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Week of Holiday Tegra: Win a Transformer Pad Infinity With Dock and Controller From NVIDIA [Day 3] (Update: Winner Picked)

It’s Day 3! This week, we are teaming up with NVIDIA to bring our readers the “Week of Holiday Tegra” event. They have been extremely generous with the prizes, so make sure to check out the Tegra Zone, where you can find the best mobile games available for Android.

Yesterday, we gave away a pretty awesome Tegra bundle, with a Transformer Pad, lapdock, and Logitech controller for a full gaming experience. Today, we have a Transformer Pad Infinity, matching lapdock, and another Logitech gaming controller. Let’s do this! 

The rest of this week’s schedule:

  • Day 1 – (3) Nexus 7 16GB
  • Day 2 – Transformer Pad TF300 + dock + Logitech controller
  • Day 3 – Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller
  • Day 4 – (2) Acer A110 + $25 AMEX Gift Card
  • Day 5 – (4) Lenovo A2109 + $25 AMEX Gift Card


Update: We have our winner! Congrats to Jeff who wants to be in Cabo for two months!

Prize:  1 (one) Asus TF300 Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock and Logitech controller.

How to enter:

1.  ”Like” the NVIDIA Tegra Facebook page or follow @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  ”Like” the Droid Life Facebook page or follow @droid_life on Twitter.
3.  In the comments, tell us what your ultimate winter vacation would consist of.


Today, at 4PM PST, we’ll randomly choose the winner from the comments and announce their name on air tonight during The Droid Life Show. Don’t miss it! And don’t worry, we’ll email our winner to make sure they don’t miss their prize.

Eligible countries:

US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil.

  • Kent Burton

    Snow boarding in Rockies

  • Rhia Reyes

    Hanging out on Waikiki Beach in Oahu while drinking a few Mai Tais from House Without A Key. Alooooha!

  • Nate Warner

    A trip to Italy! Hitting all of the big spots and relaxing!

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be somewhere in the mountains, totally remote and off the grid (except I’d still have perfect cell service :P) and my own private hill for snowboarding, sledding, and other random snow activities. Just me, all by myself. Oh, maybe a beautiful girl too. Or maybe a couple beautiful girls. And at some point we would lose heat, and have to huddle naked for warmth. Yeah.

  • Richard

    Ultimate winter vacation would be skiing in the Canadian Rockies!

  • Binny Mathews

    Go to the swiss alps

  • Angela Baldwin

    I’d head to Reykjavik and check out the Northern Lights, take a dip in a thermal pool, drink some delicious vodka, and enjoy the nightlife all while wearing fur boots (like Jim Carrey in the movie Dumb and Dumber).

  • A weekend in Bali with Rhianna in tow…or Beyonce, whoever takes the invite!

  • isltours

    I really want to be on top of a mountain, surronded by snow!

  • My ultimate winter vacation takes place in Hawaii learning to surf, after all its kind of like snow boarding

  • Jeff B

    I would take my wife and daughters to Disney world, they have never been there and always wanted to go.

  • Ken

    Sailing to a deserted island.

  • benjamin Kilar

    VEGAS BABY!!!!!

  • Ultimate winter vacation:

    Sitting on a tropical beach, sipping some drinks, earning 20% interest on my investments all while being served fresh sashimi.

  • My ultimate winter vaca would be to take my kids to the 2014 Olympics

  • Alex Sturman

    My ultimate vacation would be to head south to the Bahamas and enjoy the beach, warm weather and an alcoholic beverage

  • My winter vacation would be getting drunk and playing with my new tablet at a nice ski resort in Colorado with my girlfriend!!!

  • Spend Christmas in France!

  • Be anywhere but cold Minnesota!

  • Justin Cardoza

    One word: Disneyland. 🙂

  • My ultimate winter vacation is to just spend time with the family over the holidays and appreciate them in my life.

  • Ben


  • wyandt

    Leave California and go to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to watch the Steelers play and see my family!!!

  • athom07

    Two weeks no work – on a nice warm beach. Doesn’t matter where, just no work!!!

  • zpartal

    Space hotel or visiting the moon!

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    Going back to Switzerland to visit my step mother and father. I love the mountains, beer and food!

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    Take a helicopter to the Alaskan Wilderness and do some skiing and boarding through the un-groomed fresh powder. After a long day on the slopes take a ride back and sit in a hot tub with your favorite beer watching the wildlife unfold before your eyes.

  • Jason Maze

    Touring through Italy for the whole winter

  • Skiing the Alps, then doing some snow rally racing.

  • my ultimate vacation would be resting from finals and recovering from this cold while i browse from bed with the tf pad

  • Drinks on the beach in Hawaii

  • Geekout

    I would go to New York! oh wait… I am!

  • iScream4

    My ultimate Winter vacation would consist of visiting my best friend stationed in Germany and rubbing it in his face that I won a TF700 tablet! Worth it…

  • Barlog

    Somewhere up in a log cabin where it snows. Far Away from people but with WiFi for my Nexus 7

  • Avinash kumar

    A trip to Australia with family..

  • Richard Abramas

    My ultimate vacation would be anywhere warmer than Michigan.

  • My ultimate vacation would be the trip to the Space Station. Yea!

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be Sapporo Yukimatsuri in Hokkaido, Japan. Ice castles, onsen, sake, and seasonal yummies.


    I’d like to sail a boat out the the great barrier reef. Scuba dive and take in the amazing underwater scenery. Take a tour of the opera house and maybe a museum. Surf up and down the coastline while stopping at amazing seafood restaurants. Maybe a walkabout with my girl and some kangaroos!

  • My best winter vacation consists of the entire family flying to a cabin in Colorado with lots of powder snow. Having the family and decorating a big ole Christmas tree. Then a big warm fire place.

  • CGull

    Nice winter vacation going down the slopes!!

  • Ultimate vacation you ask? Strap the top tablets together to make a sled, and bomb some uber fine powdered mountains. Whichever survives longest shall be reigned in as the king of tablèts.

  • The ultimate winter vacation right now would be to go to newtown ct and support the families anyway I can who lost a loved one.. its so sad

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Australia with my wife to visit some friend we have living outside of Sydney. Would be totally awesome!

  • Geran Smith

    Sitting at home and not having to work.

  • Edward Bixler

    I would love me some Cabo!

  • Taking a cruise some place warm and drinking beer on the beach with my wife.

  • Michael Salinger

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go somewhere very warm. Tortola comes to mind. Two weeks in the sun with great food and drinks. Oh and I need at least 3G and possibly LTE.I need my data.

  • Dallas Chase

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go surf perfect waves at an empty warm water beach with only friends and family.

  • jaybar

    Sitting in a hammock on a warm tropical beach….ahhhh

  • Ryan Taylor

    Going to Hawaii and getting myself a tan. I love Oregon, but I wouldn’t mind some sunshine.

  • Aaron Sobczak

    I want snow! I’d love to take a trip to the alps and spend Christmas there!

  • Lynx5969

    A cruise to the Bahamas or snowboarding in Colorado!

  • Ultimate vacation? Minecraft for a week. Let’s be honest. Cheap and fun.

  • I would like to spend the break at home with my family and my new Transformer Infinity.

  • G_lick

    My ultimate winter vacation would be going back up to Big Bear like we used to when I was a little kid.

  • FC

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to chill on a beach in Maui.

  • somewhere warm and relaxed, maybe new Zealand…

  • my ultimate winter vacation would be sitting in my living room and watching “Alone in the Wilderness” over and over again.

  • My family goes to Niagara Falls just about every other year. I’d love to Go there with them during a winter cold enough to freeze the river over.

  • srsjunkmail

    Believe it or not, I want to explore Antarctica. Winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere…summer down there and time to explore!

  • kixofmyg0t

    My Ultimate vacation would be to go to Eidelwiess in Germany. That place is awesome!

  • The ultimate winter vacation to me would be to spend a week on a ski resort in Tennessee with those very close to me then flying down to Miami and “Going HAM” by partying at LIV on Sunday!!

  • InetSunet

    I would love to be anywhere warm and sunny right now, getting drunk, and having a good time with good people! Thats good enough for me

  • thesocialshift

    Divided, either Aspen or a tropical island. Depends if I want to do stuff or relax. Having friends along as a must for either.

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be spending Christmas in New Zealand… with the family of course… and believe it or not, no android devices.. okay.. maybe a cell phone to take pictures..

  • gchahinian

    I was supposed to go to Iceland when Reykjavik erupted the first time, it hasn’t worked out that my friends and I have gotten a chance to go since…I’d definitely wanna go there this winter!!

  • jenn

    Going to alaska and flying through the glaciers and going dog sleding

  • For me it would have to the Dominican Republic. After I saw Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations. Clear blue skies(except during hurricane season), white sandy beaches, clear water and plenty of good food.

  • J.Michael Stanton

    a deserted island, a truck load of beer, & no cell coverage…Yeah that would be nice…

  • SStewart654

    Fiji on the beach with lots of good beer

  • Nick

    Going on an all inclusive cruise to the Caribbean with my wife.

  • gimlet72

    Heading to Denver to visit my dad. Golf then head into the mountains to ski

  • merlin3212

    I would be in Hawaii!

  • DillonDaniels

    Ultimate winter vacation has got to be a snowboarding trip in the Alps. That or somewhere south and lay on the beach and watch the women walk by.

  • Going to somewhere warm.

  • Anywhere but the poor-house…

  • Following a huge music tour around the world

  • dav

    Going back to the Bahamas and relaxing on the beach. Something I didn’t do the first time I was there.

  • Either pole, if you gotta deal with winter,
    make it extreme

  • Snowboarding in Tahoe! 🙂

  • Yoderz

    I’d like to spend 3 and a half weeks with a beautiful chick up in Whistler village. Snowboarding would be optional.

  • Anywhere the sun shines and white sandy beach.

  • feztheforeigner

    Going to Google HQ and just staying there for my winter break. Maybe Eric Schmidt could be there too…

  • The ultimate vacation would be going with my girlfriend to somewhere warm and awesome!

  • My ultimate trip would be a month in New Zealand exploring, with side trips to Australia

  • mbagasao

    My dream winter vacation would be in Dubai.

  • martyhalpern

    I’ve done some around the US in my younger days, but my wife has seen very little of the country. So having some time off (without a crapload of work always facing me) to travel the US or, at least, to travel to a few select areas of the country with her would be very cool.

  • Guest

    Anywhere but here

  • Scott Tutskey

    Going back to Anchorage Alaska and go hunting for moose.

  • Cothek King

    New Zealand!

  • Kahsay Cooley

    Ultimate vacation would be chilling with Santa while watching family guy.

  • Going somewhere with the most important person to me. Somewhere where it will snow hard because here in Arkansas, the weather is drunk.

  • FisherFrank12

    I want to being fishing off the coast of mexico, while the rest of my family are freezing their butts off…

  • EnterTheNexus

    Ultimate vacation: Going to Mountain View and going to the Google HQ! Or hanging with the Droid-Life people. Going snowboarding in Aspen would be nice as well.

  • Two words – Grand Cayman!

  • Alexander Moore

    A few weeks up at Sunday River, with a HUD synced up to my Razr (Which I need to keep right on my skin to keep from freezing -_-) and a season pass… ahhhh dreams….

  • robertlwalters

    Cruise ship somewhere warm, no work, drinking up a storm.

  • Chris C

    First I would be in fire flower mode, then go to a Super Mario winter wonderland level and ride penguins sipping on hot chocolate tossing fireballs all over the creation…oops was i not spose to melt that?

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to Taiwan. Not too hot around this time of year, no mosquitoes, and I have family over there.

  • Dogbird

    Snorkeling in Hawaii, Bike riding down the side of an inert volcano, Helicopter touring the islands, ending with sipping pina coladas while watching the sunset on a private beach with my love.

  • How about a week straight of Halo 4 and egg nog.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be a trip to Whistler, BC – Canada.

  • teaching my kids to snow ski in Utah while staying in a beautiful cabin with updated electronics

  • being in the snowbelt, a perfect winter vacation would be in the Caribbean on a secluded beach.

  • Hitting the slopes in any foreign country 🙂

  • Derek

    I’d love to go skiing in Aspen as long as my condo had a hot tub for snowy nights.

  • hamblindave

    Too often, my vacations are just as stressful as my regular routine. Ideally, I would just have several days off work without going anywhere or doing anything. I would just sit home reading books, playing games, and watching movies. Yes, I’m an introvert. So what?

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be a trip threw Europe that would end in Germany to see all the stuff that happened during WWII because I like history.

  • Nicolas Fuentes

    ULTIMATE VACATION: would have Sour Cream & Guacamole

  • Craig

    A fully fueled and crewed yacht allowing me to explore any place I desire for as long as I desire.

  • john

    googleplex with all my android devices and shorts and t-shirt weather

  • rjt246

    Hanging out with the fam seaside, a sixer and a Nexus 7!

  • tucker williams

    Skiing in Aspen followed by a round the world trip, visiting places like Europe, Australia, Tibet, maybe a couple ancient Aztec/Maya sites, all the while staying connected on the go with my brand new Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 !

  • Taylor

    Go to Hawaii!!!!

  • tehserver

    Snowboarding in Whistler or doing some back country snowboarding/snowmobiling.

  • Me, Myself, and I

    If I were to choose an ultimate vacation it would start on a distant tropical island where I could spend the days and even nights scuba diving in clear warm tropical waters. Relax in a tropical paradise away from the busy world and enjoy wonderful foods and drinks. To wander through tropical forests bathing under cool water falls and enjoying the simple sounds of nature. When the sun goes down it would be great to have campfires on the beach and be waited on by beautiful native women.

  • Ultimate Winter Vaca – a several city jaunt through South Africa. See the sights, do a photo safari, Great White boat tour PLUS, it’s opposite season there, so I’d be nice and warm instead of freezing in the midwest!

  • Brian

    Anywhere warm and beachy!

  • Taking the wife back to our honeymoon spot in the Riveria Maya.

  • Christopher Virgin

    Snowboarding at Whistler with my wife and kids! Then hot chocolate in the lodge and hot tub!

  • Florida. All. Winter. Long.

  • bryguy165

    Probably hanging out in the mountains somewhere snowboarding or skiing and just hanging out with friends.

  • Ultimate winter vacation, probably Rekjavik Iceland…I bet that place is cool

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be with the ones I love in one of the beautiful cities of Europe.

  • Cory Smith

    going to antarctica and high fiving penguins with my new infinity pad

  • MJBigDeal

    DisneyWorld with my kids

  • I would have to say go somewhere that is between 60-75 degrees out with little to no humidity and then do nothing. I really could care less where it is at.

  • Copper Mountain, Colorado. I love to ski.

  • shredding the slopes with the man SC

  • travis

    Big Sky, Montana. You can never run out of fun there. Tram Laps…yup

  • A trip to Colorado to snowboard then off to NYC to watch that ball drop.

  • Jason Kingery

    Munich, Germany. Got a friend there that I haven’t seen in years that I would love to see again. Plus there’s Oktoberfest and I love beer. 🙂

  • Chilling on a beach in Hawaii

  • glcraven

    Key West! No schedule, relax.

  • dochill4u

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to travel the Us with my family in our camper.

  • I would love to spend Christmas or New Year’s in London.

  • Franky boyy

    I wanna be at Atlantis in the Bahamas sipping on pina coladas and doing some fishing on a boat! That sounds lovely

  • blkghost2258

    I would love to go to big bear with the kids and play with them… it would be the first time for them looking/playing with real snow

  • Mark F

    Going away with wife and not the kids. Staying in a log cabin that has a hot tub (of corse must have Internet and TV) on the maintain slope filled with 2 foot high snow. Going snowboarding and hot tubbing. For about a week straight . No phone calls ,no responsibility’s.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be in the mountains in a cabin with my whole family. It would be snowing, as my kids have never seen it snow in person, and we would build a snowman and snow angels.

  • David McKeen

    Ultimate winter vacation would be snowboarding in Colorado and snapping some awesome 3d video with my evo 3d. Finish that off with a nice soak in the hot tub with my wife.

  • ultimate vacation at the Ihillani on Hawaii sipping rumpunch on the beach

  • socold231

    Gotta be real this year my ultimate Vacation would be hanging with my fam,,,fam dinner drinks games just old school

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be on a beach in the Caribbean playing with my new Transformer pad…and a Miami Vice in my hand 🙂

  • gsuhoppy

    My ultimate Winter vacation would consist of taking an Alaskan cruise with my family.

  • Matthew Durst

    a broken work phone, and unlimited wifi on a beach somewhere warm

  • Boles

    A private beach in Hawaii + a suddenly single Olivia Wilde + my wife declaring a marriage holiday + 1 bathing suit (a pair of men’s trunks) to be shared by Olivia and I + lots of tequila (mostly for Olivia — I would want to be 100% sober for every moment). Oh — is this supposed to be tech-related?

  • james

    Heading home to the U.P. to go snowmobiling and ice fishing.

  • vacation with my family. My mom would be there even though she passed away a year ago. destination doesn’t matter.

  • Jason Kingery

    Munich, Germany. Got a friend that lives there that I would love to see again. Plus there is Oktoberfest and I love beer. 🙂

  • Chris A.

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of catching a Cowboys-Packers game at the frozen tundra and watching the Cowboys win!

  • vonny571

    This may seem a strange response for a tech blog, but I’d actually love to spend a week ice fishing for monster walleye and northern pike in Canada, guided by one of the many amazing lodges up there.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Dream winter vacation would be a trip to the Bahamas with my wife ( maybe bring the kids 🙂 )( definitely bring the tablet if I win it 🙂 )

  • Henry de Masi

    Anywhere that’s not cold.

  • Rob

    Hitting up the slopes at Whistler

  • a nice bottle of rum while catching some Sun on some beach!

  • stridakira

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go to Norway to see the fjords. And hopefully see an aurora borealis.

  • tiptoptommy

    My ultimate vacation would be anywhere away from my ex as possible

  • wicket6

    My ideal vacation would be a cabin in the mountains settling down with my new Transformer Pad to catch up on Droid Life after a day on the slopes.

  • my ultimate vacation would include wifi wherever i go AND my wife not bit*hing about me being on my “tech” the whole time. Let me do what i want on vacation….you do what you want! 🙂

  • My ultimate vacation would consist of me gathering my entire family (since that never happens) and go somewhere down south, so we can all enjoys each others company on the coastline!

  • Chad Prusz

    Would love to go to Australia for our winter break 🙂

  • Aaron

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to pack up the whole family, including Mee Maw, and staying in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

  • My ultimate vacation would be to go to Europe and do a backpack trip through France and Germany too see how they celebrate the holiday season.

  • Great Christmas vacation would be to take the family out to Vancouver and have our first white christmas with snow and actual cold weather and not the joke of a winter that we have in some of the southern states.

  • not have the mountain of homework school thinks its okay to assign

  • rogue05

    Since its winter, i would be bring all my friends to Aspen, colorado for skiing, since none of us as ever been there before.

  • Jared Stamper

    I would go to the Keys.

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Snuggling with my gf and watching a bunch of movies and getting fat like a baws

  • a vacation to heaven to see my grandpa! He was such an awesome guy!

  • P T

    Having a good time in Hawaii, beach ofcourse

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be a world cruise.. stopping in all the different countries and seeing the cultures… makes me glad my phone is global ready!

  • Randall Postlethwait

    Alpine slopes and a snowboard.

  • Anywhere with warm weather

  • Taking my girlfriend and her 2 boys to Louisiana so they see their family.

  • ewilliams1009

    going somewhere warm with a pool

  • HuskerDad3

    I would go to New Zealand and Australia for two weeks and celebrate Christmas down under.

  • drparty

    ==Snow skiing in Colorado==

  • jarrodaydelott

    Ultimate winter vacation is going snowboarding in Austria at Solden then kicking back in a hot tub to warm up!!

  • ScrantonFulton

    I would definitely go back to Lermoos in Austria

  • De’Than

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of drinking as much grapefruit juice as possible while flashing countless roms on my first ever smartphone, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and on my families smartphones so I can spread some wintertime joy to cure the despair caused by Verizon’s absent updates.

  • Dan

    sitting on a beach sipping margaritas

  • Matthew Caplan

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go on a Caribbean
    cruise with my wife, leaving the kids with the grandparents!!!

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    A trip to the North Pole to drink Coke with the polar bears!!

  • Arsenal1204

    I would spend a week in St. Anton Austria

  • Seattle has been wet and cold. At this moment… Tahiti sounds nice!

  • EdsonDJ

    Mine would be a whole week where I can just lay back and relax, and not give a damn about anything.

  • Skkinnnggg

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be a cruise, no doubt

  • Don Walker

    I would love to fly to the alps and take the kids hunting for a yeti !!!

  • Matthew Dickinson

    A lodge up in the mountains with plenty of wood for the fire.

  • spursrchamps2007

    Hmm ultimate winter vacation, Trip to Switzerland all expenses paid, staying at a private cabin right on the Swiss Alps,with a hot tub, a fully loaded bar, fireplace, heated swimming pool, media room, and free lift tickets with free rentals.

  • Mike M

    To visit the North Pole and bring back a cooler full of reindeer meat … and a trophy for the wall, which, if you saw it, you might even say it glows …

  • Rich Eakin

    A Caribbean cruise departing from New orleans

  • I’d go see polar bears in the Arctic!

  • ooohhh good question.
    Family Disney Cruise would be awesome. Nothing specific for “winter” though. Just really love Disney and really want to do a family cruise.

  • rkeesler

    My ultimate vacation would be sitting in front of a roaring fire overlooking a snowy landscape sipping hot coffee!

  • Bora bora. The water is so blue! ^_^

  • andrew galvin

    my ultimate winter vacation would be to go to visit the city of berlin in the continent of Antarctica (according to apple maps). Lots of snow there for sledding and snowmen.

  • Craig Phillips

    Coronado Beach with a rum drink

  • Always wanted to go wind surfing in Australia, would be amazing!

  • bam4yd

    Twinkies. Schlitz. Google fiber. I’m a simple man.

  • Jaime G.

    Himalayans followed by different parts of Asia would be out of this world.

  • Friends, drinks, sun and the white sand and blue waters of Cancun.

  • A ski retreat to a elegant Swiss chalet with 3 Swiss beauties and myself. Oh and also a hot tub, with said 3 Swiss beauties inside, sipping on wine, and reliving their college days curiosity.

    As I climb in, up on the counter top with the camera recording is my new Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller. Thanks Droid Life for making half of my Ultimate Vaca come true!!

  • Spend a few days snowboarding and snowmobiling!

  • Ultimate winter vacation would consist of good friends, having a great time at a ski resort, with a private chalet and a real wood fireplace. Relaxing!!!

  • My ideal winter vacation is to fly to Hawaii, drink on the beach, surf the waves, then check out some volcanoes and throw some apple products into the hot lava! The ultimate torture test.

  • My Ultimate Winter Vacation would be having all of my family together for a week at the Grand Tetons, all expenses paid. I would then be able to document it all on my NEW Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller, I WON during the NVIDIA “Week of Holiday Tegra”event.

  • Jesse McCall

    A week-long snowboarding trip in the mountains would be amazing! If I could stay in a nice mountaintop cabin, that would just be icing on the cake.

  • Kent Bodurtha

    skiing, skiing and sleeping

  • Anywhere but here

  • Josh Karwoski

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of me going out to Montana to spend time with my grandparents!

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be going to Hawaii, relaxing on the beach and going to Pearl Harbor.

  • mistergrub

    Ultimate winter vacation is a all inclusive snowboarding trip in Aspen Co

  • James Collyer

    If it’s winter in America its warm in Australia and New Zealand. Go down there and hang out with some hobbits and kangaroos

  • My ultimate vacation would be going to the hotsprings in japan and chillin with the monkeys

  • Marc Fletcher

    I would like to be anywhere where my daughter is.

  • Dan Frese

    I would go to the Himalayas which have been turned all to snow with the perfect powder, bring seals that could be used as a snowboard (as they have somehow turned into), and snowboard with a yeti while jumping from Santa’s sleigh (aka helicopter) onto the snow below at the peak of the tallest mountain there.

  • Chris Lambright

    my ultimate vacation would consist of snowboarding in the swiss alps for a month or two

  • Winning the lotto, retiring early, and buying a small island of some coast. And of course with all my millions buy a cell tower so I can continue to use my phone.

  • topherct

    Skiing in the Swiss Alps

  • cn

    Ultimate winter vacation would be a ski tour with the family: Mammoth, Northstar, Whistler/Blackcomb, Alta, Snowbird, Jackson Hole, Vail, Breckenridge, …

  • Justin

    My ultimate winter vacation is coming!
    As a father of 3 (3 year old and twin 9mo. old), Im looking forward to our family snow trip to Evergreen Lodge near Yosemite. Its a much needed break from school! Snow, cabin, forest, and family..its going to be great!

  • A week in the mountains that is completely paid for!

  • 2011: Went to Panama with wife.
    2012: Bracing for the snownami in Iowa.

    Guess which would be my ultimate winter vacation (spoiler alert: not 2012)?

  • Rocketjrb

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a “stay-cation” at my house curled up with my new Tranformer Pad curled up by my fireplace.

  • rei_load

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go to Italy to go backing packing or hiking in the Mountains!

  • Norris Hunter

    I would love to get away from theses cold 50, 60, and 70 degree temps here in Atlanta for Jamaican love. Now let me clarify; your giving away a tablet or a trip here?

  • soccerburn55


  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to get away from the cold! Always wanted to go to PR and just sit on the beach. Aruba would be awesome also to be able to swim in water you can see what’s swimming below you hahahaha

  • Kory Knopp

    Going somewhere warm with the family

  • forum8417

    long weekend away snowboarding, probably @ lake Tahoe because i have never been there

  • Ski trip to Aspen Colorado for week!!!

  • jdomann

    My ultimate winter vacation would be anywhere with snow. Living in Oklahoma/Texas, we hardly see any 🙁 Colorado sounds nice.

  • DroidDoug

    Diving the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Mountains, warm fire, and a good beer

  • ImmaDroid

    Me being poor, and not able to afford a Pdiddy Vacation on a yacht in Miami.. I would love to rent an RV and drive cross country to all the major national parks in our country, stop off at a few other cool cities and towns along the way! Finding destionations on my new Transformer Infinity pad thethered to my GS3 lol

  • Anyplace with snow and warm drinks

  • stephen shavers

    my ultimate winter vacation would be a trip to hawaii. I would spend my winter on the beach, relaxing, and of course drinking.

  • A cabin in Lake Tahoe. Snowboarding during the day and sitting by the fire at night.

  • antwonw

    Snowboarding for a week at Whistler-Blackcomb then surfing for the next week in Hawaii. Then a week with the family would be great having fun and hanging out.

  • My Ultimate Winter Vacation would be going to Mt. Fuji in Japan and hanging out with the monkies

  • Drac

    French Alps!

  • David Hayden

    I don’t get much snow where I live, so I’d simply like to go somewhere with a few feet of snow, and spend the days trouncing through the snow, and coming back to wherever I’m staying to have a hot drink.


    I’m not going to lie, my ultimate vacation would be getting hammered with Santa.

  • It would be anywhere as long as I’m together with my family.

  • Tania N

    My ultimate vacation would consist of me going to Florida with a bunch of friends and enjoying the summer weather (and escaping this snow!), beach games and disney of course!

  • Chris Wright

    I would love to take an Alaskan cruise in the wintertime!

  • CurtisNic

    the ultimate vacation would be to take a trip up to a mountain with friends and family and have x-mas in a cabin with cocoa, and other fun things

  • Cody Robinett

    Definitely another Caribbean cruise.

  • Heyitspeej

    Ultimate vacation is Australia. Much warmer than the states right now!

  • Heli-skiing in Japan

  • ben schille

    I would plan a quiet dinner with my wife and kids, only to have it crashed by my crazy cousin in his Winnebago all while I was trying to have the brightest house on the street….wait.

    Really though just a cozy x-mas with family and friends, I know I’m boring!

  • 10yck

    Skiing in Utah

  • NolBi-Wan

    I am a simple man. Just family, friends, good food and liquor.

  • AnthonyMoya

    Vegas baby!

  • My ultimate winter vacation is to travel to the Yellowstone Club to snowboard and get 12 inches of snow for multiple days in a row and hardly see a soul the whole time I’m on the slopes.

  • Sitting on a beach in Tahiti with a cold drink and a good book.

  • staying in my cave all winter because it too damn cold outside.

  • Perfect vacation would be heading up to the slopes in Colorado and snowboarding

  • my ultimate vacation would be going to thailand with my girlfriend, to explore the culture and cuisine and to sail up and down the coast would be amazing.

  • Daniel Zhao

    Stay home and enjoy the holidays

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be snorkeling on the Great barrier reef in Australia with my family. That is one place I want to go before I die and it sure would beat the cold winters of NY, although this year it is making me a lier.

  • chey023

    beach and beer

  • akidmtco

    hut to hut telemark tour with stocked liquor/beer caches & avalanche blasting crew

  • Vanessa Louis

    Disney World and Universal. I’m an amusement park junkie!

  • jeesung

    Hawaiian beach vacation. Maybe a hike or two.

  • Relaxing with my girlfriend.

  • Jon Youngblood

    Go to Switzerland and spend 2 weeks in a cabin in the Alps. Skiing and playing the whole time!

  • My ultimate vacation would be a trip somewhere warm (I currently live in Ohio), I would love to see the ocean for the first time, maybe California or Florida, and I would take in all the sites and activities I could

    • Justin

      Do it brother! Hawaii beaches are way better imo. Im in CA.

  • JaM

    Going up to Mammoth Mountain with family and friends. Go snowboarding, sledding with my son, and hanging out afterwards in a cabin.

  • Locked in my basement with the worlds last supply of Twinkies all to myself…….

  • I would go to Colorado with some family and friends. Stay in one of the resorts, go snowboarding enjoy the weather. I love the cold and snow, and I miss snowboarding!

  • billracine

    My ultimate vacation would be to rent a cabin up in the Vermont mountains. Rent a couple of snow mobiles and some cross country skiis. Take the wife and kids and spend a few weeks doing nothing but spending time in the outdoors and relaxing next to a fire playing board games.

  • Jem

    I would head to Brazil for 2 weeks. Mostly because my girlfriend wants to get away from the cold for a while, and Australia is out of the question because of the insane deadly creatures living there.

  • A trip to Utah with my wife and a few of my best friends to snowboard. Housing would be slope-side, with a hot tub mandatory!

  • Jared Tau

    Disney World!!! Try to go there every year during Christmas. It’s absolutely magical during this time of the year.


    I went to Toronto a couple of weeks ago to go to the Toronto Christmas Market. It was the best winter vacation I’ve ever had.

  • Sapko82

    somewhere on an exotic beach

  • Would love to go skiing again in Colorodo. Haven’t done that since I was 15. Really though, anywhere with just the wife and I. Love my kids, but we could use a break.

  • droider10

    My vacation would consist of warm weather, sand, water, endless beer, and an amazing android tablet. Droid life, you take care of the tablet and i got the rest, Thanks

  • William Wells

    Snorkeling, Surfing, Jet Skis in Hawaii. You have to take the cold out of the winter for it to be a vacation! IJS

  • I’ll take a week in a cabin with a nice fireplace

  • Sawyer Jinkens

    Going to my beach house with my entire family. Spending the day on the beach and nights around a fire.

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    I would go to Michigan and see my brother I haven’t seen in a long 3 years.

  • Going somewhere warm and relaxing pool/beach side with drinks and babes

  • derrickmcc

    No work!!

  • Ultimate Winter Vacation would be to the beautiful Mayan Riviera, just in time for the end of the Mayab calendar!

    • droidrazredge

      Only 2 more days!!!!!! Better get on that winter vacation =p.

  • Fresh

    My ultimate winter vacation would be taking a trip to Switzerland to ski & snowboard the alps (and see all the snow bunnies!)

  • jaxxmjd

    Scuba diving in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

  • dkoufos

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to stay home and have it snow all the time so I can make snowmen and have snowball fights all the time.

  • scott braunworth

    I would love to see some snow, I miss snow! I would maybe like to go back home and visit some friends and family in New Jersey, and from there drive up to Vermont to go snowmobiling on my snowmobile that I haven’t seen in almost 4 years!

  • Jon

    Ultimate winter vacation?……HAWAII!

  • Definitely back to the Cuisinart Resort and Spa in Anguilla. Was there for my wedding. I would love to go back.

  • Easily Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there and warming up there while it’s freezing here sounds awesome.

  • Frank

    My ultimate winter vacation would be on a tropical beach in the Bahamas. A couple of mojitos and / or margaritas and a tablet to check facebook.

  • droidrazredge

    When I’m thinking of taking the ultimate winter vacation, I would think of a place of paradise. That place would be the French Polynesia (Tahiti). Just immersing myself in Bora Bora would be the the start. After that I would hit up Tuvahine, Moorea, and end up in the wonderful Tautau Motu. That would be my ultimate winter vacation. Come on who doesn’t like the sound of going to the Polynesia Islands ? But alas it’s only a dream since I’m a poor college student working on his Master’s with no job.

  • mjsplicer

    A trip to Truk island where u can dive 30+ WW2 wrecks in shallow waters and then have Mai Take on the beach

  • Since I live in the NW, the perfect winter vacation would be staying in the caribbean with my wife, having a drink on the beach, thinking about if i should sleep or go snorkeling this afternoon. Instead, i am pondering how cold it can actually get in my jeep that doesn’t have a working heater.

  • xraytedjim

    Skiing in switzerland

  • Jeremy Stewart

    Two chicks at the same time

    • droidrazredge

      Be careful “two” many winter chicks at the same time could leave your third leg with frostbite =p.

  • Hazadriel

    My wife, 2 daughters, and me taking an RV trip to Colorado for a few days. All this Sunny weather during winter time really gets me down.

  • Scottyb112

    I would actually love to go to California for the first time…
    Start off in Northern Cali for a few days, in a nice cabin in the woods, exploring some of the beautiful scenery Then work my way down to southern California and get rid of the cold for same warmth and Hott Babes!!

    • droidrazredge

      :/ Northern California and Southern California feel like we’re on the East Coast at the moment. We’re having some of the coldest nights on and chillest days on record.

      • Scottyb112

        🙁 ohh boy that stinks.. I’m on the east coast that’s why I wanted to come over there. Its actually 70 degrees here right now so I shouldn’t complain .
        But I guess now I’ll have to change my imaginary vacation around.. lol

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Skiing in CO with Android powered Goggles.

  • Flyinion

    Ultimate winter vacation would be scuba diving in Australia. It’s the perfect time of year 😀

  • silverWRX03

    Time off to spend with my kids!

  • Danrarbc

    The whole thing in multiple warm locations, and one stop in a winter wonderland. It’s too far fetched for me to care much about actual locations right now.

  • A cabin in the middle of nowhere, where there is a lot of snow. Then add in lots of beer and snowmobiles and friends. Perfect.

  • Skiing the Swiss Alps.

  • Sammy V

    Hopefully hanging out in Mexico with some family next month!

  • Ultimate vacation would be chilling with friends near a hot fire. #bestfeelingever

  • I would love to go somewhere that actually gets snow. Not debilitating snow, just enough to actually get a decent amount of play in it. We rarely get any here, and mostly just dustings when we do, and I miss it.

  • SnowBabie

    I Would love to get a nice log cabin up in the mountains in Colorado with a big Hott Tub on the porch over looking the mountain! With a bottle of wine, and my new Transformer Pad thanks to Droid-Life 😉

  • Juan

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a trip to Brazil so my daughter can enjoy part of her heritage and then to Puerto Rico so she can enjoy the other part. Hot tropical vacation with the family. Ya

  • Allan Lafond Jr

    My ultimate winter vacation would be cruising out of New Orleans hitting Key West and then through the panama canal on my way to Hawaii.

  • MTPenguin

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of southern warmth mixed with a motorcycle and brothers.


  • Alex Krijanovski

    I’d love to take my Mrs to Japan, there’s so much I want to see and try there.

  • Nick Rynjah

    Every winter holidays I would always visit my parents house where all the family members would gather together and just spend some quality time together. That has always been and will always be in the coming years ahead my ultimate winter vacation.

  • JeffPodwats

    cruising the coast in my android car!

  • carluverdrm2004

    I would like for it to snow in North Carolina and be able to spend time hitting my niece and nephew with snowballs, and to spend time with family.

  • Willow22

    Since I’m stuck in the freezing cold, my ultimate holiday would be somewhere warm, relaxing on the beach with friends, family and lots of laughter.

  • Somewhere where it snows. Log cabin filled with family. Fireplace going. The fresh smell of a pine tree. Hot cocoa or egg nog all around.

  • My dream is to go to Hawaii and drink corona on the beach in the warm weather!!

  • Going on a cruise to Alaska and visiting the natural icy wonders

  • Sitting somewhere that cannot possibly have snow because its to warm

  • Cabin on a mountain away from everyone where I can snowboard and relax for at least a week.

  • summit1986

    Skiing, pond hockey, and hooning in empty snow covered parking lots

  • Charlie

    Skiing Purgatory!! (i’m in Phx, so a winter vacation actually entails going to snow, not away from it… 🙂

  • Skiing in the Swiss Alps

  • Raymond Dionne

    Anything that doesn’t involve work

  • David Bell

    Getting to know my new Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller

  • I’d be happy with some warm weather and some vspare time to read and practice music and try out some new software…

  • There is a place where you can stay in an igloo with a glass roof and watch the northern lights. THAT is the absolute best winter vaca I can imagine.

  • Warm weather, a sandy beach and a Tegra bundle, with a Transformer Pad, lapdock, and Logitech controller!!! (…and maybe a drink with an umbrella in it.)

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be at a luxury lodge in Colorado. Ski lifts just outside the door and a cozy warm room to relax in when I’m tired.

  • N8shon

    Snowmobiling, hunting, and glacier climbing in Alaska!

  • bonzix

    Going to Miami and sitting at the 50 yd line of the National Championship game to watch ND beat Bama! Go Irish!

  • taking a month (or two) and heading over to australia to do some diving, surfing, and general traveling, since its summer there

  • powerskc

    all inclusive on the Riviera Maya

  • Italy and some fresh real Italian food.. Combined with my wife and kids at my side..

  • Steve Young

    Hmmm… I’d say going to New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl to cheer on my underdog Louisvilel Cardinals. GO CARDS GO!

  • James

    The Moon. Winter cools the cheese, so it tastes better.

  • Bryan Wickert

    Hitting the north woods with fiends and family for some snowmobiling and snowboarding.

  • phenotype

    Riding a llama in Peru.

  • Phil

    I’d go to Australia since it would be summer there

  • I’d like to go to Vienna for their Christmas festivities.

  • An all-inclusive Mexico resort!

  • Daniel

    Snow, snow, and more Snow. All while snowboarding the back bowls of Vail.

  • Winning the lottery, taking a long vacation, and stay informed to all the latest mobile news via DROID life.

  • New Zealand. Nuff said

  • overclock

    My ultimate holiday vacation would be on the opposite side of the planet away from my inlaws.

  • Chris

    I’m from CO so I get to live the winter vacation dream. Season pass to some of the best skiing in the world.

  • raiders42878

    Kauai, sitting on the beach drinking pina coladas

  • Neal Horowitz

    Getting out of the snow and somewhere with a warm fire and someone else to take care of the kids so the wife and I don’t have to.

  • ostensibly

    mmm skiing. Wyoming or Montana, never been to either for snow but I intend to.I hear the alps are nice this time of year as well.

  • C C

    A trip into a pristine beach, beer in hand staring at the horizon.

  • therealjbriggs

    Utimate vacation would be sitting on an island off the coast of Thailand drinking fruity tropical drinks and dreaming about going home to my brand new Transformer pad!

  • 4two

    Sitting on a beach on an island somewhere near the equator playing with my new Transformer Pad Infinity with dock!

  • Greg Roaf

    Drive to Florida in an Rv.

  • Michael Nichols

    In Hawaii going to clubs using my Google Maps, eating at 4 star restaurants using Google Now, ordering drinks from beautiful Hawaiian ladies.

  • Michael Clark

    anywhere tropical to kick back

  • droidify

    Mountain View of course.

  • Anthony Wilen

    Definitely somewhere hot (probably Mexico or Costa Rica) with plenty of cold beverages to soothe the mind (or make for one heck of a party!)

  • A nice cabin at a small ski resort with the ability to go snowmobiling

  • CmRam

    An all inclusive resort in Jamaica

  • kkanemt


  • Jack0

    Would consist of no Christmas.

  • Edwin M

    I would love to visit family in Quito Ecuador and see Christmas from the equator.

  • A tropical island vacation, with all expenses prepaid. Plenty of time for margaritas on the beach, scuba diving (with one of those underwater scooters) and jet skiing.

  • somewhere tropical sounds nice

  • Shane McKeever

    A Caribbean all-inclusive

  • Jason Jackson

    My Ideal vacation would be to travel to the UK with my daughter. Spend Christmas in big brothers part of town

  • I would go to Cuba and relax on Varadero beach in sunny 70 degree weather with my family and closest friends.

  • In the Bahamas sky diving, riding jet skies and partying hard

  • Andrew Goetz

    Vacation in a log cabin on frozen lake in the mountains.

  • cfb

    ski resort. gotta have a white christmas

  • reybie

    Let’s see.. that would be a nice cabin in the woods with this WiFi and a nice drink 🙂 (Oh, yes, my wife can come with …)

  • david j

    I was touched by some of the vacations people proposed. I’ll settle for time at home (away from work)!

  • Webbmeat

    Hiking through the mountains to a beach

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Drinking Mai-Tais on a beach in Kauai, snorkeling off the Big Island.

  • Spending time with my family throwing back the brews.

  • pharmdy

    Snow sports in Tahoe would be nice!

  • Greg Abbate

    Go to alaska and do some gold mining with the Hoffmans

  • Terry Steege

    My ultimate vacation would be one in space or say on the moon. Space is cold, so that would fulfill the “winter” part…

  • abhisahara

    Just sitting & warming by the fireplace in my house and vacationing my time gaming on the tablet if i win here 🙂

  • Sam Al-Haqab

    Rooting my brand new Transformer TF700 that I won from droid-life.com, then spending hours and hours making it look the way I want it, just to open up netflix and watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 8 with nice cup of jasmine tea ahhhhhh~~

  • fiveHellions

    somewhere warm and sunny on a beach

  • Douglas Burch

    spending a couple of weeks in a decked out cabin near the slopes

  • Louis Parrilla

    My ultimate vacation would travel around Europe for three months

  • lou staffieri

    Going to my cabin and sitting out by th fire with a six pack

  • Justin W

    I’m going with Hawaii – winter break in a tropical region like Honolulu or something like that (but I’d settle with anything that has about 70+ degree weather).

  • Jack Hoffman

    Nothing but me, the dog and football from now until the Superbowl.


  • Michael Persico


  • Take a cruise through the hawaiian islands

  • newbielike

    Skiing in the Appalachians, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate and then hitting the slopes again.Hottub parties at night and all the beautiful snowbunnies.

  • Ultimate vacation means that I’ll be happy wherever I am with my family.

  • Hubert Nowiński

    Going to warm place. Sitting close to ocean and have open bar.

  • Brian Spearman

    A slope side house at a ski resort in the Rockies

  • 1bad69z28

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of Spending it with the Clark Griswold family, cousin Eddy.and the DL crew all in one house 🙂

    That would be some funny movie entertainment

  • Out at camp, with immediate family, a deck of cards, and a sauna.

  • Costa Rica…. that is all

  • K. Nelson

    Pacific cruise with stops in Alaska, Hawaii and some various Mexican destinations.

  • rudy35

    Would definetly take a nice long 3 week vaca back in Antigua where my wife and i had our honeymoon. Anything to get away from the northeast, thats for dam sure!

  • CorranHorn421

    Honestly, Walt Disney World. There are shorter lines and the Osborn Christmas Lights at Hollywood Studios are awesome!

  • MSlab

    My ultimate vacation would involve days spent snowboarding in Jackson Hole or Park City with evenings spent in local watering holes or by the fire with friends in a private cabin lodge.

  • Vegas all you can eat Buffet. ‘Merica.

  • Lake Tahoe…skiing during the day and having a good time at night

  • Leaving the Minnesota cold for the white sandy beaches of Jamaica!

  • hanging out with family in big bear.

  • Sakebomber77

    Winter snowboarding trip to Aspen.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I would go to Whistler for some powder then Hawaii for some sun

  • Kawika Kahikina

    i would do nothing! I will sit in my house playing C.O.D. Black Ops2 and try to ignore the family. Truth

  • Skiing in the Swiss Alps. I’ve never been skiing before and what a great place to do it for the first time.

  • Jared Pannell

    Going to an all inclusive resort in Mexico with wife and enjoying the beach and free drinks

  • Eddie Rodriguez

    New Zealand. All of it.

  • sean

    Head out west for some snowboarding!

  • Jim Sheeran


  • Trevor Clement

    My dream winter vacation would be 2 weeks in Hawaii! 🙂

  • jen

    my ultimate vacation is to escape the washington rain for somewhere warm like hawaii!

  • A solid month in Montego Bay – drinking Red Stripes and smoking what they smoke in Jamaica until I fall asleep on the beach, wake up, and do it all over again.

  • picaso86

    In Rio De Janeiro with my beautiful friends drinking beer at the beach!!

  • hope i win i have wanted one of these ever since they came out

  • Building a weather controlling machine to bring snow to Hawaii. So I can snowboard down Mauna Loa.
    Granted, this may result in the destruction of Hawaii’s agriculture, but, you know…small price to pay, and all that jazz.

  • tu3218

    All inclusive resort in the Caribbean somewhere…drinking and eating non-stop

  • blackcatroad

    Anywhere in the world as long as I have a Asus TF300 Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock and Logitech controller. 😀

  • Rawdeadfish

    Would love this tablet for my family!

  • Sparktweek

    My ultimate winter vacation will consist of 2 weeks off, by myself, without having to visit any family!

  • Jerry

    I live somewhere where we don’t get snow so i think somewhere like Vancouver and the neighboring ski resorts would be awesome.

  • Sitting in a lodge in Switzerland

  • farmerbrian

    I would be content with just having a few days off and being able to do some sledding with my kids.

  • Going to Canada because there’s a lot of snow and I barely get to see snow here in California!

  • Shmelks

    Somewhere warm… its cold up here in North Dakota!

  • In a hut over the water in bora bora

  • blackcatroad

    Someplace cold. With Snow. And Hot Tubs. And the Winter X games. And Beer. Lots and Lots of Beer. 🙂

  • bigdav1178

    My ultimate winter vacation… doesn’t really matter where exactly I am as long as there are no responsibilities, nothing to worry about, nothing to pay, lots of time to relax and is fairly comfortable. Hmmm, I think my ultimate winter vacation would be a break from reality (or maybe to be a kid again).

  • it would definitely be a cruise to antarctica

  • Tom Sturdy

    My ultimate winter vacation would be on a plane with free wifi for my brand new Transformer Pad Infinity that I won from Droid Life and Nvidia. I don’t care where the plane is taking me, as long as my girlfriend gets to come along too.

  • my perfect winter vacation would be in slovakia again, snowboarding there is awesome.

  • Andrew

    If it’s winter, I want snow … take me to Tahoe.

  • Gabe

    snowboarding in Aspen, California

  • Troy G.

    Actually vacationing somewhere with snow

  • DennisHeffernan

    My ultimate winter vacation? Hibernating. 😛

  • ohiojerz

    Hanging out in Maine sitting around a hot fire with the family.

  • Vacation to the major cities of the world, with a good DSLR, and alot of tech gadgets to keep me up and going there.

  • ankit199

    In Jamaica sipping rum on a hammock close to the beach.

  • DanzyOrBust

    Being a student, I don’t get much time to spend with my family. My vacation would consists of me spending time with my family, especially my sisters babies. Going somewhere exotic is great and all, but I’m more than content with being with family instead.

  • Kenny Li

    in hawaii soaking up the rays with a nice cold one

  • Snowboarding at big bear!

  • A beach in Rio with friends

  • ezizzle95

    Snowboarding in aspen, log cabin, hot tub, family, fireplace, pure awesome.

  • Tyler

    Going someplace warm for the winters doesn’t matter where!

  • Going someplace warm and relaxing on a beach.

  • Jason

    Sitting in a cabin next to the fire on a snow-covered hill

  • ramifications

    My ultimate winter vacation (since I live in the cold northeast) would be a beautiful 5 star hotel on the beach in bermuda or cancun or off the coast of south america 🙂 Thanks DL and nvidia!

  • Rodney Romenesko

    2 weeks on Kauai Hawaii

  • YariCavi

    well it would have to be in a place with enough snow to build a giant buddroid out of snow!

  • pmgdisqus

    Literally anywhere they are not having a blizzard like we are in Nebraska!

  • ROBV_100

    Cruise through the Carribean for 10 days island hopping

  • Nothing says winter like a lazy cruise around the Caribbean. 🙂

  • Two weeks in Alaska and two weeks in Hawaii

  • Kevin Raymond

    The Outer Banks in North Carolina. It’s beautiful there any time of year.

  • Skiing in the Swiss alps!

  • Michael Ferlitsch

    My favorite vacation locations are places where the weather is somewhat extreme. I like to hang around near the great lakes because of the blizzards (yes I’m that crazy)

  • Rob

    Switzerland. That is all.

  • Green

    Going to the SB and watching the Denver Broncos win.

  • Nikirockz

    I think it would be awesome to visit Rockefeller Center and see the awesome decorations.

  • tehshift

    Snowboarding in the Alps

  • Zac St. Louis

    Living it right now in San Diego, America’s Finest City

  • Sean Misa

    My ultimate winter vacation would be in Colorado snowboarding and chilling by the fireplace at night with a warm cup of cocoa with my girlfriend.

  • My ultimate winter vacation is being anywhere with my family. I haven’t seen them in a long time and catching up and bonding would be the best! Hopefully Christmas would allow it.

  • Daniel Taylor

    A multi state snowmobile trip of course!

  • escaping the country without any communication whatsoever to someplace very warm

  • Straight up go to Japan. The only place I’ve yet to be that I really want to go to.

  • eak128

    Aspen>skying>alcohol>hottub>one special girl.

  • Christmas in Tahiti, chillin in one of those hut things on the crystal clear water

  • Jason Brown

    hitting the slopes at mammoth mountain with family and friends.

  • Scott

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of spending time in a remote cabin with my family and my new ASUS Infinity TF700 that I won from YOU!!!!!!

  • Jackson Hole, WY. Snowed in with my lovely wife. Coffee, fireplace, high-speed internet, Android devices, no schedule.

  • I so want to go on a cruise, away from all stress. Alone on a deserted Island.

  • Hitting up the mountains in Breckenridge

  • Max Ervin

    Getting anywhere warm and out of this icebox that the midwest becomes in the winter.

  • A nice cabin on slopes I could ski on all day long…. For at least a week…. With someone to take care of my kids so my wife and I could really relax 😛

  • T4rd

    Taking a 1-2 week cruise to anywhere, I don’t care where. I love being out to sea on those huge ships. They rock me to sleep and I get the best sleep ever B-).

  • Sitting and playing games all two weeks

  • michael wiebe

    Snowboarding Meadows and hanging with the FAM. I’m in TX now and miss Hood this time of year a lot.

  • Daryl Batson

    To have Christmas in a log cabin and have snow. After wards to ski and sip cocoa with family

  • Tim Buchanan

    Anywhere with my family.

  • Joey Funk

    Just being somewhere warm with my fiancee and no work or anything would be good enough for me.

  • Nirav Desai

    Disney, Orlando.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of sitting on a beach (anywhere in the world) kicking back with a couple of brews, opening Christmas presents under a palm tree, roasting chestnuts on a bonfire and surfing on Christmas Eve.

  • Relaxing with Family down here in Florida

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be nerding out at CES in Las Vegas this January!

  • I would love to go to some place where it snows as it never snows here, even in the winter

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of Snowboarding the Rockies and Hot Tubbin @ Night!

  • Brandon

    Taking my family to Rhode Island to be with my wife’s family. We don’t get there nearly enough so I know it’d be a treat for her.

  • Ireland. My wife and I were there 4 years ago on our honeymoon and I would love to go back!

  • kraze050181

    Chillin’ In A Cabbin With The Family Each With Their Own Android Device Oh Sippin’ On Some Cocoa!

  • Kidqwik

    Mine would be going to some like totally picturesque snow filled home in the mountains or something that is like totally. Christmasfied with decorations, lots of snow, etc. It would need to be like a giant “family home” where everyone could somehow make it there or be brought there by whatever means possible for my friends and family to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day all together in the most perfect Christmas like setting possible. Snow, friends, family, fun, and OMG Christmas House. I’ve always wanted that and even though I live in an apt and seem to be the only one that’s only interested in decorating, I still try to make it as Christmas and family n friends like as possible.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to go North, into the snow, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities – skiing, hunting, ice fishing.

    And at night, I’d wrap up by the fire with a hot beverage and my new Android device – gaming, movies, music.


  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    Passing all tests and finally get to the beach, since I’ll stay in Florida.

  • Mark Lewis

    LAN/gaming party in a cabin in the mountains. Roaring fire, hot chocolate, team deathmatch, and rolling initiative with a lake view.

  • Going snowboarding in the Alps, traveling between Switzerland, France and Austria. I’d love to stay in a little bavarian village with a nice beer hall =)

  • Brian_2112

    For a winter vacation, I wouldn’t mind keeping it cold. I live north of Chicago, so it’s no problem for me. Denver, Toronto, Montreaux…wherever. Just give me some hot chocolate, a good turkey (or ham), some fine champagne and it’ll surely be the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Chris Wood

    Sandals Resort in St. Lucia!!! All-inclusive resorts…good times, good times…

  • joco1289

    No work, no customers bugging me on my phone. just relaxation family time and a few beers. Doesn’t need to be anywhere special.

  • will

    somewhere warm on a beach

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Cabin in the woods for the weekend with a few friends, drinking beers, hunting, nothing crazy… 🙂

  • Living in Hawaii, all I want is a white Christmas and to go snowboarding or something. I love the weather here but sometimes you need a change.

  • Driving through the Alps win a RS4. Hands down my dream vacation.

  • teevee1163

    Watching the Packers play/win at Lambeau! Then head to Aruba.

  • Daniel

    Going somewhere tropical to scuba dive


    my ultimate vacation would be snowboarding and spending a month in a cabin in Jasper, Alberta Canada again with my family it’s been way too long since we have done that.

  • Scott Hardy

    All inclusive ski resort for me to boarding while the wife gets pampered.

  • mising

    With my family anywhere…

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be going to Europe and back pack around the continent with friends by my side enjoying the trip

  • cruise with my wife to anywhere.

  • my ultimate vacation. i would be in Puerto Rico drinking mojitos,doing some zip lines in the El Yunque rainforest,laying on the beach soaking up the sun!

  • Justin Ridgeway

    My ultimate winter vacation: skiing, snowboarding, and riding snowmobiles in Colorado! Then a huge LAN party with my friends! Winter Sports + Video Games = Epic Vacation

  • Jerald Bondoc

    I would just love to take a trip in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather is sunny and warm for the winter. Somewhere to avoid the crowds, too! Yeah, somewhere in Latin America!

  • Curtis

    The very best winter vacation would be traveling the globe to celebrate holidays including customs from around the world… I better get started. I’ve missed the start of “Las Posadas”, but I can still make it for Yule!

  • Mrxalon

    My perfect vacation would be taking a tour of a factory that makes android products!!

  • Hawaii on the beach with my wife and a few drinks!

  • Any place that’s warm, with a nice imperial stout.

  • [email protected]

    my ultimate winter vacation would consist of getting to even have one and the money to enjoy it and not jst sit on the couch watching the bunny ears..

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be going to the mountains for a week at a ski resort where we have our own log cabin and we can ski and relax all day for a week. There would be a grocery store nearby so we could prepare our own food, and the grocery store would have fair prices so we didn’t get taken advantage of by the resort’s overpriced food.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Yeah, I think Hawaii would be the best place to go for a winter vacation. Done.

    A little surf, sand, skin, and those Rum filled smoothies that go down do easily…

  • Futbolrunner

    Sitting on a hot beach basking in the sun

  • Steve

    After reading a recent story in Forbes magazine, I would like to go on a cruise to Antarctica!!!

  • strikeir13

    Hawaii. ‘Nuf said.

  • dmlangdon

    Lying on the beach on Maui with my wife (with full WiFi access to play with my Transformer Prime!!)

  • lnimmer

    being in SD anywhere warm and preferably a beach scene!

  • Shred the snowy hills with my girl catching each and every moment through the Galaxy S3 then runaway on vacation to Paris for the Holidays, away from everything here to just be in each others arms day & night sharing long gazing moments with one another learning the 5 languages of love. Enjoy the moonlight over the Eiffel Tower under a candle lit dinner all with in La Ville De L’amour (The city of love) while taking in all the amazing art, cultures, and people, all to be with that special someone and share the memories with every one back home.

  • A Sam

    Staying in a nice and warm cabin up in the mountains watching it snow outside.

  • PudgyPanda

    Anywhere with my family close by

  • Sukhpreet Kang

    Relaxing in Maui for two weeks with my family!

  • High in the mountains of colorado with family, friends, and a horde of alcohol!

  • Jamarcus White

    Being anywhere it is not COLD with my wife and kids just having FUN

  • Colin Faulkingham

    Sitting on the beach in Australia.

  • tex

    A warm topless (I mean tropical, damn auto-correct) beach

  • Brandon Sweetness

    a nice trip to CES

  • Chuck Phillips

    Ultimate winter vacation would have to be spending a week in Roatan Honduras scuba diving. great sun, great beaches and great island.

  • beng8686

    Hunting in Alaska would be awesome.

  • Mike Treubig

    Doing nothing but playing games on my new transformer. With ear buds in to drown out the in laws.

  • a full week of no kids and nothing but watching TV and playing video games

  • GreginNH

    In Aruba with the family, and my favorite Tegra3 tablet (Shameless brown nosing) 😀

  • Austin

    skiing with my family

  • to go new york with the wife

  • Skiing in thigh deep powder on a beautiful sunny day without another soul around

  • AntiJeff

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of waking up one morning to find under the tree my new Transformer Pad Infinity, matching lapdock, and a Logitech gaming controller…that would be brilliant

  • tjs

    I’d love to take the girlfriend somewhere nice.. maybe Hawaii!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I would take my family to a warm tropical island. I want my children to see and swim in the crystal clear ocean.

  • Eddie

    California microbrew tour. December-January is when all the really hoppy beers are released after the fall hop harvest.

  • JustinRhode

    SCUBA diving the Great Barrier Reef and then relaxing on the beach with my family. And looking at my brand new tablet from DL

  • I’d like to spend it at Disney and just ride everything. EVERYTHING…. INCLUDING THE MASCOTS!

  • A trip to Jamaica with my girl, and plenty of booze

  • Prox

    My ultimate winter vacation would be sitting on the beach in Ipanema, with the girl from Ipanema 🙂 (Adriana Lima of course! Image attached)

  • SkullOne

    Me and the wife in a tropical place in an all inclusive resort while the kid spends a week with the grandparents.

  • MrCactus

    New York City, eating all the glorious food and shopping

  • Skydive out of a helicopter strapped to a snowboard, parachute down to Sugar Bowl Resort in Tahoe, and board straight down the mountain. Xtreme Winter Vacationing!

  • eduardo vera

    A trip to Mexico and a lot of alcohol

  • I would love to travel to Australia. Tour the outback and take in the culture and sites.

  • Snorkling in the Caribbean with my wife, thinking of the poor devil’s freezing back home…

  • rreich49

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a week to ten days in a tropical climate, in a hut on stilts over the water. I would be in a hammock looking out at the water most of the time.

  • dgdroid

    Snow skiing in Vail

  • phekno

    The Maldives, all inclusive, no kids, and copious amounts of drinks on the beach.

  • Piyush

    Hello 4m india. Me and my friends are big fan of The Droid Life Show.

  • realfoxm

    Somewhere in a cabin during a blizzard

  • chuckfu

    Nowadays it would be up in the mountains somewhere teaching my boys to snowboard and then coming back to sit in front of the fire and play games at night with the whole family.

  • Brad Dickmann

    Going home to family

  • Would love to go to Hawaii in the winter

  • Thomas Leskin

    Flying across the country to spend a week with my relatives in Sacramento and San Francisco and gaming on the TF700 on the flight there and back.

  • BAoxymoron

    during the winter it’d be hard to say probably just hanging out with friends and family but if it was summer the place would be a colorado ski resort + mountain bike = win

  • defender0802

    Mine would be going to Sweden, eating chocolate and hanging out near some mountains…and then going to vaxjo to throw some discus inside!

  • Logan Jinks

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of me and my fiancé taking a trip to Colorado to hit the slopes. Being that she’s never skied before, I know that a trip like this would be a great bonding experience for the both of us. I love skiing and know she’d love it too.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. I wish to anyone traveling to have a safe trip.

  • brandito

    Hawaii or another tropical island for Christmas and New Years would be good.

  • Radgatt

    Watching the snow fall from a warm cozy cabin in the mountains.

  • A beach and beer nuff said

  • Someplace with family, friends and 4G LTE

  • Sitting in Sweden with my devices all around me not having to worry about a thing.

  • Going to any sunny, warm, beach!

  • Snowboarding, Ive never gone snowboarding.

  • stush0104

    A nice tropical island, enjoying the sunshine and better weather.

  • Spending time in upstate new York with the family.. By the fire place.. Drinks going at night. Skiing and snowboarding during the day

  • Mnason Pearson

    mine would be a trip into space……Need to start saving now lol

  • Alex Mosqueda

    For me it would simply be spending time with family in the snowy mountains and finally getting my chance to learn how to snow board

  • Kevin Morales

    Snow boarding on the hills of the Appalachians.

  • strows

    Alaska for some Heli Snowboarding

  • Anywhere hot like miami,Jamaica,cali or Mexico

  • SpEnCeR Berry

    I would love to go to Alaska to valdeez and drink and go skiing with family and friends. Then drink and hang out at night and jump back and forth between the cold and the hot tub. Maybe go sledding (Alaska term for snowmobiling, I used to live there now I live outside Portland Oregon) do some carving in the powder do some high marking on the mountains (nothing to stupid). Race across frozen rivers and streams and have sex with my girlfriend out in middle of frozen lake on the snowmobile. A lot of fun.

  • I would love to be in Munich, or maybe Tokyo for Christmas. Sounds like a lot of random fun.

  • Eric Peterson

    Rome during Christmas would be amazing.

  • randompsychology

    A trip back to Cancun. The resorts down there are absolutely *fantastic*!

  • Greg Reese

    Being in a nice secluded cabin, sitting by a warm fire with my wife and daugter!

  • Seith Keough

    Taking the family up to Mount Washington for snowboarding and hiking.

  • GreeKNastY

    my bed and not at work…honestly

  • Prox

    My ultimate winter vacation would be sitting on the beach in Ipanema, with the girl from Ipanema 🙂 (Adriana Lima of course!)

    • Prox

      Odd, I deleted this, reposted it with an image and now its under brandito??

  • Justin Oliver

    Disney world Epcot awesome holiday fun.

  • da

    would love to go surfing on the beaches and drinking on the sand in Hawaii

  • A week of snowboarding in Vermont.

  • IF NASA can get that hyperdrive thing working, def go to that goldilocks planet they discovered that always faces the sun and post up on the edge where there would be a perpetual sunset. ULTIMATE!

  • Boarding in Whistler and taking advantage of the micro-brews. Enough said.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Not working….at all. Will be wonderful.

  • SagarPatel

    visiting the north pole on the polar express and receiving the first gift of christmas

  • Steve M.

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to visit Switzerland with all my family and friends!

  • Spending time with the whole famliy. especially my mom. I hardly get to see her :'(

  • weysonn

    hanging out on the beach in hawaii while drinking champagne

  • Going to Aruba with my wife, sit on the beach and have a couple drinks.

  • CAPerkins22

    “I was going to go someplace warm, with a beach, somebody bringing me drinks with little umbrellas in them!”

    “Little drinks, I’m supposed to be having right now! Umbrellas, sticking out of them! Shish kabob!”

  • This time of year? Anywhere in Florida.

  • Randy Bihlmayer

    Grab The Wife, The Kid, The Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller and take a Cruize in Geirangerfjord, Norway or visit the Lofoten Islands, Norway

  • Egg_Omelette


  • Just hanging out in the mountains with the family

  • S2556

    ski in cabin in banff with a huge hot tub, lots of strippers, endless amounts of booze and green. Life would be good

  • Justin Oliver

    Disney World Epcot

  • I would go back to Italy. Less tourists, shorter lines, Symphony and theater in full swing, and winter sports in the northern inland mountains. The whole country is like a beautiful, ancient work of art.

  • Jeremy A

    Well we’re in a blizzard warning today so I would have to say on a beach somewhere warm.

  • I would take my wife to north eastern brazil!

  • Hockey… Lots and lots of hockey (and beer)

  • at home with my little brother and my yellow lab puppy

  • A week in Yellowstone on snowmobiles, and then a week on the beach in Cancun.

  • My ideal winter vacation would be visiting my estranged father in the Dominican Republic. Family is everything.

  • Ultimate winter vacation would entail a trip to Bali to lounge in one of those luxury cabanas hanging over a perfect beach. Come to think of it, that would be the perft anytime vacation hehe

  • Nic Hess

    My ultimate winter vacation would be some sparsely populated island with my fiancé drinking the day away.

  • GXM

    Ultimate vacation would be going to Italy and Greece then capping it off with Hawaii

  • Going back home to Nebraska to be with my pops drinking done hot chocolate after a big snowstorm so that i can go sledding the next day

  • DanSan

    getting drunk as hell on the beaches of Jamaica and Aruba

  • A cabin in Big Bear. Snow, Ski’s and hot tubs!

  • bjrapp

    Skiing. Lots of skiing.

  • Tip to the Caribbean sea :> always warm and nice

  • jmasterj

    Skiing in Colorado or Utah.

  • NB3

    going to the slopes to snowboard, then kick it back at the hotel with my new transformer

  • Skydiving down to a beach with a bikini clad lady awaiting me with a mojito in hand…….ahhhhh

  • Brent Newcomb

    Since I already live in South Florida I do not need to go somewhere warm for winter vacation. Instead I would love to go Northd Carolibna to spend the winter with my 2 boys. We would have a blastr all winter loing.

  • Winter vacation in Australia with the whole family. Would be awesome.

  • Would love to go to Alaska or Antarctica, would be great and a true winter vacation, none of that go to a warm climate sissy stuff.

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Going on a cruise to somewhere warm, probably the Caribbean.

  • Chris Brinkley

    Hawaii with lots of alcohol

  • mike mcginnis

    Skiing in aspin and meeting Lloyd. Christmas (dumb and dumber reference)

  • ddfuji

    staying in Colorado and snowboarding, or going to Australia to enjoy some mountain biking. as long as im having fun its a good vacation

  • My ultimate would be snowboarding in Tahoe for a week, but since we haven’t had good snow for the past two years, I am going to a beach this year. Costa Rica and a surf board is sounding pretty nice right now.

  • Erik

    2 months in BORA BORA!!!!

  • Acorns

    I think a winter holiday in Alaska would be amazing. Very cold, but very pretty.

  • Philip Lex

    Cross country road trip, did it once already would love to do it again with more time and money

  • Actually getting snow that sticks around for more than 2 days and being able to build a huge snowman and sled…

  • ScottyByrd

    A cabin in the mountains enjoying the peace and quiet

  • Brian

    Snowboarding in Tahoe with my buddies (which i’m doing :)) and chilling with some hot cocoa

  • Anywhere, with friends, loving family, and fun for all of us! That would be a great winter vacation. Somewhere with no traffic worries, no storms, and plenty of sunshine. Cold, warm, no matter, just fun, loving, and not alone.

  • KThatch27

    A trip to Hawaii to watch the pipeline masters

  • Bryan

    Hanging in Lake Tahoe with family and friends around a fire with white snow all around.

  • Jed Hwang

    Ultimate winter vacation would be going to Whistler in Canada and snowboarding all week while having a cabin with some nice alcohol and a hot tub for afterwards with the snow bunnies.

  • Rbq

    Winter vacation has to involve a week in Whistler with my snowboard and a snowmobile. Boss.

  • COLE


  • Sainttaz

    Taking a cruise through Caribbean Sea with my family.

  • mobritten

    going to Whistler, canada for skiing!

  • Dr. Rock Strongo

    Drinking eggnog with rum and chillen with the fam

  • rockstar323

    Somewhere that’s warm and has a beach.

  • Sean

    Mountains. Powder. Glades. No lift lines. A beer with no bottom.

  • Nick Norman

    Family. Mountains. Snow. Skies. Craft Brew. Hot Tub. Epic Food.

  • Samuel Victor

    I would want to be in Bora Bora…… with a cocktail and some lotion

  • My ideal winter vacation would be anywhere warm. I’m thinking Hawaii! Only been there once, would love to go again!

  • Booze, babes, and bongs #yolo

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be hitting up Colorado for the Winter X Games!!! YEAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • CharmPeddler

    Well, I cannot ski so… SLEDDING! somewhere with Hot Mead at the bottom of the slope. Small glass every time i come down. Then a hot tub with 4g connected tablet in a waterproof case.

  • Living in michigan.. i’d like to go to florida.. at least but i’d prefer mexico or panama

  • kay

    Spending time with the entire family at disneyland

  • Mark

    Sitting in my living room and gaming on my PC while a movie plays in the background on tv!

  • A beach where temps are above 75, my wife (no kids), plenty of drinks… thats it

  • Jeremy

    My ideal winter vacation would be anywhere warm. I’m thinking Hawaii! Only been there once, would love to go again!

  • xix19

    Climbing Mt Everest

  • nikko

    Spending a few days in the arctic with Bear Grylls from man vs wild….now that would be a blast

  • Heading down to Grand Bahama island and chillin with a Bahama Mama in my hand (and I don’t mean the drink B-) )

  • Hitting up Mammoth California and snowboarding for a week.

  • Erik Nerrie

    Flying to the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival where Harbin beer is FREE

  • AMPthe13th

    I would do… nothing.

  • jmu33

    going to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moving to San Diego

  • Bar hopping in key west. I love that place!

  • A trip to Colorado’s mountains to go skiing and hang out in the snow covered hot tub!

  • aj34

    going to Australia (where it is summer)

  • PicoDeGiao

    I would love to go to Whislter one winter and hit the slopes.

  • Boundzy

    A week at Disney World with the family followed by a week of sex with my wife in a secluded, but well-supplied, mountain cabin.

  • Anthony Maggio

    Best winter vacation would be a huge LAN party with a bunch of friends, just hanging out and gaming

  • Sailing on a cruise ship in the Caribbean

  • The Ultimate winter vacation would be me holding a Corona, smoking a Cuba both while watching pulp fiction on a transformer on the beach

  • Jake Simmons

    I’d go fishing on a freshwater boat in Alaska. Grow a sweet beard and have some awesome times on a boat.

  • Snow + cabin + family by the fire. Oh, and good scotch.

  • HollywoodWebber

    Going to Mexico. Drinking beer.

  • I love Hawaii in the winter time.

  • a Caribbean cruise with my family

  • Seanfranchise6

    Myrtle Beach, SC for relaxation and golf or Tokyo, Japan, Akihabara to be exact!

  • Jonathan Berry

    Either someplace warm or the Opryland Hotel before Christmas.

  • Justin Marasco

    Probably go skiing in Colorado somewhere.

  • Christian Jacob

    My ideal winter Vacation would be on a Cruise in the Bahamas or Caribbean with my wife and 2 kids!! Destinations, All you can eat gourmet food, beaches, sun. its all there! This is completely opposite from Chicago blizzards for sure.

  • Skiing in Colorado, for an entire month

  • Brian Walker

    For winter, I would love to go to New York City. Seeing that Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center would be a dream come true for my wife, and I would love to give that to her some day.

  • Norman Farmer

    It would consist of me actually being able to watch Hockey this winter!

  • I really want to take a tour through Asia. Eat at the Taiwanese night market, see the ancient ruins of Thailand. I’m a big K-Pop fan, so South Korea would definitely be included. I took Japanese in high school so Japan too. One of the last stops would be in my dad’s home country in the Philippines. Short stop with family still there, but then stay at the most luxurious resort.

  • DanPatrickFlores

    Snow and hot cocoa

  • Matt Angiulo

    For some reason, Sweden seems like a nice place to visit in the wintertime.

  • Napping on a tropic beach somewhere relaxing. Stress free is the way to go

  • Stretch44

    Going to Paris and Spain with my wife!!

  • InyRules

    At the beach right here in S. FL, cold beer in hand, dozing off laying on the sand.

  • Joseph Ree

    Ice hockey tournament on the 1980 rink in Lake Placid, pond hockey, and snowboarding at Whiteface Mtn.

  • The winner

    My winter vacation: Going to Fed-Ex to pick up my Transformer Pad

  • Disney World with the family, I am there now!

  • ritesh golani

    in north pole. in an igloo ?

  • a warm place with a beach….and wifi : )

  • Skiing in lake Tahoe.

  • Skydiving with a snowboard onto the swiss alps sounds pretty legit, followed by a private jet ride to some remote island, why not go big?

  • Joey Miranda

    going to aruba, or going to Androidland in Australia 🙂

  • Best Christmas Vacation I can think of would be to go back home up north with all of my family together so that my sisters could meet my son. That would be awesome.

  • I would love to visit Europe during the wintertime. I’ve been lucky enough to go in the summer years ago but would love to see places like Prague, Moscow,and Rome covered in snow.

  • The Race To Die

    a cruise to alaska would be pretty stellar

  • Escaping this Midwest snow right now for a beach away from my laptop with a glass of whiskey.

  • Nick Ault

    Week long snowmobile trip with beer wings/ribs and hot tubs at the end of every day.

  • Hawaii, because it’s Hawaii. Duh.

  • Maya Yoga

    My ideal vacation would be Goa India, Yoga every morning and beaches in the afternoon. Telume Mexico is a close second.

  • Kevin Rankin

    Glamis Sand Dunes with all my family and friends who ride, and a TF700 to keep us entertained on the drive there.

  • Champlification

    Getting snowed in with nothing to do but play video games.

  • All inclusive week in Cabo with some close friends!

  • TrevorSP

    Spending the week with my SO in a secluded location with a little Charlie Brown tree.

  • Jeffho

    Ultimately on a Cruise to anywhere but here.

  • Traveling to Europe and visiting all the breweries.

  • Sitting on a tropical beach somewhere, nice clear skies, and a calm, clear ocean with just gentle waves lapping up against the beach. I would have a tropical drink in my hand, take a sip, and turn to my wife, and say Merry Christmas, while my small children laugh and giggle playing on the beach.

  • Slot_Machine

    lots and lots of crabs. and beer.

    • Sex or Food? If both HEY i don’t judge. XD

      • Slot_Machine

        hmmm one is deicious and the other comes from a great time..hmmmm….. BOTH PLEASE!

  • Jordan Epps

    Skiing somewhere in mornings, then flying to a tropical island and spending the rest of the day on the beach! And on my flights, I’ll be using a Transformer Infinity that I won from droid life (crossing fingers). It’s a dream alright.

  • rlorenz

    My ideal winter vacation would be relaxing on a beach in the southern hemisphere!

  • Todd Young

    Hawaii. Doesn’t matter where, just Hawaii.

  • Corey Foltman

    a month without seeing anyone that i work with would be perfect!

  • just 24 hrs with my wife cause deployments suck

  • pooh

    skiing, skiing and more skiing

  • Stephen Ta

    eating and sleeping in all day is my ideal vacation.

  • Going back to tahiti and visiting the island of bora bora, we hit morea and tahiti on our honeymoon but not that island. For a winter themed vacation though a cruise tour of Alaska would be amazing.

  • pezjono

    Driving up to Flagstaff AZ for some snowboarding, then back into Phoenix to warm up with some bar hopping.

  • eclect1c

    Touring all the best snowboarding locations in the world.

  • Devon Delcourt

    Snowboarding in Colorado

  • Jeff Ayers

    To party with you guys at CES. Obviously

  • Getaway in the Swiss Alps! then down to Amsterdam for some comfort. =)

  • Anywhere, I just want to be around family including my fiance, with a chrome book under the tree, oh and a transformer pad, galaxy note II, a stable 4.2 rom for my gsIII, and I want instagram back…. not too much to ask for right?

  • playing tennis

  • I would love to go to Phoenix to see my Brother and my new Nephew that I haven’t met!

  • Matthew Hays

    Morning of skiing in fresh powder with only my wife and me, followed by an afternoon at an indoor water park with the kids. Capped off with a bottle of scotch and my pipe.

  • Somewhere warm where the staff treat my boyfriend and I like royalty!

  • Chad Erisman

    Mountain cabin with plenty of snow outside and warm fire inside to spend with my wife and little ones.

  • Ultimate would have to include skiing down awesome slopes directly in to hot tubs filled with floating plates of steak with a beer hat on. Oh yeah, “the final countdown” would be playing as a theme song.

  • Dan Cole

    2 weeks on a cruise ship in the Caribbean

  • Getting away from snow… especially in late January/early February. New Zealand sounds nice.

  • Alaskan cruz to see the landscape.

  • CoryDobak

    My ultimate winter get-away would be some really really cold country (Thinking Scandinavian country here), with my wife, at a hotel with a view.

    Sipping on Cocoa, feeling the warmth of the fireplace, and staring out into the cold winter wonderland, with my wife.


    I’d like to sail a boat out the the great barrier reef. Scuba dive and take in the amazing underwater scenery. Take a tour of the opera house and maybe a museum. Surf up and down the coastline while stopping at amazing seafood restaurants. Maybe a walkabout with my girl and some kangaroos!

  • Going to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert where Jesus is singing lead vocals, and I’m hammered drunk.

  • I’d rent a sick house in coasta rica and surf/relax all week. Snow? No thanks!

  • Rural Hawaii, soaking up the sun and surf, kicking back in the lazy beach lifestyle and getting away from it all.

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Taking a tour of Spain, enjoying the wine

  • Doug


  • Matolan

    Spending the holidays with the family in a cabin in Yosemite. The tablet would help entertain my 9 month old on the long drive up.

  • Mt Hood in Oregon.. Half of my family is there now.. I was short on time off so I couldn’t make it.

  • Eddie

    Visiting my Cousin Clark in Chicago, parking my RV on his driveway where my wife Katherine and I would stay while the kids shack up in Clark’s house. Drinking egg nog in my leisure suit and eating a jello mold with cat food in it. Then of course delivering Clark’s boss tied up with a big red bow as a last minute Christmas gift.

  • Charles Braswell

    I think taking my daughter and wife to Disney World or Disney Land would be pretty sweet!

  • Left in a lodge with family whilst snow falls outside.

  • SD_Scott

    Ultimate winter vacation would be a trip to the Bourbon Trail in KY with 4 of my closest friends. Would like to fly out on a red-eye Wednesday night, sample bourbon for two days in a camouflage limo, attend a UK basketball game on Saturday, lick my wounds and make it home on Sunday. Boomslam!

  • TheCarbonPatriot

    the Philippines! to visit family

  • Eldorath

    Ultimate winter vacation… Hmm… I’m thinking a trip to Hawaii… 🙂 (My wife vouches for that as well 😉

  • bodotdot

    The ultimate winter vacation consists of a warm beach, blue water and the time to enjoy it.

  • Being snowed in anywhere with a group of those lady models from those tech shows that can’t really explain what they’re modeling for. Yummm.

  • Jason

    Chilling at home Grizzwald style

  • Going some place snowy, but that had a big fireplace and indoor activities. Oh yeah and gotta have wifi.

  • violator702

    Going somewhere tropical and watching hot girls in bikinis play volleyball, while I sip on some umbrella drinks.

  • Douglas Lin

    snowboarding in the rockies!

  • Rastor0

    I’m simple, I’m happy to be able to relax at home with my family and a nice Android tablet.

  • wheineman

    My ultimate vacation would go like this… I wake up and sitting on my nightstand is a pair of Android powered Oakley Airwave Goggles resting on top of a plane ticket to Vail Colorado. I fly out that morning (on Virgin for good WiFi all the way!) and immediately hit the slopes. But I notice that something is off, there is nobody else on the hill…I HAVE THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN TO MYSELF!!! Afterwards, I retire to a local bar to enjoy some craft brews…That would be awesome!

  • ChuckDz3

    The best winter vacation would be skiing in the Rockies and drinking and hanging out with friends at a cabin that we would rent near the slopes.

  • going to tropical island and enjoy the traditional food & drink …

  • Andilicious217

    If we ever get more snow here, I will spend it snowmobiling.

  • Going to the Super Bowl!

  • Snowboarding!

  • Gage

    Go to the Australian outback and get away from everything and just enjoy life for what it is.

  • Mike Yost

    I would love to visit a winter wonderland. I know every is probably going to talk about going somewhere warm but I would love nothing more than to be stuck inside in the middle of a blizzard. I don’t think kids these days are ever going to know how amazing a white Christmas can be with nothing to do but listen to music and be with the ones you love.

  • Relaxing on top of Mount Everest!!

  • JP

    Eskimo expedition in Alaska

  • hatboysam

    Sitting on my couch playing with my new Transformer Pad Infinity… sorry to be honest.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of no snow!!! I hate Colorado

  • fixxxer3838

    A nice hideaway in Amsterdam to forget all of my worries.

  • The location varies but my ultimate winter vacation always include an outdoor bar and a beach.,

  • Snowboard with friends during the day and party at night. Lake Tahoe here I hope to come.

  • Sam Paasch

    Old fashioned Christmas weekend, complete with a log cabin with the family. Fireplace with popcorn, a Christmas tree, carols around the piano, show outside, everyone sleeping in the living room with the fireplace blazing.

  • Probably consist of hitting the slopes in Colorado with family!

  • I would love to go back to Colombia for the holidays. As a kid I remember it wasn’t so much of a family experience as much as a neighborhood experience. Plus I still have some family I haven’t seen in years and I need to show off my daughter to the relatives.

  • David

    My ideal winter vacation is spending quality with the people I love.

  • David Sellars

    A quiet trip to a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, to watch it snow and sit by the fire with my family.

  • Dee Mann

    Spending the month down in Ensanada because down there winter is so much warmer 😉

  • Kevin Mills

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go to New Zealand and walk the path to Mordor. Yea I’m a geek, but New Zealand is also incredibly beautiful.

  • Going somewhere that has actual, live, natural snowy landscapes. Don’t care where, really, just kind of tired of SoCal.

  • kyrios

    I’d like to experience a traditional Christmas in either Paris or Rome.

  • On the beach in the Mexican Riviera or Barcelona. Spain.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would take me somewhere warm, such as the Caribbean. Bahamas! I would kayak through mangrove swamps, go scuba diving in ship wrecks and get a nice winter tan.

  • Austin

    Taking my entire family to Costa Rica and spending Christmas on the West Coast in Jaco.

  • Meltdown07

    A cruise in the Bahamas!

  • Flying to New Zealand and motorcycling for at least a week.

  • Susan Shambaugh

    Going back to Germany to visit my parents and spending Christmas with them. 🙂

  • Rodeojones000

    I live in northwestern Wisconsin, so my ultimate winter vacation would be somewhere warm, like a cruise to Hawaii or the Caribbean.

  • AranelAlasse

    The ultimate winter vacation would be to go somewhere warm enough that I miss all the snow. I’m not too picky where, other than it would be great if it were with friends or family.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be a cruise with my whole family to someplace tropical!

  • Brandon Breslin

    Hangin’ out on a cruise on my way to the Bahamas!

  • Themanhere10

    Going back to New Zealand and staying forever.

  • Going on a cruise just because I’ve never been on one.

  • Xavier Davis

    Rooting a tablet, flashing 4.2 onto it, and photosphering Costa Rica.

  • Ultimate Christmas vacation is spending the week in Tahiti. Does it get better than that?

  • Patrick Maher

    A tour of Android HQ.

  • jahsoul

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of my family and I heading to North Pole, Alaska (I actually lived there) for a week and just enjoying the atmosphere up there.

  • Lester Washington

    A weekend stay in snowy Flagstaff,Az.

  • Sitting by the fireplace, sippin’ hot cocoa in Santa’s lodge, after a long day of snowboarding with the elves.

  • Jtay23

    Hitting MT HOOD for a weekend then mobbin down to MT Bachelor during the weekdays. Powder slayin all day.

  • EMcTx

    I would love to visit a far away country, like Australia or New Zealand.

  • antinorm

    Being as far away from the office as possible. Oh, and being near family and stuff.

  • chris125

    Skiing the slopes in the rockies

  • watching the droid life show on my new transformer pad infinity (if i won) and drinking an unbrella drink on some tropical beach

  • Steven Letourneau

    Skiing all day and drinking all night

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Chilling out in Dubai all expenses paid for eveything I do! 🙂

  • geedee82

    Livin it up in the Caribbean, partyin on the beach with all my family and friends!

  • Jay W.

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of my my family and I enjoying a remote beach in the southern hemisphere away from the cold, nasty, dreary Northeast where we live 😉

  • Dustin Billings

    Sleeping and Eating

  • Snow skiing in the ALPS

  • Ski lodge in the American Rockies with a large fireplace, bar, and hot tub.

  • Indian Rocks Beach, Fl. Its just south of Tampa and on the Gulf side. Its the perfect place to chill and relax.

  • Trip to Miami to watch Notre Dame in the National Championship Game.

  • chris jones

    I would go to L.A. for a week.

  • Duncan Manning

    Hanging by the fire with a new tablet to tinker with 🙂

  • Heading to Germany to spend time with family.

  • Spending time with my loved ones

  • Both liked on Facebook;

    My ultimate winter vacation would actually be somewhere cold. I’d love to have a quiet cabin in Alaska with a fireplace, plenty of alcohol, a hot tub, plenty of friends and plenty of electronic devices.

  • Being born and raised in San Diego, CA, I’ve never experienced a snowy Christmas. So mine would be spending the holidays in a cabin with family and friends somewhere on the east coast.

  • Anywhere sunny. It’s not always the location, it’s the company

  • Would love to take the wife to Hawaii or the Caribbean. Anywhere warmer than montana. 🙂

  • WAldenIV

    A month on the beach in Belize. “Can you Belize it!?”

  • David Moylan

    staying right where i am with my wife and kids. everyday is a vacation with them 🙂

  • Going back to Ireland for a month and seeing my family would be fantastic. Spend the nights warming our bellies with whiskey and the days spamming Google+ with the pictures I’d be shooting.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Going back to Hawai’i where I got married 🙂 Although I don’t know how our baby girl would behave during the trip from the East coast…

  • Kyle Stambler

    Camping in the woods, away from all the tech for a while

  • Matthew Majeika

    Quiet resort in New Hampshire near a fireplace.

  • adinfinitum

    Skiing Colorado with family

  • MY, ultimate winter vacation begins looking out the frosted window pane of my cozy home while the larger than life snow flakes float the the snow covered ground. I’m thinking about my new Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller….AND HOW COOL IT WOULD BE TO BE USING IT ON A WHITE SANDY BEACH WITH THE CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE OCEAN AS MY LIVE BACKGROUND BEHIND IT WHILE I SIP MY CORONA AND TOAST DROID LIFE and NVIDIA! Now, that is a vacation!

  • Zach Karabatsos

    Trip to Maui for 2 weeks of NOTHING

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be taking a trip to Lake Tahoe with some friends.

  • ryank25

    Skiing whistler in BC, Canada.

  • humidity

    Snowboarding in the alps!

  • Riding the rides at Disneyland Clom

  • CM

    On the beach somewhere warm and sunny with all the people I love.

  • whosinaname

    Staying at one of those “Ice Hotels” where the hotel is made of Ice and you sleep in a bed with tons of blankets.

  • aholland1

    An expedition to the North Pole or the South Pole to hang with the penguins sounds pretty epic. Also, this is a fantastic tablet. I’d love to give one to my wife and upgrade her Galaxy Tab 10.1! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  • An around-the-world climbing trip.

  • Derick Mc.

    Well being from the Northwest, I’m sick of cold weather and snow. I think I’d head down to Texas and spend the holidays with my brother out on the lake catching some trophy bass!

  • Daniel Aceves

    I have always wanted to take my girlfriend to Hawaii I think that would be awesome

  • Corey Smith

    My winter vacation would be Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go.

  • J. Wolf

    Warm beach for Christmas eve and magically transported into my bed so when I wake up on Christmas, I’m home!

  • Scott Arbaugh

    Regardless if it’s winter or any other season, I’d love to take my wife and kids to Disney World, and only them… no in-laws allowed ; P

  • I don’t mind the winter, I like the snow. I’d love to be skiing in Vermont. Or anywhere, really.

  • i’d like to go to tahiti

  • Mine would be a Hawaiian family Christmas.


    I’d like to sail a boat out the the great barrier reef. Scuba dive and take in the amazing underwater scenery. Take a tour of the opera house and maybe a museum. Surf up and down the coastline while stopping at amazing seafood restaurants. Maybe a walkabout with my girl and some kangaroos!

  • Kaleb Knightley

    Snow gear $250

    Snowboard $400

    Plane ticket to AK $500

    Ripping up fresh Alaskan mountain powder from a helicopter drop..


  • Icehunter

    Ultimate winter vacation would be one by the pool in Waikiki with an adult beverage in my hand and an android tablet in my lap.

  • David Simmons

    Well, I already live in San Diego, and my parents will be in town visiting, so I guess the only thing that could make it better would have been if my idiot brother chose to treat my nephews to a vacation in California instead of Tennessee. .

  • Terry Poulin

    Being with my Firefly and staying in a warm, comfy cabin together for the vacation. With fast Internets for movie streaming.

  • Joshua Casey

    I live in Colorado so I get snow every year. I’d like to head someplace warm like Hawaii so I could swim in a warm ocean on Christmas day!

  • MITBeta

    Bareboat sailing charter in the British Virgin Islands…

  • Alex Layton

    Being anywhere my extended family isn’t.

  • Did it a couple of years ago- Whistler Canada @ the 4 seasons for a week. Zip lining, ATVing, an amazing vacation!

  • bartclantrash

    Ultimate vacation? Skiing in the Colorado Rockies. I miss the snow here in Hawaii!

  • alexnazarov

    Eating holiday street food in Eastern Europe.

  • My ideal winter vacation? Sitting on a beach in some tropical locale with almost nobody around. Like renting an island in the Fijis.

  • Caleb Poe

    Snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado for a weekend with the wife!

  • Taking my wife anywhere tropical because she deserves it!

  • Definitely to go to the Cayman Islands with a few of my close friends. Non-stop scuba diving and drinks on the beach

  • Mchl496

    Ultimate Winter vacation… Going to the Google Campus 😉

  • Florida!!

  • Jim Vitatoe

    Love to tour Alaska in the winter time. Beaurifull state.

  • Sam

    Snowboarding. Anywhere out west or BC.

  • Geoff Johnson

    A trip to the Bahamas!

  • DanWazz

    Going to London and getting pissed in every pub I can find.

  • Matt Digilio

    Being able to take all of my family to Colorado where the snow fresh and the air is crisp.

  • The mountains of Colorado with the love of my life. Just like I’m about to do next week. Can’t wait!

  • Ryan McFadden

    Going to a nice warm beach until Christmas eve and then going back to the snow for Christmas day.

  • Going to Germany to visit my girlfriend.

  • ynksbsbll2

    A trip out to Denver with a buddy where I can stay for free with my godfather and then also snowboard for free because he works for the ski patrol. Still haven’t done it and I don’t know why.

  • JoshGroff

    A trip to Florida to visit my grandmother that I haven’t seen since she moved ~ 6 years ago.

  • Skiing in Aspen, CO.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Getting the NHL back on the ice and visiting Minnesota with my wife to see a Dallas Stars vs Minnesota Wild game in the Stars old stomping grounds. That or a typical European vacation get away that includes skiing in the alps. That’ll do too!

  • David Chlastosz

    Warm beaches and a cold adult beverage!

  • Buried in a new Transformer Pad:)

  • Mike Davenport

    Give me someplace warm – an all inclusive in Cancun should do the trick. Beer.

  • Hawaii

  • Muddy B00ts

    Gotta be Brazil. Nothing like enjoying winter by going somewhere where it’s Summer.

  • Michael Forte

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go to California to see family.

  • sirmeili

    My ultimate winter vacation is a week in the mountains with my whole (extended) family. I am hoping to do this in the next few years. I just have to save up to pay for every one’s travel and expenses 🙂

  • GuidZilla

    Being that I live in Wisconsin… going back to Jamaica(went for honeymoon).

  • Jeff Cauley


  • Lounging on the beaches of St. Thomas and getting smashed with their infamous “Bushwhackers”.

  • Jimmy Kim

    My ultimate winter vacation would be reuniting with my mother in South Korea who I haven’t seen in 10 years. I would like for my wife and two loving sons to meet mother in law and grandma fie the first time.

    • Jimmy Kim


  • Gabriel Hart

    Staying home, chilling with the family (and crack-flashing ROMs)

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be traveling to Australia and experiencing warm weather while it’s cold everywhere else!!

  • slider112

    Lake Tahoe, Heavenly/Squaw Valley ski trip, 1 week, first chair to last chair every day.

  • MIke

    Well, I ski all the time where I live so that probably something warm. A beach in the caribbean would be nice.

  • mikeym0p

    The mountains in Cali, snowboarding for hours a day just to come home and kick it in a Jacuzzi with me and a handful of friends.

  • boardindude

    It would definitely be a week long trip snowboarding somewhere!

  • Going up to the Rockies and skiing for days on end. If only it would snow.

  • Staying home and relaxing. For a month

  • Nicholassss

    Winter mountain hiking.

  • Snowmobiling in northern Wisconsin. Which I’m doing this weekend.

  • Ultimate Winter Vacation would be experiencing a REAL winter… in Antarctica….

  • Michael

    Sitting home and watching the snow pile up outside of my house from my window with a cup of coffee knowing that i won’t have to go into work that day

  • Old poopy

    A ski vacation in the alps, with a lodge with a big fireplace with all my favorite beers and friends to hang with!

  • David Lutz

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a return trip to Hawaii where my wife and I lived when we were first married. A cruise around all the main islands, plus an extra week on Oahu to visit old stomping grounds.

  • Finding out if I’m on the deans list, and then heading up to Bretton Woods with my wife and kids for some fun in the snow.

  • Going to the Googleplex!

  • Going to Vail Colorado to do some bowl skiing. Then fly to Hawaii and relax on the white sand beach.

  • Jeff Broders

    Somewhere with a beach. Mexico or Hawaii. Anywhere to get away from the blizzard.

  • JagQpopZ24

    Just spending any time with my family away from work. Ideally snowboarding anywhere (still a novice). Or somewhere warm, Florida or Hawaii, so I can tease all the extended family I have in the cold Midwest.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    The ultimate winter vacation is spent on a nice tropical island enjoy some music, a warm breeze, and a fine cocktail. My favorite right now is Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. For Christmas though, there is no place like home.

  • I live in the Northeast, but I’m from the Pacific Northwest. Either way, I’ve lived in dank, cold winters. My winter vacation would be a trip to the Caribbean starting Friday to watch the reset of the Mayan Calendar in Cancun. The rest would be rum-filled sun-soaked awesomeness.

  • Neil Lund

    A trip to Hawaii with a small handful of Android friends.

  • Cabin at Lake Tahoe. Gambling, skiing, scopin’ out snowbunnies.

  • Fredy Nativi

    Snow, mountain, snowboard, hot chocolate and my wife and son

  • Matthew Rose

    Hot Cocoa, an out of the way cabin with my three kids and beautiful wife and a fireplace.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of going to Italy with my wife and kids.

  • I’ll just be happy with the week and a half off I have to spend with family.

  • Heli-skiing in the Utah backcountry then spending each night editing and posting gopro videos with a Transformer Pad Infinity :]

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to go somewhere with a bunch of snow… All the snow even.

    That’s all I’ve come up with but at that snowy place, all sorts of good times would happen I’m sure.

  • Somewhere, anywhere where it’s WARM!

  • ProfessAndObey

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a snowboarding trip to Telluride, CO with a room on the slopes.

  • Yau Ben

    Crazy shopping at Portland for a week and back to Vancouver for Christmas. After that, go for northern light trip for another WEEK! Then school starts…..(:

  • dave vitti

    i’d like to go to Lake Tahoe…with the fellas only…leaving our wives, girlfriends and kiddos home so we can dominate the p0w! and dominate the night life… 😉

  • bigslam123

    Hit me up with some Tegra loving big daddy.

  • goteamtim

    Lake Tahoe for a week in a log cabin with my best friends!

  • zakry obrien

    Laying in front of a warm fire all day and drinking coco

  • Geovany Hernandez

    Going to Spain to do participate in La Tomatina and the running of the bulls.

  • Jacque Strapp

    The same thing I do every winter, try to take over the world.

  • Anything that consists of time away from work spent with my family.

  • Chillin with family and friends wherever.

  • azholio

    Winter sucks. After a few years of South and North Dakota winters I’ve had enough of them for a lifetime. Once I become obscenely wealthy I’ll do the Endless Summer and go back and forth the equator and never see another winter unless it’s on MY TERMS!

  • ejtsang

    Ski trip at Whistler-Blackcomb or Mammoth!

  • kam

    going to hawaii and eat some macademia nuts and enjoy the sunshine..

  • strozykowski

    My ultimate winter vacation would be simple: Not having to go to work, and plenty of time to reset my brain.

    Location is irrelevant in this scenario.

  • Eric Soriano

    Spending time with my wife and my 3 & 4 year olds!

  • Travis Faulkner

    Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Driving through the mountains in a convertible with the heat cranked and rock hopping at Chimney Tops.

  • My dream vacation would be glass side tickets to the winter classic, too bad there isnt one this year. Stupid NHL.

  • duke69111

    Snowmobiling and skiing in the rockies.

  • Edson

    my ultimate vacation would consist of spending the entire month of the 2014 world cup in Brazil. seeing every USA game and going to the final game in Rio de Janeiro. and if possible meeting my favorite legend “Pele”

  • Vegas Baby! Fun in the desert is the perfect winter getaway. Stay at a great strip hotel like Planet Hollywood, catch the Beatles Love show at the Mirage, have a great dinner at the Voodoo on top of the Rio. Head downtown for some old school gambling and hit it big by the time the sun comes up!

  • Just going up to big bear mountain and renting a cabin with the family than onto skiing and at the end of the day some hot chocolate 🙂

  • drewbie_al

    My winter vacation would be going to see the Winter Classic… oh, wait, damn you NHL and NHLPA!

  • snow boarding and hot tubs!

  • JP Dy

    Hawaii…Sun and Beach

  • David Oliver

    A week on Tybee Island, GA with the family…and my Galaxy Note 2 of course!

  • A tropical island with my wife and a open bar.

  • A very looooong all-inclusive tropical cruise with lots of interesting stops and pretty people to look at!

  • Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobile riding, and a warm fire and hot chocolate at the end of the day.

  • Going to Alaska and go camping in a totally remote and isolated place.

  • hurric

    oh I never take winter vacations. I haven’t been but I suppose I’d have to go up to Whistler and do snowboarding there for first time even though I only live 2 hours away and then get into hot tub.

  • Mike54321


  • Duggleass

    An ideal winter vacation would be traveling with my fiance across England, Ireland and Scotland with a bag full of gear and a nice Canon slung from my neck catching villages, mountains, hills, oceans and castles covered in ice and snow. It would be even better if I had a transformer pad to check all my images from each night of vacation. Then again, that’s why it would be the “ideal winter vacation” right?

  • supermiah

    Hot Chocolate + Couch + Sports on TV + Transformer Infinity = Happiness

  • E Diddy

    Ultimate Winter Vacation would be going to an upscale ski lodge with a bunch of friends. Drinking, skiing, eating, and hittin’ up the hot tub… and possibly a hot chick or two. Yep… sign me up.

  • shehippie

    On a sunny beach anywhere in the world. A drink in one hand, my phone in the other reading all the latest news from Droid Life!

  • Usty

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to leave the friggin cold and dark northeast and head to a nice warm sandy beach somewhere I have never been like Costa Rica.


    I’d like to sail a boat out the the great barrier reef. Scuba dive and take in the amazing underwater scenery. Take a tour of the opera house and maybe a museum. Surf up and down the coastline while stopping at amazing seafood restaurants. Maybe a walkabout with my girl and some kangaroos!

  • Steve

    Visiting Scotland to see the sights of my girlfriend’s birthplace!!

  • Alex Ferrer

    going to the moon and shredding all those craters and drifting around in a moon buggy
    talk about a winter wonderland at -173 C

  • Kevin Rees

    Trekking from south africa to north western africa with my wife and my dog in an old toyota land cruiser 4×4! Perfect!

  • derek connolly

    An all inclusive hiking trip to Skyrim. Included in this trip: Start your morning off with breakfast for 2 in the town of Ivarstead. After finishing up your grilled horker, your guide (the Dragonborn) will take you on an all day hike to the highest peak in all of Tamriel (known as the Throat of the World). Mid-day activities include hunting trolls, and an afternoon lunch with the GreyBeards in High Hrothgar. Evening plans for this trip include studying your Thu’um with Paarthurnax, and finish off the day with a bloody battle to the death with Alduin on top of the mountain. (This trip contain’s no cash value. Weapons and potions not included.)

  • engwalker

    Going camping with my family somewhere with snow, but not too cold.

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Going somewhere warm.

  • knappyroot

    Take the family to a beach with my toes in the sand and a cold drink in my hand.

  • Bobby Z

    An Alaskan Cruise!!! Always wanted to take one and I have heard such great things about them!

  • Volunteering in Honduras for 2 weeks 🙂 with no phone or internet connection

  • jonathon johnston

    Week in the Colorado Rockies, relaxing in a hot tub on the back deck of a cabin with my girlfriend and some “spiced cider”

  • Go to Old Trafford in England to watch a Barclay’s premier league game. Go Red Devils

  • A month in Hawaii with nothing to do.

  • Seattle winter is cold, wet and grey. My idea of a winter vacation is somewhere warm and sunny like the beaches of Hawaii, Bali, or Rio

  • Backpacking through South America.

  • Ashish Raj

    My ultimate winter vacation would be visit Machu Picchu after Dec 21st, 2012!!! 🙂

  • Josh White

    I just like spending time with family, no matter where that is?

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be a trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii for a nice stress free island Christmas.

  • Ernesto Gonzales

    My ideal winter vacation would be an all inclusive vacation to Jamaica and enjoy a break from the cold weather. Laying on the beach all day enjoying the sun.

  • Nothing like a winter vacation on Ipanema Beach in Rio !!

  • Br_d
  • jtennyck

    Canadian Deer Hunting Trip

  • B J Books

    Jamaica. Some all-inclusive resort. I hate the cold.

  • Since I live in a cold, wintery state, and have seen plenty of “white” Christmases, I’d love to vacation on the beaches of Hawaii for once!

  • Taking my wife and two boys to a Winter resort consisting of snowmobiling (me), spa treatments(wife), and sledding (my boys).

  • gammaecho

    A foot of snow outside. A warm fire and electricity to play games all day.

  • Ben Johnson

    My ultimate winter vacation consists of heading out to Summit County, CO, renting a condo for a week, and hitting up all the big mountains after a few fresh inches of powder.

  • Evil-D

    scuba diving in the south pacific

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    Anywhere there is good beer, good food and I don’t have to drive.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Cross-country skying in Banff National Park in Canada.

  • rubthebuddha

    A couple weeks in Breckenridge. I’ve been there 5-6 times, and it’s fantastic.

  • Going to China has been my ultimate dream!….Learning more about their culture and seeing all the awesome architecture would be amazing!…Id love to win an all expenses paid vacation there but this tablet will do, i can use it to watch pics of China at least lol jk….Please pick me!, It would make my entire Xmas!! 🙂

  • Staying in a log cabin out in Flagstaff, AZ. Snow all over the place. Spending time with my wife and just snuggling up to a nice warm fireplace with a roaring fire.

  • Back to The Keys where I used to visit when I lived in West Palm County. I could think of more exotic places, but the dog goes everywhere with us, so I figure that would be perfect mix of weather, scenery and convenience

  • jaredgreenwald

    Just spending time with my wife and kids wherever.

  • ben

    Living up north I would have to say renting a cabin on a lake is probably the best time. Sledding and ice fishing are where it is at.

  • sogajeffrey

    Going to taiwan and visiting all my relatives 🙂

  • Phillip Grose

    Beach Warm, with the kids and the wife just having fun in like Jamaica. Please now. Can i go? Thanks for the contest!

  • TokyNeg

    Hanging at the Alps with my pal Christian Grey and his wife. and just kicking it at the clubs and stuff.

  • Sitting on a warm beach anywhere, drinking an ice cold Shiner Bock.

  • Ultimate winter vacation: Anywhere that it is 80+ degrees with white sand and sea water where I can wade out to my shoulders and still see my feet at the bottom.

  • Christmas in Victorian London… with The Doctor!

  • Sherman J. Buster

    My ultimate winter vacation would be either not leaving the house for a few weeks, just enjoying some family time or getting to go to CES in January.

  • Locking myself at home and not coming out until April

  • The moon! First droid in space!

  • It would just consist of time that I don’t have to spend working.

  • Ultimate winter vacation? A month at home. Work has been… never-ending, and there’s a lot of things I want to do that I haven’t had time for. Plus, I’m a homebody.

  • I’ve never left the country, so maybe a trip to Europe would be nice.

  • sam_evans7

    Time to install at least a dozen ROMs on my new Note II! #androidnerd

  • Going on a christmas cruise with my family to the Caribbean!

  • Alexander H

    Beach vacation down in the bahamas

  • Driving from Tennessee to Iowa for nephew’s first Christmas. Then firing up the wifi hotspot, connecting a tablet so my wife can find a hotel after we get snowed in on the interstate during this week’s impending blizzard!

  • A two-week long Mediterranean cruise.

  • Andries Menko

    Not much of a fan of snow…I would probably take the wife and kids to California and view the mountains. Head to the beach while bundled up and make a bonfire till the sun comes up. Sounds like fun.

  • Being on an island with a cold Corona in hand. Bahamas would be ideal!

  • Masta Marc

    I would love to spend my winter in Tibet. I know it’s cold meets cold… But we don’t have mountains where i live! Would be amazing.

  • will bartlett

    i would love to go back to cancun

  • Paul J.

    anywhere with the sun shining, warm weather, and white sandy beaches with crystal clear water…and all my most beloved family members and friends relaxing and enjoying not having to work or worry about reality!!!

  • buck4225

    My ultimate winter vacation would be Whistler for a few days, then ski Tahoe for a few days, then shoot to Colorado for a week. Seeing as how the only skiing Ive ever done is on a glorified hill, this would be awesome.

    Instead my actual winter vacation is going to be visiting Portland tomorrow for 4 days.

  • Dave Miller

    Nothing would beat hanging out with some turtles on the Galapagos Islands 🙂

  • Patrick Sterenchuk

    My ultimate winter vacation would be a month in some lodge…Utah, Montana, Colorado, etc…with good friends and family. Hiking, writing, resting. Perfect.

  • Thomas

    A trip to Florida with my new family – I’m getting married in January. Better throw in a day at the Googleplex too!

  • rhyno335

    Going back home to the Philippines, bringing all my relatives from all over the world back to the homeland, and spending time with family who I haven’t seen in a long time. Spending the holidays with family and friend.

  • Backpacking around New Zealand. It’s summer out there!

  • Going to Hawaii, learning to scuba dive with my friend who knows how to scuba, read a good book, enjoy the sunset and warmth, try some of the local cuisine.

  • Captain_Doug

    Going down to Zion national park and camping.

  • Frogskins

    Ultimate winter vacation would be in Aspen with the family for Christmas

  • Snowboarding and Hennessy!

  • Yarsh

    Living in Phoenix, my ideal winter vacation would be the opposite of most: A nice lengthy trip to the snow, several days of skiing and playing in the snow, and several more days of relaxing by the fire or in a hot tub…

  • Koosh808

    Going someplace tropical where it’s nice and warm.

  • Getting snowed in with my wife and spending my days doing the only thing we can do. If you know what I mean… cannibalizing her slowly to stay alive.

  • Something simple… Easter Island, Bora Bora, Fiji, New Zealand and Tasmania

  • A cup of hot cocoa and Halo 4 #NERDSTATUS

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Snow bird’ing down in AZ.

  • James Jeffery

    Spending some time in a cabin in Aspen. Skiing, hot cocoa, a hot fire, and of course family.

  • cns2007

    Just simply spending time with my wife and kids, all safe and happy.
    Unfortunately there are some that can’t have that this season. My prayers go out to them.

  • Going to Disneyland and then Legoland and ALL THE LANDS

  • Justin Bowers

    My winter vacation would be to be at a beach house in northern Cali, sitting in a hot tub, drink wine and listening to the waves roll in with friends and family

  • My ideal vacation would consist of a trip somewhere up north with sledding and such. I dont get to see real snow often, so it would be nice to be able to play in it and then leave once I’m tired of it.

  • Heb

    Hitting the Colorado slopes with my family and enjoying reading DROID LIFE on my new Transformer Pad sitting by the fire in the evening.

  • ScoobaStv

    being anywhere but in the snowy state of maine…id love some warmer/milder weather right now

  • Caribbean Cruise with lots of food!

  • DodgerDroid

    Go hang out by the beach and the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico while sippin on some brews in the sunny weather 🙂

  • Paulo

    Anywhere far away from my family and computers

  • Jon Flikkema

    A snowmobile excursion across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • evltwn

    2 weeks in Hawaii, all expenses paid.

  • Neil Ostrander

    A combination of NYC and DisneyWorld.

  • Taking the family to Disney World to escape NorthEast Ohio’s wintery grasp would be the ultimate winter vacation.

  • Kevin Moses

    Australia. I hate the cold.

  • John-Mark Clawson

    Going to the French alps for food, rest and fun in the snow.

  • benjamin forehand

    Some Place really cold with a lot of hills and skiing/snowboarding.

  • Brian Ruden

    ski lodge, drinks, no where to go and nothing to do

  • Abbie Rosario

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of being able to be family. No more vacation days available, so no family to be seen this year.

  • Andrew Robitaille

    Ice fishing in the great North woods of Maine.

  • Head over to Jamaica and spend Christmas on the beach!

  • zial

    A cruise to Antarctica!

  • Trip to Mordor in New Zealand with my wife and child.

  • shdowman

    Being able to take the whole family to New York at Christmastime.

  • logan3414

    Mine would consist of going to a nice tropical resort to relax by the ocean and enjoy time with friends/family.

  • Private cabin in Maine.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to have more than one day off for Christmas

  • Mas21

    I believe the ultimate winter vacation would be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains (perhaps Colorado) where my family and I could enjoy some great skiing/snowboarding. Hot Chocolate will make a few appearances as well.

  • I’d spend three days in the mountains in Utah skiing, and then the rest of the week in a hot-tub with a drink to recover while watching Christmas Movies.

  • Cruise to Bermuda

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to rent a cabin that’s surrounded by snow topped mountains…with great people, a warm fireplace, and delicious comfort food.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be spending about a full week at Christmas with my family. It could be anywhere as long as I don’t have to go to work.

  • Cabin in the woods with my two favorite girls (my gf and future step-daughter), a nice fire, good music, and plenty of wifi to play on the TF700 I won from Droid Life. 😛

  • Bobby A

    Ultimate vacation would be either San Diego for the beach or Vegas for new years.

  • dhirensavalia

    Sitting in a state-of-the-art cabin, where it is snowing beautifully. Then I would go outside and play in the snow. I love piece and quiet, so this is really my dream for any vacation.

  • M Kassel

    Ultimate Winter Vacation would be on a sandy beach in Hawaii.

  • riding powder with my boys in utah

  • Mack

    Snowbording some sweet back country in Austria or Canada!!

  • hisasi

    eat. sleep. internet.

    (I live in northern Minnesota).

  • My ultimate vacation would be going up the north pole and snow board with santa and then go back to his cabin and drink hot coco

  • MiXoLoGiSt

    My ultimate winter vacation would be flying my parents and my brother and i out to MD (where my sister and my nieces and nephews live) so we can all spend a Christmas together for the first time in the last 16 (or more) years.

  • Ryan

    Anywhere, including my house, with my family

  • learning how to snowboard in Aspen, CO

  • cloud36426

    Going to Switzerland

  • Earl Echols

    Las Vegas for a weekend; girlfriend and myself.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Alaska. ‘Nough said.

  • cdurex

    Would love to go to Bora Bora! Rocking the Sun. In the middle of nowhere 😛

  • subiedude85

    Ireland. Cold but beautiful and plenty of pubs to keep you warm.

  • TechTitan

    I hate the cold so the beaches of Aruba, jet skiing and scuba diving would be perfect for me!

  • kraymanbauer

    Somewhere like Alaska would be great. I would love to see what it would be like to have 24 hours of night and during the other season 24 hours of light. Of course my family and our family of devices would be in tow

  • Byron Galvez

    Going to any Caribbean island as long as the weather is warm and the beers are cold.

  • TimXer

    Snowshoe, WVa – nice chalet at the bottom of the hill w/ a life sized fireplace – skiing/tubing w/wife & kids

  • Shayyan Arshad

    The glorious mountains of the himalayas!

  • Bryan Saroza

    my ultimate winter vacation would be spending time with my new family. and receiving a new tablet

  • A month in Tahoe – holed up in a cabin, skiing all day and lounging in front of the fire all night.

  • Dan Tillman

    My ultimate winter vacation would consistent of being able to go home with all my family back up to Wisconsin from florida and having a big family Christmas with everyone there.

  • seanrobot

    sleeping & dranks!

  • Chazzhd3rd

    Camping with friends in the NC Mountains with a bag of “Fun”, junk food and music

  • Sending the kids away to family for a few days, being able to sleep in till noon, and play games all day by myself!

  • H2Oyeah

    Ideal winter vacation is sitting at home and playing in the backyard with my son. Then warming up next to the fire pit.

  • StealieSubie

    sand, sun, waves, stiff drink

  • Taking my wife and son to Alaska!

  • Visiting family in Michigan

  • Legionaire

    Partying with Bunnies in Bunny Santa Clause Costumes @ the mansion

  • Perfect winter vacation would be a trip to Vancouver

  • I think the best vacation would be actually on a cruise ship to different countries so you aren’t bound to one location, preferably somewhere nice and sunny and warm….not too hot. Don’t forget the ladies, gotta have plenty of beautiful ladies around 🙂

  • Anywhere with a lot of snow. I live in East Texas seeing a White Christmas for more than one day and higher than 2 inches of snow would be awesome.

  • pran

    a chateau stay at Chamonix

  • J_Godd

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to go hiking in the Alpes

  • A two week tour of Italy or a one week trip down the Amazon river on a boat.

  • Christopher Mann

    Hmm ultimate winter vacation would be some where in the Colorado mountains on a desolate ski slope with fresh powder on the ground

  • Mike DeBlock

    Cabin in the middle of no where, surrounded by snow. Stocked with firewood and plenty of provisions. Then lots of snow shoeing and skiing around exploring the area.

  • Bangkok, Thailand. Visit The Grand Palace, King Prajadhipok Museum, Sanam Luang, e.g.
    Oh. I am dreaming. No vacation day.

  • mike h

    Beer, bbq, firepit

  • cross country trip on my Vespa and document the jorney with my Transformer pad!

  • Anything in the Caribbean!

  • Kiter86

    Going to Brazil for some great kiteboarding

  • steven sullivan

    Snowboarding with my family in Colorado.

  • Josh Parish

    I would love to learn how to ski or snowboard somewhere.

  • Sitting on the beach with some beers in Hawaii

  • …just being able to turn off my work phone.

  • papajohn

    snowboarding in Breckenridge, CO for a week or two!

  • Cliff_McAllister

    Tahoe with my family/friends when there’s actual snow… not that fake stuff they had last year.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would getting lost in a snowy wooded area where I have to fend for my self Bear Grylls style (but without the camera crew).

  • Ashley Horne

    Id like to take my kids to anywhere were there’s a lot of snow and a good plow truck nearby 😀

  • Tron_67

    As long as it involves skiing, it can be anywhere! Colorado would be best though.

  • Jim Gar

    I would say Canada is a great spot for winter vacation and hear its quite romantic. So would take my gf there and of course my brand new Asus Infinity Pad with dock! Well…thats if I win one…

  • Skiing in Switzerland!

  • Andrew Soderna

    headed to the upper peninsula of michigan…

  • This is a tough one. For me, I guess a nap. Been busy lately. For the Family, Disney to watch my 2.5 year old dance with Mickey Mouse.

  • Secluded bed and breakfast with my significant other and a new pad to watch movies on (with the kids at the grandparents)

  • bheider

    Heli-snowboarding in the mountains of chile.


    I’d like to sail a boat out the the great barrier reef. Scuba dive and take in the amazing underwater scenery. Take a tour of the opera house and maybe a museum. Surf up and down the coastline while stopping at amazing seafood restaurants. Maybe a walkabout with my girl and some kangaroos!

  • David Serrano

    Going someplace warm. Is Hawaii warm this time of year? How about Cancun? It’s only low 40’s here, but California has spoiled me.

  • Larry

    Sitting at home with absolutely nothing on my calendar to do.

  • KK

    I agree with Mona. Mammoth is awesome. Hoping to go and take my daughters for the first time.

  • Jason MacLean

    Anywhere warm, with no technology.

  • I’d like to spend it at home with my wife and not be on deployment now 3 years running. That’d be the best winter vacation 🙂

  • droyd4life

    Going to Colorado with my Girlfriend and taking photospheres with my Nexus 4 instead of skiing c:

  • Owen Harvey

    Going anywhere warm.

  • Raven

    An all inclusive Caribbean Cruise to Jamaica and back with just my wife, like our Honeymoon cruise, but without my family who decided that as long as we were all down in Corpus Christi for my wedding that they would also go on the same cruise.

  • Hesedguy

    Taking my wife to the Nutcracker in Seattle and hitting the slopes at Mammoth.

  • I want to spend my Christmas enjoying a mountain cabin surrounded by snow with my wife and kids.

  • Travis Knight

    I’d love to travel somewhere out of the US for a winter trip. Somewhere like Brazil sounds nice, maybe at a nude beach and far away from my nagging wife! 😀

  • Roswell Cummings

    lounging on a tropical sandy beach drinking/relaxing the days away

  • bryanmaple

    Considering the events of this past week, just spending time at home with my wife and kids will be the ultimate vacation for me…… of course playing Angry Birds Star Wars on my new Transformer – Please Pick Me!!!!!! 😉

    • Guest

      @c43a77de23f6cb88dc498225eacbad01:disqus you do know posting 100 times will not increase your chances of winning.

      • bryanmaple

        Huh?? I only have posted 1 time!

  • Renting a cabin with a bunch of friends and having a lot of liquor!

  • considering this year ,it would be a trip to see the mayan ruins in Xunantunich and palenque.

  • bamastang

    Going to Australia. Never been, and hey, it is summer there!!

  • I must say relaxing at home in San Diego is pretty nice – I don’t need cold weather!

  • Bill Georgen

    Anywhere I can ski and mountain bike. I would like to ski in the morning, rest in the afternoon and finish the day with a nice bike ride in the hills somewhere.

  • corgimas

    ultimate winter vacation would be heading up to visit family in Fairbanks Alaska in the dark and -40 degree weather!!!!!!

  • CapnShiner

    My perfect winter vacation would be a trip to Vegas for CES with tickets for every day of the expo and a suite at one of the big hotels, followed by a trip to Hawaii, a trip to the Caribbean, a Mediterranean cruise, or a Caribbean cruise. My girlfriend would be invited, of course.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Me, Skydiving toward Crystal Mountain and then pulling open my para shoot and releasing just in time to snowboard down the side of the mountain. All the while voice texting my family and friends using my android phone about not making it to the family get together because I’m “sick.”

    Best Vacation EVAR

  • Mike

    I’d take a month off and run around Japan, checking out every great restaurant I can find.

  • nsnsmj

    The ultimate winter vacation would be going to the north pole and replacing Saint Nick. Though I’d be the black version of Santa Claus — Papa Cause.

  • Ivan92116

    A trip Down Under

  • On a beach somewhere tropical wearing only a pair of sun glasses ,drinking on an ice cold glass of rum

  • delesh

    Traveling through Europe.

  • Driving an invisible car to an Ice Palace in Iceland.

  • Kpirate

    Drilling through an iceberg Minecraft style!

  • Long Tran

    Taking the whole Family and inlaws to Italy and visit the vacatican

  • David Hodge

    I would love to spend Christmas in Hawaii with my family laying on the beach

  • Rob

    Chillin in Fiji with my new tablet…

  • Kerry Davies

    Going up to portland on a BeerVenture!

  • Going anywhere that doesn’t get any colder than 80 during the day

  • Scuba diving and relaxing on the beaches in the Philippines..

  • Wishinitwas

    Being a New England-er It would be to stay in a cabin in up state VT. Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Micro Brews, Snow,, Trees!!!!!! maybe I have just been in NYC to long 😛

  • I would love to see an NHL game in Toronto, but we need the NHL back first.

  • Three weeks at Augusta with Tiger Woods.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be getting away to a beautiful tropical island, like Palau where I could just veg out on a sandy beach. Maybe do some snorkeling. Get to know the island’s people and culture. Kick back, read some Droid-Life before settling for the day.

  • San Marteen with my two best buds, just chillin on the beaches

  • Eric Franca

    Exactly what I’m doing – home safe with family and friends in sunny ole Florida.

  • Nick

    Skiing and beaches can go screw. I would enjoy just sitting in a warm log cabin in the mountains for as long as possible. Just a fire, my girl, and many snowman competitions.

  • Sailing the Caribbean. Connecting via wifi in port and updating status, otherwise enjoy the scenery and company.

  • spintrex

    Getting service in Yosemite to share some great pics!

  • Brian

    A few weeks in Hawaii and a Notre Dame loss.

  • diversion

    Warm weather. Warmer than Michigan. That is all.

  • Diego Diaz

    Definitely being a beach bum in the caribbean getting my draaaank on

  • Jean Rivera

    Venice, Italy

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be an learning to ski in Aspen and at night setting by the fire in the most expensive room at the top hotel….with my new Transformer Pad infinity.

  • Anthony DiMatteo

    Escaping the cold and heading to the Caribbean.

  • nassau bahamas, relive my honeymoon.

  • MichaelFranz

    somewhere not rainy which is what NY has been getting the last 2 weeks.

    Somewhere tropical with family and loved ones to appreciate the holidays

  • I would love to take an all inclusive winter cruise to Alaska with my whole family. at least 7 days. No chores, no worries, no regrets. Just my whole family on a big ole boat eating, gambling and having a great time. Oh and seeing all the beauties Alaska has to offer. Or doing the same, only going to Fiji instead 😀

  • gp126904

    Disneyworld! To go drinking around the world at Epcot!

  • Fiji or Tahiti… I see enough snow in Michigan!

  • I *really* want to go to Toronto. Seems like a nice area of Canada to visit and I love the snow. But I just heard my co-worker say she’s going to Hawaii for the next two weeks so now I’m jelly and I think I want to go there instead. Toronto can wait.

  • ferrari187

    No doubt about it sitting in the Dominican republic on a nice beach!

  • HotRodJohnson

    Winter in Poznan.

  • zmberven

    A month in Switzerland. I would die happy.

  • svonavja

    A Cabin in the Rockies so I can snowboard till I cant snowboard anymore! : )

  • Snuggling with a brand new tablet, of course!

  • the best winter vacation would involve a sandy beach, crystal clear blue water, 80 degree weather, plenty of beer, me, and two fine females. Yeah that would be heaven.

  • letinsh

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of heli-boarding at Haines in Alaska!

  • Guest

    the best winter vacation

  • I would out redbull redbull… id felix baumgarter to everest , snowboard down to the base to a snow ready sti to rally cross country to the nearest resort to a hot tub full of snow bunnies… although I dont know why rabbits would be in a hot tub… or u know go snowboard at my local ski resort

  • Little G

    I got married in Maui last year, but we didn’t get to have an actual honeymoon. Just going back to Maui and enjoying time with my wife and no kids would be ultimate.

  • TheWenger

    A month-long expidition in Alaska, taking a week at a time in each of the various parts of the greatest state in the union.

  • Tony Byatt

    Fiji…me, myself, & an island…

  • Would love to take the wife to Italy (life long dream) for 2 weeks. Enjoy the sites and history of it all.

  • Either a Europe tour or a cruise to a warm place!

  • nyc67

    Ultimate winter vacation would be to go skiing in the Alps and then eat fondue at the end of the day.

  • pd240

    Lake Tahoe. Skiing and relaxing!

  • theswillmerchant

    I would go pretty much anywhere if I had a new tablet to use on the plane. Maybe Disney World.

  • definitely the moon. by a longshot.

  • Nick V

    A small island where my wife and I can sit and relax without a care in the world. As long as there was some type of Internet Service so that I could post the pics with my new Transformer Infinity Tablet!

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    Overwater bungalow in Bora Bora

  • @aj_grande

    Find a place where i can snowboard and drink a beer without the crowds.

  • Some nice hotel in snowy mountains

  • ultimate winter vacation would have to be snowboarding the Italian alps with my girlfriend.

  • larry wright

    I would like to take a trip to the mountains and rent a cabin for a week. While there i would like to learn how to snow board. I think it would be a lot of fun
    And i don’t care what mountains i went to

  • A beach in Barcelona, and gallons of Sangria.

  • ski lodge in aspen with my kids…snowboarding in the day, video games at night

  • tlennon

    Norway or Sweden for a few weeks

  • fellster

    I would like to go anywhere warm and secluded

  • up to Alaska to catch some king salmon!! hopefully i dont get eaten by a bear

  • Being alone with my wife with NO KIDS! Dont care where, just no kids for 24 hours

  • Ultimate winter vaca?? Two weeks off work on a beach in Florida with some drinks in my hand and a nice Android tablet to pass the time away. Along with my girlfriend!!!!

  • Josh Haug

    @Lee you do know posting 100 times will not increase your chances of winning.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be snowboarding through the Alps and finishing every day with a liter of beer or 5.

  • There are only a few things needed. A nice hotel with an outdoor hot tub, some snow on the ground and my girlfriend.

  • Jamaica. Hell ya

  • brainyjd

    My ultimate winter vacation would be on a beach in the caribbean.

  • Guest

    the best winter vacation would involve a sandy beach, crystal clear blue water, 80 degree weather, plenty of beer, me, and two fine females. Yeah that would be heaven.

  • Hawaii! Beach, sun, sand and drinking outside!


    I would so go to Europe to experience the snows and enjoy skiing on the mountaints

  • Graham Wilson

    going to the sunny beach in clear water Florida with my family and friends!

  • Brian Sprague

    Back to Mallorca/Majorca and those wonderful blue waters. I would like to explore the rest of the island.

  • Travis Bond

    Ultimate winter vacation for me would be Puerto Rico, I live in Northern PA and I hate snow! Give me tropical weather and beautiful women and I’m good!!!!

  • s2k_848

    In Cancun with plenty of drinks and a whole lot of lovely ladies to keep me company!

  • I would like to visit Italy during the winter. Primary reason – The crowds would be greatly reduced.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would to be in Minnesota for Christmas with my family again I have lived in Florida for 22 years now

  • Miles H

    Somewhere far away from my cubicle at work

  • Joe

    14 day cruise in the Bahamas

  • Hail

    I’d love to explore Antarctica! Alternatively, Alaska–it has mountains AND polar bears!

    As far as a getaway that I would actually survive: Skiing on a friendly slope somewhere NOT at a ski resort. Sunny day 🙂

  • To go hikingin Israel

  • SRMcDonald

    Christmas in Hawaii at the beach! Ultimate vacation.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    I’m going on a cruise this winter… but if there was an “Ultimate” vacation it would to go to IO in Hawaii….

  • In the winter, I prefer to get away to anywhere warm but I like to wait until about January/February when it is really cold here. 🙂

  • Since I live in New England, mine would have to be somewhere warm. I’d choose Orlando. I have some family and friends there, and would love to take my wife and kids to universal studios.

  • Michael Ford

    Stay warm and head out to Key West and enjoy the view!

  • JD

    Sitting indoors playing video games.

  • Tom Jones

    Going up the Japanese coast, starting with warming and makig my way up the hot springs and ski resorts in Hokkaido

  • Jonathan LeBlanc

    The best winter vacation would be a place where it’s about 75 degrees year round. Take a trip there with my motorcycle riding buddies and just ride the hell out with my buds for a week. OH MAN.

  • Anywhere warm, all inclusive and swim-up bar…

  • I would simply love a nice quiet vacation in Cape May, NJ!

  • Chris Wilkey

    Snowboard and snowmobiling anywhere with a butt ton of snow!

  • Jonathan Ly

    Ultimate Winter Vacation:
    Spending 3 weeks in Europe with my partner. London, Paris, Brussels, maybe Amsterdam. I love the culture there and the scenery is just so beautiful. And this would be our first major trip together, and I’d would want to be able to do something like this 🙂

  • lschrock

    Anywhere warm to get me out of this freezing Wisconsin winter

  • Matt Gilmore

    Trip to Chicago to catch a football game, then hitting the town for some good eats.

  • Going to Paris with the wife.

  • Jigga_Z

    My ultimate winter vacation would have me somewhere tropical enjoying a cool beer and some hot sun!

  • Jerred Vidal

    Jamestown, CA staying at the National Hotel with my wife (no kids). Romantic historical hotel. Near the slopes, near the mountains and a very slow life.

  • Saskatchewan hunt, followed up with some snowboarding for a day or two, and topping it off with a quiet weekend in a cabin on a secluded mountain top, wrestling bears and stuff.



  • muscal

    Ultimate winter vacation would be going to Cuba, buying a bunch of stogies, and drinking a mojito on the white sand beach

  • Greyhame

    My ideal winter vacation: Hawaii. Never been. Always wanted.

  • Aspen or Vancouver. To go practice cold weather sports with my friends. And hot chocolate.

  • Alex O

    My winter vacation would be a trip to visit some of the friends I havent seen in a while

  • Going back home (over 1400 miles) to spend X-mas with friends and family would be the best for me

  • It was have to be in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at the Copacabana Beach, laying in the sun or water skying. Sorry but I’m not into the cold weather.

  • inzandity

    A week on a beach with a swim up bar and no Blackberry (work phone)

  • Jeremy Gill

    The warmest place I can find and a margarita!

  • A week in an all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic

  • My family owns a cabin on a lake in Lapland (Finland). Haven’t been there in years. Would love to go back and show my wife and kid. They’ve never been.

  • Droidzilla

    My ultimate winter vacation would be to dog sled up to the North Pole.

  • MattBonjovi

    Snowed in ski trip to Colorado!

  • Matt Tanner

    The ultimate vacation for me would be Dubai. Ski indoors in the morning then play spectacular golf courses in the afternoon.

  • Rich Howe

    A trip to Bora Bora where I’ll forget what Winter is…

  • niick

    Trip to vail!

  • Matt

    Living in FL, I want to go somewhere cold so my ultimate ski trip would be skiing in the mountains of the Swiss Alps!

  • ultimate winter vacation would be heading up to the mountains, getting stuck in a snowstorm, and having an excuse to stay indoors all week long to catch up on Doctor Who, Community, and Parks & Rec.

  • jakemyster84

    Going to the bearing straight in Alaska, ultimate cold!!!

  • 9TEN11

    Doesn’t matter if its winter or summer I just love Hawaii

  • ckruppy

    A trip to see my brother in Colorado, and of course hit the slopes!

  • Id hit Boca-Ratone just get the hell out of new england. Rent a supercar, maybe a koeniggsegg or something, and just travel around the south just eating whatever looked good. Naturally id bring along a friend or two.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    Every Christmas I spend a week skiing in Brianhead, Utah. The snow in Utah is always fluffy and white at 10,000 feet and prices are not too bad. Cruising down the mountain on powder, no crowds, beautiful!

  • By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of getting as far away as possible from winter.

  • muffnman

    Ultimate winter vacation is heading to the opposite hemisphere, finding a nice private beach and chilling out with the Mrs. Also, beer.

  • kevintufts


  • Joseph Joffe

    Taking my kids skiing at Snowmass in Colorado for the first time, so they could learn to ski just like I did =)

  • My ultimate winter vacation would consist of me and my girlfriend, away at a private all-inclusive resort.

  • faganm24

    It would consist of going somewhere warm to get away from the snow for a little bit. Probably New Zealand. Ultimately time off is the best no matter where you are.

  • Vacation in Aspen

  • Hayden7200

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of snowboarding in the Alps.

  • I’d love to get out of NY and this damn Hurricane Sandy mess. Go somewhere sunny and warm, like Oahu and lay butt naked on the beach and relax with the wife. With a Mai Tai in hand of course!

  • Ski trip – Utah, Canada, something like that

  • CompCrash

    Ski trip to the Alps with my girlfriend. Can in win that instead?

  • Mustang5Oh

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and going in winter would be amazing. Less people and still beautiful scenery.

  • Anywhere that doesn’t involve work.

  • Winning this frikking tablet of course! My family wouldnt see me til the battery ran out 😉

  • Mike Cecche

    Ultimate winter vacation would consist of a trip to the Caribbean. I am ridiculously deprived of beach sand, palm trees and drinks with umbrellas in them. Just me, the wife and a new Transformer Pad Infinity under the beautiful sun 😉

  • Davros

    A week at a remote cabin in an alpine forest on the side of a frozen lake with my family and friends.

  • Dave Sampley

    My ultimate Christmas vacation is to go back home to the Big Island of Hawaii to be with my family. I have not seen my mother or Aunts and uncles for about 17 years now. Not to mention I live in Utah and it is extremely cold here. lol

  • John Scott

    Playing with my new Asus TF300 Transformer Pad Infinity with keyboard dock and Logitech controller!

  • The ultimate winter vacation would be snowboarding followed by bar hopping for the first few days. After that it’s shut in time and I would go nuts on Steam sales, and just game for days. Without any interruption.

  • cesar dominguez

    The perfect winter vacation would be in a mexican beach, with beers and margaritas

  • ultimate winter vacation would be anyplace with at least 70’s temps

  • Ultimate winter vacation? We like the snow, but we’re not skiers. I’d love to spend time chilling at one of the local resorts or something rustic nearby. Fireplace, some games, watching the snow… good times.

  • I would really love to go to the mountains during the winter. I have never been snowboarding, but would love to try it!!

  • Justin Brayman

    Some place warm. Where the women flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.

  • Zachary Perschau

    Staying bundled up at home during a snowstorm

  • Kaz

    Growing up in Buffalo, it doesn’t seem like Christmas to me without snow.. that being said, immediately after enjoying a white Christmas, I’d head someplace warm. I’ve always been partial to Barbados and their yummy rums…

  • Justin John

    Ultimate vacation would really be an amazing roadtrip around the USA. I barely step out of New York, and I would love to see other placed. Hit up Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Washington State, DC, etc. It would be a wonderful and fulfilling dream of mine!

  • An awesome pilgrimage to Jamaica!

  • I have always wanted to go to Alaska.

  • abc

    Go to Lake Tahoe and relax in a beautiful cabin as it snows outside.

  • The ultimate winter vacation for me would be a week in the tropics not having to think about a thing.

  • Spending a week in Telluride/Silverton, CO for some serious snowboarding and relaxation with my family.

  • boarding in Tahoe for a week

  • cesar dominguez

    Please let it be me…..

  • I would go to Washington State and hit fresh powder everyday, drink great microbrews at night and visit family when I had time in between.

  • Masterminded

    A cruise to Hawaii, followed by a months stay in Hawaii

  • Since I’m from Florida I would absolutely love to go on a snow skiing trip. I’ve only seen snow twice. O_o

  • I want to spend 2 weeks at 1 of the beaches resorts with my wife

  • Bauce40

    I’d like to go to a place where the beer flows like wine, where the women flock to you like the salmon of capistrano, I’m talking about a little place called Assssspen.

  • valapsp

    Portable battery charger, first aid kit and a good girl friend 🙂

  • swiss alps. is there any other dream vacation?

  • md

    A ultimate winter vacation would have to consists of a trip to the alps. Skiing in the alps ftw

  • ForrestTracey

    I wanna stay at an Ice Hotel! 🙂

  • Shimamasu

    Ski down a long run with fresh snow at a gorgeous ski resort in Colorado…

  • Lee

    Not a huge fan of cold weather. So I would head to hawaii. Sit by the pool, drink pina colada’s and get a tan. And read Droid Life from my new transformer.

  • Adam

    Ultimate Winter Vacation: CES!!

    I’m nerdy enough to think that’s a “vacation.”

  • CopierITGuy

    2 words: Hawaii!

  • Acosand

    Anywhere with plenty of snow and a warm fire

  • A long trip to somewhere warm and secluded. Like Tahiti or Fiji. Cold weather is for the birds (okay, so it isn’t but you get the idea).

  • ehoffman557

    My ultimate winter vacation would be Paris… with a babysitter… If your going to dream, dream big!

  • Steven Brechbiel

    Ski trip with the whole family

  • wurt8200

    non-nutritive cereal varnish on bottom of metal snow slead

  • Going anyplace warm with nice sand, and women scantly clad on the beach.

  • Ultimate winter vacation would be a full week skiing in Park City, UT. Freshest powder on the planet!

  • ElementCo27

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of going on a trip for a week or two and go to all the New York Rangers games during that time frame, home and away. I need a hockey season for that though…

  • sitting on the beach in Cancun, drinking the days away

  • Snowboarding trip out west, and a hotel room with a hot tub. I’m not that good, but i enjoy it!

  • PhillipNorris

    Beach side somewhere in the Caribbean with a Margarita

  • Snowboarding with playboy bunnies and a hotel room with a large private hot tub.

  • The best winter vacation would be to the ISS. And watch all the snowstorms I’m not in.

  • Sitting in front of a toasty fire enjoying my new Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 🙂

  • On a white sandy beach, pina colda in my hand, and crystal blue water all around me. You can have the snow and ice.

  • Inquizitor

    Shacking up for a week or two in a nice cabin somewhere with my lady, a nice fire, and plenty of cocoa.

  • r0lct

    With young kids I would love to take them to Disney in Florida for some family fun. If it included a full time nanny when I would then I’m looking at a island in the Caribbean.

  • Snow. Sledding, snow creatures, and warm fires maybe even some time without the kids

  • Somewhere tropical catching up on sleep

  • I would love to go see Sequoia National Park in the winter.

  • jer85008

    Not working. That’s all that matters!

  • Aspen- snowboarding in Fresh powder with a 30 pack of GL’s and a pack of smokes

  • Neil Tomlinson

    In Miami we don’t really do winter vacations, but I guess it would be pretty awesome to go on a skiing trip with my family a few really good friends and actually see snow for once.

  • Going where ever/doing whatever my girlfriend wants to go/to. I mean when I’m with my friend everyday is already a vacation.

  • chanstar

    I’ve been to Hawaii during the Winter. Beautiful tropical weather all year long!

    This time it would be Aspen! Snowboarding, Beer sitting in the Snow, and Yellow Snow cones lol.

  • zarxic

    I would have to say doing anything in Germany during the winter would be alright with me. All that sausage can keep me warm!

  • cashclay

    The Ultimate vacation would betaking my kids Snowboarding in Colorado for a few days, then off to a beach somewhere in the Islands to relax and warm up, then cruising a boat to the hot fishing spots off the coastline of Florida, then jumping a flight to attend CES and nerd out with my fellow mobile geeks. I would go home a happy man.

  • QQpayne

    Snowball fights and sledding with my wife and kids, and maybe build a snow Andy or 2.

  • BPStroh

    Vegas, baby. All day.

  • Mine would be spending time with my friends up in Seattle and sledding down Mt. Rainier.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Ultimate winter vacation would be a beach, with warm weather, and clear warm waters. “Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama. Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go, Down to Kokomo ” Sounds good to me.

  • Time off work and free android tablets 🙂

  • Taking my family to San Juan. We just took our honeymoon there and it was wonderful.

  • ace

    Would love to spend a few weeks in Hawaii, and then back to California to tour Google.

  • aero0311

    Snowboarding is always fun, but I don’t like being cold. So I’m going to go with Maui. It’s nice all year there.

  • elemeno

    I’m going to Hawaii in January… so, yeah.

  • Ayyy

    Underwater hotel in Fiji =)

  • villian1998

    Honeymoon to Hawaii

  • scuba diving in Palau.

  • Us somewhere without the kids.

  • It would consist of delivery services to my wife and I while we enjoy Xbox, Internet, TV, and hot chocolate.

  • hfoster52

    Drinking on the beach in Maui.

  • Will Rehse

    Whistler. Fresh tracks program to start each day. Powder dumps every night, clear skies every day. Whistler village lively and lit up. A nice warm fire waiting back at the room. Ski tracks for days. Hot tub required, and massage at least one day of the trip. 6 days, 4 skiing. core group of 3 other friends or so.

  • Stevedub40

    I recently moved out to California, so I pretty much live in a vacation area. My ultimate vacation would be to have my friends and family come out to visit us, and just go and enjoy the scenery. Really miss the people back in MI.

  • Getting to actually spend time with my wife and kids without being called by work for some stupid issue or another. Doesn’t matter where we go, just not being bothered by work would be enough.

  • hooligan5

    Warm weather and lots of sun

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Going to the French Alps in Switzerland for a few days

  • shcommish

    Cruise the Mediterranean

  • A cruise somewhere sunny, that way I can stay warm & eat as much as I want!

  • Charles Eger

    Visiting family in California would be nice!

  • Gary DiFilippo

    Lounging on a beach in Maui

  • A trip to St. Thomas to an all-inclusive resort. I got hurricane earl’d out of my honeymoon. We went to Disney instead. For a newly wed couple Disney is not the Caribbean (pirates not withstanding).

    Also, I live in the north…snow is not the Caribbean either.

  • funkylovemonkey

    And trip to Switzerland would be my ultimate winter vacation

  • Yosemite + Family + friends + cabin = best winter vacation ever.

  • Colin Hayes

    Returning to Vail, Colorado. I used to go as a kid in the summer and I have always wanted to go back for winter.

  • Ben Embry

    I would go to Hawaii. Cliche, I know but I would love to relax on the beach with my wife & daughter.

  • Rich Wentz

    Golfing in Florida

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be to spend it in a warm climate with family and friends, where it won’t snow.

  • Jon Hopson

    Cruise the Caribbean.

  • I am going Heliskiiing in March in Canada, now give me a tablet.

  • scuba diving in warm water

  • kgoosie

    The ultimate winter vacation would be to get away with my significant other in Colorado and just hang out in front of the fire at night after riding snowmobiles all day.

  • A trip to Colorado with the crew for a nice week of snowboarding. Right now that’s pretty ideal

  • My ultimate Winter vacation would be up in the Rockies (Pikes Peak) with my Sibe Zala….she would love all the beautiful snow!!!! Happy Holidays y’all!!!!! =)

  • Justin Koch

    I think a perfect winter vacation would be on a tropical island.

  • Corey Hass

    Snowboarding Crested Butte right now!

  • louisfriend

    Ultimate vacation would be winning this package. I never win. So I should win this finally. Statistically speaking it has to happen at some point.

  • Goodriddance183

    Visiting Spain and catching some rays, and dressing my kiddo up as a matador.

  • Haileunlikely

    One of the all inclusive resorts like Sandals or something where I can just eat/drink as much as I want and never worry about money!

  • going anywhere without snow. and without ohio. there is nothing to do here. the state doesnt even matter until elections then for some reason we come up.

  • Disney World!

  • George Rudgers

    I’d go to Vermont to snowboard and visit family.

  • Mines would maybe be an all in one alone with my birthday and anniversary. At least two weeks of absolute relaxation. Everyone deserves to relax.

  • Michael

    I think I would sit on my couch and do nothing……it would be amazing

  • TomStieger

    Beautiful Beautiful snow as far as the eye can see.

  • Edwin Mann

    Nice long week in California away from NY for a change

  • Mike Vasquez

    My ultimate winter vacation is New Zealand, where it’s summer. There’s nothing like flying over the Southern Alps to get you in the mood for middle earth.

  • Mark Traverso

    skiing in the alps in Switzerland, fully enjoying the cold

  • My ultimate vacation would be to go somewhere tropical. I’d say Hawaii!

  • I would Love a weekend in the mountains with my friends and family. A few beers and lots of food. What can I say , I’m Simple.

  • Josh Haug

    My ultimate winter vacation would consist of going to Alaska. I’ve always wanted to visit and see what it’s like.

  • Lots of snow, awesome hot chocolate, and snapping some pics with maybe a new TF700T then sharing them with friends *winkwink* 😉

  • Greg Morgan

    Going to hawaii. Always wanted to do that during the winter.

  • Andy Raynor

    Scuba diving in Cozumel

  • Jacob Neves

    Scotch, cigar and my wife next to a roaring fire….

    • Rich Wentz

      Wait so your wife is in the roaring fire??

      • Jacob Neves

        If i drink enough…

  • ultimate winter vacation…cycling in Europe

  • tanknspank

    My ultimate winter vacation could be as simple as going back to see family. I’m not big on huge vacations.

  • bitbank

    Two to three weeks in Recife Brazil. Great food, weather and beaches. Total relaxation and escape from technology.

  • epps720

    To go back to Hawaii, that place is like heaven!

  • Dan Cloutier

    My ultimate winter vacation…snow ski and snowmobile trip to Chatter Creek in B.C.

  • Franz

    Australia is nice this time of year 🙂

  • Jeremy Begley

    I would love to take a Caribbean cruise during the winter. I have cruised once before and it was the best vacation experience in a long while. Not dealing with the snow and relaxing on different beaches would be ideal.

  • A nice relaxing month in the gulf of mexico, away from all the cold weather

  • fallenshell

    Winter castle tour of Scotland or England.

  • Hanging around with family and friends playing video games.

  • schmaltzy

    Getting out of North Dakota and go someplace warm….like (almost) anywhere in Mexico!

  • Joshua Wehmeyer

    Winter vacation? Tour of Google!! Simple as that!

  • nextstepbasketball

    Great seats at the Superbowl.

  • Ultimate Winter Vacation: A nice cozy cabin with a big fire place in a snowy area with google fiber.

  • Josh Ingram

    Going home and doing nothing for as long as possible. Is there anything more relaxing than time all to yourself with nothing to worry about sitting at home? Nope.

  • Alejandro Falcon

    Going to Miami.

  • Lots and lots of snow but great cell reception

  • Vegas baby!

  • Erik Cho

    Snowboarding in the Alps with a GoPro on my head and an Android device as my viewfinder.

  • living in michigan my ultimate winter vacation would involve going somewhere warm. i’ve always loved the pictures of the “huts” on stilts above the ocean..think it’s bora bora..if so i’d go there.

  • My perfect vacation would consist of me spending time with my friends and family which unfortunately can’t happen this year because I’m away from home for work.

  • My vacation would include a hot sun, nice beach, and good drinks.

  • ultimate winter vacation: getting as far away from work as possible.

  • Going up to Mammoth Mountain, its in California, with my boyfriend and just lounging and hitting the slopes.

    • strows

      They just got dumped on, crazy powder right now!!!

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    Mountain Biking in Canada! 😀

  • Jacob

    A cruise to Alaska…always wanted to see a white Christmas.

  • Tom Nichols

    Not working and winning the lottery.

  • Skiing in Colorado! Hot Air Ballooning in the Alps!

  • gamafree

    winter vacation in Aruba or St. Maarten.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Somewhere warm not a necessarily a Beach though…with lots of friends family and drinks!

  • A week off of work with hockey on the TV every day.

  • Beach with chill beers!

  • Christopher Quan

    My winter vacation would be spent in Hawaii, of course using my Android nav to drive around the island

  • Futbolrunner

    My ultimate winter vacation would be in Antarctica with the penguins from Madagascar

  • Dry hot weather on the beach with no work

  • jcorf

    I don’t really like the cold or snow, so maybe Costa Rica. Not really a big vacation guy.

  • Ilan Alpert

    Going somewhere hot where I can be on the beach and in the pool

  • Jose Calderon

    Spending Time with family and friends for a full month at any location. I miss that, its been years, since the last time we had a good time together.

  • Lambo_21

    preferably northern italy (turin) so i could watch my favorite soccer team Juventus!

  • Anywhere but Oregon, yuck

  • Earl

    Endless winter, follow the snow from the northern hemisphere to the south and snowboard on 4 continents in the process

  • tat2junior

    Getting out of NY, and going to a remote island

  • Chris B

    I live in South Dakota; needless to say, my list of potential destinations is loooooooooong.

  • moelsen8

    going home for the holidays. i miss “winter break” and all that.

  • Dave Goldstein

    Somewhere snowy – Mountains somewhere. Which means I should just drive across the state I live in. But I guess I’m lazy…

  • A vacation at all… Preferably somewhere in Italy with a view.

  • MikeD675

    A couple months in northern Italy.

  • As a Texan native and current LA resident, an actual white christmas (More than one inch of snow…)

  • David Caccavo

    Plenty of sun, Google Now, and a few Bud Lights

  • Ultimate winter vacation? One filled with snowboarding, alcohol, good friends, and NO WORK!

  • nwd1911

    My ultimate WINTER vacation would include the beaches and mountains in Costa Rica. Hoping to be able to take this trip with my wife in the next few years.

  • Jeremy Hahn

    My ultimate winter vacation would be in Australia.

  • Cruise around the through the panama canal

  • gbenj

    Skiing. Simply.

  • My ultimate winter vacation would be just going to see my family in the Northwest that I never get to see. My kids would love the snow.

  • Prime7

    Fiji. Ever since I saw The Truman Show, it’s been Fiji.

  • Three weeks in Hawaii with all of my Nexus gadgets.

  • bigillz

    Two months in Cabo instead of two weeks