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Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Developer Edition Goes Up – Thanks For the Wait, Sammy

Today, Samsung placed on their site the landing page for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 “Developer Edition.” This is great for folks who have waited patiently, but the device has already been available through Big Red for a few weeks. Kind of sad that these don’t come out at the same time so people can choose between a locked or unlocked version. Although, keep in mind that a bootloader unlock was released for the “locked” version that can be purchased at a subsidized price through Big Red. 

For now, if you just want your phone to come unlocked and don’t mind paying a much higher price, you can pick it up through their site as soon as it goes live for purchase.

Via: Samsung

  • Dominick_7

    Any update on this? It now says coming soon on the Samsung page. No offense, but I would like this much better than using a third party method from people I don’t know. It’s bad enough that Google and the internet was set up with big brother/snooping in mind, and how developers can get more intrusive with apps after they get them approved with what they get permissions to access.. just seems too much on top of that to have to use a third party bootloader unlock when I have no idea what’s really going on with it (don’t know what it may be injecting), have to worry about other glitch problems related to it, security issues, updates and be tempted with the idea of always searching for the latest and best ROM. With this I’m thinking I can just simply overclock, use Titanium, uninstall bloatware, install apps to the Micro SD Card etc without having to feel extra concerned with that other stuff.

  • Gene

    Such a tough decision, really. I need something on the AT&T 4GLTE network, so I’m fortunate in that regard; both phones are fine there. As a graphic designer who scribbles on the go, I’m putting the G Note 2 on the list. Too bad we can’t get custom-made phones!

  • 16GB of storage? LOL

  • I guess I’m blind.. where/how are you guys seeing it on the Verizon and Samsung site that it’s marked as a developer edition? On both sites I just see, Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Or is that the only kind they’re selling is the developer edition with unlocked bootloader?

  • Krishaun27

    I might buy this, was looking to buy the Note 2 off contract anyway 🙂

    • C-Law

      Get it from vzw instead. This device makes no sense!

      • Krishaun27

        Samsung doesnt sell the phone, you have to get it from VZ. Besides, it looks like VZ will be the only carrier with an unlocked version.

        • Where are you seeing the developer edition on Verizon? Samsungs site when you click support and do a search for sch-i605 it comes up, but no reps seem to know much. Only one of 5 I talked to had access to an internal document about it.

    • Did you end up buying the developer edition? I was considering selling mine brand new, using that towards the developer edition just to not have to deal with the process of unlocking and being able to use the service providers approved version. Wonder if it’s worth it. As tech savvy I could be considered, I’ve actually never rooted or unlocked a smartphone before. The last “rooted” smartphone was my trusty Samsung i730 via Windows Mobile. All the rest were locked Motorolas.

      • Krishaun27

        The phone is not available on Verizon yet.

        • Yea saw that, though its at Samsungs site under search via the support option.

  • chris125

    They should at least remove the vzw logo if people are going to be paying $700+ for this

  • 4hifi

    Does anyone know the specs? Won’t by any chance have a little more storage like 32 GB? Price?

    • 4hifi

      oops, just saw Phandroid’s report. Same identical phone with the little 16GB drive. Why can’t we get the 32GB like the Int’l market has?

  • JoshGroff

    Isn’t it going to be the same price as the locked Note 2 at full retail?

  • Does that mean they haven’t tinkered with it either? Do I get a WiFi toggle and not a stupid ongoing notification??

    • C-Law

      It will be the same as from Verizon. Skip this and get it from vzw

  • Adam Outler

    Actually…. This device will be more secure than the unlock we provided. [email protected]!

    • I was just thinking that same thing.. Thanks for all your work Adam..

  • Adam Outler

    Since my team unlocked the Bootloader already via exploit, this device is irrelevant.

    • mustbepbs

      You da best.

    • SeanPlunk

      Indeed, thanks again Adam. I used your exploit and was done in 10 minutes!

    • flosserelli

      I love you.

      (no homo)

    • discstu37

      Thanks for that. I plan on loading that up this weekend, haven’t had time yet.

    • T4rd

      I saw your vid on XDA, very well done and I love your enthusiasm, hah. Great work guys and thanks for the outstanding public service you and your team did (creating the “Suck It Verizon CASUAL and Odin Packager”, lolz).

    • billy routh

      Unlocked last night without any problems, thanks Adam you guys are awesome.

    • Your the man thanks much

    • michael arazan

      Although, keep in mind that a bootloader unlock was released for the “locked” version that can be purchased at a subsidized price through Big Red

      I hope big red doesn’t sue you for taking some money away from them. You know the execs there get very pissed if they can’t finish their 24 kt swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s

  • regkilla

    Developer Edition and still has that damn Verizon logo on button -_-

  • I’ll wait when they combine the Note and GS(#) together, that will the “Next,next Best thing”

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Dat button.

    • mustbepbs

      dat logo

  • There’s no reason for this. There will be no development, and you’ll be paying full price. Who would buy this?

    • chris125

      This will prob be able to run the roms and everything the ‘locked’ note 2 can, just less hassle to unlock this

  • Is the home button still going to have that stupid logo on it?

    • Thomas

      But of course 😉

      • Well, that’s the deal breaker right there. I mean, why else would you blow all that extra cash for the developer edition? 😛

        • dat bootloader

          yes, it has been unlocked anyway – but this is for the money grab