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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Incorporate Massive 6.3″ Display?

Consumers are finally getting used to working their 5.5″ Galaxy Note 2 device, but rumors are already out concerning Samsung’s next Note iteration. In a move that may or may not shock you, Samsung is rumored to be doing it BIG next year. In fact, according to Korea Times, the Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly feature a giant 6.3″ display, further blurring the line between tablet and phone. If this thing isn’t a “phablet” I don’t know what is. 

Other than a rumored display size, no other info was given on the Note 3. As for the Galaxy S4, it is reported that Samsung could unveil their next flagship phone at the 2013 MWC, but given they are doing just fine at holding their own events for major product launches, we will have to wait and see.

So, our question for you, is 6.3″ just completely ridiculous or could you manage holding that thing up to your face for a call? And at that size, forget abut making calls. What about having it fit in your pocket?


Cheers Nick S!

  • cooksta32676

    these rumors are garbage anyway. We have heard so many rumors that I don’t believe anything anymore. Quad core 1080p US GS3….fail. Nexus 5 by HTC…fail. Nexus 4 with LTE on all carriers….fail. Moto Nexus….fail. The list goes on…

  • foob0t

    This is absurd

  • Guest

    The King of the Hill.

  • Keith0606

    I’d probably be ok with it. I can fit my nexus 7 in my pocket, and I do this quite a bit when i’m at home or at work, so this thing would not be a problem. I also use a bluetooth headset when i’m on the phone which most of the time is when i’m in the car so also not worried about 6.3 phone up to my head.

    That said I think 5.5 (current note 2 size) is big enough, and I’d probably have gotten one if my upgrade was available now.

  • shecalledmejay

    “It’s to big,” that’s what she finally said.

  • too big I have the note 2

  • Bionicman

    it would be interesting to see. i mean they could make it edge to edge with on screen keys and maybe make it slightly bigger than the Note2? i love my Note 2 and yes i thought it was too big for a phone too until i used it. I couldn’t go back to a smaller screen phone now!

  • Michael Buck

    I use a BLUETOOTH HEADSET for calls, phone is to big to use as a regular phone style up against your ear. So a 7″ Phablet is fine for me, just use the Bluetooth!

  • Michael Buck

    I want a 7″ Galaxy Note Tablet! Forget 6.3, just go to the 7″ forma factor and beat the pants off all 7″tablets.

  • joejoe5709

    Even with zero bezel, that’s probably a little much. At that point it’s closer in size to a Nexus7 rather than my GNex. I’m still hoping they can find a way to make a 5″ screen that is comfortably operable with one hand, but 6.3″ is pretty extreme if you ask me.

  • i’ll go for a 6.3″… my 5.5″ note 2 is getting too small…

  • if samsung does this harm the sales of the galaxy tab? samsung might as well come out with the next version of galaxy tab with phone capabilities

  • I honestly wouldn’t get any bigger than the S3. 4.8″ screen with a slim profile, fast enough processor, enough RAM, big enough battery, and expandable storage. I love this phone more than my Droid X before it, and I loved that phone a lot.

    Unlocked SGS3 running CM10 on VZW w/ unlimited data. That’s my daily driver, ftw.

  • time_span

    That’s unfortunate. I was thinking about making my next phone a Note but I think 6.3″ will be pushing it for me.

  • Soofdawg

    I thought the Note was a ridiculous idea, but then saw it in person and realized I actually wanted it. This time however, I think personally this definitely won’t be for everyone. Size aside, I think the current trend is to consume data, rather than talk. A perfect example is how carriers have changed their business model to profit from data consumption rather then worrying about talk air time, hence why talking is ‘unlimited’ over at Verizon as just one example. There’s definitely a market for a device of this size…Even I would consider it. These days I’m hardly on my phone to my ear…it’s either bluetooth in the car or speakerphone. And if I do talk, it’s like for a minute at most…I’m not alone here…so many conversations happen over txt now. If Samsung takes the screen to the edges of the whole device, without a significant bezel, then the overall size may not be too much bigger than the Note II. But I will wait to hold it in my hand to see how ridiculous it will help me look.

    • There’s a good amount of space still where they can go longer and minimize the bezel so it can still have a home button. I don’t get the appeal of on screen keys or the potential of burn in on the screen from them. The keyboard alone gets reports of burn in, to add on screen keys seems ridiculous.. even though I get they would be necessary without a home screen key/capacitive or bezel.

    • irtechneo

      I couldnt agree more. I have the note 2 now and love it. But if im on a call its bluetooth with ford sync or speakerphone most of the time. And like u my calls dont last long either. I prefer text or google hangout. I would buy this device if the size was similar to the note 2 just less bezel. Now my wife on the other hand thinks the note 2 is ridiculous let alone a bigger screen. It will be a niche market.

  • TechTitan

    They only way I would consider a screen that size is if it could be contained within the Note 2’s footprint. Square the corners and software navigation keys….anything beyond that, I’m tapping out on.

  • Twofourturbo

    If they can include their flexible screen technology in this, It would be Perfect!

  • Dre

    Well I’m game for a big screen. Bring on the 6.5 in screen and everyone else man up. My knuckles drag the ground.

  • Tjubb

    C’mon man! Seriously? While I love my Note, I just can’t imagine going bigger. It’s big enough!

  • DC_Guy

    If anything they should just consider keeping the 5.5 inch and making the display 1080p. Sure it’s ok to make hardware improvements, but you cal also differentiate through more innovative software enhancements, not just by trying to have the biggest device on the block.

    • Beezey

      Apparently they can’t raise the resolution too much because something about the Wacom stylus-input doesn’t let them. Not completely sure though

      • DC_Guy

        Interesting. I hadn’t heard that. On a somewhat related note, I was really hoping to see a Note 10.1 with the same resolution as my Nexus 10. I thought that would be pretty amazing. But maybe not in the cards.

    • I think they are still trying to figure out the threshold for biggest phones people are willing to use. Remember when 4.0 was too big? omg that was just crazy. I personally dont know where my threshold is yet.

  • zepfloyd

    Remember last night on the D-L show discussing what Samsung could do to topple it’s own dominant position? Good call guys…good call.

  • dazz1996

    there’s a fanny pack for that!!!

  • Diablo81588

    Diagonally, the difference in size between 5.5 and 6.3 is massive. This will not work. Even the note 2 is too big..

    • Richard Walker

      there are plenty of tiny phones for you to choose from. choice is good.

  • Kevin Mills

    Outlandishly too big, Even if the completely strip bezels and buttons it just won’t work.

  • schoat333

    If they could eliminate the home button, and lose any bezel completely, they could probably get close to a 6″ screen on the note 2.

  • its big, but i can actually fit my Nexus 7 in my pocket. as long as this incorporates smaller bezels, and on-screen buttons, i dont see this next note being any larger than the current one. if it is, it will for sure be out of my comfort zone on phone size.

  • Lambo_21

    to damn big… thats a tablet right there

  • Yep

    Hope they reconsider, this will bomb at such a large size. If a dude who isn’t Shaquille O’Neal can’t fit it in normal sized pockets (pretty sure JNCO jeans are out, style-wise), it will bomb.

    • My Galaxy Tab 7 fit in my jeans pockets. I wear Levi 550s. It fit in the front and back pockets.

    • aye_winchell

      i am a regular sized dude, my n7 fits in my pocket, not that i would want to carry it around like that all day, but it does fit, but i agree that its probably too big, no, its definitively too big

    • Beezey

      If i remember correctly, there were way more people saying the same thing about the original note, both before and after i bought mine. Then the sales numbers came out and that was the end of it.

  • Hahaha, Android

    Holy good god. And people wonder why Android is such a joke!

    • This has nothing to do with the Android OS. Go marvel at your extra row of icons.

      • Hahaha, Android

        Hey, my phone may just “have an extra row of icons” but it’s still superior in every other way. Go get in bed with Eric Schmidt, ya homo.

        • Why not Matias Duarte? I like his style.

        • Not better in any way.

        • Immolate

          Androids from 2011 beat up your phone on the playground and steal its lunch money. iPhone falls behind Android about six months every year.

        • With Android there are more options, more freedom, more selection of phone sizes, screens, UIs, where with Apple you have none of that and a choice of one smartphone at a time. Apple said it was wrong to steal, then stole ideas from other companies and then on top of that sued people claiming it was being done to them. What are you talking about?

    • schoat333

      Delusional? That joke is leading the smartphone OS market by a lot.

      • Hahaha, 6.3″

        Who in their right mind would carry around a 6″ smartphone as a daily driver? Delusional would be the right word for that person.

        • Richard Walker

          Why would it be delusional to carry a 6″ device, if that device satisfied the requirements that user had for a comm device.

          • Immolate

            Or if 6″ satisfied the user’s significant other…

          • Hahaha, More than 6″

            I’ve got 6 inches right here for ya LOL JK

    • Soofdawg

      Even though the phone size has nothing to do with Android as you incorrectly state, I’ll share something funny with you. A joke is a device that a ceo claims is for consumption and makes the screen size 3.5″ inches for 5 iterations, and then bumps it up 1/2″ inch and say bigger is better after berating other devices for being bigger during the first 5 iterations of his own device. Still want another joke? How about if this device also could not perform simple functions of copy and paste for 3 iterations, while calling itself a smartphone that would die after a 4-5 hour battery life. I’m here all week.

      • Hahaha, Android. Hahaha AT&T

        3.5″ was perfect. Not too big, not too small. 4″ gives more screen real estate, sure, but I would have been perfectly ok with leaving it as is. Battery life? You REALLY want to talk about battery life on Android phones? My GNex could barely get to lunch time, we’re talking 5 hours here. The OG iPhone (2007 model) was rated at 8 hours talk time, 6 hours web browsing and often exceeded those remarks. Copy/paste… well, I can’t really say anything about that, I didn’t get an iPhone until it was available on Verizon.

        • Soofdawg

          3.5″ was not perfect and doesn’t even come close, unless you live with only one thumb. Part of being able to actually have a positive user experience is being able to read & watch what you see on the screen. 3.5″ is fine for texting, but it was never perfect for browsing, maps, reading, etc, which are all consumption attributes that are invaluable in the smartphone market, hence the reason for larger-than-4-inch devices in general. The 4″ ‘extension’ doesn’t really give any dramatic real estate either…it’s almost condescending to today’s users. Every iPerson I have shown my S3 to envy’s it because of not only the size, but actual user interface. And trust me…I’ve waited since the first iPhone to have a reason to get one, but they still lack functionalities that make my life easier. FWIW, i own an ipad, mac pro, macbook pro…just so it’s clear I’m not a fanboy of any company…just great products I enjoy using.

    • shecalledmejay

      I see it as Android having a choice for whatever you like in a phone.

  • moelsen8

    there really is a line there somewhere. i would hope they see it.

  • InyRules

    I can barely fit my Galaxy Nexus in most of my pockets. The Note 2, while a fantastic, powerhouse of a phone, is too big for me to use. I think a 6.3″ screen would just alienate more potential customers. Like many have said here, it would have to have next to no bezel for it to be feasible.

    • Nexus_FrEak

      C’mon the GNEX fit into my pockets no problem… And I even wore skinny jeans once… (not proud of it) o_O

      • InyRules

        I guess my pockets are just tiny, haha. But my GNex is still a comfortable size to hold one handed. With the Note at 5.5 it’s really difficult for me to use comfortably. I think 6.3 would be overkill.

    • Yeah I think the Gnex is the perfect size

  • Nexus_FrEak

    I just bought the VZW Note 2 and I must say I love the size…. However I have officially drawn the line at 5.5. Not a chance I would buy a phone bigger. I think they are doing to much at this point. But Loving the N2 all they way!

    • At some point, bigger is no longer better. I’d agree that 5.5″ should be tops.

    • pd240

      I want to like the size of the note 2 but after having it a week, I don’t know if it’s a phone I can keep due to the size. Everything else is amazing about the device.

  • I had a Galaxy Tab + 7 inch tablet that I would use for VoIP calls. It wasn’t all that odd holding it up to my ear as a phone, though bluetooth or wired headset was my preferred method. It fit in the pockets of even my skinniest jeans. No problems.

  • Eventually we’ll have devices that hold us up. The New Samsung Galaxy Note 50! 10 ft screen! You’re the stylus!

  • BmoreHuntr

    I’ll be saving my upgrade for this phone.

  • Michael33704

    Wow….I just got the Note 2 on Verizon. I can’t imagine going to 6.3″….but then again two years ago I would have said 5.5″ was ridiculous…..

  • DC_Guy

    The larger these gadgets become the more I think I need to start up a “murse” manufacturing company. It’s getting so that men will also need to carry a bag to keep their stuff. Geez

    • Let’s do it.

      • MichaelFranz

        Indiana Jones has one

        • EC8CH


          • MichaelFranz

            not a purse mmmkayyyy

    • John

      Too late. They already make male satchels.

    • Diablo81588

      I’m sure Apple already has a patent on the idea, sorry.

    • they already exist popularly in other countries but in the US, you are “gay” if you have one…its just a solid marketing campaign thats needed here.

  • Droidzilla

    18.5″ or GTFO.

  • John

    It’ll be similar to this

  • kevg73

    at that screen size the phone could only be manageable if there is basically no bezel on any side (top and bottom included) and there are on screen navigation buttons. would be pretty cool to see.

  • AK

    I’m sorry but you’d really look like an idiot holding that thing up to the side of your head.

    • capecodcarl

      They said the same thing about bluetooth headsets though.

      • Ibrick

        And people walking around ‘talking to themselves’ on bluetooth headsets do look ridiculous.

    • Droidzilla

      What if you have a giant head and this would minimise it?

    • I woudln’t argue with you there, but if you have an ounce of self esteem, you wouldn’t care.

  • DC_Guy

    I guess a lot of folks felt like the 5.5 inch Note 2 was too big until they used one. As the owner of a Verizon Note 2 (and a persom with big hands) I think the size of the Note 2 is big enough. A 6.3 inch phone would really be a stretch, pardon the pun.

  • monkey082506

    This is starting to get out of hand, of course some people will buy it but I will never be that person. I might as well use my Nexus 7 as my phone if I was wanting a phone that big.

  • Starting to get a little ridiculous…

  • Guest

    Samsung is buggin’

  • Andrew Remmers

    If you make the screen have very little bezel this might be enjoyable. The Nexus 7 has a pretty big bezel but its still easy to pocket.

    • Dylan Noblett

      You’re able to fit the Nexus 7 in your pocket?

      • ok


      • kixofmyg0t

        He wears Jnco’s apparently.

      • fallenshell

        I can get my Nexus 7 in the back pocket of non Jnco jeans however it sticks out and i would never sit on it… Cargo pants however are totally for the win!

      • Andrew Remmers

        Yeah Front pocket to depends on the shorts. Pants to!

      • cargo shorts even with a case on YES….front pocket, idk what that guy is smoking

  • That’s entirely too big

    • John

      That’s not what she said

      • aye_winchell

        maybe not to you…;)

        • John

          hah, touche

  • dvigs

    Jesus God…I will need a backpack…

    • DC_Guy

      Or a Murse….

      • leenephi

        Already starting your advertising, I see. 😉

        • DC_Guy

          LOL I’m all over it!

  • Loving the note 2’s size at the moment. I could see MAYBE 6.0″… maybe… I feel like 5.5″ might be the sweet spot. I can not imagine getting something smaller than 5.5″ from now on.

    • Steevka

      4.3 is the sweet spot. The Droid X is the largest I’ll go.

      – 2010

  • No longer a phone. It’s a tablet with phone capabilities.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I thought the 5.5″ Note 2 was too big, I don’t even know what to say about this thing. We’re approaching Nexus 7 size here, and there is no way I would ever want to carry around a Nexus 7 as a phone.

      • MichaelFranz

        I could only see it working if they made the S-Pen also a bluetooth headset so you dont have to carry it around. As cool as the idea is, i still thing the best device overall is the padfone concept. best idea to ever come from a manufacturer, and US will never see it

        • Danrarbc
          • MichaelFranz

            no more like this…


            That way holding a 6+ inch device to your head won’t truly scamble your brains 🙂

          • Nicholassss

            Take a note 2 and really look at it. A 6.3 in screen with true bezelless display would easily fit in the same foot print.

          • MichaelFranz

            i really dont think we will see a true bezel-less display for a while, the razr M is the closest you will get. yes it might be the same foot print but like K said in another comment sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better. Once upon a time we all thought 4.3 was too big, now 4.8 (GS3) is i think ideal, while i wouldnt mind bigger, pocketability starts becoming a factor.

            I dont want to have to wear jnco jeans to make my phone fit in my pocket 🙂

          • Nicholassss

            Im a very fashionable guy and my note 2 fits in my pocket just fin. Physically speaking I dont think I could go any bigger than a note 2. But I would go bigger if the same sized phone could house a bigger screen.

          • omg jnco jeans! do ppl still wear these? god i hope not.

          • MichaelFranz

            no but to be honest they would have a sick marketability now with all these huge devices coming out. “guaranteed to fit in our pocket or it really is just too damn big”

          • We will probably see a change in woman’s jeans first. currently, most woman’s jeans dont fit a 4″ phone without them sticking out.

          • S.Ober

            if its true about the S4 having the unbreakable flexible screen that is rumored. I can see a truly bezel-less phone.

          • Agree. Don’t know that they would even go there unless that’s what they had in mind. Was the idea behind the Note 2.

          • Pretty cool, so you put it over the top of your ear then and its a headset. Wonder how they’d be able to accomodate for Wacom functionality AND headset tech in such a small space.

          • Sandellyo Kauba

            I am using a blue tooth / S-pen right now that is made by Samsung “HM5100.” The first version of this S-pen already exists , I have had it several months now.

          • Sandellyo Kauba

            I use the HM5100 for N8000 G-Note 10.1 with the built-in phone, as well as the G-Note 5.5 & 5.3. I love these innovative products and not same lame products year after year.

        • Silver Veloz

          I think the Padphone concept is great. http://www.asus.com/Mobile/PadFone/
          Although Motorola touched on it with the Lapdock (not the same thing, but close since the phone powers the Lapdock).
          6.3″ smartphone (too big).

      • Well, to keep it a “phablet”, Samsung may just make the phone longer. Or, may be it will end up using the rumored foldable display?

        Or, it’s Samsung’s strategy to sell more tablets — by gradually increasing the size of its Galaxy Note series to a point that one day, it will just make it a 7″, and nobody complains anymore.

      • as long as it fits in my front pocket, its game on

    • Maybe Samsung would include bluetooth headset with every phone. And a carrying bag/backpack. 🙂

    • Yep couldn’t agree more. I thought the Note (1) was big enough. Then the 2. This is insane. Samsung just make a Note 7 with a 10 ” screen then just use bluetooth or headphones to make calls. Market a bag to carry it in. HEY SAMSUNG you just made a Bag Phone!

      • This is what some griped about before when the Note 2 with a 5.5 inch screen was announced. Before 4.3 was too big, now its too small. The people who only liked 4 inch screens now think 4.8 is the norm.

    • michael arazan

      Just use a Bluetooth headset. I’d love a 7-10″ tablet with phone capabilities, either a tablet by itself or something like the padfone with a bluetooth stylus that’s also a headset. Then you don’t need a phone and tablet to carry with you.