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Second Look: Ringke SLIM Nexus 4 Case [Revised Version]

Rearth Nexus 4 Case

Last week, during a quest to find the best Nexus 4 case, I found an option from one of our favorite case companies, Rearth. Their Ringke SLIM for the Nexus 4 was available on Amazon for $9.99 in a variety of colors, so naturally, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, the original version of the SLIM had some fit issues near the volume rocker, making it a bit uncomfortable to use. But thankfully, Rearth didn’t waste time in releasing a revised version with optimal fit. This new version showed up in a set on my doorstep yesterday, so let’s talk about it. 

As you’ll see in the pictures below, nothing has changed at first glance. It’s still ultra-slim and adds almost no bulk, something I always look for in a case. The volume rocker fit issue has definitely been addressed, and the case fits perfectly. All ports are exposed and it has a soft finish, that can actually be a bit slippery at times. It’s about as minimal as it gets, with almost zero branding other than the “Ringke SLIM” mention at the bottom of the case. The case is easily applied, giving just enough protection to anyone who is worried about cracking their new Nexus 4. An added bonus comes in form of front protection. Each of the four corners of the case sticks up just enough so that you can lay the phone face down, yet keep the glass off of whatever surface it is laying on. The Ringke SLIM is also thin enough that wireless charging still works, something the Bumper case can’t say. (Update:  Wireless charging does still work with the Bumper on. Had issues last night, but works fine today.)


The grey color is probably my favorite, but it also comes in white, black, and blue. It’s not the fanciest case ever made, but it’s very minimal and well worth the price.

Oh, I also ditched my official Nexus 4 bumper already, as it added too much bulk for my liking. This is my case of choice.

Amazon Links:  White | Grey | Black | Blue


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  • jab416171

    Thanks so much for the suggestion Kellen. I just got a Ringke case myself a week ago, and it’s really nice and minimal.

  • justreboot

    My Rearth Slim case is supposed to be the new version but it still has some play on the left side around the volume rocker. It doesn’t hug that side of the phone. Its a nice case but my OEM LG bumper arrived the same day. Yes it adds bulk but that bulk is intended to provide protection that you simply won’t get with the Ringke case.

    • justreboot

      By the way this and the bumper case work on the wireless charger. I’m using the Energizer Qi chargers and loving them. Highly recommend over the LG which beeps.

  • Jeelybeans

    Is there a reason you prefer the gray over black? Thanks!

  • Do they sell anywhere else?

  • placed my order for one. i’ve been sweating it out not having a case on my phone for a week now. my felt pouch has been awesome so far though. no scratches or anything so far.

  • furlonium

    Got my black one today. Love it. Slim, no bulk, and IMO gives a better grip than no case. Definitely worth a look.

  • Marcus Thomas

    While those cases DO look good, I wanted something that offered protection while still showing off the back of the device; that’s why I went the way if the bumper. Once my initial infatuation goes away and I’m done showing off, and I might go for another case.

    And, to be honest, I would like a little bulk. Not in the width, but in the thickness of the phone. I’m not used to having a phone this thin so it feels kind of weird holding it, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. You guys should review the Nillkin cases. They look swell!

  • andrew galvin

    the bumper totally sucks! Way too much bulk. This case is good but the nillkin nexus 4 case is the best out right now imo. It has a textured back and is a little more solid feeling in hand.

  • FrankBoston

    just got mine today….WOW! great case!!! Only negative is that it is slippery. A more rubbery matte would have made it SOLID.

  • Plerisei

    I really hope otterbox makes a case for this phone. I don’t know why they so sluggish; they make cases for far less demanded phones, but sluggish to make one for the Nexus 4. I bet they have arrangements with carriers to make those cases for unpopular phones.

    • Nobody knows how popular the nexus 4 is. Google nor LG have released any sales data. Just because something has higher demand than supply doesn’t mean its popular, it could just mean production was inadequate.

      Also, why would Otterbox rush to make a case for a phone most people are still waiting for delivery on? I’m sure Google didn’t send them a unit, so for all we know they are still waiting to get one as well.

  • Good to hear they’re addressing issues quickly. Thinking about getting this case when my N4 goes back on sale.

  • Nick S

    Were you testing it by shooting BB’s at it?

  • JordanMcRae

    Just bought this case. Can’t wait to get it!

  • What you said about the bumper case not working with wireless charging isn’t true at all! I use my Nexus 4 w/ the official bumper and an LG wireless charging pad every day!

    • Hmmm, I tried it yesterday and it didn’t work. Let me try again.

      Wow, it does work. Will update!

      • Axel

        I just got my Revision today, but i still got the same issues as the 1st. Still has the loose feel next to the volume. I cant believe yours is fixed. Even when i opened the package i could see the curve around the volume button side like it was bent.

  • What? The Bumper makes the Nexus 4 no longer work with wireless charging…?

    • That’s not true. I use a wireless charger with my Nexus 4/official bumper.

  • droidify

    My gnex case cracked in all 4 corners in less than 6 weeks. However, I sent them a pic and they are supposed to be sending me a free replacement. If it was only 9.99 like these are I wouldn’t be as worried but mine was 25.99. Aside from the quality issues, these are the only cases I will use.

    • michael arazan

      More tales of the Glass Back Horror. Hope fantom makes a front and back glass cover protector for the N 4

  • SJ

    Good update, but you should mention the referral links for Amazon.. not against it for DL but would be nice to let people know

    • Spoken Word™

      The links clearly state Amazon! Even if they didn’t, why does it matter? They’re pointing you to a purchase location.

      • SJ

        Look at the end of the url/droi-life5020 that’s an amazon referrer tag

        • Geoff Johnson


  • JDMendiola

    I got my Nexus 4 last Friday, and within 2 or so days I noticed hair pin scratch…right on the on letter E on the word nexus. So I jumped on the purchase of the bumper when it went in sale. I already received my bumper, would you recommend me trying out this case? Or is the bumper good enough in your opinion? I just love the back of the phone, I don’t want to cover it up haha

  • Masterminded

    How grippy is it? It looks like a bit slippery

    • It is a bit slippery.

      • furlonium

        I disagree. I think it gives a better grip than having no case.

  • moelsen8

    wow kellex, you ditched your bumper case after less than a day? damn.

    • Less than 2 hours I think. Ran that bumper video last night, was all excited, and then these cases showed up before I left the house for the night. Switched immediately.

      • Paul Vigil

        Does this case interfere with swiping from the edges if using LMT launcher?