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Google Currents 2.0 – New Sidebar, New Widget, and Much Improved UI

Looks like Google is to start pushing Currents again, as it just received a major update to version 2.0. This year at Google I/O, they released an updated version of the news feeder app that brought Nexus 7 support and a basic redesign. This time, in 2.0, the entire app has been re-imagined and it’s much prettier than it was previously. 

Now, you go through your feeds by scrolling left and right, and go through stories by swiping up and down. There is a dedicated sidebar for quickly accessing other topics, as well as breaking news. To top it off, they have also added a widget that is reminiscent of the YouTube widget, where you scroll through stories.

What’s new in 2.0? 

* Edition sidebar – quickly access your editions within categories such as business, sports, etc.
* Fast scan – Vertical swipe to scan an edition, horizontal swipe advances to next edition
* Edition-section chooser – Choose “Customize” to filter out sections
* Unread marks – Read stories are marked. (Setting to hide)
* Breaking stories – ranked by Google News. Links to full length content.
* Saved stories – star for future reference
* New catalog design
* Widget

Overall, this update may actually get me back into using it. Try it out and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Droid Life on Currents. We currently have over 250,000 subscribers.

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Via: Google

  • Flipboard FTW

  • AShah

    Am I the only one who can’t find the Breaking News section in the Currents update.
    Is it in the sidebar?

  • Google really needs to integrate Reader and Currents into one product. Please, Google?

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  • Chris

    The sidebar is really starting to be a trend in many google apps.

  • Icehunter

    Reader on the desktop. Flipboard on mobile.

  • M

    And it came out before iOS, too!

    • Chris

      true, but who really cares? It came out on android first. It is nice that Google is spending its time developing apps for Apple users. After all they don’t really need to.

  • How’s the memory issue with this update? Anyone tried? The last version was eating a lot of memory so I had to uninstall it.

  • Dave Goldstein

    It looks nice but I’m gun shy after 1.0 ate my galaxy nexus. I’ve disabled the app on all devices ever since

  • Frank

    Google Reader and Flipboard

  • I’m constantly thinking to myself… “GReader? or Currents…?”

  • Scott Kerr

    I’m going to be that guy. Where can I get those icons?

    • Steven Dinsdale


  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i used flipboard on iOS and i use it now on android…nothing tops that app

  • I’m going to have to try this out again, it looks great! The widget looks perfect, we’ll see how it does in person!

  • Mordecaidrake

    Am I the only one that uses Google Reader? haha

    • I prefer GReader over Currents, mostly because it’s quicker way to consume all my feeds than anything else I’ve found.

      • D.B.Evans

        I also prefer gReader (prefer it over both Google Reader and over Currents). Although I will at least try the updated Currents just to see if they fixed the short-comings of the original version.

    • Richard Jackson

      It the reason I don’t use current. When you got alot of feeds having just title and links is the quick’s way to go.

  • I love Currents, I’ve tried Pulse and Flipbook and neither of them worked for me. I like that they’ve added a widget and a favorites option.

  • Josh Rabinowitz

    will this fix my laggy n7 4.2.1?

  • Bob

    Nice, but I use Flipboard.

  • hfoster52

    Looks Offers, Currents, Drive, Earth, and shopper are all updated. Google is busy!!

  • Wow, I thought they had totally gave up on this… Maybe I’ll give it a go and see if this version isn’t the battery murderer like the first incarnation.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    This is awesome. but i wish it would clear read articles out of my reader when i read them in currents.

    • Jonathan

      Indeed. If this were the case, I could finally stop using that disaster of a Google Reader app.

    • Kevin McClain

      You can in this neweat version. You just have to check off the option in the sttings

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        i am about to try it out, but the way it reads is one way. if i read it in reader on the computer it will block it in currents.

        I am specifically wanting it to work the other way. i want it to mark it read in reader when i read it in currents.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          tried it out. it only seems to remove them from my currents feed.

          not what i want in a reader replacement yet.

  • Pulse gets the job done for me. Currents would have to do some serious changes to make me switch.

    • mustbepbs

      Yeah, I can’t find a better news reader than Pulse. Such a nice app.

      • chuckfu

        Based on your post, I’ve downloaded Pulse again (I tried it a couple of years ago, but it was missing a feature or two). Now when i loaded it up, it doesn’t seem to synch with my google reader account anymore. Can that be true?