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Original DROID RAZR Receiving Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Build 98.72.8 (Updated)

droid razr maxx

According to a number of readers with the original RAZR and RAZR MAXX, a massive update weighing in at 331MB and build number 98.72.8 is pushing out. There are no signs of an official update going out from any of the regular spots, so we aren’t sure if this is Jelly Bean, and someone at Motorola accidentally flipped the “Go!” switch or what. The build number starting with a 9 certainly resembles previous Jelly Bean updates on other Motorola phones. The RAZR HD’s update dropped in at 9.1.41.

As we have more, we’ll update this post. 

Update:  Most are reporting that the update is taking forever to download and that there isn’t much of a progress bar. Some claiming it’s Jelly Bean, but we have no confirmation yet. I’m also downloading it on my RAZR. Still updating…

droid razr jelly bean razr update1

Update 2:  Readers AlanJulianne, and whozat451 posted up this screenshot, matching the build number of 98.72.8, which also shows that it’s Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2). Merry Xmas, DROID RAZR owners.

jelly bean droid razr

Update 3:  We should point out that we have yet to hear anything official from Verizon or Motorola. Someone either screwed up badly and made this available early, or we’ll hear all about it on Wednesday morning, when everyone returns to work.

Update 4:  The update may have been pulled. My download stopped midway through, as did many others’, saying that the “Download of update failed.” The phone is now showing as up-to-date. Assuming Moto and Verizon caught the early rollout and pulled from servers.


Update 5:  Here is a download link (via Shamo316) to the file for those that want to venture into the land of Jelly Bean. I should warn you that we do not know if this is a final build or not. It could be, but today’s update push also may have been a giant mistake. Proceed with caution. Drop on SD card (not internal storage), boot into recovery, select the file and update. Need to be on .211.

Manually install update:

  • Download file from above and drop on SD card (not internal storage)
  • Power phone off
  • Hold Power and both Volume Up and Down until boot screen appears
  • From boot screen, scroll down to “Recovery” with Volume Down
  • Press Volume Up to select it once it has been highlighted
  • When Android and exclamation show up, press both Volumes at the same time.
  • Then “install update from external storage” and find the file.

Cheers Bryan, Alex, @semcc9, John and @Daleinboro!

  • Cyberkrinn

    I did not get that download for my Razr Maxx and am still running 4.0.4 (ICS) which turned my phone into the Exorcist child. I am dying to try out 4.1.2 (JB) just so I can see if we can exorcise the demon. I really loved my phone pre-ICS.

  • fishter

    Didnt work….tried three times failed evertime

  • justin lott

    until i get jelly bean on my phone i use holo launcher and holo locker … they work really good on my razr maxx

  • cocks`

    Is this gonna work on europe RAZR as well?

  • Vorticists’Suite

    I’ve noticed wifi issues and poor battery life on this build but well worth the speed and stability gains. Also, when booting the device, the Motorola logo no longer displays the “dual core technology” title.

  • Justin

    Worked great! Make sure you back up pictures even on SD card. After update all pics and bids were gone on both phone and SD card.

  • WebDevJeremy

    White text on a black background… With no options to reverse/revert… f#cking genius… 🙁

  • CzechRooster

    Has anyone had bluetooth-share issues after the jellybean update?

  • will this delete all of my data/apps?

    • CzechRooster


  • junior

    how do i get it now that the release date has passed

  • Charles Henson

    I downloaded the update file and updated manually. How will I remove this if a later build is released when the official official OTA update is pushed by the end of first quarter?

    • CzechRooster

      If the new update is diff., it will simply replace the current one.

      • Charles Henson


  • Jshanecook

    After I boot from recovery. There are so many on the list to choose from. Can anyone steer me in the correct order?

  • frunkrizzo88

    Works great,love the jelly bean on my razr

  • dmcky

    When I load up the files into the SD card and follow the process here, I get to the step where I boot in recovery and have to find the file, but for some reason, I cant see and FILES. I click install from external memory, and all of the directories are there and I can browse through them fine, but I cant see any files in the directories at all. This happen to anyone else?

  • Hope it works. Its installing now….

    • Google Play doesn’t work. Any reason why not, did I miss something?

  • Adria Nicole

    Downloaded yesterday. Took about 30 minutes total. So far no issues, very smooth. No connectivity problems. Thanks so much for posting!

  • Installed on original droid RAZR last night works great its smooth but not much else changed adobe flash is glitchy

  • Gabriel Denmark

    Need some help with this. I put the file on my SD card but when I navigate to it from the phone, I do not see the folder. Even if I did see it, which file would start the installation? Pardon my ignorance.

    • When I did it last night I put it in the downloads file on my SD card then you can access it from the boot menu

  • Chaz Myers

    Followed the instructions, I now have JB on my phone and it works great!!

  • Joshua vc

    updated mine and its been working great for about 5 days now, the only thing is the speech recognition for texting sucks compared to ics it misunderstands constantly.

  • just installed jellybean, it is awesome, even installed the circles and weather widgets that the hd come with, like a brand new phone, one question, after installing jellybean from the sd card should or can I delete that big file that is still on my sd card or does it have to stay there?

  • Dslot

    Works here. No issues noted. Seems like a final build.

  • Keenan Singh

    So some people are getting a sort of “brick” from this, and others have it working perfectly?

  • Turd Central

    Don’t install the JB build that the OP linked. It caused my phone to not to connect to wifi at all even after a master reset of the phone. I’m in the process of getting a replacement now because of it.

  • john mcdonald

    Do you have to unzip or rename file my is not being found

    • Dslot

      No. It unpacks it from exsdcard location

  • Rocko21

    Is there a way to go back ics, and wait for the ota to come out. Will it prompt us with the ota when it does come out

  • the54

    Go jump in a lake.

  • the54

    You da man. Now I don’t have to be in a hurry to upgrade, just because of jb. Which is a world of difference, i knew from my nexus 7. Once i used that i couldn’t tolerate ics anymore. No more Droid lag.

  • keith_ecko

    Talked to my Verizon Rep today who’s never steered me wrong. Good guy! He said trying to go back to ICS via factory reset won’t work. He is supposed to get back to me to let me know if it will be possible to update via the finalized OTA update which is scheduled at the end of Febuary.

  • Jim K.

    The new jellybean update is fantastic, very smooth. Items that I’ve noticed that need attention after this update: 1)bluetooth share no longer works. 2)Verizon vmm message after boot up. 3)phone app speed dial no longer works 4)when you finish a phone call, the screen stays off too long. 5)when listening to music and have the alarm set to turn on, the alarm is not very loud in the headset, may not wake you or alert you when needed.

    With the exception of these items, phone is great now. Hope fully this will be adressed in the next update.

  • hate it… many of my best apps will not function with the Jelly Bean… Motorola – Thanks a TON..

  • jeepextractionunit

    I did not get ota update, so I had to download and install on my year old og razr and i have to say, JB IS FANTASTIC! This is the way it was supposed to be a year ago. EVERYTHING works! Google market did not work at first, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the JB play store and was good to go. I then downloaded the RAZR M clock widget apk’s and now it looks like the RAZR M! Now I’m like …..gingerbread who? ICS what? Chose not to keep root for fear of legit update not working later, and looking at how well JB runs, may not need to root….ha, I joke. Quit stalling and update your phone!

  • What is that battery life meter you have called in the pictures in the post?

  • jdizzle22420

    Number 5 Works! Way Nicer On Jelly Bean. Eat YoUr Beans Boy

  • john

    Really nice works great so far I love it thank you so much yph saved me a lot of money and waiting

  • Steven

    My phone was rooted before the update and i had never heard of an ota rootkeeper before. So i dont know how it works. But is there anyway to download someone elses rooted su backup, download voodoo and run it?

  • Rocko21

    I did the update I want to know if you can go back to ics.

  • Rocko21

    I did the update I wanted to know if I could go back to ICS now.

  • Can I download this and drop it to my SD card then run it on my HTC Thunderbolt? Currently my Thunderbolt is running Adroid Version 2.3.4 and when I search for updates, it shows as no updates available.

    • why in gods name do you think that would work

  • beyedup

    After installing this update, you will find out that is is missing some JB features. Like boot animation and boot logo if it maters. It also does not have the new Circles widget. But I did find the the link to the Motorola RAZR apps file which includes the Circles widget, the weather widget for circles and the RAZR M Launcher. Here’s the link for it http://d-h.st/RDK
    It’s a .zip file that you need to place on sd card, unzip then install the apk’s. Before doing so you can go in with Root explorer and backup the apps your installing if you want(i.e. Home screen and Launcher). Both home screens will still work though if just installing the new RAZR M one.

  • Toqua’s Crafts

    I cannot text photos taken from my cell phone since the update to 4.1.2. It is not even an option. Every other option under the sun is given, but not the option to text. What’s up with that? I hope this will be fixed SOON!!

    • keith_ecko

      At first I couldn’t either so I thought. When I goto my Gallery and click on a picture at the top right corner is the little texting symbol instead of the “SEND AS” options I used to get with ICS.

      • Toqua’s Crafts

        OH! You are right!! Thank you for pointing this out!! (Now I feel silly.)

  • JZ

    This update works GREAT!!!!! i have updated my phone to Jelly Bean! if you’re app store don’t work just reboot you’re phone and you are A OK. Great Job on Posting this info!

    • JZ

      updated on a Droid Rarz XT912 Verizon!

  • Keith Ecklund II

    I was able to download the file to my SD card and update to JB…It’s working great. However since we don’t know if this is the finalized tested version what happens once Verizon does start pushing out this update for real? Will doing a factory reset download the update? How is this going to work for those of us who downloaded this to try it out but want to make sure we have the finalized release by Verizon.

    • jjuanico73

      I wanted to know the same thing. Have you gotten an answer on this?

      • keith_ecko

        No…it doesn’t seem like many people reply to questions here…Still looking for a answer for anyone who might know.

  • Alexander Moore

    why is the file labled 612…. instead of 98…. ?

  • cyndiman

    what do you mean by ‘drop on SD card’ ?

    • keith_ecko

      Copy and paste the whole file on your SD card…you don’t want to put it on your internal storage.

      • cyndiman

        how do I do that? I downloaded to my phone, but it will not open.

        • keith_ecko

          1)Download file from above and drop on SD card (not internal storage)
          2)Power phone off
          3)Hold Power and both Volume Up and Down until boot screen appears
          4)From boot screen, scroll down to “Recovery” with Volume Down
          5)Press Volume Up to select it once it has been highlighted
          6)When Android and exclamation show up, press both Volumes at the same time.
          7)Then “install update from external storage” and find the file.

  • the1wags

    Why is the download link for ics? Looks like 6.16.211? Anybody have the 98.72.8 file?

    • Mark Mann

      the files are all named for the version you’re upgrading from…not the version you’re upgrading to

  • Simon Miller

    I updated, used VooDoo root keeper and I still lost root, any help? i have been looking everywhere

    • Mark Mann

      did you protect root, temp. un-root, upgrade, and then restore root? i make the mistake of not temp un-rooting every time

  • Santiago

    will this works with gsm razr (xt910)?

  • ARS

    Lost my Data – -then got it back!

    So yesterday I Updated my stock Droid Razr with Jelly Bean following basic sd card install instructions. Everything worked great except…I had No 3G or 4G data after the install. WiFi – yes. Rebooted, Cleared Cache, changed network settings several times, toggled mobile data, etc. Even tried to reinstall ICS–Aborted several times. Nothing changed- still broke. Phone worked fine except NO DATA. Took it to Verizon and they where baffled. (Did NOT mention that I installed Jelly Bean however said that it “May have been updated” when she asked) A new phone is in the mail but I need to wait a few days. So I tried one last time to reinstall ICS but Aborted several times. Decided to do a factory reset/wipe the phone. So I reset the phone – no big deal – system runs thru setup procedures – I resynced my backed up stuff – phone is now 100% with 4G WITH JELLYBEAN. I hope this help the next person.

    • hushdrops

      No problems here 5 days later , will update my wife’s Maxx after positive experience on my work RAZR, note that finally the keyboard doesn’t slow down while typing these comments in desktop site mode post JB

  • TrumanLCA

    I downloaded and installed the JB (4.1.2) update from XDA (98.72.8.X912.Verizon.en.us). It seems to work great! (Droid RAZR MAXX) The build date is Dec 11, 2012. Google Now is working great! A few widgets and icons disappeared and had to manually re-install/replace, smooth. Gallery and Phone UI changed as well. Alarms can only be set or changed through Google Now. I will let you know what else I notice.

    • If you are running Beautiful widgets, just touching the time will take you to alarms.

      • TrumanLCA

        You can also set alarm through the native “clock” app. Just click below the time when it is loaded.

  • ian

    Followed instructions have the file downloaded and when in recovery i cant find the file. Help!

  • I’m installing from the download above. So far, so good. Android is currently optimizing my apps. I’ll report any issues. Unless I’m just totally late for this game….

  • josh

    I got no circles and my WiFi won’t connect.

  • imk

    which package do i install

  • James McKenzie

    Worked like a charm. On my phone the SD card was drive H.
    Once I got it there everything went according to plan. Thanks for the good information here!

  • max

    can i still do this update if i’m rooted

  • Alright, need a little bit of help here if anyone can haha. Updated a Razr MAXX to JB, and I used VooDoo to keep root, but after updating I seem to have lost it, even though I have the Superuser app installed. I can ADB to the phone, and adb shell then su and it gives me the # for root access, but I’m not for sure what to do next to get root working again. Any suggestions?

  • Carson Hunter

    What “file” am I looking for to update with? It comes in a zipped package so I uncompressed it and put it on my SD card. Was I suppose to leave it zipped or am I just missing the file I’m suppose to be updating with?

    • hushdrops

      Don’t unzip , very simple

    • keith_ecko

      Copy the whole zipped file to your SD card…


    I unzipped the file into the /sdcard/data directory and it’s not there…?

    • Don’t unzip. (At least I didn’t). Don’t put in a directory.

  • So far, so good! I have not found issues yet.

  • Austin

    The download worked perfect. I hesitated for a few days about upgrading because I would have to dig into settings and do it myself. But, worked great. So happy. Whole new phone. Thank you so much Droid Life!!

  • Fiona

    I get as far as “Choose a package to install:” I find the “blur_version.6.16.211….” file and it keeps adding extensions for me to choose from ( Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT812.Verizon.en.US>META-INF/>com/>android/) *(or >google/>android/) but then there is no other option left…what did I do wrong? Help please!!

  • The phone doesn’t have to be rooted. The file has to be saved to the root of the SD card. If you download the file to your computer, then plug your phone into it, the SD card should show up as a drive on the computer, just copy the file directly to that drive. If you manually download the update from your phone, it saves it to the download folder on the phone storage. You need to move it to the SD Card, or External Storage on the phone. Hope that helps.

  • adam

    i check for system update on my razr maxx, and it says its up to date…i have ics. i live in the sf bay area……

  • Joe

    why can’t you drop the file to internal storage? sorry NEWBIE here!

  • Can someone please help. I downloaded the file however in recovery it doesn’t allow me to locate the file.

    • Frayed

      You have to move it to the SD card. use the my files app, make a new folder on your SD and drop the update into the new file. then you will be able to find it

  • JoshHenry

    does the phone have to be rooted.. is there a way to back up or flash the original software back if theres a problem?

  • Guest

    How do you fix “signature verification failure” during the installation?

    • i hav d same prob.. so far no solution ive found :/

  • DexPeru

    this update working in motorola atrix 2 ???

  • jjuanico

    Did we crash DL with this one? lol. It’s pretty slow. I unrooted just to go back to 211 to be on the safe side. Side loaded like the update 5 said. Works perfect. No bugs I’ve seen. I think it’s the old mms and camera apps because it’s working awesome for me. Do it!!

  • Jones

    I can see my house from here

  • kdunne

    Anybody have any issues with 4g not working after install?

    • chaz2400

      I did. It ended up tthat it turned off data for some reason. I went into Mobile Networks and re-checked “Data Enabled” and then selected LTE for Network Mode and it works great.

  • Michael Mallette

    anyway to root yet? i like to change my resolution on my phone and use complete backup utilities and can’t find a root method.

    • u shudve rooted when u had ICS .. then temp un root wid “voodoo root keeper” and then updated ur phone.. n again restored ur root. dats d only wait to hav root on JB .. no othr way yet

  • Ulrich

    Is the circle widget content of the update?

  • epjman

    Google Play Store app stopped working following Jelly Bean manual update. 🙁 Anyone else experience this issue?

    • Jason MacLean

      Reboot the phone and/or clear the cache of the Google Play application.

    • It’s kind of a pain, but I always recommend a complete format/wipe of the phone after a major update. Seems to work better for me and I see significant battery life improvements. I’ve been running on battery for 12 hrs and I am currently still at 80%

      • Fiona

        That doesn’t delete contacts and messages does it?

    • hushdrops

      Play store would crash when updating apps, uninstalled Play store updates which essentially removed it completely, reboot , Play store will auto install latest version all fine since .

  • Ex.

    And for GSM?

  • Matthew

    both me and my boss have the maxx his updated mine didn’t :'(

  • Mark Mann

    if you flash this in recovery, do NOT try to go back to ics, you WILL brick…i found this out the hard way, and spent two days in chat with mattlgroff(the creator of the razr utility) to get my husbands phone unbricked

    • How did you get it unbricked?

      • Mark Mann

        there’s an unbrick utility floating around…go to droidrzr.com and look for mattlgroff…the utility is still in beta, so i don’t know if he’s ready to release it to the g.p. i just got lucky and got to be one of the testers…

  • trpt

    My experience, FWIW-

    I was able to accept and fully download the OTA update yesterday. I applied the update today without problems and am now on 4.1.2. Was previously rooted and did a temporary unroot before applying update.


    –I don’t notice any performance or battery improvements at all with jellybean.
    –I lost the weather app/widget and world clock widget from ICS, both of which I liked and used (can I get them back somehow?).
    –Lockscreen font is different. No big deal.
    –Boot sequence volume got cranked up big time. Not happy.
    –Have to access alarm through clock. Not happy.
    –New apps- Chrome, Play Magazine.
    –New widget- Drive
    –New icon for Calculator (I liked the ICS icon better).

    –There are no other significant enhancements that I can see.

    Reapplied root. SU says I’m rooted and it seems like I am but I can’t change
    file/folder permissions. I can do most other root functions without issue.

    Bottom line- I wish I hadn’t taken the update. Wasted a bunch of the Christmas holiday messing with this.

  • EMcTx

    I was able to update my mom’s Razr Maxx today. It was fast and easy. Didn’t have to manually install anything.

  • Knlegend1

    I hope this happens soon…OFFICIALLY!

  • Oscar Botelho
  • chaz2400

    Looks like I have WiFi only… getting an error “the process com.motorola.vzw.vmm has stopped”. Any ideas? Everything else is A-OK.

    • hushdrops

      That error Appears at boot but there are zero issues with the phone , apps, data etc. , definitely data connections of all types are stable

  • tcfiero

    How many of the ones that got the update use foxfi or something similar? Did anyone that uses foxfi not get the update? Just wondering

    • Mark Mann

      the foxfi app is incompatible with jelly bean…you should still be able to update to jelly bean, but you won’t be able to use foxfi anymore

  • Pabloec16

    Okay i have done it all and searched for main problems on other roms and issues….If u are a heavy picture taker that is always changing settings i would not freak out after update(keep reading). The front facing camera and video camera are working just fine but on the back camera u r unable to change settings(portrait, sports, etc.) on first boot.this is where u want to reboot once and t hen those settings should return. This does run smoothly however. The moto cast apps were removed however except for “MotoCast” wierd. the my files and my gallery along with my music are not there anymore. Alarm and timer are no longer there you have to go to clock to set an alarm. cant find timer…..Wifi and Bluetooth work just fine google now works fine browser is good.

    • Pabloec16

      Recommend rebooting a couple times if any problems occur……..AND THE BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!

    • Pabloec16

      Did a little searching and the my files is just called “files”

  • Bobby Solis

    Temp unrooted with voodoo, followed flash instructions including wiping cache. When certifying current system received error /system/bin/logwrapper.

  • Zeshan

    I followed the instructions for manually updating my phone, and they worked. I have Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr Maxx, but i dont really like it. Im really hoping that its not the final version. Its not nearly as polished as ICS on my Droid Razr Maxx, and some of the google apps (currents!) don’t work properly. I was wondering, is there any way for me to go back to stocks ICS now that ive manually updated my device? And if not, can i still get the OTA update when verizon/motorola finally decide to push it out to the devices? Thanks so much for any help that I can get with this

    • Eric Shane

      I’m running JB on the maxx and it blows ICS out of the water. No problems at all. Reboot and it will update your apps, if you have broken shortcuts it’s because camera and galleries changed, recreate them and you’re good to go.

      • Zeshan

        The main problem I have is the currents app. It no longer works properly (The font is HUGE and so you can only read 2 sentences). I did the rebooting a few times and it seems a lot better. But i dont see a couple of features that are found in other JB devices like being able to move the shortcuts around on your home screen and the other shortcuts moving to make space, etc. Its not a big deal and i am pleased with the update for the most part, but im just hoping this isnt the final version. So if there is an OTA update sometime soon, do i have to go back to stock ICS first before I can install it?

        • Eric Shane

          Try uninstalling the app and then re-dl.
          I’m not 100% but I don’t think you can go back at this point due to the kernel update. The official version should be out anytime, then you get install that the same way you did this one!

  • LTE4G

    Just follow the directions here, Also recommend keep it plugged in for the update
    I did not even lose 1% in battery …

    Also wipe cache partition before update!


  • frayed

    I keep seeing same questions answered over and over again. No you do not need to be routed. I have found no bugs. And JB is awesome. (but it does seem to use a little more battery.) So there you have it.

  • pabloec16

    Just curious cuz im just to safe but did anyones data get erased or anything of the sorts, and all the bugs that this might cause…..srry just to safe

    • Felix Wilbur

      I did this and had no problems. The camera app is different and so is the gallery. Not sure if others had a problem

  • pabloec16

    im still a little confused is the blur_version.6.16.211.XT912 ect. is this what we are at right now…that is ICS…..and it will update us to 4.1.2??? Someone just answer this please!! and do we need root

    • Luke

      You do not need root to use this

    • endurotech

      The zip file name contains the version Android is updating FROM. So when you apply the update make sure you are updating FROM 6.16.211. Yes it will update you to Android 4.1

  • Bryan

    Thanks for the tip on step five worked like a charm! Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Buckoman

    About to do this with my Maxx. Any known bugs? I’d like to know.

  • pabloec16

    so this s ics not jelly bean??? a little confused here

  • dbam987

    No dice yet on my Droid RAZR (Verizon). Would definitely like to mess with Google Now.

  • pabloec16

    I heard that not everyone got the pop up and those who did were chosen for a beta test or something…..not sure tho a little skeptical after a week or so ill do more research

  • crookidfinger

    WIFI does not work

    • crookidfinger

      After installing it i mean

  • Trevor

    Lost root!!!! Going back to my gnex

  • Shannon Curtis

    Grabbed the update from the link above had no issues with install. Rebooted a couple of times and no issues with any apps or battery life. Lovin JB! ..Best Xmas Ever!!! Thank you DL for posting the link to update and to whoever uploaded it!

    • Eric Shane

      It really is great, I’m in love with this update. Updated while driving in about 15-20 minutes.
      No problems at all. Great xmas present, thanks moto!

  • todd

    This update destroys battery life. I can practically see it draining away. On a side note, camera is fine, just a new camera app so old shortcut didn’t work

    • J. Gilbertson

      Probably because you’re messing around with it more. I’ve been actively using my phone and my battery is all the same.

  • Danny

    My phone will not see the file. I used astro to move from download folder to sdcard root. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Me

      Drag it onto you DCIM folder where you have the pic. Seems that is the only folder that will read the zip file

  • Installed on my girlfriends Droid Razr running .211. Followed the manual install above, took about 10-15min, needed to reboot the phone twice so it would finish updating. I checked the play store, google now, FB, and all the other main apps she uses all works just fine. She loves it and told me it’s much better.

  • jeff

    anyone have the updated link for stock users to download jellybean the link doesn’t work

  • Jaheim Rakim

    Can anybody tell me if the rom is any good and any problem with it

  • Albe

    Damn it I want that Jelly , phone keeps saying its up to date!
    I got all exited when I read this article 🙁

  • Installed and working fine.. A little jittery right away but after a few reboots.. It’s money

  • Zeshan

    I followed the instructions for manually updating my phone, and they worked. I have Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr Maxx, but i dont really like it. Im really hoping that its not the final version. Its not nearly as polished as ICS on my Droid Razr Maxx, and some of the google apps (currents!) don’t work properly. I was wondering, is there any way for me to go back to stocks ICS now that ive manually updated my device? And if not, can i still get the OTA update when verizon/motorola finally decide to push it out to the devices? Thanks so much for any help that I can get with this

    • keith_ecko

      I would like to know the same thing. Will we get the update when they finall push it out??? No answers to my question yet either.

  • Trevor

    lost root even with OTA VOODOO Rootkeeper just have superuser installed. Can someone point me in the right direction to restore my root access?

  • Master O’Disaster

    I installed the OTA update. Bluetooth Share crashes constantly, and there is no way to disable the app. 🙁

  • SP

    Huge issue. Picture messaging not working for me; neither outgoing pics or incoming pics from friends…any idea how to go back to ICS anyone? Lol.

  • Jim the Narwhal

    Here’s my guess. Update is all ready, Motorola’s ready to roll out. And then Verizon is just like “Hell no!” Maybe because the flagship HD has an older version, maybe because they want to load more bloatware, or maybe they’re just @$$holes and want to delay the update.

  • Danny Luu

    Works great fellas! Bluetooth works, play store works….Go out and get Jellybean! it only took 30 minutes tops.

  • surpassdahai

    i love this phone ,but why it isn’t sold in china

  • Dave

    It’s not “official”, it has an ICS kernel as the JB kernel should be 3.0.31, not 3.0.8

  • CableLee

    Is there any word kn if this is a functional build with things working aa they should be? Kinda hesitant to manually load from sd card if its gonna screw up warranty….

  • CableLee

    Is there any word if this is a functional build with everything working as it should be?

    • Everything seems to be working fine so far.

  • Downloading the zip from Update 5 above. Does the zip need to be renamed to update.zip before trying manual install?

    • Ryan


  • eazi25

    The RAZR HD family has unlock bootloaders also and the fastest to be upgraded.

  • SuziQ

    My Droid RAZR updated to 4.1.2 successfully in about 15 minutes.

  • mr.noob

    Force or Manual install NO ROOT NEEDED


    Manually install without root..
    1. Download an place in external storage
    2. Have your phone charged at least 70% (just in case)
    3.Boot into stock recovery (turning off the phone and turning back on pressing at the same time volumes up and down , scroll to recovery and choose it pressing volume (up) ..
    4.From there you should get the android abortion , press volumes up and down once more an it should look familiar from there wipe cache ( don’t worry , your stuff won’t erase) and install update from SD card ** it should take about 8 min an you are ready to go ** JELLY BEAN VERSION (4.1.2 ). enjoy.

    if you have root i suggest you use root ota keeper

    credit :http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2064931

  • stabone

    I had to fastboot back to stock because I’d a really bad flash that made it so no other roms could be flashed. I was on uprooted stock and flashed the update. It couldn’t be running game better. It’s so fast I don’t mind not being rooted.

    • JP

      How do you flash back to .211? I’d like to do the same.

      • stabone

        Look up Droid RAZR Utility. I think IRS on version 1.82. Its really easy.

        • JP

          I used the 1.82 utility and the boot loader portion did not load correctly. Now the phone will not boot. Suggestions? Thx.

  • Danielle A

    I just finished my new upload and it completed successfully.

  • zaid

    I cannot update using the given file. When ever i try to do so , i get an error saying ” signature verification failed , Installation aborted ” any idea how to tackle this?????????

    • Did you remove any bloatware from ICS? I had to flash back to stock (all bloatware included) and then do the update. Worked perfect. Was able to keep root using Voodoo as well.

      • yes my phone is rooted n i freezed all d bloatware apps . what should i do next?
        and my phone is motorola razr xt910. from india. Is this one of the issue?

  • Well I have no mobile network. Wi-Fi- only. Anybody else have that problem too?

    • chaz2400

      Yup, Wifi only. Getting an error saying the process com.motorola.vzw.vmm has stopped. Any resolution?

  • Failed.

    • same here :/

    • Was getting same error because I removed the bloatware…ie, Blockbuster and other…I RSD back to stock .211 and the re-rooted and did Voodoo and it worked perfect.

  • Tony

    Can anyone tell me why they took away the Alarm app and stuck it in a Clock app? I hate having to go through multiple things to get to the alarm!

    • Ryan

      i use minimalistic text and have the alarm linked to the time widget. it still works with the same functionality I intended it to be.

  • Ryan

    Downloaded and installed from the link above. Play store works after a reboot. Some random verizon app is crashing though. Missing Sleep/Stand By and another when u press the Power Button. Everything else seems to be working.

    • Ryan

      camera’s much faster now too. feels almost as quick and responsive as my fiancee’s galaxy nexus.

    • Ryan

      Desktop Dock program changed too. Looks great! More app control too!

  • Anyone other than me have problems with the stock text messaging app missing?

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I applied the update, phone rebooted. Had issues with the play store along with a few other apps not responding. Rebooted phone and upon boot up, it said Android upgrading again. Seemed to fix the problems. But it is running just fine now. Here is my screenshot showing the update


  • Me

    Weird but after I installed JB update, I can’t boot into recovery anymore

  • Andrew

    my manual update says failed error in /tmpsideload/pakage.zip any fix for this?

    • hackules

      This is what I get too. I was rooted and rolled it back, no go. Maybe I missed something or maybe it knows it’s been rooted before.

      • Shamo316

        this dosnt work for rooted phones

        • BlackRob

          My phone was rooted before install and works fine now, just lost root.

    • danwray

      see http://forums.androidcentral.com/droid-razr/183428-ota-ics-fails-25-due-bootstrap.html
      worked for me after doing this, as i had safestrap installed

    • stupidllama

      I saw something similar, I read somewhere that moto phones need 100% battery, so I’m waiting till is full then I’ll try again

  • bs

    Bluetooth and play store doesn’t work…. probably not the final build

    • Me

      working fine for me

      • bs

        your right, rebooted my phone and play store works not, but i keep getting Bluetooth sharing stopped working.

  • MDagg77

    That is current build of ICS on the Razr Maxx, what should the correct build #??

  • If I need to, can I use RSD to go back to .211?

  • rob black

    finally get to do…”do a barrel roll”! in voice search!

  • Dante Morgan

    Any one experiencing Bluetooth sharing problems.s???

    • Ryan

      transferring files don’t work, but streaming audio works

  • David W. Astor

    for me, from like an hour ago the messages switched from “your phone is updated” to ” Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later”

  • Blaik

    so do i have to be rooted to download and use the link above or can i do it now?

    • rob black

      You dont have to be rooted. In fact it appears that if you are rooted the link above will not work. I am not rooted and it worked great for me….

      • Blaik

        so i brought that site up on my phone and hit download my phone then said “starting download” but it still hasnt downloaded… any help?

        This is the first time ive done anything like this.

        • rob black

          I wouldn’t do it using your phones browser….too easy to end up in internal memory….. Easiest way is to download it to your pc. USB to your phone….Copy and paste to your sd card M; then boot in to recovery using the above instructions. If you have never used a recovery, you toggle with volume and enter with power button.

          • Blaik

            yeah i got it. everything seems to be working fine also.

      • Blaik

        ok so i got it downloaded not but my play store isnt working…

  • CHN

    where is xt910‘s update

  • Todd

    Downloaded and installed fine, now I have no camera

    • BlackRob

      Camera works fine on mine, make sure you grab the new icon from the app drawer. Your old one won’t work.

  • It hit my wife’s phone during the xmas eve service. Tried to download it and it failed.

  • Is anyone able to see the circle widgets in this update? Thought that would have been included…

  • Does the manual install require root?

    • rob black

      I am not rooted (on this phone) and it installed just fine…

  • Root method still the same?? I needs my SqL Lite to gets free wifi hotspot!!

  • Google Now on Razr Maxx rocks!!

    • frayed

      New to jb how do i use G now

      • rob black

        check playstore. It will have an update for Google search. Update it..open it…and it will walk you through…

      • hit the search button on your phone.. make sure you have Google Search app updated

  • rob black

    Great! I had almost quit coming here..since there is so little razr news…and I would have missed this! Thanks for the download link and instructions …worked like a charm! Since I have been running JB on my xoom for a long time, everything synced up as soon as I updated Google search…all the Google now cards ect…..
    Thanks again droid life!

  • Colin Batchelor

    I got the install update message about 7pm EST (I assume it downloaded on it’s own). Just started the update about 5 minutes ago. I’ll let you know when it finishes and what it does.

    • Colin Batchelor

      All done. Mine download was OTA for anyone interested. The install took about 20 minutes in total. Biggest change so far I’ve noticed is I lost two of my widgets. Not much else to note.

  • What do I do once I find the file on my SD card? There’s like so many files to choose from.

    • john

      rename it as “update.zip”

  • BlackRob

    Do you put it on the sd card zipped or unzipped?

    • frayed

      download it directly to your phone and move it as is to a new folder on your SD card using your my files app.

      • BlackRob

        Sweet thanks for the quick reply

    • Leave it zipped.

    • rob black

      I downloaded to my computer and copied the whole zipped file to my sd card. Recovery unzipped it when I updated…..

  • frayed

    I have jelly bean now!!
    it’s easy to apply just downloaded from the link an update 5, move to your SD card and follow the apps instructions above

  • Luke

    Stupid question but if they do come out with an “official” will manually installing this mess up downloading the actual OTA one?

    • Not a stupid question..I have the same one. I basically just said screw it, and im updating right now…..we should hopefully know soon. JB was too delectable to ignore… *fingers crossed*

      • Shamo316

        its the OTA update so it should be fine

      • Luke

        I decided to do the same. Everything works well but the phone app is really slow scrolling from the dialer to contacts and favorites.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Kinda sad they removed the gallery and weather widgets. BTW is this the final version?

    • Most likely not otherwise they wouldn’t have pulled it. There is a chance it may be though

  • I downloaded it manually and installed it! w00t!! Thanks guys

  • Quisit

    Used the article’s link in Update 5 to download the file and followed instructions. Worked perfectly. No sign of issues, available RAM increased, speed appears to be improved and I now have Google Now. Voodoo OTA successfully restored root. A service/app something.vzw.vmm crashes on boot every time. I assume that’s Verizon voicemail, which I could care less about. My phone is for email, text, entertainment and if I care to answer… phone calls.

  • West w.

    So, I have the update on my phone as I am one of the few who was able to
    download from verizon’s server before they stopped it. Does anyone know
    the extent to which this new update is plagued (bugs etc)? I would hate
    to install it just to find out that there are major security flaws in
    it or something.

  • Jason

    followed instructions, downloaded and installed great. It’s jelly bean alright. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • LTE4G

    Yet the name of this file is .211 so how is this not exactly what we already have 4.0.4 ICS?

  • I got this error…. Help?


    — Install /sdcard …
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    Verifying current system…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check)”/system/app/kindle.apk”, “d5b8ef2e0893a3a580dc2b1a42b18845abcddc39”, “09337fd618a8bb365c901bb20642799c708459842”)
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    • rob black

      Are you rooted? I am not…mine had the same messages…but it went through the install fine….took quite a while…

      • Ya I am rooted. I also deleted a few pre installed apps. Do you think that is it?

        • rob black

          I think so too.. system verification is looking for root. I rooted my og droid and my xoom..but I left this one alone…thinking it would get JB pretty soon..

    • bpow

      Received same error. Any idea how to fix it?

  • Drats…checked the link above and it is 6,16,211…not JB.

    • rob black

      I just installed it from the link above …and it most certainly is JB. 4.1.2.
      When I hold down the home button, it brings up multiple tabs…..It has Google Now…..all the features my Xoom running Jelly Bean has..

  • rob black

    I just dropped the file on my sd card and went though as per above instructions. It says it is updating….some other stuff…patching principle files….patching system files…I think its working…

  • Downloaded file from update 5 and fallowed manual install. Works great , thanks again Kellex

    • Here is a screen shot

  • SplashMTN

    Thanks for the link. Installed and working.

  • Mine started this morning and suspended on two occasions, finally after about an hour I got the message that the update failed and now my phone is up to day. Was quite excited this morning when I saw it coming in only to have it finally fail. I thought it was a nice Merry Christmas present until the grinch showed up and took it away.

  • If anyone has pulled the file via .zip, you should explain how you did it (un rooted of course). Plus, i’ve looked on various forums so far, and I’m looking to see what people are saying about JB….

    • SplashMTN

      1. Download the zip file, rename it update.zip and place it on your SD card
      2. Turn your phone off.
      3. Reboot into recovery:

      *Hold Volume Rocker (whole thing) down and Power until you get to the boot screen. Press Volume Down to select “Recovery.” Then hit Volume Up to choose it.

      4. When the Android logo shows up, press both Volume buttons at the same time.
      5. Choose “apply update from external storage.”
      6. Find the update.zip file that you downloaded above and select it.
      7. Your phone will update and reboot with Jelly Bean.

      After your phone is done rebooting start it over again so your google apps will be optimized – at least that’s what I had to do.

    • rob black

      I am not rooted and got the file from the link above. Copied the whole file to my sd card…and went through the instructions above. It is installing right now….

      • Yeah, i saw not too long ago it was updated. Let me know how it is….

        On another note, what do you suppose happens when they send out the fix? I don’t really wanna downgrade lol. They must send out the actual one thats compatible for ppl with the fake JB and still ICS…

        • rob black

          I think this is the official update…just prematurely released. It just finished booting back up…..there it is….4.1.2…..!!
          I have been running JB on my xoom for months ….cm nightlies…it is pretty cool!

  • Eric Bradley

    I can not get the downloaded file posted in the link on Update 5 to work. It does not appear to be a properly signed file.

    • antwonw

      Worked fine for me!

      • rob black

        …working for me too…

  • Alex

    I couldn’t find the file when I tried to manually install it.

    • antwonw

      Look at the Update 5 above in the post

  • Drizzythebiker

    Can anyone tell me if foxfi is working with this update??? You can hit me up on twitter under the same name….

  • Rich

    Now someone needs to tell me what cool things I can do and what apps to get 🙂

    Haven’t been paying much attention to Jelly Bean since I didn’t think I was ever getting it.

    (Thought the same with ICS)

  • Yes, I have JB on my RAZR suckuz!

  • Ross

    Thanks again Shamo!

  • Ross

    Grr why does Kellex keep deleting my post!

  • Dirge

    Well this sucks… so much for a Christmas surprise jelly bean style.

    • antwonw

      Look at Update 5 in the post above. It’s a piece of cake!

  • EddieA

    For those how downloaded/sideloaded the update, how’s it going for u? Any issues that you’ve experienced? I’ve downloaded the update but am somewhat hesitant to update.

    • antwonw

      No, it updated fine for me.

    • It gave me an error. Something about a kindle file? I will post the whole error in a min

  • jboogie1289

    Not to be off topic but I wonder how is it that Moto Razr’s got the 4.1.2 while Sammie’s got 4.1.1? What’s the difference in the two builds. I guess it would be different in terms of the two manufacturers offering different builds.

  • looks like i cant update i tried to do this in recovery and it came back with an error about browser.apk i think this is because i uninstalled alot of the bloatware with system app remover and now i wish i hadnt. chrome is much better. can someone tell me how to undo this? i tried to restore the backup but the app says its not there. can i install the bloatware manually?

    • well i found the backups i made before and some of them wont reinstall. the ones that have an odex file along with them wont reinstll properly but the rest will. do i need to do something special to install the odex files? shound i just start from stock and update from there?

  • antwonw

    Obviously someone at Verizon is being a Grinch and not wanting us to get this update!

  • frayed

    Can someone pull the update file and upload it for the rest of us. My update failed

    • antwonw

      Look in the Update 5 above in the post

      • frayed

        Just applied the update thank you very much!

  • Shamo316

    woot nice downloaded and applied it its nice

  • Tanner

    Spoke with Motorola Level 2 Technical support for over 30 minutes just now. They confirmed that this update was released prematurely and was in error. They said there was no firm date set to when the actual update would be sent out.

  • Bah! When I saw this post I checked my phone and first thing I see “download of update failed.”

    next words out of my mouth.. “Fu***”

  • Let’s hope Moto/VZW get on the ball and push this thing again later this week. They need to at least admit they let some updates out a bit too early, if indeed that’s what happened.

  • I do happen to have the file for the OTA. However.. the question is, is this safe to apply?

    • kenny

      could you send me the file so i can update my phone

  • tcfiero

    I just got the update today. It fracked up my Foxfi. I have not checked out all of the features yet.

    • Diablo81588

      Foxfi doesn’t support jelly Bean. If you’re rooted you can use the mobile hot spot sql hack for tethering.

  • Eric Bradley

    Why are posts here dissapearing?
    I got the update installed. Confirmed Jellybean 4.1.2
    Webtop is included and working
    Root retained using OTA Rootkeeper
    Mobile Hotspot is still working as before.
    About ~100MB more available RAM
    Very fast and responsive.
    Hopefully someone was able to copy the update file before it got pulled.

    • Has the homescreen layout changed any? I’m curious whether the layout favored by the RAZR M, HD and MAXX HD was implemented

      • Eric Bradley

        Not really. The only thing that really changed is the notification bar. One thing that has changed is that you can now use tiled icons.

      • Eric Bradley

        I just looked to see id the new “circles” widget was available, and it is not, so it must be a part of the new HD/DNA “blurless motoblur”

        • john

          dna is an htc device, no motorola in there

  • simsir

    Mine stopped in middle!!! I was so excited they better release it soon!!!

  • It’s Jelly Bean and it installed on my phone just fine. I guess it was a slightly early leak. I’m looking around for the Circles widget, but can’t find hide nor hair of it.

  • Would have been a merry Christmas for us on OG DROID RAZR!!!

  • Downloaded and installed. The update disabled my Korean input keyboard. Merry Christmas!! lol

  • jack

    My normal RAZR said up date available then failed and says its up to date….am i screwed?

  • matt

    did anyone pull the update??

  • someone has to have the update itself though…

  • Greg

    i think im gonna cry now

    • Alex Schechter


  • Lucky Armpit

    Dammit!!! It said there was an update, I ran to my laptop to check DL, saw that it was JB, and when I got back to my phone the update was gone!!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!! But since everyone else’s was pulled, I don’t feel too bad… 🙂

    • Kent R

      I just had the update at 0%. Clicked update and it went away. Tried to force the update and got a message saying the update would continue during non “peak hours.” Tried to force the update again, and the phone is “up to date”.

  • Denvertoad

    The Grinch has stolen Christmas… and my jellybean… sigh.

  • LionStone

    Visions of the “Airplane” movie, “Just kidding!” 🙂

  • Mark Ngo

    Mine updated just fine. There’s a small glitch that I’m experiencing. It could just be mu launcher but it makes my screens small.

  • ian

    Mine stopped and now my phone is saying no update necessary phone is up to date.

  • Christian Frausto

    mine said update failed, can anyone help? i tried pulling it manually but i can’t:(

  • Got mine installed just fine. 🙂 yeah!

  • Amin Nadirali

    Still waiting….

  • mOOky8D

    NOOooooOOO!!!! So close. PLEASE PLEASE re-release it? 🙂

  • gregc63

    Ooops, on my Razr Maxx!

  • gregc63

    Jut got the 4.1.2 update around 2 this afternoon in Columbus, Ohio! Merry Christmas!

  • I just got it and wasnt able to download

  • paul_cus

    I’ve since moved onto the RAZR i and use the DROID RAZR as an alarm clock now. But it’d be cool to have it be a Jelly Bean alarm clock.

  • Humorous conversation between myself and a Motorola rep in regards to the unsuccessful “update” on Droid RAZR:
    Claire: Hi, my name is Claire. How may I help you?
    Rob: Hello, Claire. I was just speaking with a “Romella” when I became disconnected.
    Rob: I don’t know if there is anyway to re-establish a chat session with her of if I will need to start over with you.
    Claire: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please know that I will be doing my best to help you with your concern.
    Claire: I’ll be glad to help you with this concern.
    Claire: May I know the issue that you’re having on he device?
    Rob: Ok, as I was telling her. I received an update notification on my device. It seemingly “timed-out” after I turned on my Wi-Fi
    Rob: So I rebooted, checked up updates, and it said my device was “up to date”.
    Claire: Let me check this in our system. One moment, please.
    Rob: As I told Romella, there are many reports from the Android community of a newly released Jelly Bean OS (that being the before mentioned update). I’m just curious as to what happened and why I can no longer receive the update.
    Claire: We apologize for this delay.
    Claire: I’m currently checking if there’s an available update on the phone.
    Claire: Please bear with me.
    Rob: No worries.
    Claire: Thank you.
    Claire: Thank you for patiently waiting.
    Rob: By the way, I have looked at the chart specifying the anticipated releases for OS updates around the globe. I know that it doesn’t say WHEN there will be an update – it’s just weird that so many are reporting it now. Even more strange that it showed on my phone – then just disappeared.
    Rob: You’re welcome.
    Claire: The software on the device is up to date.
    Claire: The Jelly Bean software update is not yet available on this device.
    Claire: You may check our Motorola Owner’s Forum website https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c for updates and information for your device.
    Rob: Claire, I know that’s what is being “said”. If that is the case, why do so many RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean update?
    Rob: As I said, I’ve seen the chart.
    Rob: And if my device was up to date. Why did I receive a notification and ATTEMPTED download of new OTA software?
    Claire: The Jelly Bean update is already available for Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr Maxx HD.
    Claire: There would be a possibility that it is one of the updates for your downloaded applications.
    Rob: I know this. These are RAZR (not Maxx or HD) users reporting thise.
    Rob: I don’t think so. This was a software update with the same build number as the Jelly Bean OS
    Claire: I apologize but we cannot push the update because it is not yet available.
    Rob: Oh, Claire. Are you covering up for a Motorola mistake?
    Claire: Nope, we”ll be glad to send the update once it becomes available.
    Rob: And that would be wonderful. Seems like such a great update. It just doesn’t answer the question as to why Droid RAZR (not Maxx or HD) now have this update.
    Claire: Your device will be upgraded to Jelly Bean software but we do not have the exact date yet for its availability.
    Claire: Please check our Motorola Owner’s Forum website https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c for updates and information for your device.
    Rob: You’ve been saying this in numerous forms as well as constantly trying to direct me to that chart (c’mon, Claire, I already told you I’ve seen it). Yet, you still can’t seem to tell me why other Droid RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean OS.
    Claire: Is there anything else?
    Rob: Yes, my question is still not answered.
    Rob: Yet, you still can’t seem to tell me why other Droid RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean OS.
    Claire: The Jelly Bean software update is not yet available for Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR Maxx users. Rob: I guess I’ll roll over for you and let you off the hook. You obviously don’t know or aren’t allowed to admit that there are RAZR users out there with the update.
    Claire: We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    Rob: Thanks for your concern. Have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas, Claire.

    • LionStone

      Hah…Oh man you were bustin’ her balls! Poor Claire 🙂

      • jboogie1289

        I posted a chat conversation regarding the GS3 Jellybean update and some in the forums feel like you’re bashing someone that has no control over such things. I mean, don’t you sell the device or not right? I simply wanted to share, as you did, what we can expect from Customer Service folks. Great post!!!!

        • LionStone

          Not me, you mean Rob… just to clarify

    • Kr B

      Sorry, but you were being a dick. You were trying to goad her into admitting a company failure when she probably doesn’t even realize there was one. Tech support =/= development.

      • Panther6834

        To be completely honest, I would NOT consider what he did “being a d!ck”, as I called Verizon, and had an almost identical conversation with the support representative who “helped” me. When I say ‘almost identical’, I’m not referring to the things I said, but to
        what the Verizon rep said to me. It’s as if they’re reading from a
        script (actually, I’d be willing to place a VERY sizable bet…and I
        KNOW I’d win…that the reps ARE, in fact, reading from a script), for,
        what “Claire” told Rob Jones is at least 98% word-for-word what the rep I spoke with told me.
        As with his conversation with “Claire”, the rep I spoke with also
        tried, several times, to direct me to Motorola’s forum website. Reading the transcript, as he pasted it above, I could almost insert my words in place of his, and what you’d end up with is a transcript of my Verizon Support conversation.

  • Dirge

    Well at least some people are enjoying jelly bean today. *sigh*

  • bradleyem

    Well, My update went through fine. my wifes stopped a little more than halfway through. Now hers says its up to date…..they must have pulled it 🙁
    I tried to find the update file, but I couldn’t find it anywhere to copy it. Does anyone know where it is stored? I looked in the /cache folder, and it wasn’t there. I looked in all of the folders that I could open with ES File Explorer and root access, and didn’t find it….

  • karl

    Called Verizon they said it most likely was a mistake n that it was pulled back :'(

  • Capt. Crunch

    So I was on flipboard and walked away from my phone for a few mins and when I turned the screen on it said update failed, the odd thing is I didn’t even know it found an update, wtf? Can someone please save the file

  • zmberven

    Of course I would out of the country and can’t pull the update….le sigh.

  • Kyle

    I got it in time, in Northern Virginia luckily I say the message this morning and did it right away. Original RAZR Maxx system verion 98.72.8.XT912.Verizon.en.US Android version 4.1.2 Text messaging is a lot better now, google now is really cool. No problem thus far.

    • Kyle

      Shows a build date of Dec 11th build number 9.8.20-72_VZW-8 Kerner version 3.08

  • Detonation

    So who’s got the cached ota zip we can install?

    • antwonw

      Look at Update 5 in the post above

  • BhaktaRB

    Wishing Someone will upload the update file!!

  • Anyone still able to get the download recently or are we all now waiting for someone who pulled the update?

  • Dave Sloboda

    damnit! I saw some strange thing downloading/updating that ended up stalling and eventually I got that same “Download of update failed.” screen! Verizon and/or Motorolla need to just let it happen!!!

  • gp126904

    Did anyone get a chance to pull the update?

  • 1stMarines

    Jelly bean here in Cali!

    • Dirge

      When did you get it? Just now?

      • Nel

        I’m in San Diego – no update here. I had mine fail a bit ago.

        • Dirge

          Mine failed, too. *sigh* What a tease…

  • bradleyem

    Ok, I’ve got the update completed, and some notes:

    1. Webtop is still there and working.

    2. OTA Rootkeeper seems to have preserved root.

    3. Mobile hotspot is still functional as before.

    The phone seemes to be very responsive, and there is much more available RAM being reported. (~302MB with no apps running vs ~200MB previously)

    Again, if the download stalls, and has the “download suspended” notification, try connecting to wifi. Also, make sure the battery is charged.

    • bradleyem

      Also, as with any major update, if you encounter wierd issues, then a hard reset may be the fix. I will wait to see if I have any problems before trying a hard reset.

    • Pvtcarnage

      do you have the file you can upload by any chance?

  • Blaik

    What the hell motorola/verizon

    • TBI

      My thoughts exactly. I had the prompt, then download failed. WTF????

  • Updated post. It may have been pulled. My download stopped and now says up-to-date.

    • same here. Waiting for some kind soul to post the update file.

    • john

      someone in the comments left a link for the ota. Post it on the main article


  • I agree on the mess up thing. Most of these new widgets that are shown as part of Jelly Bean are not available on this release. Such as the new clock, weather and battery widget we see to the top right of this webpage. Also I’ve been trying to find and get Google Now (can’t located it anywhere on my phone). Functionally the phone is working smooth and hasn’t crashed on me (yet). My hunch is that all the bugs haven’t been worked out and those of us that got this to download today could see problems with this release.

    • Google Now is a feature in Google Search for phones on JB. The circles widget you’re seeing is also apparently exclusive the RAZR M, HD and MAXX HD. It’s a Moto widget, not stock android.

      • You’re right! I was searching the web to see how to enable Google Now, but your instructions helped me. Thanks much!

        • You’re welcome. You can get the circles widget by installing “One more clock” from the play store, but it doesn’t have the same functionality as the one on the RAZR M, HD and MAXX HD.

          • jboogie1289

            I installed the Circles Clock Widget from the Play Store for my wife’s Razr Maxx and one day it said that there was a Trojan virus attached to it. I quickly removed and ran my Lookout virus scan and nothing came up. I then researched it on the web and nothing. Just thought this was a little odd.

  • Shawn Goede

    My phone won’t download it says “download suspended will begin shortly” saying this for about 2 hrs any ideas any one?

    • michael

      restart that phone bro

    • I have the exact same message. After restarting the phone, it now says no update available. My wife’s phone says update failed.

    • bradleyem

      Again, if the download stalls, and has the “download suspended” notification, try connecting to wifi. Also, make sure the battery is charged.

  • I have a Rzar Verizon and my system says i’m up to date. still on ics. Does anyone have any info on this . When i could be updated.

  • What a joke. I have a Droid RAZR. However, it kept refusing to download and eventually gave a wifi only download reason. So, i moved to an area with wifi, and it said my phone is already up to date. Rebooted, and there’s no update available again. Not funny. If you screwed up on the release date, so be it. It happened, so let it be for all of us.

  • it stop downloading for me and now it saying it up to date.still icecream4.0.4

  • Blaik

    so i just checked my phone and it said download failed then i tried to pull it and it says my device is up to date. anything i can do here?

    • Burt

      My razr did the same thing, even after a reboot. I’d really like Jelly Bean for Christmas!

    • hushdrops

      Same exact here, even tried reboot, changing the date out to a future date, wifi, nothing will attempt to pull it again

    • Blaik

      yeah i restarted it and then force quit the google services framework, and im doing it all over wifi and still no go.

      • Justin Howard

        same thing here and nothing happened for me….I got the messages for the update but I took a screen shot and before I could hit install it disappeared and an error message showed up saying it failed 🙁

    • mr.noob


      Manually install without root..
      1. Download an place in external storage
      2. Have your phone charged at least 70% (just in case)
      3.Boot into stock recovery (turning off the phone and turning back on pressing at the same time volumes up and down , scroll to recovery and choose it pressing volume (up) ..
      4.From there you should get the android abortion , press volumes up and down once more an it should look familiar from there wipe cache ( don’t worry , your stuff won’t erase) and install update from SD card ** it should take about 8 min an you are ready to go ** JELLY BEAN VERSION (4.1.2 ). enjoy.

  • Barbacoa

    Hey is there a way to side load this mine failed to update

  • Gabriel

    Nothing for GSM Razr :'(

    • john

      droid razr CDMA, not gsm man

  • Was the update pulled?! Anyone found a source link to a file yet?

  • I got the update, but when I clicked to download it said it failed. Now it’s not letting me check for updates anymore. Anyone else had this problem? Know of a way to fix it?

  • Jeff

    This blows…Someone needs to upload an install…

  • mdmtbracer

    If this was a mistake, is there anyway to get the file from someone and flash it?

  • Cameron_Watt

    guessing i cant get it as im on the .215 with a maxx?

  • Tech_kid

    Royal ScrewUP for Motorola

  • Hharris

    Internet buzz is that the update was supposed to be for the European theater only…

  • Nakee

    My phone started downloading it, then failed. Sadly.

    • Sp4rxx

      same here – must have turned off the download midstream for us….

  • I had the download suspended message, and now it finally told me download failed. After trying to check for System Updates now it tells me my phone is up to date and no upgrade is available. Did they pull the plug on this error???

  • My phone updated and after 2 hours I still have the same Android and system version?

  • Well dammit! Looks like they pulled the update. That sucks! I really want the update!

  • Tech_kid

    What a messed up Christmas this will be for all Droid Razr owners

  • Looks like the update was pulled…mine was updating and a few minutes later the download failed. Now it’s telling me there’s no update. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • jenn

    My download failed and when i go to system update it says my device is up to date 🙁 how can i get it?

  • chase

    It had been updating for a few hours but then said the update failed.
    . Now it says my phones up to date but nothings changed.

  • troubled android user

    started the update then after awhile it says update failed I go into system updates and it says my device is up to date. HELP!

  • Scott Bateman

    Early Droid gets the new system, it seems.

  • It notified me that there was an update, then it failed to download and I searched for an update and nothing showed up.

  • Tech_kid

    I guess update has been pulled Download Failed Here in NY
    And says my phone is Up to date

  • aaron4996

    My update popped up, failed, and now it says I’m up to date but i still have the old version

    • Alex Schechter


    • Dang it, same here. Same thing happened to my wife’s razr. I Hope someone uploads the update file

  • brad

    I got the ota notification, started downloading it and it said download failed. Now i cant even pull it anymore…it says my device is up to date….arghhh soooo close

  • nate1287

    I think this is a screw up. My download failed + now it says my phone is up to date

  • maroonwarrior71

    it was trying to download forever and all of a sudden it said “downloading update failed”, gave me “check for update unavailable, try again later” and finally that worked and it told me i’m up to date. anyone else have that issue?

    • tonyj20

      same here

    • mikey

      Mine did the same thing.

    • AJ

      Same thing happened to me.

    • ap

      Same thing just happened to me

    • mdmtbracer

      just happened to me 🙁

    • Brandon majowicz

      Same thing in south oc

    • Bryan

      Mine did the same thing.

    • syed

      same here

    • same here. Let me know if anyone resolves the issue//

      • Russ LaFever

        mine did the same thing

    • THISguy

      I have the exact same issue. My phone lit up and told me I needed an update and as soon as I hit download it said “downloading update failed” and now I keep trying to pull the update manually and it keeps telling me I’m up to date! WTH!!!!!! Somebody help me! lol

    • hushdrops

      Same exact here, it was stuck at 75% forever b4 failing, nowcannot force update again

    • yea everyone having this issue as motorola pulled the update all of a sudden.

  • nooooooo I got the notification and it said your download will begin on off peak hours so i did a factory reset and now it says that my device is up to date 🙁

  • Dang. Iv been trying to pull the update. and it says my device is up to date. Then a few minutes later it says a update is ready. So i hit download. Then it said update failed. Maybe it will work later.

  • I think that this might be a screw up. From the time it notified me that there was an update it had the “download suspended …” notification. it just now said that download failed and when I tried to push the download it said that my device was up to date. rebooting now and will see if that fixes at all

    • still nothing

    • Dave

      It’s a screw up. The build hasn’t even been tested, how are they going to release it? Someone popped it onto the production server when it should have been placed on the testing server.

      • jboogie1289

        Yeah. Seems odd that there wasn’t anything from VZW so far as a landing page explaining what would be included in this update. Wonder if Moto is trying to keep up with or outdo HTC?

        • chris125

          HTC is pretty far behind, more like try to catch up with Samsung who is on a roll updating many of their devices to jb

          • jboogie1289

            And good luck to them in that venture! Lol.

    • mike

      no luck for me either same situation

  • I don’t know why someone would have to “screw up badly” to push this update out, unless its full of bugs. Like every update, we’ll download, install, complain and wait for the next one while complaining – the typical cycle of an android user.
    Speaking of complaining – where’s the JB update on my RAZR?

  • npooty

    I got the notification, hit download.. A few seconds later got download failed, then manually tried to start it again only to get the “Your device is up to date!” message.


    • Same thing happened to me after it said that download was suspended and would resume shortly…

      • npooty

        I didn’t even get a suspended and resume shortly message. Not even a whisper 🙁

  • Cgmartin33

    Can anyone post a screenie of the current build #/kernel before this update? I have no idea where I left off on this thing. I am rooted but not sure if I flashed a leak or if I am on the OTA ICS. Much appreciated…

    • David W. Astor

      ICS 4.0.4
      Build is: Sys.Ver. 6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.us
      Kernel is:3.0.8-g29cf5e7 [email protected] #1 6/14/2012
      Baseband: CDMA_N_05.11.01P LTEDC_U_09.11.00
      Build: 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31
      build date: Thu Jun 14 14:57:16 CDT 2012

      • Cgmartin33

        Thanks man…the Gnex has been my daily driver…I’ve been using the Razr for a business phone…but JB would be nice.

        • David W. Astor

          updated the other info too. yeah, I’ve moved on to other phones as well, but the RAZR is still physically my favorite.

          • cgmartin33

            Agreed…it just feels good in hand. It is built like a rock and amazingly thin. The only rough part to go back to is the screen resolution. I must have F’d myself somewhere because it looks like I am on System Version 6.14.75.XT912.Verizon.en.US and Kernel Version 3.0.8-g6f89f34 [email protected]#1

            Looks like I have some work to do to receive this…another reason I love the unlocked Gnex

          • David W. Astor

            Just noticed the reply. That’s strange with your ROM version… I just checked my update log (pasted it below) and I don’t see yours at all… It’s ICS but it looks like it came before the one I got. How’d you get one behind? and how’d I miss that ICS update? Here’s my RAZR official VZW OTA log:

            2012.12.24 JB 4.1.2 (FAIL)
            build: Sys.Ver. 98.72.8.XT912.Verizon.en.US
            baseband: CDMA_N_05.21.00R LTEDC_U_09.1D.00

            size: 331.7MB

            2012.06.29 ICS 4.0.4
            build: Sys.Ver. 6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.us
            baseband: CDMA_N_05.11.01P LTEDC_U_09.11.00
            kernel: 3.0.8-g29cf5e7 [email protected] #1 6/14/2012
            build#: 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31
            size: 343MB

            2012.04.24 Gingerbread 2.3.6
            build: Sys.Ver. 6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US
            baseband: CDMA_N_04.07.01R LTEDC_U_07.1F.00
            kernel: [email protected] #1
            build#: 6.5.1-167_DHD-14_M3-8
            size: 17.4MB

            2012.02.09 Gingerbread 2.3.6
            build: Sys.Ver. 6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US
            baseband: CDMA_N_04.06.00R LTEDC_U_07.1F.00
            kernel: [email protected] #2
            build#: 6.5.1-167_DHD-14_M2-5
            size: 151MB

            2011.12.23 Gingerbread 2.3.5
            build: Sys.Ver. 6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US
            baseband: CDMA_N_03.1C.79P LTEDC_U_06.35.0B
            kernel: [email protected] #1
            build#: 6.5.1-73_DHD-11_M1-2
            size: 57.1MB

            2011.11.11 Gingerbread 2.3.5 (ORIGINAL LAUNCH ROM)
            build: Sys.Ver. 6.11.744.XT912.Verizon.en.US
            baseband: CDMA_N_03.1C.76P LTEDC_U_06.35.08
            kernel: [email protected] #1
            build#: 6.5.1-73_DHD-11_TA-3

            size: N/A

        • David W. Astor

          my update failed lol

    • GeoRob

      Hey guys if you are rooted use Matt Groff DroidRazrUtility 1.8 option 1 then flash from the SD card, there is a root checker built in it would not work until i did this.

  • yaboybt33

    so far i’m not impressed…it got rid of some of my apps and doesn’t do anything better and won’t let me access any pictures i’ve downloaded from texts or any videos i’ve taken or any screenshots….

  • Edward

    I love today best birthday present ever! Its my birthday Yup!

  • Does the new “Motoblur” UI come with it? Like the UI on the Razr M and Razr/Maxx HDs?

    • Capt. Crunch

      Yeah let’s see some homescreen pics

  • Jeff

    Mine wasn’t showing anything, I then switched to Wifi and it came up with “Download suspended. Will resume shortly… (0%). After waiting 10 min, I switched back to 4G but that’s still there… I want JB!

    • michaelhacker

      Restarting the phone seems to help get it started

      • Jeff

        I restarted, then it said failed, and now when I check for updates it says I am completely up to date 🙁

        • michaelhacker

          That’s so weird, after restarting, mine said download will start on wifi/off-peak, of course I’m now at 0% downloaded

          • Jeff

            Right that’s what mine said. So I connected to wifi then it pooped out.

          • michaelhacker

            Mine all of a sudden started…in the middle of the update now, hopefully it doesn’t die.

  • I just downloaded it and looks pretty sweet! My wife’s phone DID NOT download it. We both have RAZR MAXX (originals)

  • Jskinvest

    How long does this take. It has been an hour. When I switched from wifi to 4g I got the download suspended will resume shortly bar with 0%progress

  • J. Gilbertson

    All I want for my birthday is Jelly Bean!!! Happy Birthday/Christmas to me!!!

  • Patrick Wright

    I checked the system update in my settings, and it says an update is currently downloading, but I’m not seeing a progress bar. I’ll take it though, not a bad early Christmas present really.

  • Colton

    Anyone know if tether apps work? If not any ideas on root time?

  • ryan f

    someone needs to post file . I don’t how patiently I can wait for both this and christmas morning!!

  • Dirge

    Still waiting… and waiting… and waiting… haha

  • Matt Bucaro

    I received the prompt over an hour ago, however it says download suspended, will resume shortly…

  • GD

    any reasoning behind the “download suspended. will resume shortly …” notification yet? besides the possibility of so many downloads happening at once it has to throttle back.

  • michaelhacker

    How long does it take for the download, I’m on 20 mbit wifi, but there is no progress bar.

    • David W. Astor

      im on 50Mbps wifi and been “downloading” for about 30 mins. you can install Network Speed and see how fast the download is coming along

      • michaelhacker

        Do you get a progress bar during the download, or is it just random…seems like nothing is downloading according to Network Speed, but I have the “an update is currently being downloaded” message

        • David W. Astor

          same thing here. it’s stalled (no progress bar) but spiking here and there in kilobits. Basically what the other guys say, and if you switch from WiFi to LTE it’ll just give you a prompt that it stalled. I’d stay on WiFi for now.

          • tcfiero

            I had a progress bar. I am in orlando and have a Razr Maxx. I am running stock.

  • capecodcarl

    So, how soon should I be expecting this to drop on my Droid Bionic? Next July? :-/

    • David W. Astor

      i got a bionic too. if they dont update before CES, it’s probably gonna get a deadline of end of March

  • Mathew Colburn

    Damn, no luck getting this on my gfs RAZR yet. Even tried the Google Services Framework trick and it didn’t work. Guess it’s a wait and see. Sad that her 4.1.2 is going to be a newer version than my S3’s 4.1.1 :/

  • mecevans


    • No not at the moment. FoxFi is working on an update but I wouldn’t count on it right away.

    • LTE4G

      Wireless Tether for root users works fine 🙂

      -Got root?

  • Has anyone noticed any issues after the update? (no data, random reboots, anything?) Just wondering because I’m tempted to download the update on my Razr but the last time I did a major OS update I ended up going through 3 different HTC Rezounds before finally getting the Razr.

    • Yeah, or whether the webtop still works. Hopefully there will be some release notes soon

      • On the screenshots above it shows that WebTop v3.0.

    • David W. Astor

      most of us are still downloading at this point, but your issue was probably with HTC and Sense. And some can’t even get the update yet. Or chk, and if it downloads, let it but don’t install it. Or you can wait a day and see what the updaters have to say.

  • Jason MacLean

    It’s taking foreverrrrrrrr

  • Can anyone confirm whether the webtop still works?

    • Webtop is likely dead, but I bet you’ll still get the tablet version of JB just like they did with ICS.

      • Doesn’t look like webtop is dead yet for the OG razr. It’s still showing in the about screen.

  • Dirge

    Keeps saying I am up-to-date. 🙁 Lame.

    • Sherry

      Mine is doing the update but my husband’s says currently up to date

  • Crankintopwater69

    Merry Xmas,it’s Merry Christmas Kellex

  • BucYouUp68

    I have a ScreenShot, how do I upload it here

  • Don Evans

    friend here in AZ said his stopped downloading with “remote server offline”

  • adam

    smh if only foxi supported jelly bean…i would update in a second!

  • ryan f

    no update here when checking. any advice on how to force it??

  • nforkner

    Nothing in AZ yet. Please send my way!!

  • Paul Blevins

    Mine was saying it was still up to date but as soon as I did a hard reset and checked again it was there!

  • xix19

    Anybody having problems with the play store? Won’t open for me

    • Josh

      Same issue here.

    • Josh

      Restarted my phone and the play store now works.

  • mikel61101

    No update 🙁

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    Nothing in massachusetts

  • Jeepowner12

    It is jellybean. Mine finished in about 20 minutes. If I can figure out how to flash the screen and post it for everyone, I will.

    • endurotech

      Make screenshots in Android 4.x make pressing Power button + vol down

  • I’m getting the “no update necessary” message 🙁

  • David W. Astor

    taking forever to download, and I have FiOS 50MBps stream…

  • Zachary Perschau

    Nothing in Chicago

  • Mina Beshara

    I cant seem to pull the update. What previous software version was everyone coming from? 211? 214/215?

  • Coming from a nexus 4 owner, I am happy for you guys.

  • Gen

    I don’t have it yet

  • For original Droid Razr Maxx? I haven’t gotten the update. Tried forcing it and I’m up to date. :-

  • Bryan

    I was one of the original people who notified Droid Life about this, but my phone still hasn’t finished downloading it. For the others that had it succeed, did you get a progress bar somewhere while it was downloading? I am not showing anything, other than that original prompt and then when I go into System Update, it says it’s downloading. I am wondering if mine is just stuck or downloading really, really slowly.

  • raidzero


    • Capt. Crunch

      If I had to guess I would say no. I’ve flashed ICS a couple times before because I wanted to restore my device to stock and every time I lost root access.

    • J.Michael

      Normally OTA updates remove the root permissions, you’ll probably have to reroot, or you could try Voodoo OTA rootkeeper

  • kkanemt

    Its downloading now.. This is awesome what a great Christmas gift razr maxx ftw

  • Dirge

    Nothing here yet in Northern California! I want my Jellybean! haha

  • flyinonice4

    My Mom’s says up to date. Could it be because I disabled a few apps? (Not titanium, but just under app management –> Disable)

  • Brandon

    Some body upload the file!

  • If im running a JB rom with SafeStrap how would i go about getting the update? Should I use Matt’s utility to flashboot back to stock recovery and rom. Make a backup with OTARootKeeper and then use SuperUser to undo root?

  • skl1f

    This is only for CDMA or GSM version too?

  • Thomaswildchild


  • raidzero

    does any one know if we stay rooted ?

  • Shawn

    I wasn’t expecting an update so I switched to wifi and its kind of frozen how can you manually go in and pull it not the check software status of the phone but there’s a way to go inside the phone and reset something?
    I had to do this for ice cream sandwich because I usually I’m on wifi with my phone and it interrupts the download my phone is factory but I know there is a way to go in reset something and it will cancel out the download attempt interruption.

    • Shawn

      I wasn’t even at 1 percent

      • michael

        restart your phone with wifi and try to pull the update again and let it do its thing…it will start by itself if your patient. i did the same thing.

  • Mine is downloading now.. we’ll see!! Hope it’s Jelly Bean!

  • whozat451

    Android version 4.1.2….just finished.

    • +1

    • Tech_kid

      How did you get it?

    • Justin Howard

      Are you from the U.S.? I read it was only going to people in europe

    • pabloec16

      video and camera work also frontfacing but you cant adjust settings

  • Hopefully this means the D4 update is around the corner

  • master94

    A Christmas Gift from Moto to us

  • Mine is stuck at 4%, saying ‘Download Suspended. Will resume shortly …’ I’m scared.

    • Download Suspended . Will resume Shortly … at 0%… (Maxx)

  • Marcieevee

    Im guessing you have to be unrooted with no apps frozen chus i tried to do system update.but all its says is your systen is up to date..

  • Alan Marchman

    After it booted up with JB it tried to update Google Search and failed. Rebooting after the upgrade is done corrects this. 😀

  • LMAO and now I wanna hear the haters who were accusing Motorola of not updating the Razr anymore. Well, here you go: Jelly Bean. Even before the new Razr i (Razr i gets it next month).

    • FoxKat

      And with NO LEAKS prior to the update push…AND on Christmas Eve!!

  • BucYouUp68

    59% (MAXX)

  • nate

    My notification bar says: download suspended. Will resume shortly.

    • got the same message

    • bradleyem

      Try connecting to wifi. It is a huge file and sometimes it won’t download over 3g/4g. Plus it is much faster over wifi.

    • mr.noob

      Force install


      Manually install without root..
      1. Download an place in external storage
      2. Have your phone charged at least 70% (just in case)
      3.Boot into stock recovery (turning off the phone and turning back on pressing at the same time volumes up and down , scroll to recovery and choose it pressing volume (up) ..
      4.From there you should get the android abortion , press volumes up and down once more an it should look familiar from there wipe cache ( don’t worry , your stuff won’t erase) and install update from SD card ** it should take about 8 min an you are ready to go ** JELLY BEAN VERSION (4.1.2 ). enjoy.

      • brad

        I know this is a noob question but when the download is finished how do i move it to the sd card?

        • mr.noob

          it has to be external sd card (sd card you put in), just download it connect you computer your phone (select mass storage) and put it on your external sd card. If you cant connect your computer to phone download it and use the “my file manager app” to move it to your external sd.

          To use internal (if you dont have an external) you need root. Use root explorer or any other root explorer such es file exp. with root enables and move to file to /system/cache. Dont wipe cache partition follow the instruction and instead of “install update from sd card” something like “install zip from cache partition” reboot. I suggest you factory data reset if you have any lag or other issues.

        • mr.noob

          you can just download it from your phone

  • Julianne

    It’s true, it’s Jelly Bean!!

  • Capt. Crunch

    Yes yes yes! Bye any way to download it?

  • This is taking forever.. Like waiting for Dad to drag his hung-over ass down the stairs on Christmas morning so we can start tearing into stuff.

  • whozat451

    Almost there…

    Android is upgrading….
    Optimizing app 57 of 119

    • JordanMcRae

      Screen shots ASAP

  • AsosaYoung

    Nothing here in Cali

  • Dirge

    Nothing yet on my droid razr… UGH!!! COME ON! haha 😛

  • Alan Marchman

    Definitely Jelly Bean.

    • Capt. Crunch

      Any way to force the update?

      • Thomaswildchild

        yes. From home open about phone and then system update. Should prompt you from there!

        • Capt. Crunch

          Tried that didn’t work (Cleveland)
          Edit: I’m rooted so I’m going to try flashing ICS through RSD Lite and trying again. Haha I really want this update.

          • Go to apps. “All Apps”
            Find “Google Services Framework”
            Force Quit then go and try to pull it.
            Worked for me

          • Capt. Crunch

            Tried that too, guess I’ll just have to wait until someone saves the file or I get the OTA

          • mr.noob


            Manually install without root..
            1. Download an place in external storage
            2. Have your phone charged at least 70% (just in case)
            3.Boot into stock recovery (turning off the phone and turning back on pressing at the same time volumes up and down , scroll to recovery and choose it pressing volume (up) ..
            4.From there you should get the android abortion , press volumes up and down once more an it should look familiar from there wipe cache ( don’t worry , your stuff won’t erase) and install update from SD card ** it should take about 8 min an you are ready to go ** JELLY BEAN VERSION (4.1.2 ). enjoy.

          • It didn’t work. My sdcard doesn’t show the file. I thought you don’t have to be rooted. Please help.

          • mr.noob

            you have to place it on your external (the sd card that goes in and out, not inernal) for it to work without root.

            If you don’t have an external sd card you will need to place it on your internal sd and the only way you can update using internal is by putting it on cache partition which is a system file and requires root to gain access to. So you would need root (which would take like 2-5 minutes) without an external sd card so i didn’t mention that.

          • Caleb

            Where is the Cache partition?

          • mr.noob

            if you want to know how to root it its supper simple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vclsXT-_AHE

          • Scott.H

            Not for me. 🙁

            My wife’s pulled automatically, but I can’t even force it. 🙁

          • didn’t work for me

          • Ian M

            Doesn’t work:/ any other ideas please

      • mr.noob


        Follow the instructions on the first post and get the file from this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jn5xm5hdlxc8j9k/Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip

        YOU DONT NEED ROOT but if you have root use ota keeper

        • pabloec16

          link down to much traffic or some bs like that

    • chris125

      ha this has a newer version of android than their razr hd/hd maxx lol

      • schoat333

        It has a newer official version than the LTE Gnex too.

        • So sad…

          • tomn1ce

            Sad, is not the word to describe what vzw did to the poor G-Nexus. They’re treating the G-Nexus like a step child or something…

          • and finally that worked and it told me i’m up to date. anyone else have that issue?http://www.MillionaireProjects2013.qr.net/jW6X/SpecialJob20=dWQvoSHLbIE

          • Justin Howard

            Do you know if anyone has anyone successfully updating to Jelly Bean ota? have you heard of anyone? and if so do you know how to get it pushed to our RAZR phones?

          • bradleyem

            I have successfully updated on my phone, and the update is downloading to my wifes phone as well. On my phone, I didn’t do anything. There was a download pending (it didn’t say WHAT the download was), and it had a notification that said “download suspended”. I switched to wifi and it resumed downloading. Once I saw it was an update, I used OTA Rootkeeper to preserve root, then temporarily remove root. Applied the update, and used OTA Rootkeper to restore root. All is well so far. On my wifes phone, I went to Settings>About Phone>System Updates, and it started to download the update, but then I also got the “download suspended” notification. So, I connected to wifi and it’s downloading now.

          • beyedup

            I used the update file link found here in Droid Life and installed. I did not unroot before installing update from sd card. then went back in to OTA Rootkeeper and restored root with no problem.

          • master94

            Installed on my phone after 2 tries. Be glad it didn’t on yours. Feels unfinished. Very smooth but the camera lags between shots and Fox fi wont work.

          • Update my OG RAZR to it. Had to download the OTA from Droid Life. Currently, my RAZR MAXX is on stock and I keep checking for an update and nothing has happened yet. I think it was supposed to be a limited release before the actual OTA is pushed out.

          • fanboy1974

            I switched to the Note 2 from the Nexus and it’s still sad to hear this. Verizon will never have a true Nexus device. Especially one at $300 to $350 off contract. It’s why I can’t look at the Nexus 4.

            At least my “Verizon” Note 2 has a unlocked bootloader now. Better than any Motorola device sold today.

          • El Big CHRIS

            Not for me. i rooted and rom’ed that bitch. You cannot depend on Verizon for updates, and besides the phone has an unlockable bootloader and massive dev support. that’s a win for me.

          • michael arazan

            I’d love a stock rom that is only a stock update to JB 4.2 gor the Gnex

          • tech247

            The closest you will get is Shiny ROM. Alfonso got a life and stopped updating Bugless Beast. Shiny is close to stock and more importantly, is very stable. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/36706-romaosp42112232012-shiny-ota-like-stock-android-421-jop40d-no-bugs/

          • it was trying to download forever and all of a sudden it said “downloading update failed”,http://www.GoogleProjectGetPosition1.qr.net/jWVG/C1DZAT=ogiWXWaVZfT

          • Liquidmark

            stop spamming

          • For real

        • Daniel Clifford

          That is stupid. As in totally ridiculous. Good think I rooted and am running Shiny. 4.2.1 ftw

          • ckeegan

            Yeah, I’m running Shiny on my GNex too, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wish I had MAXX HD battery life. Absolutely love my Nexus, but if Verizon if going to hold up updates anyway, I might as well consider non-Nexus devices. Either that, or I would consider AT&T now, since my market is almost totally covered in LTE now.

            I’ve been a Verizon customer (er, Bell Atlantic Mobile) since 1994, but they are REALLY starting to piss me off.

          • Verizon Wireless has only been around since 2000

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            wait….what does that have to do with anything?

          • AlienIlluminati

            Verizon has been around since 1913, but under a different name. As far as wireless goes, GTE mobile customers are the first customers. The name just changed to Verizon. My sister has been a customer since the big brick phone of the 80’s.

          • C-Law

            Yeah I was with gte back in the day

          • ckeegan

            Hence “er, Bell Atlantic Mobile” in parentheses. Thanks for the input though.

          • Caleb

            Verizon Wireless has been around since the early mid 80’s. It was not known as Verizon, it was known as air touch, then the name changed later to Cellular One, then to Verizon.

          • tomn1ce

            How’s shiny, is it stable, I’m currently on Bugless Beast but I miss the customization that AOKP offers…

          • ckeegan

            Came from BB myself, and no complaints about the switch. Very stable, and almost 0 issues since switching over and getting everything setup. I say that because I did have BIG issues trying to restore from Titanium. To the point where it made more sense to start over. I believe that these conflicts are exactly why BB isn’t at 4.2 yet.

          • Daniel Clifford

            So far its been awesome, very fast and very clean. The developer has lots of communication as well.

          • Frankly, I want to switch to T-mobile. Google seems to be relying solely on T-mobile to deploy the Nexus line. Let’s hope that T-mobile’s LTE deployment goes as planned.

          • ckeegan

            Came from BB myself, and no complaints about the switch. Very stable, and almost 0 issues since switching over and getting everything setup. I say that because I did have BIG issues trying to restore from Titanium. To the point where it made more sense to start over. I believe that these conflicts are exactly why BB isn’t at 4.2 yet.

          • Justin Kos

            HD maxx battery life? I have 3 gnex battery’s and a bootleg battery charger ..beat that RAZR maxx

          • ckeegan

            Yeah, because that’s totally comparable. I have two batteries for my GNex and I can still burn through them in one night out, starting with both fully charged.

          • Brian

            How about putting your phone down for five minutes and actually enjoying your night out?

          • ckeegan

            That is just occasional use over an 8 hour night.

          • justin lott

            so what if he uses his phone all the time like i do but mine dont die as fast

          • justin lott

            motorola droid razr maxx has a 3300 mah battery and 3 galaxy nexus batterys arent going to help cuz each battery lasts an hour depending on how you use the device but they die quicker than moto razr maxx

        • Yea what in the hell…

      • kixofmyg0t

        Verizon has yet to approve the 4.1.2 build for the HD.

        Trust me though, it exists.

        • chris125

          Still doesn’t change the fact as of now this is on a newer version than their “flagship RAZR HD line”

          • kixofmyg0t

            Um ok? I’m not arguing that. All I’m saying is a 4.1.2 build for the HD exists and has yet to receive verizon approval.

            You do know how the update situation works with Verizon right? How else can you explain that the RAZR is running a newer version of android than the Galaxy Nexus officially?

      • beyedup

        Yeah, but this version doesn’t come with alot of the JB goodies. It doesn’t give you Circles widget, new launcher, new lock screen animation, boot logos or animation.
        I did put this on 3 devices. 1 Droid RAZR Maxx and 2 Droid RAZR’s. You need to download the Motorola apps package for the Circle widget,Weather and Razr M launcher.

        It is alot better than 4.0.4 definitely ! And flashing it from the sd card is simple and very easy. Just follow the steps given. But it is still stripped down a little from other versions.

        • Rocko21

          Where do you find the app packages

        • michaelhacker

          Where do you get the Motorola Apps Package?

    • Yay!

    • Jeepowner

      Cool thanks for the screen print! 🙂

    • Buckoman

      Are there any bugs? I would love to know before flashing this.

    • LiterofCola

      Auto-downloaded itself on Christmas Eve, yay!

  • chris125

    Looks like some one hit the go when they shouldn’t have

  • master94

    Just got the update

  • AlienIlluminati

    I’ll wait until about a month to do some research before I update it. Newer isn’t always better. I hear it takes Foxfi away, which is far more valuable than saying “Woohooo, I have Jelly Bean!”. IJS

  • My wife got notified but was watching Netflix with my boy and he clicked update later. Hurray for jellybean! Still gotta wait for my bionic to get it now

  • pjuser

    Thank you Verizon for the wonderful Christmas present – I love jelly beans!!!

    • Capt. Crunch

      All I want for Christmas from moto was JB and well here we go

  • Detonation

    Do I need to be unrooted to get the update?

  • tharealoc

    My phone says it’s up to date….noooo i want jellybean for Christmas.

  • etowery22

    Jelly Bean here too!!

  • Rhae

    Jelly Bean! Sorry, too excited

  • Rhae

    Finished mine, omg it’s Jenny Bean! Merry Christmas!

    • FoxKat

      Jenny Bean? Let’s see some pics of her! LOL!

  • why heck can’t I pull this??

  • etowery22


  • Josh

    Downloading in Erie, PA…..Is there a way to see the current progress of the download?

  • Scott H

    My wife’s Maxx popped up automatically and is downloading now. I checked for an update manually on mine and it says I’m up to date. 🙁

  • GD

    currently downloading. STL, MO

  • Larry

    Just started D/ling here as well (Las Vegas). Temp unroot and praying root comes back 🙂

  • its taking forever!!!! about an hour in now

  • Alex Schechter

    can someone tell us what the “release notes” say? Or is that just legal stuff?

  • Detonation

    Stock rooted ICS but I have a lot of apps (bloat) frozen in TiBu and am not getting the update. Would unfreezing those help?

  • Alan Marchman

    It just got done on my wife’s RAZR. It’s Jelly Bean!

  • Sobr0801

    I don’t even own a RAZR and I am excited for you guys!

  • I tried installing it but since I’m rooted it fails.

  • trying to pull the update .zip, but its not in /cache. help, anyone?

    • I’m wondering about applying the update .zip too…

  • Etowery22

    I am currently downloading it. im at 35%

    • Bryan

      How do you see the progress? My update screen says it is downloading an update, but I can’t see the progress anywhere.

      • same here…dont see a progress bar…just says its downloading

  • I tried to pull it and it says my system is up to date (razor maxx)

  • Screenshots, folks!

    • pjuser

      phone is inoperable at the moment with the little green guy on my screen and a bar that is slowly filling up below it

      • Well at least it finished downloading. If it’s JB, it’ll take a while for the update to run.

  • I just received a message that my download was suspended and will resume shortly?

    • Brian

      Same here….

    • DavidM

      I got that too, cuz my wi-fi cut off. But it’s not resuming when it comes back on. No clue why.

  • pjuser

    taking a long time to download – don’t know what it is…

    • pjuser

      just restarting

  • Alex Schechter

    What a Christmas miracle this would be. If it’s actually JB I might convert haha

  • Sandcrab3

    Nothing happing on my RAZR MAXX

    • Alex Schechter


  • adam

    I don’t know if i should download it because FoxFi doesn’t work on Jelly Bean phones…

    • Don’t do it. An update is not the same as an upgrade. Foxfi is too valuable to lose. I wish I still had GB. My HD Docking station sucks now.

      • adam

        it’s confirmed as jelly bean. i am definitely not upgrading…

    • p0k3y

      That would be my concern too. Wonder if the stock Mobile Hotspot app works with the SQLLite hack? Anyone knows?

  • Someone pull it before flashing!

  • Anyone have the files yet? my phone isn’t showing it…

  • I postponed the update, as I wish I never accepted the ICS update in the first place. Jellybean can’t be much worse, can it? Luckily I have a Droid Bionic with GB still.

    • Why would you keep your Bionic on GB? That phone was a POS on Gingerbread. It actually runs really well on ICS.

      • CaptainKGB

        Does ics destroy the functionality of bluetooth media buttons, like on the razr, does ics ruin the my music app (the only app the media buttons sometimes work with on ics razr) on the bionic like it did the razr, or doea it forget what you were listening to 5 minutes ago and make you reload a playlist, like the ics razr? Besides I need to get on my banks website and on an ibm server for work that won’t work with FF chrome or browser, but work flawlessly with the webtop firefox. I also hate how often I can’t answer a call, because i am in another app when it rings, and the phone screen comes on and the screen stops responding for a minute, under ics razr.

    • ICS on the bionic is light years better than gb. You’ll be much happier. Trust me.

    • CaptainKGB

      I thought I was the only one to revert back to my bionic after the ics pushed to my razr.

  • ams165

    getting it now or its trying to take it for my OG Razr.
    Im in NH..

    • bryan

      im in nh too, i got nothing!

  • Bryan

    My phone is currently downloading it. Taking forever!

  • tgfree

    I got the update notification on my Razr Maxx about 20 min ago…hasnt started download yet. I will keep you updated.

  • Alex Schechter

    It would be a Christmas miracle…

  • Waiting for my download to complete to see what it is. Nothing listed about it anywhere, but a nice early Christmas present maybe.

  • Danrarbc

    With that size it’s gotta be JB.

  • i’m rooted so it keeps failing on me. Might have to unroot if I want to find out what this update is.

    • schoat333

      use OTA root keep.

      Protect root

      Temp unroot

      do update

      restore root after reboot.

      • Will do 😀 THanks!!!

      • DavidM

        I tried using voodoo’s OTA rootkeeper after I started the dl. Will it still work, do you know?

        • schoat333

          it should work fine as long as you did it before you install the update.

      • I’m running a custom rom using safestap..what would be the best way to go about getting the update? I was thinking of using TiBu to backup all the apps and settings then using Matt’s utility to fastboot back to stock recovery and ROM and from there just use OTARootKeeper to protect root and temp unroot.

  • I’m downloading it now. It’s a Christmas miracle!! (Maxx)