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Google Teaming Up With Kia and Other Car Makers to Bring Google Maps to Vehicles

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As an Android fan, I know I’ve looked at some car navigation systems before and thought “Google Maps does this so much better.” Today’s news sounds like a few car manufacturers felt the same way. Hyundai and Kia have partnered with Google so that their UVO voice system now works with Google Search, Maps and Places APIs to find you all sorts of cool stuff while you’re driving from place to place.

Those two companies join the likes of Audi, Mercedes and Tesla as manufacturers who all include the suite of Google apps in their vehicles. Google Maps is one of the most detailed databases and putting that in dashboards of cars is infinitely useful. Let’s hope that more companies catch onto this down the road.

Via: Google

  • K. Nelson

    This is wonderful, but if all of the radio manufacturer’s just implemented MirrorLink then we wouldn’t need custom radio’s…we could just plug our device in and be set to go.

  • Stevedub40

    Awesome! I love my Kia , so add Google maps to it and maybe Pandora, I’m all set.

  • Larizard

    Because of all the OUYA news lately, I read “UVO” as “oo-voh”.

  • I think they should used Apple Map

  • I bought a sonata with an old nav system 4 days ago. I seriously hope I can upgrade that thing’s firmware to use Google maps!

  • Me

    It’s about freaking time!

  • Alan

    I’d rather have a way to dock my Android phone to my car and have the car’s nav screen show my phone’s screen with touch and everything.

    • you can do this now. There is a project (you’ll have to search for it) where you can order the mainboard and overlay which allows you to add Android touch capabilities to your in-car display. From there you just need a video input for your in-car display and you’re set.

      I already use the video input to my in-car dash display in my G35x. Granted, I don’t get touch on it, but with CarHome Ultra you honestly don’t need it. Get a VSM mount for your phone in the car and you’re good to go!

  • steveindajeep

    im thinking they should take it out of beta first?

  • master94

    Google is the best.

  • Just bought a new Ford Escape with Nav. I didn’t even want the Nav option, but the sales guy gave me a price on the car that made the Nav a free throw in. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FORD, USE GOOGLE MAPS.

    What I don’t get is that the cost of Nav in my car is $800. Why so expensive? It uses the same (or worse) components that are used in smartphones. And I can go buy a smartphone with Google Maps and Nave for $300 (Nexus 4). WTF do car Nave systems cost so gd much?

    • T4rd

      For the same reason Apple devices cost so much; it’s all proprietary.

    • Stephen D

      The horrible Nav(well, and the slow, unresponsive touch screen) is why I didn’t get a touch screen in my Escape. I ordered it with every option except that.

  • mustbepbs

    That display would be gone so fast in the city. I’d give it maybe 20 minutes.

  • James_Kernicky

    I really just want an android tablet interface in my car. It can’t be that hard…I have a new Audi and google maps is nice, it’s just not the same experience that I get on my phone or tablet.

    • If your Audi has a video input, you can do this now.

      I have an ’08 G35x. I bought an HDMI to composite converter and now have Android on the in-car display. Converter and cable cost me maybe $50.00. I use CarHome Ultra to streamline things.

  • schoat333

    Meh. I’ll take a docking station for my smartphone over this any day.

  • Bigwavedave25


  • Mack

    While I think this is a cool idea I would like to see someone like Google do something to make the process of using navigation or even the head-unit in a vehicle much simpler. In my opinion there are too many distraction in vehicles as it is.

  • Guest

    I believe there is already some Google integration in Audis

  • The only gripe I have about google maps is that it needs a readout for distance till destination, as well as the ETA (which does not adjust fast enough). My 10 year old BMW can do these on the fly with only 1/10th the processing power available to my Gnex. The boys at Labs need to get on that.

    • PhoenixPath


      Oh, you mean the “Time To Beat” thing at the bottom?

  • Butters619

    As long as I can tether it to my phone and not have to buy a separate or shared data plan, I am down!

    • michael arazan

      Newer cars have wifi in them already so I don’t think you would need a carrier plan.

  • i am very confused by this industry. everyone is trying to ban people from even having a phone in their car, and then manufacturers want to put these huge consoles in that, in my opinion, are just as distracting. it is pretty confusing. I’d rather have a simple radio, with nice speakers, a cd player, and an aux port, and have a gps mounted on the windshield, rather than pay extra for all this stuff

    • Black Roger

      What is a cd?

      • ok, i know no one uses cd’s anymore, but they usually come with one. i was just saying i wanted a simple system

  • Bryan

    It’s ironic that auto manufacturers are migrating to use Google maps in their cars, but Apple is migrating away in their mobile devices.

    And yeah, please give me Google maps in my future car! How awesome would it be to have a unified experience for maps everywhere!

  • as an owner of a hyundai genesis, this kinda pisses me off.

    • Sjschwar

      maybe they’ll give us old genesis owners a firmware update…

  • nightscout13

    Well it’s about god damn time…..

  • gimlet72

    Its about freaking time. I have had three vehicles with nav (Ford, Lexus, and Hyundai). All three has had horrible nav. I will usually just use my phone when traveling since it is quicker. I would love to have google maps in my car. Especially if it would sync with my computer and my phone.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    While I have long thought this would be awesome (my cars have terrible built in GPS by comparison), I’m nervous about this ushering the era of requiring an extra monthly handout now so that my car can be added to my data plan… Ideally it will be built into the cost of the car or something or tethered to my phone so this isn’t another cost to be burdened with…

    • Kidd_Funkadelic

      To anyone that knows, how does Pandora work when built in to the deck? I’d love that as well but have the same concerns…

      • Bryan

        They use your phone for their data connection.

    • K. Nelson

      MirrorLink FTW!

  • Adam Emshwiller

    honda… please take notes, this is the future on car navigation. Better yet… set it up so I can Mirror my GNEX to the Nav Screen..

    • hfoster52

      Yeah I just bought a new accord. My wife insisted on the Navigation even though I will never use it. It is just horrid to use. It allows for my Pandora app to be displayed why not google maps….

    • ^^^^^ THIS. My RL’s Nav is not great. I could spend probably $400-$500 mirroring my S3’s screen to the Nav screen. Honda Acura, take note.

      • Pedro

        When I got my TL in September, the sales dude said that there were rumors about that. Not 2013, but maybe 2014. Most likely 2015.

    • Bigsike

      Bought a Pioneer Appradio 2 just for that. 🙂

      • tu3218

        just installed pioneers new x2500bt in my car. What phone do you use to do that? The sgs3 isn’t listed on compatible phones but curious if it would still work.

        • Bigsike

          I use a Galaxy Nexus along with the ARLiberator app for the mirroring process.

    • Sam D

      My Toyota Nav is just as bad. All car manufacturers take note!

    • itznfb

      I’m really surprised BMW hasn’t jumped all over this since they mention their Google Maps to Car in just about every commercial. We have a 2013 X1 and while the Nav system works really well… it still looks really dated and just doesn’t have the functionality or features that Google Maps provides. I hope Google Maps doesn’t become exclusive to certain cars. It should be the standard.

    • I’ve already mirrored by GNext to my G35X screen. Using CarHome Ultra makes works really well with it.

  • MichaelFranz

    should just sell a nexus 7 or 10 with the car and make it dock in and when its docked it activates the UVO system.

    • nightscout13

      Easier to steal that way. I think integrated Google Maps would provide a better experience. They can preload the entire Google Maps system onto your car, no caching needed.

  • Thomas

    Blake Griffin is gonna love this 😉

    • EricRees

      “UVO, search FUNK” *saxophones*

      • Thomas

        Welcome back bro. How’s the sexiest guy at DL doin’ 😉

        • EricRees

          Thanks man 🙂 Been busy busy, but it’s good to be back in the “groove.”

          • Thomas

            That’s what she said, sorry had to do it.

  • Hopefully no one partners with Apple to bring Apple Maps inside cars!