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Official Amazon Instant Video App Hits 2012 LG TVs Equipped With Google TV

amazon hate

If you’re the owner of a brand new LG television equipped with Google TV, you’re in luck! Amazon has released an official Amazon Instant Video app for 2012 LG models only, kind of leaving the rest of us out in the cold. The app brings a fantastic user interface to buy and watch movies/shows from, as well as look through your watchlist and closed captioning options.

According to Google, we can expect more Google TV devices to be supported soon, but no time frame was given. My guess? Well, let’s shoot for, “many moons” from now.

Via: Google TV Blog

  • steveliv

    come on XDA!

  • Q

    Amazon is scared to release this on Android phones and Android Tablets. If they do, there’s no reason to buy a Kindle..

    • sirmeili

      I would agree with you on this, but generally the Kindles are no profit devices used to get content into the hands of the people. So if this is true, they are shooting themselves in the foot by not releasing to other Tablets and phones.

      Last I heard amazon makes little to no profit off of Kindles.

  • slider112

    The Play Store must practically implode each time it calculates your number of compatible devices… 😉

  • spunker88

    Now if we can find someone who can get us the apk. Maybe if we are lucky it will work on more devices once we have the apk

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I have an LG 3D TV from 2011 with no Google TV and it has had the amazon video app for a while now.

  • Are there any STBs that will run this app?

    If Amazon doesn’t really make money on Kindle Fire sales and are relying on content sales…why don’t they open up their content to more devices? C’mon Amazon, step it up.

  • I watch through an Xbox. You cant order episodes on Xbox. Ordering episodes requires Flash. I really hate having to use Mobile Firefox just to order episodes on a phone. Either release an app or allow us to buy on Xbox… please?????

  • Finire

    Thanks Amazon… can we have this for our tablets too now?

  • Diablo81588

    Now we wait for someone to modify it for all android devices.

  • KleenDroid