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How to: Enable “Blocking Mode” on Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2

We’re not exactly sure why, but “Blocking Mode” on the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is missing. For those not familiar, Blocking Mode allows you to set your phone to block calls, notifications, an alarm or the LED light during a certain period of time. You can also set it to allow certain contacts to ring through, though, in case you are worried about missing an emergency call or something of that nature. It’s a fantastic feature that I believe Samsung started including in TouchWiz with Jelly Bean. Why it’s blocked from showing as an available option on this version of the Note 2 is quite the mystery. Thankfully, it hasn’t been fully removed and is just hidden, which means we can access it through a work-around.

Using the app QuickShortcutMaker, you can search for “blocking mode” and then create a shortcut on your home screen that will give you never-ending access to Blocking Mode. As you can see in the screenshot above, it even works just as you would expect it to. 


1.  Download QuickShortcutMaker from the Play store. [Play Link] 2.  Open the app and search for “blocking mode.”
3.  Two results should pop up, tap on the first one.
4.  On the next screen, name the shortcut and then tap “OK.”
5.  You will now have a shortcut to Blocking Mode on one of your home screens.
6.  Tap the shortcut to open up the Blocking Mode menu.

Via:  XDA

Cheers bsweetness and Thomas!

  • bob

    Thanks. Works fine now. What’s with Verizon anyway…Idiots in charge again I guess.

  • SexciiP

    Verizon does the darndest things.

  • Justin Swanson

    My wife has the Korean Note 2 (loves it) and it has the blocking mode. I thought it was a mistranslation for “Driving” mode though. (I think the S3 had that?)

  • bionicwaffle

    This could help some people: Moto released this widget to toggle your notification LED on or off. It’s not just for moto phones. They created it because some people, apparently depending on the phone they came from, ended up with a Razr HD/Maxx HD with a non-working LED notification light after setting up and syncing (to google) their new phone. This Widget lets you enable the LED if it’s disabled but you could also use it to keep your LED from coming on.

    • LionStone

      That’s nice to have that option… the Inc4 and DNA have good options for enabling notifications and has call blocking built in. I don’t know if other HTC devices have call blocking but these two I know do.

  • Wayne Train

    If you use a launcher, you can make a shortcut to it by long pressing homescreen > shortcuts>activities>settings>blocking mode

    • Dan

      Thanks! Works great with Nova.

  • scijohn

    I have not tried it on my Note II but you could probably use Tasker to block unwanted calls. Here are some old instructions to do it. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/block-unwanted-calls-android-phone/
    Tasker has gotten a little more sophisticated since then but this is generally how you set it up. There is a large community of Tasker users with tons of instructions for making your Android work better for you.

  • discstu37

    As a few people have mentioned, it looks like trying to create a custom list initiates a force close… I don’t know if anyone saw it, but when you used the shortcut finder app to locate the setting, it’s listed in ‘dormant mode’… Maybe I’m giving VZW the benefit of the doubt here, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, if non core apps are found to not be working correctly, pushing them to a ‘dormant’ state and then enabling via an incremental delta update might be a way to expedite updates instead of stamping it FAIL and going back to Samsung for a fix then re-starting the whole process again…

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking 🙂

  • I was able to do the same thing with Nova launcher using the shortcut then selecting activities, going to the settings app and under its grouping I found it. I’m getting errors with the exceptions for who can call. Anyone having success with this? The other annoying part is that the blocking icon stays in the notification pull down when enabled…

  • yobdren

    I could also find using Google gesture search

  • would this work for the verizon GS3?

    • John Hegberg

      It does on the JB leaks.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Numero uno reason why I left these greedy, overpowering, self-centered, controlling bastards. Now I can buy any phone, unlocked, no crappy branding, no bloat installed, put my sim in and I’m good. F-off verizon.

  • Verizon blocked “blocking mode.” Are you serious?

    • EC8CH


  • james_mcgowan

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    W…T…F? . . . You’d think Verizon being in the position they are with their network would do things to BRING people to the damn network and KEEP their customers happy…. You charge a lot OKAY FINE. We get it… .But the SILLY little things they do to just screw us over is insane….Why isn’t this in the phone?. . .

    • Brent Cooper

      Verizon knows they have complete control over people only because of their coverage. For those of us who need coverage in the middle of nowhere, Verizon is our only choice, and they know it. So they have no reason to care about their customers until another carrier can match their coverage.

  • Drumcrazy

    Thanks for the tip and a noble attempt. I installed and opened the shortcut to the blocking mode, but attempting to allow specific callers from my contacts list always results in the message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” The app is then reset to its previously uncustomized state. Whether this is another sneaky protection placed into the core of the OS by Verizon so that they can rip us off for another $4.99/month/phone for allowing blocking of only up to 20 numbers, or some other bug in Jelly-Bean, I can’t say. The net result, however, is that the blocking mode of individual callers is still virtually useless. One can achieve the same effect by universally turning off the volume.

    • dstephens

      I had the same problem but found it worked when instead of selecting “Custom” select favorites. No error occurs if you select favorites, then only mark those contacts you want to always get thru as favorites. Once I did that, I didn’t get the error as you did. For some reason, selecting custom doesn’t work. Selecting favorites does which is just fine with me.

  • How about the 4×4 calendar widget?

  • Bob Bloomfield

    That was great! Good job….
    No you know by chance how to get Google wallet to work without rooting? I would love to have that working as well. ..

  • firemanprice

    I hate to that I can’t get it to not show all the time in the notification panel. That stupid symbol.

  • GABravo2005

    Is anyone else having problems with Google Now or is it just me? I can’t access settings for it and my cards never show up….

    • Spoken Word™

      I’m guessing you’ve never used Google Now before now because the settings for it are exactly where one would expect them to be; under settings when you’re in the app. In the case of the Note II that would entail hitting the menu button and choosing settings. Not sure how to get to Google Now? Hold the home button and choose Google.

  • Austin00

    This makes since that Verizon disabled this. There is a same type of thing in iOS and Verizon is trying to keep its phones from being banned from sales.

    • Eric

      Can Apple even patent something that has been in custom roms on Android for the last couple years? I don’t see why they would have to worry about getting in trouble for something like this, since the silent mode feature has been in Cyanogenmod for as long as I can remember.

      • Mario II Valenzuela

        Yes because the US patent office is filled with monkeys who do not care about prior art when it comes to rubber-stamping things Apple decided they needed to patent.

    • JetBlue

      Every other Galaxy Note 2 has blocking mode on them which would make them all violate that so it’s obviously because Verizon could care less about their customers and does what ever they want.

  • fartbubbler

    great find!
    however, I try and set custom contacts, and it always force closes.

    oh, that and it doesn’t work. Tried it and still got through calling on my work phone (that was not on my “favorites” list.


    • BSweetness

      Yeah, it seems to be hit or miss, with more misses than hits. After being found this morning, it successfully blocked some initial test calls from Gmail and Skype. But it hasn’t held up so well with some additional testing with calls from other cell phones.

      • Steve Kolokowsky

        Mine doesn’t even work if I use the favorites list.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Reason #20365936920 to leave Verizon when my contract is up. Thinking Nexus off contract with no contract T-Mobile. Saves me money and no contract

    • I already switched a few months ago, mostly because of billing. It seems like they’re making more and more arbitrary changes these days…

      • hkklife

        it is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day that the launch of the Galaxy s3 on Verizon was a total one-time abberation. That device launched with a 32 gig version widely available, with no major branding added, nearly simultaneous availability to the other carriers domestically, and no show-stopping software “tweaks”. Oh, and unlimited users could re-up by preordering the GS3.

        But now with the Note 2, VZW is back to their old tricks: late launch, only a gimped 16Gb version, superfluous branding on the home button, and software crap like this.

        Verizon knows they have the best network, and they are going to continue to throw their weight around. I would not be surprised if Verizon use the presence of the LG Intuition and the HTC DNA as competing phablets to get Samsung to submit to these changes.

        • i thought all NOTE 2’s were 16GB because it had a sd slot?

          • michael arazan

            the review said expanded storage still in the note 2

          • KT

            yeah, there’s an SD card slot.

          • hkklife

            No, all Note 2’s are 16Gb partialy because Google and the carriers want to force everyone to stream (more $) and partially because Samsung has seemingly decided to wait until a device has reached middle age to use a storage bump to squeeze out a few more sales (see the 64Gb unlocked GS3 for an example of this). Once again, microSD is great for storing multimedia or docs, but it’s NOT for storing apps, as has been the case since Honeycomb.

            Sammy’s original PR stated the Note 2 would come in 16,32,and 64Gb versions. Now they are saying that they have no info on larger capacity peanuts. While it’s bad enough how Apple rapes their users ($100 for 2x the storage), at least they OFFER it. The latest crop of Android devices seems to be permanently stuck in 16Gb land.

            The Galaxy S3 was available AT LAUNCH on nearly all carriers/bands (including VZW) in 16Gb and 32Gb versions. Not doing the same 6 months later on the Note 2, a superior device in every other aspect, simply reeks of a huge conspiracy to F Android power users over and over again at every opportunity. Make it a web-only item, VZW, or a special order, but at least give us that choice.
            Look at the DNA–HTC has already said it was VZW that requested the removal of the microSD slot. Given the fact that app and game sizes are increasing daily, having 720p & 1080p graphic assets will only make things worse as time goes on. Gimped storage + a tiered data plan on a “HD” device heading into a 2yr contract is not going to be fun.

          • i understand what you mean with the DNA having only 16 gigs of non removable storage, but i use my phone A LOT (i guess not as much as others apparently), and on my galaxy nexus, with all of my apps, pictures, videos, and music, ive used about 4 gigs. i dont think it’s that big of a deal anymore really.

    • zoobey

      Exactly! I ordered an N4 with a ship date of 2-3 weeks. Walking, make that running away from my grandfathered unlimited data contract on VZW.

      • raphael gray

        Sell your unlimited data plan on ebay and make a couple hundred bucks

    • chris125

      Same here

  • James_C_L

    Who is advising VZW to make these ridiculous decisions time and time again?

    • C-Law

      Why did they get rid of the wife toggle! That is seriously my favorite feature of touch wiz! I use power toggles on stock roms to get that feature

      • SexciiP

        I know right. Verizon does stupid things like this all the time, and never explain as to why. You can also use S-Voice to enable Wi-Fi too keep from going through the hassle of all the way to the setting and doing it.

    • If you can block calls except specific numbers, they won’t get paid as much for selling your number to telemarketers.

      Proof? Maybe more of speculation, but my unsolicited calls are increasing. Also, my friend never got a telemarketing call with Sprint, he switched to Verizon and 2 hours later got his first one.

    • Keith Sumner

      I think it’s because VZW has their own service to block numbers, if you call VZW you can ask them to block a certain amount of numbers for free, after a certain amount of number’s blocked you have to start paying them. So I imagine it’s so you have to pay them for this feature.

      Source: about a year ago I called them to find out how to block numbers and that’s what they told me.

  • It’s this kind of silliness that has, in part, made me leave carrier branded phones behind for good.