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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 to Launch for Android Sometime After iOS, What Gives?!


Can’t win them all I guess. Today, Gameloft confirmed that their upcoming war-based masterpiece Modern Combat 4 will launch sometime shortly after it is released for iOS, on December 6. Naturally, they wouldn’t give any word on why we are being snubbed with this longer wait time, but I can only imagine it’s to give us some extra special features. Yeah, that will be the day, Tim.

You know what else we have to look forward to on December 6 though? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

Via: Phandroid

  • tlennon

    After getting seriously ripped off by gameloft on Modern Combat 3 with it’s awful controls and bugs, I can happily say I’ll be pirating all of their games from now on.

  • will it run on i4?

  • It could be Vice City, right? Kind of like what they do in the movies. Studios never release 2 blockbusters in the same weekend. Its because you have them competing against each other. Hey I gave it a try, alright?

  • Looks like Black Ops 2 😀

  • nicolas

    i find this to be annoying i cant even play mc2 mc3 why you coming out with a new one gameloft

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    The pirated version is already available for Android since 2-3 days according to a friend (he showed me the screenshot of it running on his phone), so pretty sure the official release won’t take that long. Maybe they’re looking to patch the crack exploit that the pirates are using, haha.

    • Andog

      And this is your reason why developers prefer to release their paid apps on iOS. Keep up the good work…

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Well, my friend has no way to buy those games, so he downloads the pirated versions. Not everyone is doing it just because they can. Also, never said that’s a good thing to do, but hey, that’s how it is. Pirates will always be there, don’t take it personally.

      • jb

        Having tinkered in both ecosystems, piracy is much easier on iOS than Android. There is literally “an app for that” on iOS. It is easier to pirate apps than to buy them (because buying would require you to input your password) once you have jailbroken and installed the pirate market.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Who cares when there are so many other, way better games available on Android. Gameloft games are slowly starting to become overrated. It seems like they release 20 new “different” games a year, or something like that.

    Or maybe they just work their employees to the bone…that’s pretty horrible.

    • Joe

      They were overrated from the beginning.

      • EvanTheGamer

        True that.

  • Very simple. iOS has 2 products. Android has hundreds.

  • RaptorOO7

    That will be the day that Android users get extra features. Typical dumb move by Gameloft and I bet our wait will be into 2013!

    • jb

      I thought that android tegra users got special features beyond the iOS one in either shadowgun or dead trigger.

  • John

    Anyone else find that ^ “Related Posts” section above the comments annoying as hell?

    • RaptorOO7

      Why yes I do and at times it has drawn my attention to something I didn’t recall, but otherwise it is annoying :0

  • Dat Nguyen

    It’s because of Android fragmentation. Many more devices to test compatibility with. I think this is the main reason it’s that much harder to get Android versions out there with. Windows has TONS of different hardware but in general, it tends to work when written for Windows. The same needs to be the case in Android. That’s when the tide will have abetter chance of changing.

    • That would be an interesting notion given Gameloft’s awful history with releasing games that only support a few out of many devices.

      • Dat Nguyen

        That just compounds the problem one way or the other. Come out on Android but for only a handful? Not much different.

      • michael arazan

        Hopefully it doesn’t release on just one device for a month like experia or only products with a tegra processor or some type of exclusivity bs