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Download: Swiftkey Flow Beta for Android Phones and Tablets

Swiftkey Flow beta is now available to everyone! The gesture or Swype-style version of Swiftkey’s keyboard, brings a few new tricks to the table that others have yet to fully or even think about implementing. First, it predicts on the fly, so that you can see for yourself what word you are attempting to type. But beyond that, Flow allows you to write out entire sentences without lifting your finger, simply by dropping down to the spacebar in between words. So far, it seems like a fantastic update, once you get used to it. 

Download:  Flow for Phones | Flow for Tablets

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  • arch7angels

    I enable it. go into the settings. and then it force closes on me.

    • mightymight88

      me too!

  • This keyboard is perfect so far. Love it.

  • brando56894

    The only thing I’ve noticed so far was that some of the swiping predictions aren’t too great. For example, whenever I try to type “It’s” or “Its” it always corrects it to “is”, also I don’t know how to duplicate letters in a row (like how you would “scribble” in Swype). I was talking to my girlfriend about this and she said it just knows when to do it which is partially true because I swiped “Ten teens take taxis” and it got it on the first try but then I swiped “I saw a teen who was ten” and it kept getting stuck and would always correct “teen” to “ten”.

  • I like the 4.2 keyboard better…

  • Michael swaim

    Works great on the DNA BUT Flow is not working on my Tab 10.1???