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JBQ on Pulled Nexus 4 Factory Images: “I Can’t Comment on That”

LG Nexus 4 Review

Two days ago, we noticed that Google had updated the factory images page for their Nexus lineup. For whatever reason, this update removed the Nexus 4 and all accompanying files, a move that we weren’t initially concerned about. While it was odd that their new flagship device was gone, we have seen this happen in the past with other Nexus phones.

It becomes interesting now because Jean-Baptiste Quéru, the man who manages these factory images, was asked point blank what the deal was and simply responded with, “I can’t comment on that, sorry.” Even after a user mentioned that he desperately needed the files to fix his phone, he was left hanging. 

So what is the deal? Well, we don’t know. There are rumors floating around that suggest it’s because users are finding active LTE radios inside and that Google has been forced to remove software for it. The device wasn’t approved by the FCC to work on LTE networks, so there is a chance that has something to do with it. We should point out that the 4.2.1 binaries have been removed as well.

But to confuse things further, the 4.2.1 image for the Nexus 10 is gone (Update: or has apparently never been there). Some are suggesting that this means an update is on the way. Serious bug in 4.2.1 for just these two devices? Lots of questions and guesses, no definitive answers.

I’d assume there is nothing serious going on here. It’s not like the Nexus 4 is all of a sudden going to stop being supported forever by Google. All will be well in due time.

Via:  Android Building

Cheers Brad!

  • n900mixalot

    still waiting …

  • Ray

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  • legend618

    blame canada

  • This may be related to users enabling LTE.

  • InvaderDJ

    Man, the Nexus 4 is really plagued with issues. I’m a huge Nexus fan (there still isn’t a Verizon phone I would pick over the Galaxy Nexus even despite the huge issues it has) but Google really messed this one up. Hopefylly they learn from this and bring the same polish they’ve put into Android recently into the phone they make to show it off.

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      The only issues I’ve seen and encountered so far is the ordering process. They serious underestimated the popularity of a device like this.

      Besides that, the device is pretty flawless. I’m not having any of these problems with 4.2.1 that people are reporting. At least Google is admitting there are issues and have pulled it. If this were Apple, everyone would have to wait until the next big release to get something fixed.

      • InvaderDJ

        From what I’ve read battery life is meh at best and the camera is only just a small step up from the Galaxy Nexus.

        My biggest issue with it is the construction. Glass phones are dumb, truly form over function. My opinion (I haven’t heard this from anyone else and I’m pulling it out of my ass, so this isn’t objective truth) is that basically the glass back substitutes for using high quality materials. You can save by not having to buy high quality plastic or metal and then just use Gorilla Glass to fortify the construction.

        It was dumb when Apple did it, and it is dumb now, a highly mobile and droppable device should be as shatter proof as possible.

        • TheVoiceOfReason

          Don’t believe everything you read. Lots of sites were given pre-production devices with pre-production builds of Jelly Bean on it.

          The battery life is fine. It easily lasts me through the day with heavy-to-moderate use and it’s only getting better with more use.

          Yeah, the glass back of the phone bothers me a bit. Mostly because the phone slides along uneven surfaces and fabrics too easily. That’s okay though because I have a case on order.

  • Tony Mihelich

    JBQ? Really? http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/abbreviations.htm Maybe reference the Acronym, then repeat it. Have to read the story to figure out what JBQ stands for… and then it wasn’t even referenced Jean-Baptiste Quéru. Like he is that well known.

    • Luxferro

      Well if you know anything about Android and Nexus devices (Or pure google devices), you would know the name and his initials. If you’re new to Nexus you just learned it now :p

    • Simon Belmont

      *shrugs* I knew exactly who he was talking about with JBQ.

      This is an Android enthusiast website. People probably tend to know these things.

  • Hatyrei

    I thought FCC reviews phone internals before it gets approved? So they didn’t recognize an LTE chip inside? and let it pass?

    • Droidzilla

      The LTE chip wasn’t activated, so maybe they let it pass. Gandalf doesn’t work Wednesdays at the FCC.

      • Ray


  • David Poma

    I am running AOKP 4.2.1 Linaro Trinity Kernal without any problems on my Nexus 7

  • brittany579

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  • I had to take back my N7 to 4.1 as 4.2.1 was buggy. I really need BT headphones to work without skips every 2 seconds.

    • Simon Belmont

      Haha. I did this too.

      I use a Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth gamepad. I hope Android 4.2.2 fixes these darned issues.

  • rals

    Maybe because 4.2.1 is not a good update at all. My Nexus 7 runs like crap. 4.1 was much smoother. Something broke, there is a ton of posts on XD reporting issues with 4.2. So I’m not eager to get this on Gnex right until they ironed out the issues.

    I have to say I’m little disappointed with Google and there approach to Android recently. It seems we’re getting shafted with buggy OS with the launch 4.2 and IOS is getting nicer versions of our core Apps. I know this is easy revenue for Google, but come on now.

    • EC8CH

      I have to admit my N7 feels a bit more flaky since 4.2 as well.

      • rals

        Yep, battery drains much quicker, the lock screen wake up time is longer, and I found random reboots, which seems to be a common theme with the new update. Debating on this weekend to a factory reset to see if it helps.

        • EC8CH

          I just toggled the setting to turn off my wifi during sleep to see if it helps standby time. I thought before it would stay charged for almost a week, now it drains in about a day and a half.

          • rals

            I downloaded the battery reborn widget, and that has a sleep function that you can automatically set. But you’re right, even toggling airplane mode when I don’t use it, still drain relatively quickly.

        • YankInDaSouth

          Factory reset won’t work – I did it and still get reboots and waking the device takes forever!

    • Droidzilla

      It’s weird. I also noticed this on a friend’s Nexus 7, but my Nexus 4 on 4.2.1 runs as smooth as a Bentley on a newly paved road with calm winds and a sober driver.

    • Simon Belmont

      This. I even rolled back to 4.1.

      Needed BT to work better, and the battery life is back. Please, Google, fix this in 4.2.2.

  • Doubt it’s an LTE thing if they also pulled the Nexus 10 image…

    After all, a nexus 10 won’t magically grow LTE support…

    • Hunter

      wouldn’t that be cool if it did…

    • Huh? They didn’t pull the Nexus 10 image. There was a problem with the original JOP40C images so JBQ put up new ones, but they’re still available. There are no JOP40D/4.2.1 images available for the N10 yet, though.

      • Ah. My (author’s) mistake.

        “But to confuse things further, the 4.2.1 image for the Nexus 10 is gone (Update: or has apparently never been there).”

  • J. Gilbertson

    Oh how I wish I had a Nexus to be upset about these things. Oh wait, today is another day and another contest for a Nexus 7! 🙂

  • TheWenger

    Maybe it’s something to do with Miracast?

  • At least there are always mirrors.

  • EC8CH

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    • WAldenIV

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      • EC8CH

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      • I agree, give it a fighting chance before we bludgeon it to death.

        • EC8CH

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        • zepfloyd

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          • Hunter

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    • Ihatenexus

      Well, well, well……………………Add this to the long list of Fiascoes that is this phone. Botched release, horrible battery, delicate glass…………so many things I forgot most now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahaahahahahahahahahahhhahahhaahhahah
      Fanboys: Continue on…..

      • EC8CH

        FACKWORS definitely.

        • Mack

          Haha what was that you were saying about a resident DL troll?? ^^^^^

          You’re right though, it has been a while.

          • moelsen8

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          • moelsen8

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          • Mack

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      • TheVoiceOfReason

        You need to step up your game, Troll. Your efforts are desperate and pathetic.

    • Ihatenexus

      I made a list for the Fanboys so we can keep track of this phone failure:

      Nexus 4:

      No LTE

      Horrible Battery

      Delicate Glass

      No OTG USB support

      Botched Release

      No SD card

      Long shipping delays

      Insufficient inventory

      Pulled Factory Images

      Non removable battery

      Abysmal camera
      I know we will add more to this in the coming days.

      • Jon

        Good list, pretty much sums up why I love this phone. It does have LTE though.

        Wait were you talking about the iPhone or Nexus 4?

        Food for t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ thought.

      • moelsen8

        I mean, you could probably combine a few of them, right?

      • TheVoiceOfReason

        Wow, troll much? You need to try a little harder, there’s many more out there with more skills.

        If we were to create a list such as that for the iPhone 5, it would be longer. 😉

        • moelsen8

          at least long enough for another row of icons!

      • Droidzilla

        I made a list for the Fanbois so we can keep track of @bfc8f48e15839cecfa34b1a5ee420e6d:disqus failure:
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        I know we will add more to this in the coming days.

        • TheVoiceOfReason

          I think he’s just upset because he can’t purchase one.

      • InvaderDJ

        Three of those are the same thing (the botched release includes shipping delays and insufficient inventory). But yeah, I’m not really feeling the Nexus 4, really the only things that I care about on it is the Snapdragon S4 Pro and the better camera (compared to the Galaxy Nexus).

      • michael arazan

        So sorry that a hurricane botched the release in NY, hard to move such a PR even t in less than 5 days for such a giant venue.

    • Bob

      FACWORS It is!!!! We can’t ever let it die. Troll on good sir, troll on.