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HTC on Twitter: Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Will be Here “Soon”

The HTC Thunderbolt was originally supposed to receive its Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update by the end of August. As we all know, that didn’t exactly happen. So here we are, approaching the end of 2012 and the update is still nowhere in sight. HTC is well aware that they missed their deadline and assure us that they are still working on it, however, they have yet to give us any sort of new time frame to get excited over. All we have heard recently, is that they are working on connectivity issues with Verizon and that they’ll share info as they work through them. 

Well, today, they changed their tone a bit and are now saying that the update “will be here soon.” “Soon” can obviously mean 6 months from now for all we know, but at this point, I don’t think they wouldn’t say “soon” if they didn’t think that they had moved past their issues and are steps away from approving the update.

Unfortunately for Thunderbolt owners, your two years with the device is about up and you are probably about ready to upgrade to something else. It would have been nice if you could have spent your last 6 or 7 months with proper software rather than dealing with the frustrations of Gingerbread.


  • Bob

    I dont know why so many people complain about the thunderbolt here. My thunderbolt WAS working perfectly before the ice cream sandwich update. I just needed to buy new batteries for it over the 2 years. I get over 30 Mbps and it does not crash. When people say their thunderbolt sucked because it rebooted or crashed I’m wondering if they just needed a new battery.

    However after the ice cream sandwich update my text messages app stopped working. I had resolved that by installing handcent sms.

    Pity all those thunderbolt users that don’t realize they’re likely to have a grand fathered unlimited data plan that is not offered by verizon anymore. This text message app problem might make them all sign a new contract and they will lose their grand fathered data plan.

    • Bob

      A note to all those early adopters of the thunderbolt.. You can buy a phone without signing a new contract use it with your unlimited data plan. I care a whole lot about keeping my unlimited data and I will never sign a new contract with Verizon.

  • Kristen

    I have previously owned a Samsung (2 or 3 phones ago) and thought I would give HTC a try with the Thunderbolt. When my upgrade comes I want to ditch HTC and go back to Samsung. My old Samsung flip phone still works after all these years, Samsung’s got the quality. Heck I would even go back to Motorola at least the new ones have decent battery life! This is one unhappy HTC owner.

  • MetroDetroitDJ

    Screw HTC! I finally gave up and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 which received the Jellybean update in December-fantastic phone. HTC will never get another purchase from me!

  • mkbain

    This debacle definitely makes it so I will never own an HTC device again. I’m trying Samsung next.

  • Don

    A couple more months of “soon” and there will be no comments to an article like this.

  • whatelseisnew

    For people still on Verizon grandfathered unlimited whose phones haven’t miraculously blown up yet

  • torrez

    Pretty pathetic that people like hashcode are working on 4.2 for the droid 3 while HTC can’t even get ICS running and without hashcode my phone would be stuck with GB I just don’t understand how much harder it could be for HTC to get ICS running granted my version of jb has some bugs but most of those will be weeded out by Christmas hopefully

  • BroRob

    THIS is why i passed on the DNA. Well that and 11G memory. I already have used 13G on my S3. I sat in the Verizon store for almost an hour trying to talk myself in to the DNA because the display was incredible and the quad core processor was smooth, I really did love my TBolt but having to rely on the Devs because HTC had NEVER once met a deadline on time (release, GB, ICS and bugfixes were all delayed). I decided to pass. If they can prove different with the DNA I’ll reconsider HTC in the future.

  • Too little, too late…

  • Tom Z

    Huh, Maybe I’ll turn that POS on just to see how ICS looks on it. Happily switched to the RAZR HD MAXX.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Ah yes…the pioneer for all things LTE.. It was the phone that drove me to get an iPhone 4S..thankfully Samsung came out with the Galaxy S3 😛

  • Q

    Bwahahaha.. who is honestly still waiting for this? HTC lost.

  • Rick

    As others have stated, I’m done with HTC. After my experience with the Thunderbolt, I will never own one of their products again.

  • DaRkL3AD3R

    Ditched my Thunderbolt in the beginning of December for my brand new Galaxy Note 2. Couldn’t be happier.

    Screw you HTC. First and last dance you’ll ever get with me and my money.

  • Traded in this headache a couple of months ago for $160 at Amazon, bought a Nexus with a headphone jack issue. 😐

  • got it on launch day. contract was up a month ago. got a GS3. never looked back. see ya, HTC.

  • I assume the majority of people who bought the Thunderbolt are like me: bought it to get the unlimited LTE plan that Verizon has since done away with. Why would I be in a hurry to renew my contract and pay more for my data usage? I’m still using my Thunderbolt, and it’s been a rock solid phone. “Rock Solid” meaning it’s got decent speed, signal strength has been great, it’s pretty good on disk space, and I got the extended battery so I may be able to put my hand through a windshield or two with this thing. But HTC’s delays on getting something ICS out has soured me as a customer, at least in the near future.

  • enigmaco

    Even the damn thunderbolt is receiving ICS and my droid 3 is stuck on GB got to love it.

  • Bobber

    Come February I am eligible for an upgrade. I will probably be shopping for a phone other than HTC. Have had too many issues with HTC phones, both windows and android. Samsung is looking better all the time.

  • edwoordd

    I had a tbolt rooted ICS liquid couple weeks later it took a dump on me and now I have a gnex but I still have 2 available upgrades that I can steal and give my gnex away:) waiting for a Verizon nexus

  • Jody Harvey

    And that is why I will never buy another HTC phone. I have an upgrade next month and they can take that DNA and stick it up their…..

    • LionStone

      Huh? Because it’s getting a software upgrade? Does not compute.

      • cdick133

        Because it’s maybe getting a software upgrade sometime “soon” that was promised for 4 months ago and released by Google 14 months ago, despite it being touted as a flagship device upon release.

    • same here, I expected some pain due to being an early adopter, but HTC failed at every opportunity for providing a positive customer experience. I just hope the gnex won’t be the last nexus device on VZW

    • JG1000

      Ditto. I despise HTC now. Never again.

  • MooseCat

    Too little too late. I just picked up a refurb GNex from a 3rd party and couldn’t be happier.

  • Therapissed

    You shouldn’t be able to comment on this thread if your HTC TB isn’t rooted.

  • mgamerz

    They should just pull a motorola and tell them ‘oops sorry!’

  • Nick Norman


  • Wow!! .. so glad I sold mine (Swappa!). This is what, the third or fourth time we’ve heard of an upgrade coming for the Tbolt? I remember it was a beast, used to boast all the time about the LTE and surfing while calling on 3G (due to the separate radios)… HTC left a bad taste in my mouth, glad I switched to the GNex… hopefully y’all who still have the Tbolt will actually get this update “soon”.

  • This would be /slightly/ good news if I weren’t about to buy a Note II since my contract is basically up and I cracked the screen on my Thunderbolt…

  • Okki125

    To little… to late.. no longer care… Hello Sammy and a new SIII. After 3 successive HTC phones, we’re back with Samsung (BlackJack was my last Sammy phone).

  • Respen

    Sorry HTC, as much as I loved my TBolt, I just picked up the Note II and I’ll never look back!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Of course Verizon is partly to blame here. But it also doesn’t help matters with these crappy manufacturer skins.
    Why do manufacturers refuse to real ease any devices with simply bone stock android? Just one for cryin out loud.

  • Rodeojones000

    I forgot about this phone. What an absolute failure.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    ICS?? ICS??

    how can you people not see the Android OS fragmentation issue! ICS? Good lord.

  • john

    how much does it take to end a contract before time?

  • Rob Black

    Does this go for the Incredible 2 also???? My GF’s phone would be so much better with ICS.

  • ericd09

    I’m actually running a rooted T-bolt with an ICS rom right now. It’s buggy but it works. I’m not holding my breath for this update. My contract is up anyways…

  • So then it’ll finally be caught up to over a year ago.

    • LionStone

      2 full software upgrades…that’s more than some other phones that came out “after” the TB 🙂

      • C-Law

        Only if this actually happens

  • Only thing this phone is good for is a boat anchor. Never realized how heavy it was until I got the S3

    • Diablo81588

      Cheap plastic is always lighter.

  • Terrance Steiner

    HTC is reminding me of a bad relationship. I can only be lied to so many times before I just stop believing them and start looking elsewhere.

    • mgamerz

      When did you date motorola?

  • Havoc70

    Yea right, that why no more HTC..Coming soon over 6 months ago

  • Yep

    I swear HTC is pulling a Duke Nukem Forever: Phone Edition prank here…

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    patronage and support and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness.

  • Neil Tomlinson

    One man’s “soon” is another man’s “a few more months”. lol

  • Based on this track history with HTC, and owning a thunderbolt myself, i will never buy an HTC phone again no matter how revolutionary or “great” it is. Nothing but bugs, random restarts with the official updates.

    I am also dropping Verizon by the end of the year. I am not going to pay $178 dollars a month (2 lines) for this bad service. People are willing to pay extra ONLY if the service is there, if its not then it becomes something you are paying too much for when competitors have lower prices. Good riddance HTC and Verizon.

    • Terrance Steiner

      Agreed. I just upgraded from the Thunderbolt. I was torn between the Moto Razr HD and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The HTC DNA was never even a consideration because of my lousy experience with the Thunderbolt. I am now holding a shiny, white Razr HD and loving it.

  • jpatlee

    Haha…I was high on HTC and had the Thunderbolt, but I finally dumped it for a Gnex four months ago and there still isn’t a phone out there I’d rather have. Dumped Verizon too.

  • Went to the Note 2 on day one…. rather have an ugly VZW button than that outdated piece of crap …. and dont think HTC was gonna trick me again with the DNA….

  • Nate

    I upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly-Bean so HTC can keep their Thunderbolt update to ICS to them selves for all I care.

  • breadable

    I thought this was happening around Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to take my Thunderbolt out of the drawer to try it with ICS for a day before I throw it out the window

  • Joe Isaacson

    I’m sooooo excited that they are finally going to update my Thunderbolt!!! I am going to celebrate by buying myself the Nexus 4!!!!!

  • Justin Bowers

    As a previous bionic owner I thought we had it bad. Poor thunderbolt owners got soo shafted. As a Raiders fan I can only say in the history of flops Jamarcus Russel still takes #1 but the thunderbolt is a close second


      Man I had both of these phones…SMH

    • The raiders may suck right now but I don’t give a crap…..GO RAIDERS!!!!

    • Akili Smith for the Bengals was definitely #1. Jamarcus is a close #2 though.

  • BHDave10

    I just got my Note 2 yesterday. Goodbye Thunderbolt (worst phone EVER!!!)

    • that’s my plan!

    • JoshGroff

      Cut it some slack, it was the first phone with LTE (obviously going to be some problems there) and released with sub par specs.

      • LionStone

        Exactly…I also feel it should’ve been released with GB, but oh well…after ICS it will have received 2 full software upgrades! I still have mine, it runs like a champ. I love how people compare phones from over 21 mos ago!, to something just released, brilliant 🙂

        • JoshGroff

          Of course they’re not targeting the Charge or Revolution, which were just as bad. 😉

    • Vtec21

      I had a blackberry storm. That was the worst phone ever.

      • schoat333


      • Rob Black

        Ditto! Terrible!

      • janice

        I had the blackberry storm AND the thunderbolt…i sure know how to pick em

  • Jacque Strapp

    They’ll release it after the average Thunderbolt owner’s 2-year contract is up and those people move on to other phones. Jerks. I’ll be happy to have it though, I’ll recycle my 2 Bolts to friends and it’ll be nice to put ICS on there first.

  • I’m still standing by my conspiracy theory that they are trying to get people to give up thier grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans. My TBolt still works fine for what I need it to do, but DAMN I’m itching for an update.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      You can keep your unlimited data plan by purchasing a phone rather than having Verizon subsidizing your phone over 2 years.

    • C-Law

      Buy a used phone off swappa.com. I upgraded from my gnex to a 32gb mint s3 for $390. You can find good deals on there and you are protected

  • SpikedRed


  • DanWazz

    They should just say, “Thunderbolt owners, we hope your contract is ending soon, because the next time you see a software update, is when you buy a new phone.”

    • Josh Flowers

      a million times, yes.

    • Yeah, there’s no way that this hardware “just isn’t ready for it yet”

      • michael arazan

        “Soon” = 13 months and counting since ics came out. They need to drop the ics and Just Update them To JellyBean 4.2 as compensation

  • defender0802

    They took so long my thunderbolt died and ive moved on to bigger and better things (GS3)!!!

  • jedi_volfan

    Too little too late! Everyone has given up and moved on!!

  • dunzo

    Thunderbolt was a dead horse right out of the gate !

  • Guest

    I gave up – traded it out for the Galaxy S3. They can update all they want now.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Partying like it’s 2011!! Woo!!!!

  • People still own the Thunderbolt?

    • duoexo

      My friend does, he swears its better than my GNEX cus of the kickstand.

      • rals

        I literally LOL’d

      • breadable

        We need more phones with kickstands in 2013

      • JoshGroff

        The Kickstand and the speaker, that thing was a beast. 😉

        Still, that and Thundershed were the only things that kept me going the few months I had a Thunderbolt. It was a good phone for listening to music, but that’s about it, if you wanted to do anything else, forget about it.

      • Joseph Joffe

        He knows that there are cases with kickstands built-in, right?

        • JoshGroff

          But they make the phone as thick as a stock thunderbolt without a case!

      • itznfb

        You underestimate the awesomeness of that kickstand and the speaker behind it. But I wouldn’t say my Thunderbolt is better than my GNex because of the kickstand. I would say my Thunderbolt is better than GNex because my Thunderbolt can get 4bars of LTE without standing directly under the tower. Beast radios in that TBolt.

        • Big_EZ

          It had decent radios for 3g and voice,but the 4g part was horrible, all 7 of my tbolts rarely picked up 4g signal. It wasn’t until I got a Bionic that I strted picking up 4g. The tbolt did handle the transition from 4g-3g better at first though. when I went to larger cities the tbolt did better with 4g, but still no where near as good as the Bionic.

          • itznfb

            Samsung < HTC < Motorola
            Makes sense your Bionic would have good radios. TBolt still trounces the GNex.

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      I use my old one as a bedside clock/radio/mp3 player. Moved to Samsung Galaxy 3 months ago.

    • Matthew Durst

      I bought one first week they were out and I was just able to upgrade with verizon this last month… people should be abandoning ship quickly as these contracts allow for an early phone upgrade

    • Terrance Steiner

      The Tbolt was released in March 2011. That means that the early adopter, like myself, are just now hitting the 20-month early upgrade window. Half of my office uses Thunderbolts, most of them only use it for calls and email. If that is all you do then it is a great phone. If you want to do anything else, it is a sluggish mess.