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Official ASUS Nexus 7 Dock Goes Up On B&H For $40, Still Not Available Though

The official Nexus 7 dock from ASUS that started receiving attention last week, has been spotted on B&H’s retail site. According to the retailer, the item won’t be available until sometime around December 30, but it is quite reasonably priced at just $40. That’s much better than some of the $90 pogo docks we have seen in the past for the Galaxy Nexus.

You can currently sign up for email alerts for when it becomes available, so if you are looking to snatch one up, I suggest doing that.

Via: B&H | PocketNow

  • Cuberly

    Um, why.

  • martyhalpern

    I am *not* impressed with this dock….

  • ddevito

    I don’t understand the fascination with this dock.

    For $15 My Blurex case does this and protects my N7 – and it still fits in my pocket. Simple.


    • martyhalpern

      See my post above. I agree wholeheartedly. This dock doesn’t do anything more than snag 40 more of one’s hard-earned dollars.

      • Brett Vrancken

        How does this do the same thing? Charge and provide audio out to an amp and speakers of your choice the instant you drop it on the charger. There’s no plugging in a power cord mind you.

    • BTLS

      You just made my day… I spent hours trying to decide what case was worthy but not too expensive, and I ended up just ordering this one yesterday!

    • michael arazan

      They need to make these Docks with speakers. So you can play music and alarms and maybe even movies and videos with better sounds. Would be nice for all docks to have additional speakers for all devices.

  • r0lct

    Now that I have my Note 2 I’m falling out of love with my N7 as it’s slower and the screen isn’t as much of an improvement as it was with the GNex. I think I may sell mine and buy a N10 if they ever come back in stock.
    Instead of my GNex sitting on the charger at home the N7 is.

    • Andrew Wegand

      want to sell your Galaxy Nexus. I scratched my screen all up and would really love a replacement!

      • r0lct

        I already sold mine. Check swappa.com

  • droidify
  • storm35x

    I just called B&H and they actually sold me one of them. I told them that it was out and the guy checked his stock on hand and said they had them. I told him I needed it Asap and he sold me one. I should get it Day after christmas

    • Yagermeister

      Just called B&H and they do not have any in stock but you can preorder, which I did.

  • 4n1m4L

    I’m still happy with my $90 dock. Wish I had another.

  • David Verba

    About 15 hours late on this “news” fellas……

    • JoshGroff

      No one likes that guy, don’t be that guy.

  • Thomas

    So now you boys pulled a Google..post something I can’t buy. Is the tripod out yet 😉

  • mmoreimi

    so what does this dock provide? Any additional outputs or anything? I don’t suppose it could somehow incorporate HDMI out….

    • 4n1m4L

      The hardware for any type of video out (MHL, HDMI etc) was never included in a production nexus 7

    • JoshGroff

      Maybe a faster charge? And of course you can use your tablet as an alarm clock and actually see the time.

    • duoexo

      gah! i hope you don’t have an N7, how many times have we been over this. no HDMI ever!

      • JoshGroff