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Rumor: Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to Have Unbreakable Display

According to speculation by analysts, Samsung may include an “unbreakable” display in the Galaxy S4 when it is released early next year. Samsung is currently a frontrunner to developer flexible (plastic substrate) OLED displays, a product that analysts claim will see volume manufacturing in the very near future. That volume manufacturing may also play in nicely to a report that Samsung has accelerated the launch of the next Galaxy phone, potentially targeting April as the month to unveil it. The Galaxy S3 was announced in May of this year.

So far, all we have heard about the next generation Galaxy phone, is that it will sport a 13MP camera, have a bigger and better display (possibly with 441ppi), and could be carrying the codename “Project J.”

It’s still a bit early to get too enamored with next Galaxy talk, but you should be excited for “unbreakable” displays. If only LG had included one on the back of the Nexus 4.

Via:  Reuters

  • Taglogical

    Nice, now everyhing in Sammy’s phone will feel bendy ;D

  • bobbymay1

    If this is true I know what phone I will tell my girlfriend to get. She destroys phones like its her job.

  • Joseph L Hemrick III

    unbreakable screens! YES! can’t say I like the phones pictured, but the idea is great

  • socalrailroader

    I hope it doesn’t look like that, it’s UGLY!

  • Mark

    I don’t care about unbreakable displays because I’ve never broken a regular display. But when they said “bigger” I quickly became disinterested. I like using my phone with 1 hand instead of needing 2……. Anyone wanna trade me their RAZR M for my Galaxy Nexus??