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Original DROID RAZR Receiving Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Build 98.72.8 (Updated)

droid razr maxx

According to a number of readers with the original RAZR and RAZR MAXX, a massive update weighing in at 331MB and build number 98.72.8 is pushing out. There are no signs of an official update going out from any of the regular spots, so we aren’t sure if this is Jelly Bean, and someone at Motorola accidentally flipped the “Go!” switch or what. The build number starting with a 9 certainly resembles previous Jelly Bean updates on other Motorola phones. The RAZR HD’s update dropped in at 9.1.41.

As we have more, we’ll update this post. 

Update:  Most are reporting that the update is taking forever to download and that there isn’t much of a progress bar. Some claiming it’s Jelly Bean, but we have no confirmation yet. I’m also downloading it on my RAZR. Still updating…

droid razr jelly bean razr update1

Update 2:  Readers AlanJulianne, and whozat451 posted up this screenshot, matching the build number of 98.72.8, which also shows that it’s Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2). Merry Xmas, DROID RAZR owners.

jelly bean droid razr

Update 3:  We should point out that we have yet to hear anything official from Verizon or Motorola. Someone either screwed up badly and made this available early, or we’ll hear all about it on Wednesday morning, when everyone returns to work.

Update 4:  The update may have been pulled. My download stopped midway through, as did many others’, saying that the “Download of update failed.” The phone is now showing as up-to-date. Assuming Moto and Verizon caught the early rollout and pulled from servers.


Update 5:  Here is a download link (via Shamo316) to the file for those that want to venture into the land of Jelly Bean. I should warn you that we do not know if this is a final build or not. It could be, but today’s update push also may have been a giant mistake. Proceed with caution. Drop on SD card (not internal storage), boot into recovery, select the file and update. Need to be on .211.

Manually install update:

  • Download file from above and drop on SD card (not internal storage)
  • Power phone off
  • Hold Power and both Volume Up and Down until boot screen appears
  • From boot screen, scroll down to “Recovery” with Volume Down
  • Press Volume Up to select it once it has been highlighted
  • When Android and exclamation show up, press both Volumes at the same time.
  • Then “install update from external storage” and find the file.

Cheers Bryan, Alex, @semcc9, John and @Daleinboro!

  • ryan f

    someone needs to post file . I don’t how patiently I can wait for both this and christmas morning!!

  • Dirge

    Still waiting… and waiting… and waiting… haha

  • Matt Bucaro

    I received the prompt over an hour ago, however it says download suspended, will resume shortly…

  • GD

    any reasoning behind the “download suspended. will resume shortly …” notification yet? besides the possibility of so many downloads happening at once it has to throttle back.

  • michaelhacker

    How long does it take for the download, I’m on 20 mbit wifi, but there is no progress bar.

    • David W. Astor

      im on 50Mbps wifi and been “downloading” for about 30 mins. you can install Network Speed and see how fast the download is coming along

      • michaelhacker

        Do you get a progress bar during the download, or is it just random…seems like nothing is downloading according to Network Speed, but I have the “an update is currently being downloaded” message

        • David W. Astor

          same thing here. it’s stalled (no progress bar) but spiking here and there in kilobits. Basically what the other guys say, and if you switch from WiFi to LTE it’ll just give you a prompt that it stalled. I’d stay on WiFi for now.

          • tcfiero

            I had a progress bar. I am in orlando and have a Razr Maxx. I am running stock.

  • capecodcarl

    So, how soon should I be expecting this to drop on my Droid Bionic? Next July? :-/

    • David W. Astor

      i got a bionic too. if they dont update before CES, it’s probably gonna get a deadline of end of March

  • Mathew Colburn

    Damn, no luck getting this on my gfs RAZR yet. Even tried the Google Services Framework trick and it didn’t work. Guess it’s a wait and see. Sad that her 4.1.2 is going to be a newer version than my S3’s 4.1.1 :/

  • mecevans


    • No not at the moment. FoxFi is working on an update but I wouldn’t count on it right away.

    • LTE4G

      Wireless Tether for root users works fine 🙂

      -Got root?

  • Has anyone noticed any issues after the update? (no data, random reboots, anything?) Just wondering because I’m tempted to download the update on my Razr but the last time I did a major OS update I ended up going through 3 different HTC Rezounds before finally getting the Razr.

    • Yeah, or whether the webtop still works. Hopefully there will be some release notes soon

      • On the screenshots above it shows that WebTop v3.0.

    • David W. Astor

      most of us are still downloading at this point, but your issue was probably with HTC and Sense. And some can’t even get the update yet. Or chk, and if it downloads, let it but don’t install it. Or you can wait a day and see what the updaters have to say.

  • Jason MacLean

    It’s taking foreverrrrrrrr

  • Can anyone confirm whether the webtop still works?

    • Webtop is likely dead, but I bet you’ll still get the tablet version of JB just like they did with ICS.

      • Doesn’t look like webtop is dead yet for the OG razr. It’s still showing in the about screen.

  • Dirge

    Keeps saying I am up-to-date. 🙁 Lame.

    • Sherry

      Mine is doing the update but my husband’s says currently up to date

  • Crankintopwater69

    Merry Xmas,it’s Merry Christmas Kellex

  • BucYouUp68

    I have a ScreenShot, how do I upload it here

  • Don Evans

    friend here in AZ said his stopped downloading with “remote server offline”

  • adam

    smh if only foxi supported jelly bean…i would update in a second!

  • ryan f

    no update here when checking. any advice on how to force it??

  • nforkner

    Nothing in AZ yet. Please send my way!!

  • Paul Blevins

    Mine was saying it was still up to date but as soon as I did a hard reset and checked again it was there!

  • xix19

    Anybody having problems with the play store? Won’t open for me

    • Josh

      Same issue here.

    • Josh

      Restarted my phone and the play store now works.

  • mikel61101

    No update 🙁

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    Nothing in massachusetts

  • Jeepowner12

    It is jellybean. Mine finished in about 20 minutes. If I can figure out how to flash the screen and post it for everyone, I will.

    • endurotech

      Make screenshots in Android 4.x make pressing Power button + vol down

  • I’m getting the “no update necessary” message 🙁

  • David W. Astor

    taking forever to download, and I have FiOS 50MBps stream…

  • Zachary Perschau

    Nothing in Chicago

  • Mina Beshara

    I cant seem to pull the update. What previous software version was everyone coming from? 211? 214/215?

  • Coming from a nexus 4 owner, I am happy for you guys.

  • Gen

    I don’t have it yet

  • For original Droid Razr Maxx? I haven’t gotten the update. Tried forcing it and I’m up to date. :-

  • Bryan

    I was one of the original people who notified Droid Life about this, but my phone still hasn’t finished downloading it. For the others that had it succeed, did you get a progress bar somewhere while it was downloading? I am not showing anything, other than that original prompt and then when I go into System Update, it says it’s downloading. I am wondering if mine is just stuck or downloading really, really slowly.

  • raidzero


    • Capt. Crunch

      If I had to guess I would say no. I’ve flashed ICS a couple times before because I wanted to restore my device to stock and every time I lost root access.

    • J.Michael

      Normally OTA updates remove the root permissions, you’ll probably have to reroot, or you could try Voodoo OTA rootkeeper

  • kkanemt

    Its downloading now.. This is awesome what a great Christmas gift razr maxx ftw

  • Dirge

    Nothing here yet in Northern California! I want my Jellybean! haha

  • flyinonice4

    My Mom’s says up to date. Could it be because I disabled a few apps? (Not titanium, but just under app management –> Disable)

  • Brandon

    Some body upload the file!

  • If im running a JB rom with SafeStrap how would i go about getting the update? Should I use Matt’s utility to flashboot back to stock recovery and rom. Make a backup with OTARootKeeper and then use SuperUser to undo root?

  • skl1f

    This is only for CDMA or GSM version too?

  • Thomaswildchild


  • raidzero

    does any one know if we stay rooted ?

  • Shawn

    I wasn’t expecting an update so I switched to wifi and its kind of frozen how can you manually go in and pull it not the check software status of the phone but there’s a way to go inside the phone and reset something?
    I had to do this for ice cream sandwich because I usually I’m on wifi with my phone and it interrupts the download my phone is factory but I know there is a way to go in reset something and it will cancel out the download attempt interruption.

    • Shawn

      I wasn’t even at 1 percent

      • michael

        restart your phone with wifi and try to pull the update again and let it do its thing…it will start by itself if your patient. i did the same thing.

  • Mine is downloading now.. we’ll see!! Hope it’s Jelly Bean!

  • whozat451

    Android version 4.1.2….just finished.

    • +1

    • Tech_kid

      How did you get it?

    • Justin Howard

      Are you from the U.S.? I read it was only going to people in europe

    • pabloec16

      video and camera work also frontfacing but you cant adjust settings

  • Hopefully this means the D4 update is around the corner

  • master94

    A Christmas Gift from Moto to us

  • Mine is stuck at 4%, saying ‘Download Suspended. Will resume shortly …’ I’m scared.

    • Download Suspended . Will resume Shortly … at 0%… (Maxx)

  • Marcieevee

    Im guessing you have to be unrooted with no apps frozen chus i tried to do system update.but all its says is your systen is up to date..

  • Alan Marchman

    After it booted up with JB it tried to update Google Search and failed. Rebooting after the upgrade is done corrects this. 😀

  • LMAO and now I wanna hear the haters who were accusing Motorola of not updating the Razr anymore. Well, here you go: Jelly Bean. Even before the new Razr i (Razr i gets it next month).

    • FoxKat

      And with NO LEAKS prior to the update push…AND on Christmas Eve!!

  • BucYouUp68

    59% (MAXX)