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Dish Network Outbids Sprint to Buy Out Majority Share of Clearwire


Sprint and Clearwire have been working together for a while and had their share of drama in the past. Clearwire has been helping Sprint with their build out of Sprint’s LTE network. Today however, a new player has stepped in between the two. Dish Network, who we’ve all heard is in cahoots with Google to make their own wireless network, has outbid Sprint for a majority share in Clearwire.

Dish Network’s bid would give Clearwire 11% more cash than Sprint’s would. Sprint is obviously not pleased and says that Dish’s bid is “inferior” to theirs. Both companies would greatly benefit from the purchase of the company, Sprint needing Clearwire for their LTE rollout and Dish would might be one step closer to Google and their own spectrum. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this deal shakes out over the next few days.

Via: NYT

  • Prox

    Google/Dish need to buy T-Mobile, they will have 52,000 towers already built that they can attach new hardware to broadcast their LTE spectrum. Without towers where is the hardware going to sit?

  • Straylight


  • yarrellray

    Another great option if this pans out completely. Google and Dish not a bad thought that’s for sure..

  • pappy53

    Why not Directv?

    • kane

      DirecTV is like twice as big as Dish

      • reggie1225

        DirecTV also has twice as many issues, especially with customer service.

        • Honestly, the customer service issues generally depend on what time of day you call. I won’t hesitate to tell you that I hated working there but I can’t speak ill of their stateside customer service. Quite a few of the people that I met while working there were only doing so because there was nothing else. I was lucky enough to get out after 8 months. One last thing, most of the CS reps you talk to have probably just been yelled at by someone who thinks they are entitled to something. I had people swearing at me left and right complaining that they had to remove snow from their satellite dish or that we couldn’t send a technician out during a freaking hurricane.

          • reggie1225

            Oh believe me I know, I spent 10 months doing stateside customer service. I spent half my time fixing issues caused by reps, mainly those in new customer sales. I also dealt with the snow on dishes, no signals during hurricanes and severe thunderstorms so I really do understand. Wasn’t fun. By the way were you Sitel or Convergys?

          • Neither, I worked directly for DirecTV in their Montana call center.

  • Butters619

    Oh god Google Wireless. I might cry in happiness,

  • Havoc70

    Google Wireless..YES PLEASE!

  • FAL_Fan

    “…Sprint needing Clearwire for their LTE rollout and Dish would might be one step closer to Google and their own spectrum…” Would might? Tim at least had an excuse for grammatical errors being on the road and all…

  • If they can match verizons LTE coverage, verizon and ATT are gonna have a bad time

    • On second thought…google should just by verizon from Vodaphone. Cable/Fios/Wireless AND phones…talk about vertical integration. Plus they could finally give Nexus phones the finest network in the country.

      • As much of a dream that would be, it’ll never happen. Google doesn’t have that much money. I’m a verizon customer and love the service, but am getting more disenfranchised with them every day. When my contract is up I’m shopping around.

        • Nobody buys businesses in cash these days. They could make it happen if they keep up with these devices. Obviously I am also a verizon customer, but they really are dropping the ball here. I came to verizon because they were the ONLY provider with FULLY unlimited data plans that rarely throttled. If they force me onto a tiered plan, I will certainly shop around.

      • Michael Persico

        Vodaphone does not own VZW, VZ owns 55% and Vodaphone owns 45%.

        • Fine and dandy, they still own 45%…which google could buy. Either way, google in the wireless business will not be a bad thing.

    • Butters619

      They should buy T-Mobile. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but if you’ve ever seen Property Brothers on HGTV, you known you can do a lot with a fixer upper for a lot less money.

      And I’m sure DT would still be willing to try to get T-Mo off their hands

  • SeanBello

    oh yes…this is gonna turn out to be major long term

  • feztheforeigner

    “Sprint is obviously not pleased and says that Dish’s bid is ‘inferior’ to theirs”

    Dish is offering more money and Sprint claims this to be inferior? What’s your logic there Sprint??

    • sirmeili

      My guess is that there is more to the offer than just money. For instance what if Sprint says everyone for the most part keeps their jobs, while Dish says “You all must go!” (I have not proof of this, it is just an example of what else might be going on).

      • Bob G

        More like Sprint says that their clearwire would actually be used before 2020, but Clearwire knows that they would rather have more money NOW from Dish and don’t care about the future.

    • pezjono

      “Sprint believes its agreement to acquire Clearwire, which offers Clearwire shareholders certain and attractive value, is superior to the highly conditional DISH proposal,” Sprint said in a statement.

      • Droidzilla

        “Sprint bid less money, but promised to give Clearwire all of their Subway punch cards; many of which are nearly full. The resultant free sandwiches, according to Sprint, would have significant, non-monetary benefits such as deliciousness.”

  • crazysamz

    now that softbank owns sprint, let the bidding war begin!

    • I think I would rather see Dish with it instead of Sprint. Let’s get a good variety of carriers and see how Verizon and AT&T react.

    • AJ

      softbank backed out

      • I didn’t hear that. I’m not doubting you, but do you have a link to something I can read on it? I just want to see the reason for it.

        • coolsilver

          That’s why Clearwire went bankrupt. Sprint funding pulled the plug not sprint themselves.

  • And Dish comes out of no where! Didn’t expect to see this one. I wonder if they have a secret partner helping them with cash flow?

    • feztheforeigner

      Google? I sure hope so!

      • We know they’re in talks. That was my hope/dream/wish. lol

      • sirmeili

        As “good” as google is, I don’t know if I would trust Dish network to not do some thing to screw it up. I would much rather see google go at it alone (and since Dish really isn’t in the wireless game, it would merely be a financial partnership as they would have no experience in the industry).

        • Brian Williams

          I agree 100% .. if anyone can screw up a deal with Google, it would be uncle Charlie .. but Dish has the green light to build a network and the spectrum to build it on.. Google doesn’t. Double-edged blade .. and both sides are very sharp, to boot.

          • michael arazan

            I like that there will be a new player to the game, but I’d like to see Sprint get a lil bit ahead in the game as well, too bad there isn’t a way to take some of VZW spectrum away, I know they are sitting on a lot of spectrum that can’t use and may have to forfeit it soon, i forgot wht Mhz range its in though

        • Butters619

          Dish does have experience with consumer subscription services and customer service. The latter of which Google is sorely missing.

    • SeanBello

      not so secret partner? lol