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Facebook Updates Messenger App With Voice Message Feature, Tests VoIP in Canada

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If you are big fan of all things Facebook, including Messenger, you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update introduces a voice messaging system. Oh, boy. You know, for those times that an emoticon, photo, or tapping of your keyboard won’t do the job. Your virtual friendship begging can now be taken to a whole new audio level.

In the update, with a message open and contact selected, you’ll see a new “Record Voice” option under the three-dotted settings button. Once tapped, you get to a screen with a voice equalizer, record toggle, and “Done” button. Press and hold that record toggle and you can tape up to a minute of your best Catfish-esque, faux-model inspired, 3-year-long lie. Just keep in mind that if you let go of the record toggle, that it’ll automatically send. If you want to cancel the recording before the girl four states away realizes you are an internet sham, feel free to slide your thumb off to the side before picking it up. Neat, right? 

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VoIP Testing

On a somewhat related note – the audio part – Facebook is reportedly testing VoIP (Voice over IP) service in Canada. Should users adopt it on some feverish level, there is a chance that it comes to the U.S. or other parts of the world. Can you imagine, free calling through Facebook to its billions of users? Well, we don’t necessarily know if it’ll ever be that free, but in testing, it certainly is. Talk about a way to shake up the phone world.

If you own an iOS device and are freezing your buns off in a neighborhood to our north, feel free to load up Messenger and look for a special “Free Call” icon.

Via:  TechCrunch

  • Igor

    Latest Facebook Messenger App update is really awesome. Voice messaging is exactly what we all waited for for so long. However there’s still one thing missing. Members of numerous Facebook Groups and Events don’t actually have a native tool for live voice conversations.

    We’re trying to change this with GroupVox app that brings live voice messaging to existing Facebook Groups and Events. It feels natural to send voice notes to communities you’re a part of, right from any iOS device, Android or using built-in web-based player on Facebook. All voice messages are stored on Group’s Timeline and can be played anytime.

    Check it out at Google Play and at AppStore. It’s free.


  • Now we need video messaging/live webcam

  • Anon

    Remind me again why I should be interested in a social network that thinks my privacy is a concept as outmoded as payphones and the FiloFax?

    • ABerry5

      There we go I was scrolling through these comments without seeing a “Facebook sucks” post that prove geeks really are nerds in their parents basement

      I use Facebook because everyone I know does.. what privacy concerns? Use a fake last name and.don’t.upload or allow ppl to tag you and there are no concerns.. Facebook is only as unprivate as u make it.. bro

  • supraman

    This app is awesome if all of your friends have iPhones and you want to group text

    • LionStone

      No need, my HTC DNA already has group text messaging 🙂

  • Chad

    They need to worry more about their Android app that is completely worthless since last month’s update that made it native. Definitely now the worst it’s been in a couple of years.

    • AlexKCMO

      We must be using different apps. I think the new app is fantastic.

      • picaso86

        It definitely got better!

    • Agree. The new app sucks rocks. They finally give us a “share” link but now half of the photos in your stream just simply will not load or refresh and the only way to attempt a refresh is to scroll all the way to the top of your feed to do the stupid pull down-release thing. Fix the photo problem and put a refresh button in the menu – oh and maybe a way to get just a friggin list of your friends would be nice… It’s not like it’s a SOCIAL network or anything.

    • ABerry5

      Agreed with below.. u must not be holding it right.. each update has put a.smile on my face.. I remember the OGD days when Facebook for Android was in infancy

  • Jason Purp

    Why are you acting like anybody who uses Facebook/this feature is a creep?

  • Why is FB getting into the VoIP game?

    • michael arazan

      Probably want to make som,e type of paid option to make money off of. Plus teen girls love to talk and probably could make a killing through them.