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Vizio Announces Tegra 4 Powered 10-inch Tablet, Smaller Tegra 3 Slate, and 1080p Phone [CES 2013]

vizio tablets

Early this morning, Vizio kicked their CES off with a bang by announcing a handful of new products – a 10″ tablet powered by the newly announced Tegra 4, a 7″ tablet powered by a Tegra 3, a phone with a 5″ 1080p display, and another with a 4.7″ 720p display. The phones will head to China and may never arrive here, but the tablets certainly have a chance at landing on your coffee table. 

The 10″ tablet will sport a high-res display with a 2560 x 1600 resolution, the previously mentioned Tegra 4, 32GB internal storage, has a soft touch finish on the back, and will run Android 4.2 at launch. The Verge is reporting that the tablet is insanely light, something that can’t be said for some of the previously released Android slates. We’ll try to get our hands on it once the show floor opens and will report back.

The 7″ tablet will again, sport a Tegra 3, 1280 x 800 IPS display, 16GB of storage, a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, and stock Android Jelly Bean. Many are comparing it to the Nexus 7, and that’s probably a fair comparison.

vizio phones

The phones sound fairly appealing, aside from the fact that they are headed to China. The 5″ 1080p phone reportedly has one of the best displays you’ll see (something we hope to find out later this week). The 4.7″ phone won’t blow your mind other than its 720p display, but both phones are rocking dual-core processors and plenty of RAM.

There was no mention of a price or availability for the tablets other than “first half” of 2013 for the 7-incher. And again, the phones are headed to China.

Via:  The Verge [2] [3]

  • Guest

    The 7 inch tablet uses the old tablet ui and the 10 inch uses the ui found on the nexus 7… WHY?

    • They are using 2 different Android versions. The 4.1.x build on the 7″ tab with the DPI setting they have forces it into the “old” style tablet style (its also why the icons look pretty tiny). The 10″ tab uses 4.2.x, which removes the “old” tablet ui and replaces it with the one that debuted on the Nexus 7, to keep the UI consistent across devices.

  • master94

    Woo, Vizo entering the smartphone market, wherever they go the price of products goes down and competitors are forced to match Vizio’s dirt cheap prices. I love competition, we consumers always win

  • Chuck Phillips

    What do you mean ‘Headed to China’? Dont you mean ‘Staying in China’?

    • Bob G

      Vizio is NOT a Chinese company. Ugh. Educate yourself, please.

      • While not a Chinese company, they do use Asian (though not necessarily Chinese) manufacturing facilities, so he could be quite correct, or at least not far off. There’s no reason to import the handsets to the US just to ship them to another country.

  • Sqube

    Yes, but is the tablet going to have front-facing speakers? That’s been a ridiculous oversight by everyone, and I’m having a hard time respecting any tablet that has them on the back (my TF201 included).

    • Bob G

      Have you tried to hold a tablet with front facing speakers and not accidentally cover one or both of them up?

      • Sqube

        Partially covered stereo speakers facing me will probably still give me better audio quality than a single speaker in the back, pointing all those sound waves at my bed.

  • What happened to the tablets they announced last year? You know, the ones with the 90 degree corners?

    • Vizio apparently scrapped them for some reason, just like the US-bound phone they showed off a couple of years ago. As I recall, those tabs were designed right as ICS was released, and it would seem that when they saw the direction Android went with ICS they liked it, and decided to wait for the Android tablet market to mature before they jumped back in.

  • grumpypants

    Drooling over that 10″ tablet. Cant come soon enough – I hope the price is right.

    • rdeleonp

      No matter the price, ChiPhones and ChiPads have *no update guarantee* to the latest Android. Been there. Never again.

      • ChiPhones and ChiPads? I thought we were talking about Vizio. Who, actually, did pretty well updating their original VizioTab’s software, and presumably would be their primary purpose for using “bone-stock” Android, similar to Asus.

        • rdeleonp

          Sorry if I was not clear. I was referring basically to whitebox manufacturers, no matter the country of origin. My particular experience was with a couple of ChiPhones, but all I see is the same behavior everywhere: new semi-affordable phones and pads, maybe with the next-to-latest Android release built in, an empty promise from the manufacturer to update it to the latest version available, months go by, nothing happens, model is discontinued, maybe a hacked version of Android is released by enthusiasts, no source available to continue the work with the latest versions, the end. I’m tired of that, and I’m voting with my wallet: *until* all other manufacturers follow Google’s way, I’ll keep on buying pure Nexus devices *only*. Loving my Nexus 4 ツ, looking forward to next year’s “Phone X” and Nexus 7 successor.

          • Ah, gotcha. I was more pointing out that Vizio is not a random “white box” manufacturer, and in fact their customer service is industry-leading in many areas. I would put them at least on-par with Google for their consumer-centric business philosophy, if not more so. If I would trust any current device manufacturer to take care of me and my Android device through updates other than Google themselves, I would trust Vizio. And that include Motorola, despite their now being owned by Google and their recent stellar push for updating their devices.

  • joemega2010

    Vizio usually tries to offer extremely competitive pricing. Hopefully that’s the case for these products.

  • supermiah

    Find out if it will have Miracast. Nexus tablets don’t as of now.

    • On the Verge article, Vizio reportedly mentions that they will use apps and system-level tech like Miracast to create value-add on their devices, rather than modify the stock Android system to get new “features”, so I wouldn’t doubt if it shipped with Miracast active.

  • normmcgarry

    Hard to comment on whether this is a good thing without pricing on the tablets? I feel like the days of spending $500-600 on a tablet are over.

    • Vizio as a company tends to be very very good on the price/performance ratio. I’d expect the 10″ tab to come in around $359 for the base storage size, and the 7″ to be $179. The only real wrinkle here is that by the time they are released, the 7″ may shortly be up against the 2nd-gen Nexus 7, which will probably completely whip it on a specs point, so it will need to be lower priced to compete on the “value” front. That said, if the device really is as light as the Verge article claims, I might go with that one from a pure usability standpoint.

      • rdeleonp

        Maybe the Nexus 7 Gen 2 will have the Tegra 4 inside. Now, I’d personally prefer the Nexus 7 to have a PowerVR Series 6 (Rogue) inside. Look at the PowerVR Series 5 numbers, and extrapolate for the 20x+ times faster the PowerVR Series 6 is supposed to be. Drool…


        • I’d guess the Tegra4 as well in the next Nexus 7, hence the need for Vizio to drop the price to maintain an equivalent price/performance ratio. However, since Qualcomm uses Adreno graphics and Exynos uses Mali, the only chip they’d likely get with PowerVR graphics cores would be the OMAP5, which was developed using the Series 5 graphics cores. I doubt we’ll see PowerVR6 until Apple’s next iPad refresh at the very earliest, as they tend to include the latest PowerVR cores with thier A-series chips, but even that’s a stretch since they’re already rumoring the next model for late-spring/early-summer release.

          • However, if they managed to pull it off…../DROOOOOOOL indeed 😀

          • michael arazan

            Getting sick that this trend of minimal storage, 16 gb, no expandable storage. If Cloud storage had a way of playing games through it from my GDrive account it would be fine. I have 7 games that would wipe half that storage out, plus music and anything else is going to lag the device once storage gets down.

    • Tell it to Apple or Microsoft

  • They’re confused with the software and buttons. lol.

    • The 7″ is using 4.1.1, which used the “old” tablet layout or “new layout based on the DPI settings in the build.prop file. It will reportedly ship with 4.2.1 (or whatever the latest software version is). The 10” tablet is running 4.2, which puts the keys in the center of the device permanently, regardless of screen size.
      As for the phone, the claim of “stock” Android is probably based on the fact that if you sync the AOSP repos, add their blobs and drivers (likely made openly available), everything will work. If they want to do some light theming (i.e. something that virtually anyone can do), I’m willing to excuse that. Heck, CyanogenMod and AOKP look farther from stock than their build, to be honest.

      • No consistency

        • After watching the video on the Verge, the Vizio CTO states that the buttons on the phone are bone-stock for the localized Chinese Android build, likely a concession made by AOSP to the Chiese government to allow the devices to be sold there. So, for lack of “consistency”, blame China, not AOSP, Google, or Vizio. Vizio is being perfectly consistent in their use of the stock Android OS.

      • >> if you sync the AOSP repos, add their blobs and drivers (likely made openly available), everything will work.

        As far as I know, it never quite works as smooth as that.

        • Let a fledgling developer with no real experience with Java or C++ dream, eh?? 😉