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ASUS Transformer Pad Receiving Minor Update to, Still On Android 4.1.1

Over the weekend, ASUS pushed an update out to the Transformer Pad (TF300), but it was rather minor. While there are no visible changes yet, the kernel appears to have been updated, which could point that this is an update that could be preparing the device for the jump to Android 4.2+. Have you noticed anything special?

We love updates.

Cheers Jason and Chaim!

  • John R

    Got build on my Infinity today…

  • Dan Knapp

    Love that I’m able to comment from my 4.1.2 HP Touchpad.

    • John Malin

      A big Hurrah to jcsullins and dorregrey for their work on keeping the HPTP up to date.

  • CC

    Didn’t notice anything after the update

  • NyReynolds

    Would be real nice if I could get OTA’s or even unlock the bootloader (what I really want). keep getting unknown error notice. tab came with and wouldn’t pull down one OTA or unlock the bootloader. I’m highly disappointed.

  • Sean Cahill

    Didn’t notice any changes after the update, which was almost 423MB! What was this?

  • T4rd

    Nice, I can’t wait to try this thing out. I got it wrapped for my wife under the tree right now (yes, she actually asked specifically for this tab =p)! Got it from that W00t deal with the keyboard attachment for $300 B-).

    • OreoMan

      It’s actually a pretty good tablet. And for the price you paid, you guys should be really happy with it. I’ve been really happy with mine.

  • QQpayne

    Downloading update now, although from the size I don’t expect to see any major changes.

  • OreoMan

    Didn’t notice anything different after the update.

  • Nothing for the TF101… don’t really expect anything at this point in time either.

    • Agnog

      I know… I am still rocking the original as well.

      Maybe it is time to root. Thoughts?

  • Just a heads up. There is an update for the TF700 as well. just downloaded it.

    • JRO03C – US_epad-