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Google Adds Ability For All Developers to Reply to Comments in Play Store

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Some months ago, Google began to allow top application developers in Google Play to respond directly to user comments through the web interface. As of today, it isn’t just for top developers. Just recently, our buddy Dave Kover (aka Kovdev) found that he has the ability to do the same, as well as other app developers that aren’t considered “huge.”


This new features gives a direct line between consumers and developers, which is great for both parties.

Now go forth and comment.

Cheers Kovdev!

  • Vamshi

    I am not getting it

  • Nope. I still can’t.

  • We’re not seeing this option still. Hopefully it’ll pop up soon!

  • I don’t have this option yet

  • Skinny_Jogger

    Google could have implemented this on day #1 (in 2008). Not sure why it was sooooo difficult for them to do… and took YEARS. They just aren’t thinking.

    “Gee, let’s give anyone the power to comment on an app… but let’s forbid the actually developer from saying anything at all, in response.”

  • Atrain729

    having some trouble finding this in the developer console. I went into the application comments but I can’t seem to provide any responses. Any help? or do you think this is still rolling out?

  • Goodbye, trollies. {{^_^}}

  • NickAVV

    I don’t have the ability to reply to comments yet either, but I’m anxiously awaiting it!

  • BrandonWhite116


  • martyhalpern

    I experienced this first hand just yesterday. I had left a one-star review for the Feedly app because it crashed every time I accessed an external link in any entry. The latest Feedly update fixed the crashes, so I upped my 1 star to 4 stars, just until I could test out the latest app further. Within a couple hours I received an email response from the developer (which surprised me), thanking me for my review and asking me to email him directly should I encounter any other bugs/problems. Very cool.

    • Please don’t use your stars to blackmail devs like that.

  • I don’t seem to have this ability yet in my dev console, but believe me, the moment it comes, I will have many replies coming that I have been itching to respond to for a while. I’ll do my best to be diplomatic.

    • Same here. After the made “Google+” compulsory, I had been going to users’ profile, circling to “Android user” circle and dropping comments on their thread as a reply. I know, not a very good way of communicating with users. So, even I am waiting for this direct reply method. Not seeing it yet in my dev console.

      • wickets

        google+ is a joke and i bet the number the of reviews has dropped dramatically, but on topic if i download an app that i feel isnt as good as advertised, i will email the developer directly with my comments/issues. The few times I have done this developers have responded almost immediately. No complaints from me on that score

        • Exactly. I’m baffled by review comments like “I want a refund”. what…!!? Are they even aware how refund works? Write a mail to developer – best way go to get support; till now. This developer reply to comment will be second best.

    • I USED to use their review name to check my purchase history for a similar name on that date and email them. I was able to get quite a bit of the idiot reviewers that way.

  • Joshua Barta

    I’m curious, is it possible for devs to specify whether their response is visible to everyone, or just to the person they are replying to? I can imagine both options would be useful.

  • Simon Bemont

    Hasn’t this been a thing for a little while now? I remember reading about it at least back in the summer.

    Ah, yes: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-57458144-251/android-developers-can-now-reply-directly-to-google-play-comments/ .

    • It was exclusive only to developers who have the “Top Developer” designation on their account. It appears they are now rolling it out to ALL developer accounts, not just a privileged few.

      • Simon Bemont

        Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification.

        That makes a lot of sense. Cheers.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I want the ability to reply to comments to tell some users how stupid they are.

    • fixxmyhead

      big time. been waiting for that

    • That would turn into Youtube real quick.

      • Mack


      • UndergroundWire

        You mean racist?

    • Skinny_Jogger

      > Call them stupid.

      Great way for a developer to lose massive numbers of customers. (Remind me NEVER to hire you on our staff… or anywhere.)

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Omg man get a life. When a man named Pinocchio applies for a job at your company please don’t hire him…. it might be me. idiot.

  • Brian Walker

    I’m pretty pleased with this news. I really hate seeing negative reviews by people who are just using it incorrectly. Sure, this won’t squash all of that, but it will make a nice dent.

    • michael arazan

      Negatives are extreme and easy for the novice. Most people don’t even realize underneath is the email for the dev and is there to email problems that most Dev’s will help you out with and also want to know what problems people are having to fix their app. Other than big gaming companies most regular devs will respond back to you and your issue. Always email the dev first before a negative rating. I’d say 90% of the Dev’s I emailed always emailed me back, and a couple Dev’s gave me the app for free just helping them resolve the issue and help test the app, which was with newer os like ics and JB when they first came out, great to have a Gnex

      • KleenDroid

        I very rarely leave negative reviews. However I have sent emails to several developers about their apps and I have never received a response from anyone. Not all developers care.

  • teejaycard

    The devs over at facebook are going to have a field day with this.

    • Droidzilla

      Facebook has devs?

  • Pancake345

    Not working for me 🙁

  • j__h

    This is great, it is far too often that I see comments that are easily resolved/ wrong/ or not the fault of the developer.

    • Thats not your responsibility, Its the developers. If the developer hasn’t done a good enough job to help explain or give the user experience that they thought they would get, then the dev should do whatever possible to resolve that. This can be UI, features, etc.

      • j__h

        Often times it is just the user’s issue with the platform in general being blamed on your app and pandering to everybody even those who do not actually know how to use the phone would leave you with a app that is much worse in general.

        • Yeah. I agree, but still not your responsibility. I understand about trying to be helpful, but its better to just laugh and the stupidity and move on, and not worry about it.

      • feztheforeigner

        Developer here! I get one star reviews all the time from technical issues that I have no control over (in fact, that’s my number one bad review). It is the fault of Google and no developer – myself or otherwise – should ever be blamed for it…

        Are you one of the people who leaves reviews like “Cant’t download!!!!!!! One star!!!! What a crappy app that you can’t even download it!!!!!”

        • j__h

          App should be able to go on SD card with widgets still working, one star!

        • Skinny_Jogger

          How do you post comments if you can’t download the app?

          • feztheforeigner

            I’ve actually been wondering that for a full year. I have no idea but that’s what the review says…

          • You can click download from the web site, and it’ll then let you review it without it even being installed yet

        • No I am not. I think I’ve maybe left 2 or 3 reviews. And they are always positive. I’m not some sort of android noob. However if your app is availible on a phone it should work. Many times particular apps will not work on certain points, things loop, fc, among other things. But I just uninstall and call it a day, no bad review left.

      • Nope. I still get people asking questions that would easily be answered if they’d click the big button labelled HELP that takes up the ENTIRE BOTTOM OF THE GOD DAMNED SCREEN!!!!!

  • Charlie

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while now, but it’s still not working for me. My app has 99k active installs and 282k total. I wonder if there is still a threshold that I haven’t reached yet.

    • What’s your app?

      • Charlie

        It’s a widget that displays a Bible verse each day. Being a widget I get a lot of 1-star reviews because people can’t find it in their app drawer. It’d be great to be able to reply. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squarkware.biblevod

        • Droidzilla

          Widgets and LWP are the worst for that. It’s simply lazy users that couldn’t find their . . . well, you know the saying. Sad thing is, I bet if I offered $1000 to one of these random n00bs to figure out how to install and implement a widget or LWP they’d be able to do it inside of 5 minutes. Just lazy.

          Edit: nice looking widget; installed!

          • JoshGroff

            I know right, but I guess now I know why some of the larger wallpaper developers give you an icon in the app drawer as well.

        • Ignorance is bliss… that sucks. I can’t see it for my apps either. About 40k total installs combined….

        • Awesome I will have to download that as I am a heavy bible reader. Thanks

        • j__h

          One suggestion would be to have an app that opens (thus can be found in app drawer) and describe first what a widget is then how to add the widget.

        • KleenDroid


    • martyhalpern

      Why not just leave a brief one- or two-line instruction right at the top of the app’s description, stating that there is no app in the drawer, to look in the drawer under widgets? I’ve seen a couple other apps that have just this type of instruction at the very start of the description. Probably would solve a lot of the neg reviews (except for those idiots who insist on not reading any descriptions).

      • 80% of all my app descriptions are “Instructions”; nicely formatted with bold font headings, bullet points etc. But there are always those users who just don’t care to read, install and then b!tc# about it.

        • martyhalpern

          Yeah, like I said, “except for those idiots who insist on not reading any descriptions.”

    • feztheforeigner

      Same here: $1 and about 9,000 downloads, 4,000 active.

      • Samvel Keshishyan

        300k total installs and nothing.

  • Just a note, I have spoken to some other developers who haven’t received the ability to do this yet. So this may be rolling out in stages, but it’s definitely coming.

    • Yeah, I don’t seem to have it yet. Unless I’m missing something blatantly obvious.

      • hlp

        hey your appleID is visible in your latest twitter pic. I’m not a twitter user so I cannot reply there.