another $30 per phone per month), my daughters would get 2gb/month.

    I told them they could just tether off me if they aren’t anywhere near wifi when they want to use YouTube, stream music, etc. Still, I wonder how long before Verizon decides to can my unlimited data plan?

    • rockstar323

      I’d say it will be sometime this year.

    • dragonflyr

      If they take away unlimited data … I’m done. That is the ONLY thing that keeps me with vzw. After 15 years with them and all the screwings .. unlimited data is everything to me. I hope there is a mass exodus is they take it away .. maybe the other carriers will benefit from all the new customers and be able to build up their networks better.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        There is no IF here, they will take it away. You are still worth a lot of money even on unlimited, but you are an even bigger cash cow with a limited plan.

  • zepfloyd

    Let’s face it, this is largely due to the iPhone 5…

    • areffes

      Nah. Trust me…I work with the mobile phone public, and I can assure you that the majority of iPhone owners have no clue how to use their devices at all. They barely understand that their phone can access the internet, they have no idea what” data” means, and they certainly do not tether. The typical account I see has iPhone data usage at about. 5 GB/mo.

  • Capt. Crunch

    I’m kinda surprised that it only at 50% i mean the thunderbolt came out back in March ’11 and you can upgrade once every two years.

    • Blame Apple? I thank Apple for it, because it results in faster LTE speeds for me (for the time being).

      • Capt. Crunch

        True Lte has slowed down a bit in the past few months.

  • DC_Guy

    I’m loving 4G LTE though I’ve noticed a slow down. Can’t wait until Sprint gets there LTE rolled out in a more significant way.

    • I’ve noticed it slow down a bit too and with that I’ve noticed more disconnection issues.

      • Shadow

        They throttle high data users Verizon reps have confirmed it many times. The network is not slowing down… the network is slowing you down on purpose

  • Jay

    It would be more if they stopped capping everyone and then charging them extra.

    Hmm, push LTE onto everyone, so they can stream and download faster, but then cap them at only 2GB so they have to pay out the ass for actually utilizing the tech.


    • DC_Guy

      You could always pay full price or buy off of eBay.

      • Jay

        i shall, still doesn’t make it right that they urge you to use a technology that lets you do bigger things, at faster rates, and then charge you for using it like a normal person

        • DC_Guy

          Agreed! That’s why I’m impatiently waiting for Sprint to get their LTE up and running.

          • Let’s not forget that they will likely kill the Unlimited plans for customers off contract too. Sprint really does need to expand their LTE coverage because Verizon will only be “nice” so long.

  • ddevito

    Duh. The faster the speed, the more you want to use it.

  • Illini

    Big shocker as Verizon has only marketed their 4g LTE network combined with only selling 4g phones. Too bad they dont offer the legacy unlimited data plans with new service.

    • laffingrass

      In my experience, Verizon has sold a shitload of iPhone 4’s the past few months.