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Download: Swiftkey Flow Beta for Android Phones and Tablets

Swiftkey Flow beta is now available to everyone! The gesture or Swype-style version of Swiftkey’s keyboard, brings a few new tricks to the table that others have yet to fully or even think about implementing. First, it predicts on the fly, so that you can see for yourself what word you are attempting to type. But beyond that, Flow allows you to write out entire sentences without lifting your finger, simply by dropping down to the spacebar in between words. So far, it seems like a fantastic update, once you get used to it. 

Download:  Flow for Phones | Flow for Tablets


  • arch7angels

    I enable it. go into the settings. and then it force closes on me.

    • mightymight88

      me too!

  • This keyboard is perfect so far. Love it.

  • brando56894

    The only thing I’ve noticed so far was that some of the swiping predictions aren’t too great. For example, whenever I try to type “It’s” or “Its” it always corrects it to “is”, also I don’t know how to duplicate letters in a row (like how you would “scribble” in Swype). I was talking to my girlfriend about this and she said it just knows when to do it which is partially true because I swiped “Ten teens take taxis” and it got it on the first try but then I swiped “I saw a teen who was ten” and it kept getting stuck and would always correct “teen” to “ten”.

  • I like the 4.2 keyboard better…

  • Michael swaim

    Works great on the DNA BUT Flow is not working on my Tab 10.1???

  • When I switched from my Droid 3 to my Razr HD I was NOT happy about losing my keyboard UNTIL THIS BEAUITFUL APP allowed me to STOP making mistakes. I love this love this love this app – it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo easy to type now. Thanks god for whoever invented it.

  • dsass600

    Terrible. Tried it for 20 minutes and uninstalled. Too bloated, the prediction sucks, and it’s actually more of a hassle to slide to the spacebar every time. Tap-typing on the stock keyboard is still the most responsive and has the best auto correct.

    • Br_d

      beta product is beta. you don’t *have* to go to the spacebar after every word, ya know.

  • brando56894

    After I finally got the language pack downloaded it’s pretty nice, slightly buggy though, but then again that’s expected in beta software.

  • xformulax

    Lol, i cant even swype in this text field or get predictive text. Even if i could, it sucks… Nowhere near swype’s level.

  • I’m very impressed with this.

  • Tom

    Alright, from using it and allowing it to learn from gmail and facebook, I have to say, I’m very impressed. I haven’t used 4.2 keyboard yet (still on 4.1 waiting for Pete’s BB or something better than the options out right now), however, I don’t think it will trump the SwiftKey predictive text. When I can type obscure words and names without a hitch and it predicts the word combinations, you got me sold. Both Swype and Android keyboards seem incapable of learning those words and names and being able to type them without autocorrect or getting them wrong. The bad thing is that the Swyping function doesn’t work everywhere… Currently in Youtube search, Play Store and Browser URLs. The latter I sort of understand. That is a great way to screw up the predictive text, and has happened to me with Swype. Play Store and Youtube I do not understand. However it is a small trifle, and android makes switching easy so I don’t mind for now.

  • Willing to give it a try. Tired of garble like “Errol” … should be able to edit the default dictionary. Yes you can edit the custom dictionary, but the DEFAULT needs overhauled.

  • John Mozelewski

    Working on my note two it isn’t working that great though

  • jbdan

    Include space bar in your “flowing” to do a sentence. Shorter the better. Tap type the word SwiftKey. Then next time you can trace it. Remember it learns as you type 😉

  • Guest

    how do i set it where I can swype without lifting my fingers?

  • Bolton Alford

    Sometimes in the middle of swyping a sentence, it just cuts off and stops trying to predict it and doesn’t input anything. Happening to anybody else?

  • Tyler

    Any suggestion for typing words such as three(puts the), off(puts of) or too(puts to)? I know in swype you could make loops on words you wanted multiple letters for but this doesn’t seem to like that idea. Its only a problem for words with 2 letters at the end with words similar to it.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Looping for double letters works fine with me. Maybe it’s just a bug with Flow and your phone?

      • Tyler

        I’m assuming it must be a bug with Flow and my Galaxy Nexus. But I tried the loops again and still no luck. Probably just need to fix stuff for writing double letters. Either way i’m loving it.

  • Got it running on first attempt on G Nex but how do you get the FLOW trail to be all colored and vibrant like on the demo? Mines just blueish and barely visible

  • If this was the ‘Swiftkey Flow’ that comes native on the Note II, it would be a flawless keyboard.

  • Viciousking1914

    This or 4.2 Stock Keyboard????

  • Ethan

    This is an exceptionally promising BETA release. Yes, there are a few quirks that we as consumers would like ironed out before a final version. But the fact that this UNFINISHED product works so well makes me very excited for its official release. Been using this all morning and it’s only getting better.

  • Jonathan

    doesn’t seem to work on my tablet. As far as I can tell it’s just the same as regular swiftkey tablet, but called something else.

  • I’m not a huge fan of swipe style keyboards but I’ve had lots of trouble with every keyboard lately. I have been trying to get someone to make a good honest review of keyboards and errors. so I’m trying this now and we’ll see.

  • Bhasker Thodla

    Sliding works on tablets only in Portrait mode. 🙁

  • Medications

    The flow/swype function works fine in the gnex stock browser but not in any of the third party browsers

  • I love Swiftkey but I just can’t get into Swype-style of typing. I do like the fact that you can do whole sentences without lifting your finger, I just can’t swype accurate enough to actually make sense. At least it’s optional.


    I think I’ve tried every aftermarket keyboard on the market (OK, a bit of an exaggeration) and I always inevitably revert to stock. I feel like it plays the best with all applications. Just me?

  • Skyskioc

    Downloaded and installed like a champ! Love it so far

  • John Simonelli

    Haha that’s funny that you mentioned not being able to spell SwiftKey. I was having the same problem trying to spell it in a few texts before I watched this video. You’d think that would be in their dictionary.

  • Roy

    Probably the stupidest question, but how the hell do you do a double letter like in good or roof? I can’t get it to trigger, and all the help videos in-app are still for Swiftkey 3.

    • Ethan

      Circle around the letter. So for “good,” you’d swipe over to G, then to O, then make a tiny circle on the O, then swipe to D. Swype does the same thing.

      • LionStone

        Stock KB on N7 and stock KB on DNA does it no problem without doing anything extra. I guess some things are better just left alone?

  • Big fan of swiftkey, and it seems this new swipe action things works very well. Can’t wait until this gets build into the normal swiftkey keyboard

  • Jeff Tennyck

    couldnt get the language to dl either

  • Kellex – Why does your hand look like it’s wax?

  • AntiJeff

    is there a short cut to deleting a word – swiping the keyboard screen to the left doesn’t work

    • Jess B

      Long-press the delete key.

      • AntiJeff

        sure – but in swiftkey 3 all you had to do was swipe the keyboard from right to left and the last word was entirely deleted, nice short cut – and would be a great short cut in flow as well – to delete unwanted predicted words

  • hmmm…either i don’t understand how this works or…it isn’t working. It doens’t seem to comprehend even the most simple sentences. 99% of the time it wants to input “believe”. Maybe i don’t BELIEVE hard enough.

  • AJ Myrick

    Man. I got no credit for tipping them to the email? .. One of those days I suppose…

    • Bigwavedave25

      I wouldn’t cry about it, I know you weren’t the only one. Mine came in at 5:30am. His probably came in at a similar time or even a day early. D-L posted the beta invite email a day before I received mine and I am a registered VIP member.

      • AJ Myrick

        Lol… I’m not crying at all. It was pretty much a joke.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Kellen- I agee, the 4.2 Keyboard seem to have better “prediction” at this point!

  • Larry

    Finally! but it doesn’t seem to work on title input boxes nor on the url input.
    Fast delete would have been nice and also more than 3 prediction choices for the word you’re trying to write.
    I changed the setting to shrink the hold key time and holding the delete key deletes words faster.
    Overall a pretty decent beta release.

  • DroidzFX

    anyone able to swipe a sentence?

    • Justin Kos

      Use the space bar

      • DroidzFX

        Cool missed that little detail.

  • MJZ

    Just awesome.

  • Jazz

    It’s got a lot of really cool features and at first I thought I’d switch from swype immediately but I’ve become annoyed that you can’t use it in browsers or the play store, u can’t quickly hit back to delete an incorrect word, there’s no ctrl keys and the I liked how swipe had more than 3 word suggestions. I if they fix that, though, is switch for sure

  • Adam

    Works great just keep trying to download the language packs and it will work.

  • otter34

    It’s this the new version of swiftkey3 or is it something else?I got swiftkey free on Amazon then it became swiftkey3 but I never used it. I’m willing to try but not sure if I should install that Amazon version and let it update or should I install this?

    • It’s a beta, it is not part of the normal swiftkey, you either get it by being a swiftkey form member and signing up to take part in the beta or you go and look for the apk on the net

  • Daniel Clifford

    Loving it so far! Doing a sentence without lifting the finger is a little more error prone than just doing individual words in my usage so far.

    • Daniel Clifford

      Also, running on Verizon GNex Stock 4.1.

    • JoshGroff

      It’ll take some getting used to, but it is an impressive feature.

  • I’d love to know why you cant use the flow in any browers, twitter etc etc. that is pretty dumb. guess i’ll stick to swype

    • Same here. Another deal breaker for me is that it doesn’t give options like Swype does when you click on a word. With Swype, clicking on a word gives me a ton of options for similar words. With Flow, I only get 2-3. This means that most of the time I’ll need to delete the word and type it again. Unacceptable.

      • I hate to be “that guy,” but don’t you think using words like “deal breaker” and “unacceptable” when referring to a clearly-labelled BETA product is a bit extreme? I have no issues with the occasional foray into hyperbole, but perhaps your frustrations would be better served with as feedback to the developers rather than ranting in a comments section? Just a thought.

        • I don’t think so. It is a deal breaker for me because it’s unacceptable. The Swiftkey forums are full of the same complaints. If you want to get technical, Swype is still ‘beta’ too.

          • DigitalDK

            Yeah Swype is a beta that’s been in beta for how many years now? Flow is a baby and will need improvements clearly. Asking for features kindly instead of bitching about them may be a far more effective way of improving this “UNACCEPTABLE” product you so despise for miniscule reasons.

          • michael arazan

            Swype should of put all their research and working software into a nice presentation and package and tried to sell it to Google.
            How do they stay in Beta for so long with no money coming into them without selling it eventually I wonder.

          • JoshGroff

            I don’t mind, after all, it is new and young, allow it time to mature and then complain if it doesn’t fit your liking. Until then, calm down and use a different keyboard.

          • Boy you guys sure as sensitive today. Don’t get your panties in a knot. I did my testing as a beta user, posted my feedback on their forums and went back to Swype. The honest truth is that this keyboard has a long ways to go until it becomes usable in the real world for me. It’s nowhere near as advanced as Swype when it comes to “swyping”. Plain and simple.

          • JoshGroff

            Ok, let’s go back to the fact that it’s a brand new beta keyboard. Is it fair to compare it to swype which has been out for much longer? Not really, of course it’s going to fall short.

            I’m not being sensitive, it just bothers me when someone complains about beta software having problems and calls it unacceptable when it doesn’t stack up to a more mature competitor.

          • Crow

            If their plan is to build a better mouse trap, they might want to look at their competitor’s mouse trap before they send theirs out to their testers. After spending 10 minutes installing it, and 30 seconds testing it, here’s the results: This thing isn’t worth testing. Feedback? Go use Swype a little while, then start over from scratch and see if you can come up with something even remotely in the same ballpark. This thing has too many shortcomings to fix.

          • Crow

            That’s the tablet version I’m referring to. Actually on the phone version. it looks interesting enough to test it…

          • JoshGroff

            I haven’t tried the tablet version mainly because i find it faster to type than swipe on it, I don’t even swipe with the 4.2 keyboard. However, the phone version works well, I’ve been using it all day, and aside from the not working in search bars, I haven’t found anything wrong with it worth complaining about. SwiftKey has always had top notch word/sentence prediction and it doesn’t disappoint.

            Also, the neon keyboard theme is awesome, but that’s irrelevant.

        • brando56894

          I completely agree, I have noticed a few things about it that screw up but I don’t say “ughh I’m uninstalling this! It’s a piece of crap!” because it’s obviously beta software and beta software always has bugs. This is also the first release so of course it’s going to be bug ridden, and they knew this hence the reason they made it a private beta so dumb people couldn’t give it a horrible rating in the Play Store and screw up their ratings. If swiping doesn’t work for somethings, I just go back to tapping. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.

      • brando56894

        Dude, it’s the first release of a completely new product. It’s not going to be feature packed when they release it as a private beta, give it time.

    • otter34

      thanks for that report. I was going to switch from swype because when I post something on Facebookit doesn’t automatically add a space like it should and that’s kind of annoying uh uh huhit doesn’t include a space like it should

    • kevin

      Hmm maybe its a bug? After reading your comment I was able to do the above mentioned just fine. I also never had numerous attempts at downloading the us keyboard like everyone else

    • Glen

      I have often wondered why there is no word prediction in browsers in previous versions. It now works sporadically in Xscope browser. Word prediction and swype
      is working as I type this reply, but does not work in Google search.

    • Tyler

      I opened up chrome went to google and used flow just fine. Pretty sure as long as you have the prediction bar you can flow(cant flow for passwords).

    • Strange! I used it on Twitter this morning

    • FAL_Fan

      I am using it right now on chrome and it’s working fine…riddle me that batman

    • brando56894

      I have noticed this but it’s not going to make me stop using it because I know that they’re going to fix it in the future considering that this is only the FIRST release of BETA software. If they keep it this way when it becomes a stable release then we can start bitching about things.

  • Been using it for a bit and it’s “okay”. I’ve been a Swype user since it first came out (late ’09?) and don’t do the regular typing. I’ve tried almost every single keyboard out there. I still keep coming back to Swype as it’s the quickest and most accurate for me. The swiping version of Flow still needs work. Not as good as Swype in this regard, IMO.

    • qwopzxnm

      Have you tried the stock 4.2 keyboard yet? I just started using it yesterday and it seemed pretty good compared to Swype. Flow looks nice but doesn’t have a lot of the functionality of Swype or stock 4.2 IMHO.

  • Seems way faster than Swype so far…. good app 🙂 Love the “graphics” as well.

  • ssjnimma

    expect several attempts to get the Language downloaded… Ive tried all morning, still cant get it to download to use the keyboard… they are however aware of the problem.

    • Daniel Clifford

      I had this at first, kept trying and eventually it worked.

      • JoshGroff

        Mine worked first try, luck ftw!

        • Same here

        • Tom

          Yup. It might be because I downloaded it at 03:00 when it was first released.

          • JoshGroff

            I downloaded mine sometime around 11. Didn’t get the email till 5 am though.

        • mine as well. first try no issues at about 3am.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      This happened to me as well. I kept trying and it eventually worked.

    • Had this problem as well. The only language that worked for me was the English (UK) version.

    • just try again. this is just server congestion.

    • Try turning wifi off/on and trying to download each time.. I got it when i got off wifi, onto lte

    • Took me about 5 tries at around 7 am EST this morning. Wasn’t any big thing.

    • j

      Worked for me second try. GNex, Verizon on 4G

    • The way I got it working (don’t know if this helped) But I selected the English UK version let it start downloading then canceled the download at 5% and selected English US and my download started going.

      Just Fyi in-case that helps.

    • I got it to work by just leaving that screen open and not multitasking. Try that!

    • Julian Coronado

      Same problem. But after about 7 tries at 6am PST it worked. Using it right now to type this

  • htowngtr

    Tablet version on my nexus 10 not “flowing” or tracing my finger. Anyone else have that issue?

    • SagarPatel

      only does it in portrait mode

    • Won’t work in landscape but in portrait mine works ok.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Been enjoying this. Me Gusta

  • Liquidretro

    What is the advantage of the Tablet version? I used SK3 on my Nexus 7 without problems since I had already bought that version.

  • JoshGroff

    Today is gonna be the best day ever!


  • toonz


  • yel

    freezes often of my stock GS3

    • yel

      *on my stock GS3

    • htowngtr

      No problems for me so far (AT&T S3 on 4.1 update)

  • OK, so whats the new trick for fast delete, since swiping back doesn’t do it on flow.

    • John

      Only way is hold ‘Del’ for 1sec. It’s not nearly as quick as before. I’ve had to revert back to reg swiftkey, since it’s a heavily used feature for me. It is beta of course, so they may implement or change the way that’s done. It seems to be a fairly common complaint atm.

      • I used Swype before, so I’m used to the way it is now. It would be nice to have the option though.

    • Change your hold key millisecs to something lower, and its good. I’m still used to the single press backspace to delete a word on swype, so, some adjustment will come with time. So far it’s good for a beta. I agree with others…typing an entire sentence is more error prone that single words. And, I noticed it would NOT allow slideswype input when I was searching on google play.