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True Nature of Google Glass Still Undetermined According to Project Lead

google goggles with glasses

In a recent interview, the product manager for Google Glass Babak Parviz, let it be known that 2012’s most interesting device is still a “work in progress.” According to Parviz, Google is still toying with ways to make the wearable computing device usable in the day-to-day and has yet to determine its main features. 

For now, the team is experimenting with hand gestures, more voice controls, and anything else they can to make the device more interactive. Additionally, when asked on Google’s intentions to push ads onto the platform, Parviz mentioned there are there zero plans on incorporating advertisements through Glass, for the time being.

It is now 2013, which means that anyone who decided to drop the $1500 on Google Glasses at last year’s Google I/O, should be receiving their developer package sometime over the next 12 months. Hearing that its still a work in progress, with a consumer launch date set for 2014, isn’t all that surprising. Once developers get a chance to work with it, then we will really know what we can possibly expect from Google Glass out of the gates.

Is Google Glass still on your radar?

Via: The Verge

  • These things will be all over the planet in the future. Any YouTube regular uploader will want them. Any product reviewer and unboxer will want them. Security staff might be required to wear them. Some public servants might be required to use them. If you want to show the world your world, experience, and what you see and how you do things, these things will replace the inconvenient handheld cameras some of the above people currently use. I’m not sure how others will feel when you approach them wearing these things, though. Some professionals like shop clerks, cashiers, restaurant and hotel managers, policemen and many other people will have mixed feelings, if they think you might be recording them. Personally I don’t mind, but there are many people on YouTube (for example) who have shown a clear dislike of being filmed going about their lives, jobs or enjoying their privacy. I believe the law is different too in certain areas when it comes to filming without consent.

    I say bring them on. The OS is called Android. Android monitors your communication, location, movement, direction, proximity, voice, eyesight, lighting and background noise, etc.. But what’s a true android, if you can’t see exactly what it’s seeing?
    Play the conspiracy music.

    I’d wear them. I notice the photos don’t show a grey haired, middle aged dude wearing them though. Let me know if you need one.

  • Tyler

    I really hope when this goes public that it isnt overpriced like the Nexus Q, becomes popular and sells well and gets a lot of dev support and google allows this to be hacker friendly like the Nexus Q.

  • Does anyone else feel like this will end up just fading away and turning into the next bluetooth ear piece? I’m usually very optimistic about futuristic tech, especially when Google is behind it, but this doesn’t seem like something that the general population would be willing to adopt. I guess it could have a niche following, but to be revolutionary (like the smart phone), it kind of needs to attract the majority and that seems unlikely. Maybe I’m just being shortsighted.

    I’m always for the advancement of tech, so keep on keepin’ on Google.

  • Guest

    This is – or something like this – is probably the future. For now, I think they should find a way to integrate it with our phones via bluetooth and then later design a standalone device. I’m glad they’re still pursuing it though.

  • Daistaar

    Looks like somebody wants to avoid another Nexus Q from happening…

  • Mario

    I just had Lasik to get RID of glasses.

    What they need to work on is a floating lounge chair that drives itself and projects a screen just inches from my face. Follow that up with a jumpsuit that can change colors and I’d be in heaven.

    • Robert


  • Finire

    I think a lot of us are waiting for this to become Google Cyborg…

    I do like that they show it working with regular glasses in that picture now though.

  • cole hartman

    Will it be possible to root?

  • EvanTheGamer

    If the price is reasonable for a pair, I’ll all in. But if they are more than a phone at full price, forget about it!

    I’m thinking $199 sounds just about right.

    • valapsp

      I guess it would be reasonably prices. Something between $400-800

      • EvanTheGamer

        $400? Not reasonable. Overly-priced. $199 would be ideal, but I’d be willing to pay $300. $400-800 is just overkill though.

        At that price, them Google Glasses better do way more than they are letting on. Like make me coffee.

        • FAL_Fan

          Agreed, I would love Google to make my coffee, but realistically speaking $300 should really be the price point that they strive to reach. Yes, something like that is cool, but it’s not worth any more than $300 at the top, $199 would be much more tempting.

    • Tyrian

      Recon Instruments’ HUD for snowboard goggles cost $400-$600 so for the form factor, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for something cheap ($199).


    • michael arazan

      Even at $1200 each, I’m shocked the Government hasn’t tried to make Google an offer for these to be made for our soldiers. The new combat kits called land warrior are much bulkier than these glasses and way more expensive, was around 100 k per unit and after 15 years of development have just started making their way into the field. With a huge Government contract it would push these glasses on a fast track for more R&D for options of real world usage.

  • TheMan876

    Just FYI, no one’s dropped the money yet. I put my name in at I/O not knowing if I’ll have the $1,500 when the time comes. I can cancel if I need to.

  • valapsp

    Excuse me you said over the next 12 months????????????????????
    I’ve heard the developers will get their hands on the prototypes in EARLY 2013.

    • You aren’t waiting patiently by the door are you? 😛

      • valapsp

        Actually I didn’t attend the I/O and I’m not a developer. 🙂 Just sayin

  • Brent Cooper

    Once Google releases these to the general public, I think android devs will make these things twice as awesome as they will be. If Google can first figure what Google Glass does exactly

  • J Davis

    I wouldn’t say its on my radar to purchase but I am keeping an eye on it. It will really need to fit in my daily routine to purchase and if they aren’t sure of its primary use at this point neither am I.

  • Personally I don’t like the fact that “right now” it just takes pictures and you can access them. It has to be your Bluetooth hand set and ear buds all in one. with the full access of your phone. Hope they integrate the watch idea well.

  • nightscout13

    I just hope they don’t release it half-baked, like they have other products. I have high expectations for this product.

    • Thomas

      Half-backed, high ? I see what you did there ;). These will be cool once out, but I’ll wait a while before forking over alot of green before I pick these up, gotta work the bugs out.

    • ddevito

      It’s going to be released as a dev-only product, so this will be half-baked indeedy