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Verizon Rolling Out Jelly Bean Build 9.1.41 to DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD

This morning, DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD owners are waking up to Jelly Bean. Verizon has started to push out build number 9.1.41 to devices in batches, as usual. With the update, owners will be able to take advantage of Google Now, enhanced notifications, Project Butter, and an improved keyboard. Beyond that, Verizon and Motorola also improved voice and data connectivity, the user experience in the calendar, and Back Up Assistant. They removed Verizon Video and Color application, but added in the suite of Amazon apps.

The update is 276MB in size.

Cheers Michael, Carlos, Craig, Jason, and Justin!

  • Bonnie

    The roll out was a mistake I just spoke to Motorola an was told this update wasn’t suppose to be released but the rest of us who are waiting will have a jelly bean update not sure date or time though

  • Probably not until next year. The main reason I bought the maxx was because I was promised by Verizon I would get ICS within 2 weeks but 6 months later I finally got it. So I think they should have gotten JB first. Im kinda getting fed up with Android. I’m about to switch to Apple.

  • Whatsnotworking

    Just update to Jelly Bean on my MAXX HD. Well not pleased with update. Changed the black background for contacts to white (uses more battery and everyone will know you’re in contacts). The touch keypad vibrates no matter what you turn off. If you have no security and the phone rings, you now must touch the jiggling handset in the center an then touch the green phone on the right to answer the darn thing… very time consuming… missed two calls already. The phone still does not handle 911 calls correctly if you have a contact with 911 in it and you dial 911, it usually calls the contact… happens for other numbers too… who you think you’re calling ends up being the last one you called. Lot more to discover and Google Now is banner at top.

  • pgranix

    is it just me, but jelly bean on droid razr hd doesnt seem to make screen transitions smooth. there are still “hiccups” when scrolling to quick settings and zooming to page view and back.

    anyone else?

    • Randy J

      pgranix: Yes, my experience is the same — screen transitions may be a little faster but still have “hiccups”. Not as buttery smooth as I had anticipated. A couple bugs that I’ve been waiting months to be fixed are indeed resolved (like being able to use voice commands to set alarms), and I’m just glad that so far nothing important seems to be broken. I am truly disappointed with the picture quality compared even to my original Razr Maxx (which wasn’t all that great to begin with). This makes an otherwise top-tier phone an “also ran” in my opinion. I took a picture at the table at a dinner recently, and it was atrocious. Fortunately, there were numerous iphones at the table and we ended up with a good picture (no thanks to my Razr HD).

  • Got it on my RAZR MAXX HD. Went past the “what’s new” program though without checking it out. Any way to get that to run again?