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Verizon Rolling Out Jelly Bean Build 9.1.41 to DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD

This morning, DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD owners are waking up to Jelly Bean. Verizon has started to push out build number 9.1.41 to devices in batches, as usual. With the update, owners will be able to take advantage of Google Now, enhanced notifications, Project Butter, and an improved keyboard. Beyond that, Verizon and Motorola also improved voice and data connectivity, the user experience in the calendar, and Back Up Assistant. They removed Verizon Video and Color application, but added in the suite of Amazon apps.

The update is 276MB in size.

Cheers Michael, Carlos, Craig, Jason, and Justin!

  • Bonnie

    The roll out was a mistake I just spoke to Motorola an was told this update wasn’t suppose to be released but the rest of us who are waiting will have a jelly bean update not sure date or time though

  • Probably not until next year. The main reason I bought the maxx was because I was promised by Verizon I would get ICS within 2 weeks but 6 months later I finally got it. So I think they should have gotten JB first. Im kinda getting fed up with Android. I’m about to switch to Apple.

  • Whatsnotworking

    Just update to Jelly Bean on my MAXX HD. Well not pleased with update. Changed the black background for contacts to white (uses more battery and everyone will know you’re in contacts). The touch keypad vibrates no matter what you turn off. If you have no security and the phone rings, you now must touch the jiggling handset in the center an then touch the green phone on the right to answer the darn thing… very time consuming… missed two calls already. The phone still does not handle 911 calls correctly if you have a contact with 911 in it and you dial 911, it usually calls the contact… happens for other numbers too… who you think you’re calling ends up being the last one you called. Lot more to discover and Google Now is banner at top.

  • pgranix

    is it just me, but jelly bean on droid razr hd doesnt seem to make screen transitions smooth. there are still “hiccups” when scrolling to quick settings and zooming to page view and back.

    anyone else?

    • Randy J

      pgranix: Yes, my experience is the same — screen transitions may be a little faster but still have “hiccups”. Not as buttery smooth as I had anticipated. A couple bugs that I’ve been waiting months to be fixed are indeed resolved (like being able to use voice commands to set alarms), and I’m just glad that so far nothing important seems to be broken. I am truly disappointed with the picture quality compared even to my original Razr Maxx (which wasn’t all that great to begin with). This makes an otherwise top-tier phone an “also ran” in my opinion. I took a picture at the table at a dinner recently, and it was atrocious. Fortunately, there were numerous iphones at the table and we ended up with a good picture (no thanks to my Razr HD).

  • Got it on my RAZR MAXX HD. Went past the “what’s new” program though without checking it out. Any way to get that to run again?

  • coy64

    Got my OTA late last night/early this morning!! Central Indiana!

  • coy64

    Got my OTA update in the middle of the night last night. Now, I have a blue notification light on constantly when my screen is asleep/locked. Anyone know why?

  • Cazper

    SE Michigan. Just got my update this morning. Maxx HD.

  • Dark Helmet

    After the update, my galaxy live wallpaper is gone and no longer a selection

  • n0m0n

    Has anyone on a Razr Maxx HD received it?
    Its the 5th and I haven’t heard anyone with a Razr Maxx HD getting it via OTA.

  • bshaw1028

    954 nothin down here yet, roll it out already. They should roll it out by when u purchase the phone. Lik I got my phone on Oct 18, the official date of release. Reward the innovators, & early adopters. Just sayin

  • Ivealwaysgotmail

    ….. Removes Mass Storage! grrr.

  • Steve

    No update in the Philly/ South Jersey area yet either. I called Verizon to see if they can push the update and I was told they are unable to. I was told it could be downloaded from Android’s website but that sounded strange to me. I did check and couldn’t find it. I also just finished speaking to someone from Motorola who said they couldn’t push it through yet, he did ask for the IMEI # though. He said a select number of users have been selected for the update and everyone else should have it in 5-7 days. I guess we just have to wait and be patient 🙁

  • Mikey

    Hartford, CT still no jelly bean… I don’t really consider the Tri-state area to be the middle of nowhere, where u at update??

  • bob

    I lost root access even though I used root keeper. Do I restore root by unrooting exactly like I did the first time or do I need to do anything differently? Thanks for the help 🙂

  • boner

    Boner alert!!! I just got the OTA update for my Razr MAXX HD!! I just had to reboot, and hold the up/down volume buttons. The trick is to quickly plug/unplug your headphones when the droid eye thingy appears. This resets the update flag so you get bumped to the top of the OTA list. I just did it on my MAXX HD and my wife’s regular HD. Remember, to quickly plug and unplug your headphones. You need to do it real fast, like your headphones are pleasuring the phone. You can make a little sound too if you want, like, ‘oooooh’ or ‘ahhhhh’.

    • drebin

      lol. troll.

    • encourager

      worked! TY!

  • I’m about to pick up a MAXX HD and I was wondering if I root it before updating whether the OTA RootKeeper app will protect root permissions for 4.1.1 or I should just go ahead and update and wait for root down the line. My intention for the phone is to avoid running custom roms as I don’t like the hassle of setting up a new rom several months down the line (lazy, I know). If anyone could tell me if RootKeeper works for this update or any other advice that would be awesome.

  • Benmartin1974

    Id been considering getting a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx for ages. I read lots of reviews and this one was useful http://search4reviews.net/ , I received my delivery last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure-

  • Steven Bobulsky

    Meh. My Razr Maxx got one update to ICS, and I don’t expect anything else from Verizon/Moto, although it will come at some point I suppose. My experience is that if you are the latest and greatest, you will get one big update and get neglected forever after, perhaps tossed a bone now and then. Razr HD will get this one and won’t see much of anything for the next year except the phone verizon wants them to buy next. Sad, but pretty much troo.

    • Kassidy Klink

      exactly. i have the razr maxx hd and know it. this was a shoe in update. we’ll get 4.2 in october 2013

  • eradicate

    I still have not received update for my Maxx HD??

  • David Moylan

    My update didn’t take away Colors or Verizon Video…it did add some things though like Zappo and Audible

  • bogy25

    New Haven, CT here …… no update yet …..checking hourly….

  • Now where’s the original Droid Razr / Maxx ‘s update to Jelly Bean?

  • Trey Mitchell

    *checks calendar*
    Motorola and Verizon delivered an update within the promised period.
    This Is clearly one of 2 things
    Signs of the new Motorola.

    The sign of the Apocalypse.
    wasn’t there something about an apocalypse around December 2012……

    • Kassidy Klink

      none of the above. the update was already well through the process at launch so this was the natural timeframe. updates will be scant from now on unless vzw has changed and/or google finally grew one

      • Trey Mitchell

        only one? doesn’t one usually grow a pair?
        or perhaps you meant spine?

  • chris125

    Anyone that has gotten the update how is performance? Is it any smoother? Especially in keyboard that some were having issues with?

  • my razr hd got the update notice around 1:30 pm today – but chose to install later figured I would do it when I got home

  • Still nothing here. Phoenix, Arizona. Trying on LTE though, not WiFi.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Running mine on the $30 t-mobile plan until my N4 arrives 🙂

  • Soofdawg

    New week and another update for Razrs. Remind me why I bought my S3. I hate you Verizon.

  • Guest

    Will we be getting the ‘photo sphere’ feature in 4.1?

    • blackjaguar25

      That’s a 4.2 feature, and I believe only on Vanilla Android devices. I doubt the Razr will ever see it.

      • kixofmyg0t

        When Moto devices get 4.2 in late January we’ll get photo sphere as well. It’s not just for Nexus devices, it’s a feature of 4.2 itself.

        • blackjaguar25

          Ah, my bad guys. Lot of info in my head right now. Stupid college =P

        • Eric43

          Will we be getting 4.2 in early 2013 or will we just get key lime pie? Also, is 4.2 is ready now why don’t they just push 4.2 not 4.1?

          • kixofmyg0t

            It takes timeto build for a device and stamp out enough bugs to make it consumer ready, then push it out to a group of <30 people to test, get their feedback, fix the issues they have….or at least you think. Push out a new update for testers to try, find out that they refuse to use anything but some obscure app you've never even heard of and your build crashes it. Finally get a build that most of the testers are happy with, get approval to submit to the carrier, get it kicked back because they weren't happy with it. See people complain about how Moto never updates never updates anything….While looking at the paperwork of your products carrier that rejected your build. Go back to the drawing board. Repeat a couple more times til approval.

            That's why.

            EDIT: Oh and I'm only talking about the RAZR M. You don't even want to know about the Bionic update story.

          • Eric43

            Thanks. Also, will we definitly be getting 4.2 in early 2013 or will we just get key lime pie or both? Mostly referring to RAZR M, RAZR HD/MAXX HD

          • kixofmyg0t

            Well Moto is in hyper drive now with updates. They push them to Verizon almost daily in hopes that one will get approved. I’m absolutely sure that the OTA RAZR HD update wasn’t the last one the Moto sent out to Verizon. I’m sure we’ll get 4.2.1 within 90 days. Key Lime Pie isn’t even finished yet at Google, so it’s way too early to talk about that.

            Also just look at the ROM community. A few (VERY talented) people have got 4.2 ALPHA’S running but that’s it. They don’t have to worry about any carrier BS. Heck even some ROM’s for 4.1.2 are STILL in nightly status. With each new version of Android things change and get more complicated. Each new version breaks something. Example? CM10 on my Xoom is in Nightly, the stock browser crashes ALL THE EFFING TIME. It’s the little things that take time to iron out.

      • evltwn

        no reason to see why it wouldn’t. Only Nexus devices are running 4.2 right now anyways. But that doesn’t mean other devices won’t get it.

      • Diablo81588

        Where did you hear that was for vanilla android devices?

  • steve0617

    For those that keep hitting ‘check for update,’ don’t bother.

    From Moto themselves ( http://goo.gl/PwB88 ): The current upgrade will be delivered to users on a rolling basis with the availability to manually update your device coming soon.

  • ezpotato

    bitch bitch whine moan Galaxy S3 whine moan bitch whine….

    Shouldnt have jumped on that bandwagon. I did, and got out within hours. So much happier now 🙂

  • enigmaco

    In the words of a droid 3 owner……BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP

  • I’m probably one of the few that is content with ICS. There are some camera issues. But some of the changes in JB over ICS are making me have doubts. Like if Root will stay…

    • Root can be protected through the update process. Mine’s been rooted on this for a while now…

  • is this only for people who signed up for the soak test with moto?

  • Sparty1704

    Does anyone know if it will break my root?

    • john

      yes, you should install a root ota keeper on batkangs razr hd utility in order to keep it. Search for it on xda

      • droidrzr

        Also make sure to update Superuser from the app store and then the binaries in SU to 3.1.1. If you don’t update the binaries (not sure if they are already updated in that utility) you will lose root even with OTA rootkeeper. It will show you have root, but you will not be able to grant any root permissions.

      • Rootkeeper is on the play store. Matt’s util is on XDA and Droidrzr.com

    • Greg

      You need to use VooDoo OTA root keeper before you update to restore root after the update.

  • Rocketjrb

    Can I install this over the jelly bean leak from the end of October?

    • droidrzr


  • stikman

    anyone know if your running the JB leak how to apply this update? do we have to use the RAZR HD utility and and go back ICS first?

    • droidrzr

      Yes, I recommend going to droidrzr forums for the Maxx HD and doing your research so that you walk through the upgrade process correctly and don’t have to redo or run into issues

  • Greg

    Any one been able to keep root?

    • Update the SU apk and binaries before protecting and updating.

    • Gabe

      I just installed OTA/Voodoo Root Keeper but it wants me to use superuser. The root method I used installed superSU. Did you have this issue? Thank you.

      • Greg

        I use superuser. If you do switch,make sure to follow the instructions on SuperSU plays store app page or you could mess up.From their page: NOTICE: A SPECIAL PROCEDURE IS NEEDED FOR UNINSTALLATION. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE APP, DO *NOT* JUST UNINSTALL IT, YOU *WILL* LOSE ROOT.

        Superuser access management runs through a so called “su binary”. There can be only one of these at a time. So if you install SuperSU, your previous superuser access management solution will no longer operate. So if you want to switch back: (1) Open that application, and search for an option for it to install/update/replace the “su binary”. (2) Confirm root-using apps are using the superuser solution you want. (3) Uninstall SuperSU.

  • schoat333

    IMO, these phones should have had 4.1 at release time. I am glad to see Moto stepping up, and releasing an update quickly tho.

    RAZR HD owners, you now have the same official version as the VZW Galaxy Nexus… Looks like we are in the same boat from now on.

    • maxxHD

      Except I can make phone calls and not keep my phone permanently connected to a charger…

      Just a joke, I’ve owned both. Definitely like the HD for it’s strengths and realize there are different models for the variety of consumer preferences

  • jmstearns

    Got it! Runs like butter. 🙂

    • hkklife

      Any performance improvements in the stock camera app or, even better, improvement in still image picture quality? Thanks and enjoy JB!

  • Hopefully this helps silence some of the Moto/Verizon haters out there.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know how the roll out phases work? Are they completely random or is there some type of order?

    • steve0617

      Supposedly total random (as in date purchased, area code, geographic location doesn’t matter.)

  • 1) It’s crazy that they didn’t make an effort for this to be on the non-HD versions at or near the same time as the HD versions. 2) Now if only this worked on the DX… 🙁

  • Is there a way for someone who already received the ota to pull the update file and post it?

    • It’s been up on droidrzr.com for a few days.

      • I dont see it on there at all under the Droid Razr HD [CDMA/Verizon]

  • YourFriend

    Android 4.2 when?

    • john

      probably before google introduces key lime pie in june. I think that in march/april we might see 4.2 for the razr hd/m

    • We’ll see. Test Drive is supposed to kick off for us to begin testing 4.2 so that should translate to faster updates.

      • chris125

        Test drive is what they have already been doing with the soak tests so that isn’t going to make updates come any faster

    • michael arazan

      Verizon used to support phones for 2 years and now it seems they quit support after 10 months. I F#cking hate verizon

  • mule0331

    NE Ohio, nothing yet

    • Capt. Crunch

      Representing the 216

      • schoat333

        That makes three of us.

    • mule0331

      Actually, 440 but close enough, lmao!!!!

  • Brandon Breslin

    when is jelly bean coming for the vzw galaxy s3???

  • Brandon Breslin

    where is jelly bean for the vzw galaxy s3???

  • Kasey Hendrickson

    Got it! Holy long download/update though!

  • Droidzilla

    I’m boycotting Motorola until this drops for the original Droid. Just shameful that they’ve dropped support for that device.

    • discstu37

      I’m assuming you meant RAZR and not OG? 🙂

      • Droidzilla

        You heard me: the OG Droid. The king will never be dead!

      • T4rd
        • Droidzilla

          I once again support Motorola. As a rabid back-and-forth fanboi, I don’t care if it’s not their fault for the OG not running JB or if it’s not their doing for the OG running JB. Long live the OG.

    • blackjaguar25

      It’s like no one found this funny. I literally LOL’d.

      • Droidzilla

        Sarcasm on the internet is a lot like peeing your pants in a dark suit: you get a warm feeling, but no one really notices.

    • bogy25

      Well, I do appreciate your love for the OG Droid but I don’t think it can support Jelly Bean – It isn’t Motorola’s fault really – it is like wanting to put Windows 9 on a PC from 2001 – hardware just can’t run it man.

      • Droidzilla

        Blasphemy! The Sean Connery Droid will never be outdated!

  • Glad to know that my Galaxy S3 purchase was justified… /sarcasm

    • Actually my condolences are with RAZR owners…

      • Justin W

        Don’t worry – they’ll get it most likely 1Q 2012, along with the bionic.

        • J. Gilbertson

          Do not put us in the same boat as the bionic! that boat nearly sunk

          • Diablo81588

            How do you figure? The RAZR is nothing more than a bionic in a thinner form factor, has a non-removable battery and an AMOLED display. I actually prefer the size of the bionic vs the RAZR. Its much wider and I find myself reaching more.

      • Idk what you’re talking about. My RAZR MAXX running 4.1.2 right now. *AHEM* rooted of course

    • fixxmyhead

      blame gayrizon your [email protected] a$$ carrier. JB is already out on tmobile and sprint and the international version

  • Ignacio Cardenas

    Still waiting..

  • When the heck will we see it for the Droid RAZR? I’ll be pissed if they gave up on supporting the early adopters so quickly. Since I got the Nexus 7 I have been spoiled by timely updates and easy hacking. I forgot how awesome it was back when I had my OG Droid.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      Took them ~6 months for the ICS update for RAZR. I assume it will take somewhere around as long … Just an assumption.

      • john

        completely wrong. An employee inside motorola told me that they are planning to send it for approval to verizon on mid-january

        • blackjaguar25

          And Verizon will take three months to test it.

          • Goldfinger

            No silly, about 7 months.

        • If only Google could use their Motorola department to show carriers that they will not put up with this BS that is “carrier approval”!

      • evltwn

        That was with Sanjay Jha running things at Motorola…new management has promised more timely updates, and so far they have delivered. Look at what has been updated since they took over. The Bionic finally got ICS, RAZR M was the Moto device to receive JB, and now the RAZR HD and MAXX HD.

  • Detonation

    Now lets hope the regular Razr/Maxx aren’t far behind

    • AranelAlasse

      and the Droid 4! (which I like to pretend to myself is basically the same thing)

      • I’m with you on that one!

        They are essentially the same phone, as far as the internal guts go.

    • HiImBob

      I sure hope not p