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Google Maps Updated With Bug Fixes

This afternoon, Google has pushed an updated version of Maps to Google Play. It currently offers nothing extra except for a few bug fixes, but hey, we’ll take it. Don’t forget to be thankful for your Maps app, people.

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Cheers Adam!

  • Slow news day?

  • cizzlen

    I wish they would update us with that brand new gem of an interface they did over for iOS. Sure would make a nice holiday gift.

  • Droidzilla

    Even though there’s not a real competing product, Google still shows Maps the love.

  • rals

    Sometimes I wonder if Google even cares about Android. I know they’re a software company and all the core apps are on IOS. Why fight the hand that feeds?

    • Terry Tang

      for more total control over what they want to do

    • Chris

      they update android apps. They just also develop for iOS. So what? I think its great they are even doing apps for iOS users as many iOs users are not geeks or fanboys. they are just regular users who may also use google services.

      • rals

        I know, I should of specified as why they get the better interfaces. Example, Google + new interface came first on IOS, then Android came second to that. Also now the new clean layout of google maps made now for IOS.

        Also if majority of users still on 2.3, they are deprived of Google Chrome. It’s these quirks that questions Google’s loyalty to Android. It becomes clear day by day that they got your tracking information and moved on. I’m no fanboy but these are just quirks that I have with them.

        • TheVoiceOfReason

          It’s easier to program a graphical application for iOS. That’s why their apps look prettier.

        • Droidzilla

          Technically, Apple users don’t get Google Chrome. They get Safari with a Chrome theme (Apple only allows Safari for a back end web browser). Second, Apple cannot have Google Maps as a default, so that’s a big fail right there. Third, Google can play to Apple’s aesthetic very easily, but that same change made on Android might clash with the aesthetic of the core OS.

          I personally hope they keep more of the current aesthetic than the new one on iOS.

        • Tim242


          • rals


        • itsgonnalast

          Maybe because iPhone users are *obsessed* with how things look.

          In the past week I’ve read numerous blogs proudly announcing that Google
          Maps on iOS is better than Android because of a few minor visual

          Nevermind that it lacks offline maps, voice-guided
          walking/transit directions, and can’t be set as the iOS default. I’m
          not even sure if iPhone users have access to the Labs feature.

          Similarly, I often see iPhone users calling Android ugly because it has widgets.

          I think Google realizes that iPhone users evaluate everything by how it
          looks, and they’re emphasizing design to score easy points with them.

        • Chris

          As an ios and android user I have to say I like the ios look better for Google apps. I love the Gmail app on my ipad

        • drathos

          I think that part of why iOS is getting the shiny new UI for the Google apps is because the apps are being newly written for iOS. In Android, the apps have been around for a while and changing the look and feel of an established product is approached more carefully. They probably have plans for the two to have similar UIs, but it will probably coincide with a future .0 release of Android.

    • Dan

      Google cares very much for Android. Why else would they put SO much into something that they give away. Mobile devices are where the majority of searches & advertising are heading, IOS included. It’s smart business for them to be everywhere possible. There’s no fighting, or biting, going on.