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Bootloader Unlock Released for Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 bootloader has been unlocked. Thanks to Adam Outler and the folks at XDA, Verizon’s version of this oversized phone has “gone from the most secure device on the market, to the least secure device publically available.” 

The process itself, to unlock the bootloader, doesn’t look all that intense after you watch the video tutorial, but there are enough warnings in there that you should definitely proceed with caution. Know what you are doing, folks. You’ll need Odin to flash most of it, the Revision ROM (a base platform to work from), a PIT file, CASUAL (an adb script loader), and my favorite file name of all time, the “Suck It Verizon Odin Package.”

Once you’ve completed this, you really do have one of the most open devices on the planet. The team that worked on this did some brilliant work here.

Full instructions at the source link and in the video above. ROMs await you.


Via:  XDA

Cheers Dan, @G8orDroid, and @nunyazz!

  • cole hartman

    Is this only verizon? or is there any love for t-mobile?

  • nextstepbasketball

    My Note 2 on Verizon stopped charging. Anyone know what the problem is? I have 3 batteries and all will charge in my battery charger but will not charge in the phone when I plug it in.

  • NY Harry

    Got this off ebay FREE FREE FREE – not an auction at all, and worked for me (Galaxy Note II w/ T-Mobile. Its some guy giving good advice on how to self unlock Galaxy Note II without software or Rooting. Seems there is access to the files the Samsung uses for Network lock, and this seems to bypass the restriction. I have no idea if this is permanent.

    Pls post if this works for you too.

    His ebay ID was # 140895526125

    So here are His instructions:

    -use pointer-

    1. Dial *#197328640#

    2. Main Menu > [1] UMTS

    3. [1] Debug Screen

    4. [8] Phone Control

    5. [6] Network Lock

    6. Options [3]Perso SHA256 (MY NOTES: I was confused if he meant to push “option” and then select [3], but I realized from him describing the menu button in th next step, he musta meant to choose option 3. note: I did this step 4 times, thinking there was some submenu that was supposed to load, but I think nothing is supposed to happen after you finish this step)

    7. wait about 30 seconds, then go back one step by pressing the Menu button (the touch button to the left of home button)

    8. select Back

    9. now you are in [6] Network Lock

    10. then choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ (MY NOTES: I went back n forth a few times, not being sure and the menu clearly said “initializing”, and then “complete” or something like that)

    11. wait for a minute then reboot your phone.

    That’s it!
    This method has worked for many different versions of the galaxy note II.
    (MY NOTES: I put an AT&T sim in, and didnt get any pop up saying “invalid SIM” or anything else, so I am really not sure if this worked – I was expecting to see “invalid SIM”)

    His ebay “auction” continues:

    I do not need to be paid. I do ask that with the money you save on unlocking, you would consider a small gift to a charity this Christmas season.

    If you want, you may forward me any amount for me to donate it out to a charity of my choice. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove that I actually donate the money, so if you do choose to do that, you just haveto trust me. Of course, please understand that despite many report of successful unlock of many different versions of the Note II, you are using this unlock instruction at your own risk. I am doing this completely out of goodwill, and will not be held liable for any adverse outcome. This method may also work with other recent releases of Samsung smart phones, S3, Note for example. Again, attempt at your own risk.
    If you accidentally pay me, I will refund you right away. Also, feel free to message me for any questions! Good luck! Have fun! Merry Christmas!

  • Tim242

    The phone’s native hotspot can be used without rooting or unlocking. Just download a hotspot toggle. It activates the hotspot without checking for subscription. I use the one by Erda Team. It is an icon that works. Others are wierdly sized widgets. Nice to see this trick still works. I don’t have the need to use it very often, but nice to know I can!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Does unlocking the bootloader give the ability to remove that horrid logo on the button? I would figure it must as unlocking the bootloader is apparently the cure all for these devices 🙂

    • Disqus

      They sell a 9 dollar replacement button to cover that buddy. Look on Amazon.

    • Tim242

      The sharp side of scissors will rub it off and leave you with a nice silver button. What you do from there is up to you. But, stop whining over their smallest logo ever.

      • AJA0

        I’m not intentionally scratching up a $700+ device

        • Tim242

          It’s a metal button. Either scrape off the logo, or stop whining.

          • AJA0

            1. Read posts before replying. 2. there is a 3rd option, buy a $9 aluminum sticker and 3. Stop making idiotic posts telling people to intentionally damage their devices. Based on your post it seems you actually did the retarded thing you’re trying to get other people to do, possibly to make yourself feel less dumb.

          • Tim242

            The sticker will stick up, and eventually peel off. Yes, I have nice plain silver home button. I don’t feel dumb at all. The logo didn’t bother me. I just can’t have a front logo, since I work for Sprint. Having a silver button is better than being a whining baby.

      • Why not just buy a button cover?

        • Tim242

          I did. It stuck out too far and pushed the button too easily.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    No one saw the

    heimdall flash –BOOT ./Baby – JUSTIN BEIBER.mp3

    part? go to 7:12 of the video

    • antinorm

      OMG he mispronounced “Bieber”!!!1 It’s ‘bee-ber’, not ‘bye-ber’

  • I’m getting my GNII on Monday 😀

  • Excuse my ignorance, but why can’t Moto devices be unlocked this easily?

    • They use some sort of crazy government level encryption. Just to make us mad.

    • Matt

      Encrypted bootloaders that cannot be worked around through a tool like Odin.

  • Jose Antonio Quinones Jr

    I don’t have or intend to buy the Note 2, but reading a story like this makes me want to throw my hands up in celebration for what our community was able to accomplish. +1 for the good guys!

  • fartbubbler

    love the Android Community!

    • AJA0

      O.O your name

  • lacerum

    Any chance this would work on the AT&T version?

    • T4rd

      The AT&T version doesn’t have a locked/encrypted/signed bootloader, so it is already readily unlockable, same with the T-Mobile and Sprint versions.

  • Stephen D

    I have 2 upgrades on my account soon and I was strongly considering the Note 2, but I was going to wait and see if it would be unlocked. Now I’m sold on one.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      That beautiful Verizon logo on the home button is what sold me. God I can’t wait to show that off. /s

      • michael arazan

        Yes now all those people who pester us everyday looking at our phones and asking us which carrier we got it on will know it’s Verizon, thanks Verizon for keeping me from so much hassle of telling people which carrier I’m using. PFF

  • Bill Hennings

    Is this the kind of thing that Samsung will be able to / are likely to patch against (for example in Note 2’s that are purchased in a month or two from now)

  • Think I will wait for a Verizon stock image to back to in the event this sucks.

    • billy routh

      The stock image is already out.

  • mustbepbs

    This guy is the man. First the GS3 on Verizon and now the Gnote2? What a champ.

  • Bewara2009

    Suck my balls Verizon. . How about that one!

  • asianrage

    I might end up with this device once the price drop to $150. Unless another hotness pops up by then.

  • JoshGroff

    And I was planning on picking one up early next year with my tax return. Although, something newer and shinier should be out by then, if not, I have all the more reason to grab it.

  • crazysamz

    Literally just shouted in joy! Just got my Gnote II yesterday! Perfect timing!

    Also I am super sick so yelling like that was not eay but it was awesome!

    • Got mine 2 days ago- love it.

      As a side note, my first full charge went for 25 hours, with 5.5 hours of screen on time. That was mostly transferring vids and making sure they were viewable, watching trailers, testing games, and admin stuff like disabling the boatware apps and setting things up just right. Have to admit, a number of those screen ons were me just wanting to look at that beautiful screen again. Amazing.

  • “One of the most open devices on the planet”

    Was that hyperbole really necessary? It’s really not – it’s a hack, which means that it would be quite easy for Verizon to close it back up again. Nexus devices are still “more open” since even when an update comes out, they are still open. Even if it breaks and you have to get a new one, it’s still open, etc.

    • Danrarbc

      The bootloader almost certainly won’t be locked with an update.

      • JoshGroff

        What he’s saying is OTAs don’t re-lock the bootloader, and that you can always unlock it after even if you didn’t before.

    • AJA0

      I sense a butthurt Nexus 4 owner.

      Youmad your phone has a crap battery, no SD card slot, and an extremely fragile glittery girly back?

      • azndan4

        You mad cuz you can’t think of a more original taunt?

        • AJA0

          It seems I struck a nerve, if the phone doesn’t changes, there aren’t going to be any more arguments aside from its original failings. That phone sucks ass.

          I also forgot the battery is non-removable, akin to iPhone, which sucks.

    • Actually it would be very hard for Verizon to lock the boot loader through an update, as well as patch the exploit used. If they could don’t you think they would have patched the exploit for the GS3?

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    sweet, get my Note 2 in the mail today!

  • Spoken Word™


  • DC_Guy

    So I can finally get Google Wallet to work?

    • Immolate

      Already could. Check XDA.

  • chris125

    If only moto devices could be cracked open for those on Verizon. Suck on them apples Verizon

    • Tony Allen

      If they had, I’d have kept my Bionic. No bueno though.

  • Greg Morgan

    Hey they stole my free wifi tether network name! “Suck it Verizon” lol

    • EC8CH

      Mine goes by the name of “FACKWORS”

      • JoshGroff

        I don’t know man, it really looked like “FADWORS”. 😉

        • EC8CH

          I know, right…

          Totally keeps captcha challenged bloggers from stealing my WiFs.

      • ArrowCool

        I know I’m in the minority here, but I still chuckle every time I read a post that you include “FACKWORS”

  • Alberto Hamade

    Such it Verizon!