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Google Search Receives Minor Update, Changelog Currently M.I.A.

This morning, Google Search received an update, but it must be quite minor given that Google didn’t update the changelog. The app did recently receive a big update, so we are guessing this is more of a bug fixing update or something along those lines.

If you haven’t already, go grab it.

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Cheers ViZZiATO!

  • google search update gives it permission to use your camera and voice recording at any time without your permission! Scary. Beware.

  • Circushair

    Seems that “Refresh” has been removed from the menu.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    Could be placebo effect, but does Google Now seem to actually load in a reasonable amount of time with this update?

  • EMcTx

    I still can’t use the what’s that song feature. Google now closes when I ask that.

  • Noticed a big difference in speed with the application now. Galaxy Nexus was just slow when you first brought up Google Now, but its much quicker now for first time loading.

    • Kevin Bojarski

      Same here

  • Morris

    Looks like search suggestions but it still doesn’t have that arrow that pre JB versions had where you start to type, it suggets, and then you can click the arrow and keep typing

  • SR

    I can’t wait until google now works. Re: tracking packages. Unfortunately after this update mine still doesn’t work.

    • Morris

      mine works fine. I get an email and it appears.

    • DroidJ

      You’re not alone. I’ve received tons of packages in the last couple weeks, most from Amazon, and Now hasn’t picked up on a single ship notice. That’s the only feature I haven’t seen work.

      • SR

        I had it pop up on my GN2 once when I first got it. I swiped away the notifications and haven’t seen one since. And I order online A LOT. But after reading about it this morning all I’ve come up with is some user’s tracking feature works and some just don’t. My brother has the same phone (on ATT) and his works fine.

      • I ordered 5 items from Amazon, arrived in 3 shipments, it picked up on the 2 UPS ones, but not the Lasership one.

  • slow news day?

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      No, but I do believe it is lame comment time.

  • MrVizziato

    Thanks for the shout out! I love when Google search gets updates now… Cause Google now is awesome and I can’t wait until it features more things!