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Verizon Approves Jelly Bean Update for DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD as Build 9.1.41

The Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update for the DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD has been approved by Verizon as build 9.1.41. With a soak test scheduled to start any day now, we can’t imagine that the rollout of the update to all owners of the device will be far behind.

As expected, the update includes all of the new Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now, better notifications, an improved keyboard, better Voice Search, Project Butter, and more. Beyond that, Verizon and Motorola also improved voice and data connectivity, the user experience in the calendar, and Back Up Assistant (ugh). They removed Verizon Video and Color application, but added in the suite of Amazon apps.

Update:  Verizon has announced the update, confirming that it starts next week “in phases.”

The update is 276MB in size. 

More info.

  • Also the screen on the HDs are the same size as the original droid razr/maxx if you don’t count the menu, back, and home buttons. One of the other main reason I’m going to apple.

  • I’m definitely saving up for an iPhone 5 forget Android I waited for the original razr maxx to come out. (I bought the same day it came out back in January.) I was told by Verizon I would receive ICS within 2 weeks but didn’t get until 6 months later after JB was announced and the HDs was announced also at least with apple you can have the top Phone and recent update for at least a year.

  • solbrite

    Getting jelly bean?

  • solbrite

    How about the Droid RAZR?

  • Joe

    Does anyone know exactly how the roll out “phases” work?

  • Greg

    I just got the OTA popup notification on my RAZR HD. I denied it and will wait until i know how to keep root or if their is a new method for JB. Someone in the VooDoo root keeper XDA forum said they just tried to restore after the update with no luck.

  • FLHC

    Serious question: Who’s fault is it that Moto’s phones get delayed updates, Motorola or Verizon? I know Verizon is 100% to blame for the Nexus line, but was it Motorola’s decision to ignore my original RAZR and push the HD version’s first, or was it Verizons?

  • jiggajigga

    Boner alert!!! I just got the OTA update for my Razr MAXX HD!! I just had to reboot, and hold the up/down volume buttons. The trick is to quickly plug/unplug your headphones when the droid eye thingy appears. This resets the update flag so you get bumped to the top of the OTA list. I just did it on my MAXX HD and my wife’s regular HD. Remember, to quickly plug and unplug your headphones. You need to do it real fast, like your headphones are pleasuring the phone. You can make a little sound too if you want, like, ‘oooooh’ or ‘ahhhhh’. I didn’t do the sound, but my wife did.

  • Silver

    So first it was “Moto sucks bad updates rah” and now instead of “Wow Motorola kept their word” now it’s “blah verizon is pushing back the updates for the s3 blah” and not “samsung sucks”? ….okay.

  • Ant R

    What’s with all the bloatware

  • Savan Ghetiya

    if verizon thinks they can get back at those that bought the S3 while keeping their unlimited data plans in effect by not putting out the JB update still .. they have another thing coming… new goal: 1TB of data usage per month .. lets see if big red is a happy camper then !!!!!

  • Tom Z

    When they talk about the new keyboard, are they referring to the cool Swype like Google keyboard? That would be sweet!

  • Jay

    What you guys don’t seen to understand is that DROID is the Verizon’s line of phones. Its the brand that made Android what it is today (whether you like it or not, T-Mobile G1 fans)…When a carrier has an exclusive line of phones, they’ll definitely want to give people incentive to either 1) upgrade to a newer phone or 2) switch carriers to Verizon because they offer a unique phone running JB that isnt a Samsung phone

  • Just look at Verizon’s “NEXUS” phone still not up to date. Now getting passed up by older phones.

  • Crying why did I get an S3.

  • Bionic

    Bionic will be soon as well.

  • XvierX

    I need JB in my life!

  • IamDdotWest

    Where the Hell is the update for the Galaxy S3?

  • Google owns motorola mobility, so there for I would think DROID would have first priority for any type android version updates.

    • Brian Cerveny

      No, Motorola Mobility does not get any priority over any other OEM. Every OEM got 4.1 and 4.2 at the same time and that will continue.

  • PV

    Dude who cars about the RAZR MAXX and HD, Verizon should be looking to offload the OS on the Galaxy S3, you know the one with the outrageous sales that toppled the 4S last quarter and is making Apple like miniature, yeah that one. This is ridiculous is already Verizon is the greediest carrier in the world. AT&T and T-Mobile, carriers that don’t have half or put together 4g LTE towers as Verizon does. Seriously I don’t want to root my phone because I keep holding out. GOOGLE PLEASE BECOME A CARRIER FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY haha. Like I said you have a phone that has outsold anything out there yet the sh*$%^ Razr is getting it before us ? Suck a warm one.

  • Ayyy

    Yeah Moto, you better give us what we paid for….they won’t like me when I’m crazy….

    Pretty sure I can speak for many when I say, if the Jelly Bean update was screwed up, this would be the last Moto device for a lot of us.

    Props for getting it done though, can’t wait. Not just as promised but a month before 2013. This has been the most reliable and polished phone I’ve ever had.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Hey Motorola Jelly Bean on my og Razr Maxx would make an awesome Christmas present.

  • This may have come up in the comments below but I didn’t see it… Does anyone know how it will be different from the leaked Jelly Bean that Droid Life gave us a few weeks ago? If so should I go back to stock and do the official update? or is it a waste of time? I don’t know if the leak has project butter… I know… noob question. Thanks guys! Love this site!

    • Rocketjrb

      …and if I’m on the leak from end of October can i flash on top or do i have to revert back to ICS?

  • Malcolm James II

    Does anyone know when the soak will begin? Today?

    • bananatroll

      i am wondering the same. I heard from SWIM that the invites were sent out monday morning but no download instructions yet.

  • Hiker0

    This is very aggravating for Galaxy S3 owners but what does Samsung have to say about this? Verizon is intentionally letting Samsung devices remain on outdated android versions for the sole purpose of pushing products that are not Samsung. I guess the money I pay each month isn’t as important as the money a “Droid” customer pays.

  • Skrew the Droid updates!!! Where the #@%$ is my GNex updates Verizon?! Dammit!

  • joejoe5709

    This will put the GNex and these phones on the same official build. Granted the Gnex got this update months ago, but that’s pretty sad. Never thought I’d see the day that a Nexus that wasn’t atleast one update ahead of the rest. Thank God for the dev community.

  • Rocketjrb

    Does anybody know the difference between this official release and the leaked Jelly Bean 9.1.39.xt926 from the end of October?

    • Kassidy Klink

      according to droidrzr forums, not much in terms of looks. i’m sure there have been some bug fixes primarily between the 2 builds. also keep in mind the dates on the first leaked build and the official are extremely close. i haven’t flashed this one yet, but i will soon.

  • mcdonsco

    Is it common for official verizon announcement before the soak even starts?

    Also…*considering* getting the DNA and returning my maxx HD…qi charging, better camera and larger screen are all playing the role…but I’ve been die hard motor for years due to build quality……but on motos the keyboard input always lags…seems to not be a problem on other devices…but, battery, I’m definitely a user that needs it…hmmm.

    Motos. Also seem to always have a more stock android skin too…sense looks horrible.

    • Malcolm James II

      I was wondering the same thing

    • So you get that too huh? Strange it wasn’t before ICS.

      • mcdonsco

        Yea, it was laggy on my last maxx and and now the HD too…if it weren’t for the laggy ass keyboard I probably wouldnt be looking to switch, but its annoying as all hell.

        • Kassidy Klink

          have you tried a different keyboard? i’ve never had any problem with my hd maxx, but i don’t use the stock keyboard. personally i use swype.

          • Karatche

            I use Smart Keyboard- don’t notice a lag

          • mcdonsco

            I Have tried other keyboards…same problem…I hate swype though, so havent (and wont) try that

          • Kassidy Klink

            have you tried a factory reset? honestly i’ve never had any keyboard lag on this phone. i’ve used the original ics rom, the updated ics rom (small security update), and the 1st jb leak

          • mcdonsco

            I had two maxx’s, and an original razr as well as the now maxx hd and all of them, before ICS, after factory resets etc all had this issue. I’m baffled that no one else seems to have this issue, yet every moto android phone I’ve owned has had the issue.

          • Kassidy Klink

            try turning off haptic feedback and keyboard tones.

    • Kassidy Klink

      they have been doing very short soak tests recently (on the moto side) and in some cases have cancelled the soak before it even got started.

  • DC_Guy

    When will VZW activate Google Wallet on my Note 2, you know since it came pre-installed and all?

    • Kassidy Klink

      never. you need to install a modified build of it.

  • trophynuts

    Who would have ever thought that Moto would get updates faster than the G Nex? …oh yeah everyone. Good job on Google/Moto’s part for making these updates faster for the Moto guys.

  • radioactive2008

    I got pushed this update last night.. Very cool

    • Kassidy Klink

      seriously? i hate you much 🙂

      • mcdonsco

        I’m not so sure about his post…I got invited to the soak, but so far, nodda…So, either I got invited and never pushed, or the push hasn’t happened yet, which makes me wonder about this guys post.

        • Kassidy Klink

          that build number was just leaked so he may or may not have gotten it ota. doesn’t matter though. sweet radioactive!

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            Yeah I installed this leak last night 🙂 It’s actually a build 4 days after the last one that was leaked.

        • K L

          Same here, got Invited, no push or hasn’t pushed yet?

    • radioactive2008

      Take that 🙂

  • DanSan

    why are nexus owners still crying? seriously you have a nexus, root it and load 4.2.1 roms on your own. thats why i bought a nexus so i could mess with it and always have the latest.. if i didnt want to i would have gotten something else. cant remember the last time i ran stock software on anything

    • Kassidy Klink

      some people have a fascination with stock software. they think that it is the least likely to have bugs since it is “official”. a good friend of mine always waits to root and rom his phones until they are well passed being officially supported. he’s still using the last official build on his vzw gs3 and has not unlocked his bootloader. maybe he’s scared. no idea.

  • munging

    team iphone

  • bogy25

    Very excited about this – amazingly fast updates – feel like I own a Nexus not a Razr – LOVE IT but wish there was a fix to the camera which is really bad on my MAXX HD.

    • Kassidy Klink

      i am excited as well but i think we need to temper our expectations. the only real reason that this is out so quickly is that it was a) guaranteed to be out this year in the launch event, and b) jb was already running on the device at the launch most likely meaning vzw was already testing a build of it. i want to believe that google is having some influence on getting the software ready on moto’s side, but i don’t think vzw will be moving 1 day quicker on their end to approve these updates.

      • bogy25

        Yes very good point – points that is

  • Alexander Garcia

    My money says the RAZR HDs get the official OTA 4.2 before the VZW G-Nex does.

    • Kassidy Klink

      don’t count on that. the razr hd will be ignored once a new moto device is in the pipeline. the leaked upgrade schedule said next dec. for 4.2 lol

      • MooleyBooleyTroll

        Ignored like the GNex? lol

  • Silver Veloz

    This is pretty cool. Hope they stay on schedule with the rest on the Jelly Bean Update list.
    Motorola Droid Bionic here.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Moving in the right direction. So far so good. Kudos Moto. Now let’s see that Moto Nexus please. =)

  • lovehate

    does razor hd have webtop ?

    • Kassidy Klink


  • BigBill

    Why did they get rid of video?

    • Kassidy Klink

      verizon video? i think they are shutting that down in favor of redbox soon.

  • Roberto Taylor

    Verizon, thank you for ignoring my Galaxy Nexus. When I purchased a Nexus device, I did not expect it to receive any timely updates from Google. /sarcasm

    • Kassidy Klink

      unfortunately the writing was on the wall for the vzw “nexus.” i own the phone as well (as a back up now) but i had low expectations that were ultimately justified. vzw has always been terrible about timely software updates, even going back to the original razr (flip phone).

  • Kassidy Klink

    fyi this is the same as the newest leaked version based upon the firmware numbers provided by that information sheet. curious that the leaked version doesn’t have a skinned version of the people app and that this version is not that much newer than the first and only other leak of jb. i guess it makes sense considering jb was available on the test units during the launch event though. http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/5645-jellybeans-droid-razr-hd-verizon-new-leak-and-atrix-hd-att-firmwarefxz/page__st__20

  • HotRodJohnson

    Thanks VZW, now get cracking on that Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 update.

  • Shawn

    Still no s3!? Riduculous

    • For those that have yet to figure out how Verizon “chooses” their updates, let me make it pretty simple. Verizon will NEVER release a software update for a device if that same OEM has another phone coming out within a few months. They use the “latest software” as a way to hopefully get people to upgrade or to buy the latest device.

      Samsung, unfortunately for us S3 owners, has the Note 2 that just released. As such, Verizon won’t release the software update until after that device has been out for a little while (i.e. a month or more).

      They have done this with all their devices. If you think back to the HTC software debacles, they never released software updates until after HTC released another new phone and since HTC was releasing like 3-5 phones a year on Verizon, that pretty much destroyed the hope for getting software updates.

      The only reason Motorola is seeing updates is because they have no new devices coming out for the rest of this year, so Verizon treats them as “priority” to keep them “competitive” with the other “new” phones.

      I’m more disappointed that when we get the update, we’re not going to be getting 4.2. If I was Samsung, I would have scrapped the current update and just switched it over to the actual latest build of Android since Verizon is going to take their sweet time approving it anyway. Might as well use the time to get it updated to the latest.

  • AxemRed

    Nice. 4.1.2 is a good build. It’s the one I’m sticking on with my GNex for now.

    • dandar

      I’m not sure it’s 4.1.2. The Jellybean leak that I’ve been running for a month now is 4.1.1

      • Kassidy Klink

        pretty sure it’s 4.1.1 but i could be mistaken

  • lovehate

    moto is clawing its way back upwards

    • hfoster52

      This is only going to help them. If they can do a quad core and a DNA type screen I think people would move to them in droves.

      • Daniel Rosseau

        Moto Nexus please!!

      • They’d need a serious overhaul on their cameras too. Displays and cameras are what keeps me from buying another Moto.

        • They seem to have fixed the displays, or at least vastly improved them. They brought their cameras from “ghastly” to “occaisionally passable”, but given that Moto’s CEO is focusing the company on battery life, build quality, and software updates, the camera quality is likely going to remain “average” at best. But, you never know.

  • Brent Cooper

    Does anyone have any guesses on the Razr/Maxx non HD?

    • maybe january if they keep up this pace

    • Malcolm James II

      I’m guessing Feb/March at the latest at this rate

  • skltr21

    so i’m wanting a new phone….. and this might have made my decision. i wanted either the razr maxx hd or the galaxys s3. pretty much seem like the same phone other than the razr maxx hd has a better battery life. what do you all think???

    • Brent Cooper

      Go to the store, if you haven’t, and see which feels better in hand and which skin you like best. That’s how I usually pick

      • LiterofCola

        Why would this get a down vote?

        • skltr21

          hahaha wtf???

      • skltr21

        i have….. hahaha can’t decide. i love the look of the white S3. but i love that the battery on the razr maxx hd will last me all day. i’ve owned 5 android devices and battery life on android devices BLOWS! my wife thought it was a good idea to upgrade me to the iphone 5 for my bday. bad idea…. hahaha the ONLY thing i love about this phone is the battery life though. lasts me 2 days. but hate the phone. so i’m still in my 14 days and i’m gonna get an android device. but i need something comparable to this battery life. it’s insane. i hate having to charge my android devices every 2 hours. it’s ridiculous. and i’m not a heavy user AT ALL. like i said, i’m getting 2 days out of the iphone 5. if i got 1 day out of any android device i’d be happy, but that’s never even been close.

        • Brent Cooper

          I have a maxx non HD. It gets me through the day, although I’m a heave user. If you are a light user I’d think you will be good for all day. I have heard the gs3 has descent battery. If the battery is be all end all I’d got maxx. Anyways, good luck and welcome back to android! Hope you like whatever you get

          • skltr21

            i just want something that will last me all day….. not a super heavy user. like i said, the iphone gets me 2 days. any android device i’ve owned, at most, got me 6 hours. the galaxy nexus would die after 2 hours just sitting in my pocket with no use. which i think is cuz of androids horrible data connectivity issues….. so i just need something that won’t be doing that. ya know? how’s the data connectivity on both devices that you know of???

          • droidsung

            Unless you are super heavy on it, GS3 should last half day easily and even full day if lightly used. It’s miles better than Gnex on battery.

          • skltr21

            a phone with light to moderate use, to me, should last all day…. if not longer. as much as i hate the iphone 5 (which is why i’m gonna switch back) the battery on this thing lasts me almost 2 full days. no android phone i’ve ever owned has even lasted me half a day. same use on every phone. ya know?

          • MotoForLife

            I just bought my Droid Razr Maxx HD a week ago today. I get amazing length on my battery, as I am always playing with my phone. Of course I waited 3 years to get this and just upgraded from the OG Droid. So this is the phone I recommend. I don’t have a lot of issues with switching from #g to 4G either.

          • pug

            Congrats on the new Maxx! Like yourself, I’m still rockin the OG, approaching 3 yrs as well. I can not seem to decide between the Note 2 and Maxx HD. I live in the country where tethering is my only broadband connection (besides satilite). Would love to see a signal test between the two. I know Moto is known for their solid radios.

          • skltr21

            that’s good to hear that you don’t have the stupid annoying data connection issue with it constantly switching from 3g to 4g….. that’s probably one of my biggest complaints with EVERY android device i’ve had. and i live in a great 4g coverage area. the iphone i’m currently using, and not liking (hahaha) hasn’t dropped 4g once. i’ll probably end up going with the maxx for battery life.

          • Brent Cooper

            The Gnex got me about 4-6 hours on an extended battery. I went through about 4 batteries per day and carried an 11,000mAh battery pack with me. The Maxx will get you through the day, and from what ive heard, the gs3 wont be too bad. As far as data connectivity, my maxx has a stronger signal than my gnex. If you are talking about constantly connecting to the network when the phone is not in use…Im not quite sure about that. I never noticed that on either device. What type of connectivity are you talking about?

          • skltr21

            for some reason, it seems like every android phone i’ve ever owned is constantly dropping data connection….. it’ll constantly be switching between 3g and 4g and i’m in a very good 4g area in southern california. you may say it’s a problem with the phone….. and that’s what i thought at first. but after 20 replacement devices they all do the same thing. that was with the thunderbolt, droid 4, and galaxy nexus. all did the same thing. and the phone is doing this constantly, even when just sitting there not being used. and that’s draining the battery like crazy! that’s probably the biggest battery killer on any android device i’ve owned….. other than the original droid because it didn’t have 4g. but the iphone doesn’t do this at all. i’ve had steady 4g connection. no switching. so it’s something about how they’ve designed their radio.

        • guest

          i upgraded to an iphone 5, personally i think its a great device, but having no google maps was a dealbreaker, so i switched back, the i5 isnt for me

          • Stevedub40

            Good to see you came about your senses. I think after a month of having to use iTunes you probably would have smashed the device any ways.

          • skltr21

            that, and the battery are actually my favorite parts of the phone. =) i don’t use my android devices for music…… the iphone does do that waaaay better than android though, i think. but just can’t stand everything else. this new iOS 6 just seems like a totally bad ripoff of android that just doesn’t function the way it should.

          • Eric

            i respectfully disagree (because u switched back 🙂 ) on both accounts actually…spotify is my music player of choice and really itunes is just a step behind now IMHO, also i have the 4300 mah battery from hyperion (check out amazon), which makes by battery last twice the stock battery…and this battery is cheap and not that bulky..again, in my opinion.

          • skltr21

            on which device???

          • guest

            yeah i had it for a few hours, apps are good, build quality and screen are great but, i began to realize the little things i missed on my nexus. notifications are better, multi tasking is better, dropbox integration is better, its just a better device for me. i thought switching to the i5 was a good idea because all i do on my phone is surf the web, check some mail and go on youtube. id rather have all of these features and not use them compared to not having the features and missing them

          • skltr21

            it’s good in the sense of battery life, and ipod. that’s about it for me. everything else on the device i’m lpulling my hair out saying “WHY CAN’T I DO THIS?! WHY CAN’T I DO THAT?!” hahaha i HATE the way it’s set up. i also CAN’T STAND the keyboard…… and i can’t change the keyboard like i can with android. Notifications are an absolute disaster on this thing too…..

          • guest

            lol exactly the reason i came back, i couldnt deal with the missing features

        • BillyMak

          Pick up the GS3 and go buy an 4600 mAH extended battery from Gorilla Gadgets. I picked up a GS3 on Black Friday ($0.96) and have been getting an average of 2.5 days use from my device. Granted, I am not a “power user” in the sense that I am not constantly on my phone, watching video over LTE etc, but I do have lots of email in/out, lots of texts in/out, and several apps running most of the day. We will see if the battery keeps this amazing life over the long haul, but short run my wife and I LOVE it and this battery life smokes even the MAXX HD.

    • I own them both… if you’re a power user, Maxx HD — If you don’t use your phone a whole lot and don’t travel, I would go with the S3.

      The unlockable bootloader and camera alone makes the S3 a superior device (without considering the battery life) but at the end of the day no matter how nice a camera, or what ROM I can run… none of that matters if the phone is dead. I use my Maxx HD as a daily, and my S3 as a backup.

      • skltr21

        thanks. yeah, think i might just go with the Maxx HD then. i just love the look of the white S3 so much! hahaha

        • BillyMak

          Get the white S3 and follow my above post about extended battery…

      • MicroNix

        I easily last a full day on a charge with my S3. Way better than any other Android phone I’ve owned. And yes, the camera rocks…..WAY better than my last Motorola phone where the camera software blew. The S3 just works 🙂

        • skltr21

          how would you rate yourself as far as usage goes???

    • shaycay

      i like the droid line over anything else. had a droid x, droid razr maxx, and my next phone will be from the droid line. S3 is sick though, looks beautiful, and has great features too. Hard to go wrong, but the battery life of my Razr Maxx is the best thing ive ever owned.

      • skltr21

        yeah…. that’s why i’m thinking that one. but i just love the look of the S3….. but at this point, battery life seems more important.

        • Eric Richardson

          I think you will be fine with either device, but I love my S3. Super fast, and I actually like the little perks that come with touchwiz. Screen not going dark when looking at it. a lot of cool motion sensors(holding it up to you ear will automatically call whoever is on the screen). The camera is phenomenal, especially the “burst shot.” All in all, it is a great phone.

        • MicroNix

          The S3 does *not* disappoint.

    • Terrance Steiner

      I’m in the same boat. I have 3-day until I am due for an upgrade and my Thunderbolt will be used for target practice. I really like the feel of the S3, the fact that the numbers of S3’s on the market will make accessories easy to find, and the smoothness of operation. On the other hand I really like the build quality of the Razr, the closer to stock looking ROM and the longer battery life.

      The Droid DNA is not an option for me. After living with HTC’s “product support” for two years with the Thunderbolt, I will not be buying a HTC device for a while. I know that they make good hardware but (non existent) promised ICS upgrade was the final straw.

      Now that the Razr has Jellybean I think my decision has been made. Unless the S3 get JB by the end of the week, I will be rocking a white Razr HD by the weekend!!! I am actually not that big a fan of the Razr’s home screen implementation but that is what Nova Launcher is for.

  • Still no S3 love! It goes to show that when you buy a VZW flagship device such as S3, Galaxy Nexus, Thunderbolt, etc,,, never expect updates in a timely manner… ever… Thise devices should be at the top of the “update list”

    • LiterofCola

      Unless they’re a Droid 😉

    • Black Roger

      LOL I’ve had all those phones. Rooted and ran custom roms on all of them 🙂

    • rals

      That’s exactly why held up the S3 update because of the droid line needs it first. So hopefully in the next few weeks they update the S3, now that there newest droid line is up to date. Let’s be honest, they make more money from those devices than the other ones without the droid name,

      • avv479

        I had a droid charge when it first came out and it came with froyo for 6 months. then i finally got a gingerbread update. verizon just sucks in general about their updates. I just bought the galaxy nexus off contract to keep my unlimited. I love the phone since when I got it, it had JB. I am satisfied for now but will prolly root for other reasons, like tethering, than just the OS. I just wish verizon’s service was not so reliable, then I could easily make the decision to go to t-mo or att and buy the google phones straight from google then screw the carrier updates

  • fauxshizzl

    And yet the last 3 builds for the GNex continues to elude them.

    • JoshGroff

      At least the dev community has us hooked up. never expect Verizon to do anything useful within a reasonable amount of time.

    • i got my Galaxy Nexus to root and install roms. idk how many hardcore users would actually be mad that verizon takes so long as i thought the dev community was the reason for the purchase

      • biggest issue I see is that the binaries and radios are only updated when an official OTA is pushed, which has an affect on signal quality and battery life.

      • fauxshizzl

        It is the principal of it. Obviously I know my way around rooting and ROMs.

  • Hell yeah Motorola, you start steamrolling those updates. Next stop, ATRIX HD, PHOTON Q, then the OMAP devices, baby!

  • When are we going to see Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3? It’s been out since July! I appreciate Verizon’s due diligence here (truly, as their network is world’s better than AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in part becuase they are so cautious as to what devices they allow on it), but they need to triple the size of the testing team and start rolling these updates out much faster. It’s not like they can’t afford it. I’m rocking a pre-build of the Jelly Bean OS for Verizon and I have to say, it makes the phone scream. And I LOVE Google Now. I am eager for the even-more-improved OFFICIAL version. Any rumors on release date?

  • kixofmyg0t

    Well I did say Friday…..

  • Brent Newcomb

    Where is the update for my RAZR?

    • p3droid teased a stock JB build for the RAZR a couple of weeks ago, but I’m guessing that was just an early build. Still nothing leaked, so its probably late January, which at 6 months from the ICS update, I’m good with really.

    • Steve

      Ha ha ha, Thunderbolt waiting for ICS is all I have to say.

      • shaycay


  • Rafy286

    And they yet to update the Galaxy SIII, which two carriers have approved. SMH

  • njvol

    How about the Galaxy S3? You know, the device that came out a couple months before these…

    • r0lct

      Why update the SG3 when they can tell people in the stores buy the Droids with Jelly Bean, not the GS3 with ICS.

      • njvol

        Good point. revenge against those who purchased the S3 to keep unlimited data, instead of tiered, as they would have been forced with the HD’s.

        • r0lct

          I’m all about the Verizon pushing Droid phones at the expense of others conspiracy theory.

          • MichaelFranz

            i agree with this, the fact that they are Droid Branded gives them top priority i think. However with the popularity of the GS3 you woudl think they would keep there customers happy and update it in a timely manner.

            its sad that even thought this phone dropped in july it might not see any major update this year and still be 2 OS revisions behind. I know Verizon may have a strict testing phase and need approvals and all that but there has to be something holding it back. if they updated phones more regularly i probably wouldnt need to flash roms to have the latest and greatest.

          • MicroNix

            There has already been a 3rd build of JB leaked from VZW for the GS3 so its not far behind. I am running the 2nd leak and find little to nothing wrong with it. It just makes a great phone better.

          • MichaelFranz

            Yea that’s true….I’m running a ROM with it. But out of the millions sold on vzw….how many are actually running the leak…couple thousand…not everyone doors and stuff. Don’t get me wrong I agree with you. I’m just playing devils advocate for the rest of the users

          • njvol

            hahaha. it was tongue in cheek. but yeah, conspiracy theories!

          • r0lct

            Just look at the DNA and Note2, their list price is only $50 apart but yet their subsidized price is $100 difference. Clearly Verizon is giving an extra subsidy to the DNA because of the DROID branding. So maybe not much of a conspiracy theory and just theory.

          • C-Law

            Their list is $100 apart. Check Verizon’s site. $599 for dna. $699 for note2

        • mcdonsco

          I went from a maxx to a maxx HD and kept unlimited data…what are you talking about?

          • njvol

            Verizon would not grandfather unlimited data after a certain date. S3 was the last major phone release before that date. Very few kept unlimited data when upgrading with subsidized pricing after that date. I would likely have gone for the maxx HD myself, but no way was i giving up unlimited data, yet.

          • mcdonsco

            Well, depends on the math you’re doing. I’ve figured out that for my data use it’s CHEAPER for me to get a new phone EVERY YEAR at full retail price ($600+, minus the $300 or so I could sell a previous phone for on eBay) then to give up unlimited data and get a subsidized phone only every two years…

            So, as long as I can keep unlimited data by just paying full retail for a phone, I will.

          • njvol

            oh absolutely. And when i do upgrade to the next device it will be at full cost, so i retain unlimited data for the time being. What I was saying is that this is the last major phone you could get ‘subsidized’ while retaining unlimited data.

          • michael arazan

            no way i would pay for the tier price for 10-20 gb, which is what i use, besides I only get 12 mbps down and 5 up on average in st.L, people here pay for LTE speeds without getting the LTE speeds they pay for, same in Chicago and parts of IL

          • DER

            Did you buy the phone out right? Or sign new contract? How did you keep unlimited data?

          • CJ Gould

            If you have a feature phone on your account that is eligible for upgrade you can use that to upgrade your smart phone and keep unlimited data. The employees at Verizon should be able to help you with that. That’s hood I got my subsidized RAZR maxx HD.

        • bananatroll

          there is ALWAYS a loophole, cheat, hack, con, or any which way but loose to beat the man – such is the nature of human ingenuity.

          There are several different ways to upgrade at discount and still keep unlimited data. Some are unscrupulous, dishonest, deceitful or just plain difficult and time consuming. Others require severe account manipulation, line changes, plan changes, name changes, upgrade pickpocketing, or even a few fees/higher prices.

          Bottom line is this…

          Most of you simply are not willing to go the distance required to keep your all-you-can-eat data plans.

          I know I’m a troll to a certain degree by constantly bashing samsung, lg, and htc because their phones have the same build quality as dollar general christmas trees and they’re all made in the the cell phone knock off capital of the world because the poor country has no rules/regulations/standards/boundaries/pride nor shame.


          About half the comments on here are related to pissing and moaning about unlimited data, and why you can’t keep it/afford it/want it/ etc,.

      • MicroNix

        Because people know the GS3 and will actually buy it?

    • Rob

      My thoughts exactly. Cue the “root and ROM” comments, but some of us don’t want to mess with it or just want the basic features of the OS update. Plus after unlocking and rooting my Transformer Prime I decided to just use ASUS’s JB ROM instead since CyanogenMod seemed to just not work that well on my tab.

    • chris125

      because it’s not a “droid” so they will update them last. Same with the nexus.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        “Nexus” the “pure google experience”.. BAh

    • kixofmyg0t

      Blame Motorola.

  • hfoster52

    I wonder what will be newer the version of Jelly Bean on the Nexus or the Razr’s.

    • RAZR HD is 4.1.2, so technically its ahead. Though, I’m 99% certain the GNex will get 4.2.1 first, but hey, ya never know.

      • hfoster52

        You never know.

        I really can’t believe that VZ has dropped the ball on this. Maybe software updates was not on the list for the consumer reports best cell service.

        I guess all they did was prove Google right and move on.

  • Therie Moore

    This device don’t get the respect It deserves

    • LiterofCola

      You got that right.

    • lemonhead127

      It’s because it’s not a nexus or Note II. For some reason here anything other than those get kicked to the curb.

  • Gimme some of that butter…Mmmmmmm!

  • Mikey

    RAZR and RAZR maxx are soon to follow!

    • shaycay

      are you sure? i was hopping on here to ask when my droid razr maxx would get the update. is this just you wishing for it soon? or does anyone know a date/timeframe?

      • John

        he’s just wishing for it soon.

        • Actually there is a JB update in testing with VZW, but I don’t have a date. At least knowing that it will, for sure, be rolling out has to be worth something.

          • John

            Sweet. Thx for the heads up.

          • bert

            Why won’t they just give us a schedule instead of keeping us in the dark. I have the original DROID RAZR Maxx as well and VZW sales people promised jb when I received the phone. Very frustrating. Rob


  • satsmine2k4

    Cool!!! that was quicker than normal…

  • Too bad they’re still a 2 versions behind.

    • JoshGroff

      Which is better than 3.

      • hfoster52

        Agreed. But I think its better for the average user to be a few “minor” updates behind. If it was a whole next version of the OS then my opinion would be different.

        • JoshGroff

          Good point.

      • Agreed!