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HTC on Twitter: Thunderbolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Will be Here “Soon”

The HTC Thunderbolt was originally supposed to receive its Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update by the end of August. As we all know, that didn’t exactly happen. So here we are, approaching the end of 2012 and the update is still nowhere in sight. HTC is well aware that they missed their deadline and assure us that they are still working on it, however, they have yet to give us any sort of new time frame to get excited over. All we have heard recently, is that they are working on connectivity issues with Verizon and that they’ll share info as they work through them. 

Well, today, they changed their tone a bit and are now saying that the update “will be here soon.” “Soon” can obviously mean 6 months from now for all we know, but at this point, I don’t think they wouldn’t say “soon” if they didn’t think that they had moved past their issues and are steps away from approving the update.

Unfortunately for Thunderbolt owners, your two years with the device is about up and you are probably about ready to upgrade to something else. It would have been nice if you could have spent your last 6 or 7 months with proper software rather than dealing with the frustrations of Gingerbread.


  • Bob

    I dont know why so many people complain about the thunderbolt here. My thunderbolt WAS working perfectly before the ice cream sandwich update. I just needed to buy new batteries for it over the 2 years. I get over 30 Mbps and it does not crash. When people say their thunderbolt sucked because it rebooted or crashed I’m wondering if they just needed a new battery.

    However after the ice cream sandwich update my text messages app stopped working. I had resolved that by installing handcent sms.

    Pity all those thunderbolt users that don’t realize they’re likely to have a grand fathered unlimited data plan that is not offered by verizon anymore. This text message app problem might make them all sign a new contract and they will lose their grand fathered data plan.

    • Bob

      A note to all those early adopters of the thunderbolt.. You can buy a phone without signing a new contract use it with your unlimited data plan. I care a whole lot about keeping my unlimited data and I will never sign a new contract with Verizon.

  • Kristen

    I have previously owned a Samsung (2 or 3 phones ago) and thought I would give HTC a try with the Thunderbolt. When my upgrade comes I want to ditch HTC and go back to Samsung. My old Samsung flip phone still works after all these years, Samsung’s got the quality. Heck I would even go back to Motorola at least the new ones have decent battery life! This is one unhappy HTC owner.

  • MetroDetroitDJ

    Screw HTC! I finally gave up and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 which received the Jellybean update in December-fantastic phone. HTC will never get another purchase from me!

  • mkbain

    This debacle definitely makes it so I will never own an HTC device again. I’m trying Samsung next.

  • Don

    A couple more months of “soon” and there will be no comments to an article like this.

  • whatelseisnew

    For people still on Verizon grandfathered unlimited whose phones haven’t miraculously blown up yet

  • torrez

    Pretty pathetic that people like hashcode are working on 4.2 for the droid 3 while HTC can’t even get ICS running and without hashcode my phone would be stuck with GB I just don’t understand how much harder it could be for HTC to get ICS running granted my version of jb has some bugs but most of those will be weeded out by Christmas hopefully

  • BroRob

    THIS is why i passed on the DNA. Well that and 11G memory. I already have used 13G on my S3. I sat in the Verizon store for almost an hour trying to talk myself in to the DNA because the display was incredible and the quad core processor was smooth, I really did love my TBolt but having to rely on the Devs because HTC had NEVER once met a deadline on time (release, GB, ICS and bugfixes were all delayed). I decided to pass. If they can prove different with the DNA I’ll reconsider HTC in the future.

  • Too little, too late…

  • Tom Z

    Huh, Maybe I’ll turn that POS on just to see how ICS looks on it. Happily switched to the RAZR HD MAXX.