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Mugen Wants to Turn Your Galaxy Note 2 Into a 6,400mAh Monster, Do You Need All That Battery Life? (Updated)

Sometimes you just got to have long battery life on your device, no matter what the cost. For uber power users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Mugen has a battery that will keep you going for days on end. Their new battery clocks in at 6,400mAh, which is almost double the RAZR MAXX’s 3,300mAh battery.

It may look ridiculous, but Mugen is promising double the battery life of the stock battery and even that is probably a conservative projection. All this juice doesn’t come cheap though, the regular price of this monster is $105, but is on a deal of sorts for early adopters. Hit the source link below if you’re ready to carry this battery around in your pocket.

Update:  Reader Steve sent over a link to a Hyperion 6200mAh extended battery for the Note 2 that runs only $14.99 or $19.99 through Amazon. It sort of seems too good to be true to me, but others have had great luck with Hyperion batteries for other devices. There are versions that come with either a grey or white back, so you can match the color of your device. It doesn’t necessarily say that it is NFC-ready, but other batteries of theirs are. At that price, why not give it a shot?

Amazon Links:  Grey 6200mAh battery ($14.99) | White 6200mAh battery ($19.99 w/ Prime shipping)

Via:  Mugen | Yahoo

Cheers Doug!

  • Nicholassss

    I was so used to my raazr battery that the last few days ive been amazing I can make it through a whole day of heavy use. thats good enough for me. I wouldnt give up the sexiness for more battery life. if its beats the razr’s 4 hours its good by me.

  • ROB

    Mugen is a waste of money, mine began losing power after 6 months.

  • going on 13 hours with 60 phone calls and gps navigation still have 42 percent left on stock battery gnex would have died at the 6 hour mark!

  • ladi_dadi

    Im currently using a 7600 mah battery 🙂 14hrs of on screen time and 3 days 12hrs total time 🙂 I could care less about the little hump in the back long as I can watch a few hours of shows/movies and play a few hours of games im good lol

  • VicMatson

    Why not make a sled, use it when you need power.

  • Bionic

    Never ever ever trust a non OEM battery. You’re asking for trouble if you do.

    • TylerChappell

      Exactly, they never live up to their advertised mAh, as I have learned twice now. In fact, it sometimes seems like the manufacturers like Trexcell and Hyperion create fake reviews for their batteries.

      • Bionic

        +100000000 on the fake reviews.


    This is the best battery I’ve had stock, ever. When I went to bed, I was at 19 hours @35% with a lot of use. Mostly over LTE. I ordered the Mugen 3200mAh battery and it should be here any day now. I’ll report back with my battery life. Also, the GS3 has a small ‘extended’ battery from mugen and the reviews are saying that people are getting a minimum of 2 hours more life. I’m excited.

    • ROB

      Send it back, the Mugen I bought stopped holding a charge after 6 months.

  • John Mozelewski

    Who needs two days of battery life?

    • yep

      Bear Gryllis

  • Trey Mitchell

    I’ll admit I like the kickstand I did feel this phone would be awesome with one but not at the price of that added bulk…..not to mention the actual price….

  • Scott Bowen

    i wonder what type of heat that thing puts off…

    • Trey Mitchell

      Likely that of a small sun


    I don’t know how they get away with using the name Mugen Power. I believe that “slogan” belongs to the manufacturer that brings us performance parts for Honda/Acura. Unless its part of the same company, I see a lawsuit on the horizon.

    • Trey Mitchell

      They would then be subsequently sued by apple seeing as they invented lawsuits.

    • Mugen is basically the performance division of Honda (Just like Mopar to Chrysler for example) created by Hirotoshi Honda, son of Soichiro Honda, the creator of Honda in 1973. “Mugen” means unlimited or without limit so the slogan became “Mugen Power” meaning unlimited power. Though interesting enough Honda does not own Mugen though Hirotoshi is the primary shareholder of Honda now since his father has passed.

      Ill put money on the company is based out of China so even if Mugen decided to go after them the Chinese government would just say they don’t see the similarities since one builds car parts and the other phone parts.

      • ROB

        The batteries are made in Japan.

  • That’d go for days!!!

  • h8thepain

    Bigger, thinner, lighter… I can’t wait until I can use one as a surfboard!

  • JWellington

    Yea…..no thanks.

  • hfoster52

    And you can get a second one and put it in the other hand for strength training!!

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    Probably get normal rated call hours over VoIP now

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    Whatcha goin’ do wit all dat junk, all dat junk inside your trunk?

  • BSweetness

    I’ll just take a spare standard battery instead.

  • Mark Wilk

    I hope that kickstand doesn’t buckle under the weight of the battery.

  • T4rd

    Have these batteries ever had accurate ratings? Seems like all the one’s I’ve seen, they test out at about 60-70% of their rating. Which I would bet only give you maybe an extra hour of screen time while still being twice as large (physically). With that, it would be much cheaper and more logical to get a spare battery or two to keep around.

    These Hyperion batteries and charger are a good deal. I have them for my Gnex and they work great! http://www.amazon.com/Hyperion-Compatible-GT-N7100-T-Mobile-SGH-T889/dp/B009NIRX14/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354297866&sr=8-2&keywords=Note+2+battery

    • Brent Cooper

      Agreed, I’ve never gotten the claimed battery life of these batteries.

  • ChrisI

    What does “need” have anythign to do with it? 🙂

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    Cool concept, but this completely ruins the look of the phone IMO. When will they finally develop the technology to have a large amount of mAh in a small package? Battery technology really needs to step it’s game up if carriers plan on converting to full VoLTE soon

  • 5 days of battery life? Sure why the hell not

  • Mr Furious

    Does it come with wheels or backpack straps?

    • Stevedub40

      I lol at that .

    • hfoster52

      Haha. I bet they reinforced the kickstand.

    • 4n1m4L

      Comes with an adapter to start your car with thougj

  • Brittany N

    this battery is huge I couldn’t see myself using one of these

  • zack


  • I have run out of battery on the Note 2…. But man, that’s a huge back/battery! The picture below gives a better idea of how much bigger the back is.

    • Sqube

      How long did it take you to kill off the battery, though?

      • It’s a decent battery, better than most, but not better than Droid Maxx by any stretch. I have what I call, the Disneyland test. Droid Maxx made it through a full day of Disneyland, no problem. Note 2, I had to shut off at dusk in case I needed phone later – and that was after conserving battery earlier in the day compared with DMaxx… By comparison, Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) was done by 11am and Droid X by around 2pm. These are unscientific measurements, of course.

        • JoshGroff

          The Note 2 is also packing more horsepower and a larger screen.

          • No doubt Note 2 is a better phone… in my opinion. I love it! I mean literally – it sleeps with me even.

          • Diablo81588

            Next to your Teddie bear? 😛

          • Usually, I’m spooning it…

        • T4rd

          Lol, I had a similar experience using my Gnex in a theme park. So the next day I disabled mobile data (so I can still receive calls/texts) and had 90% left still by the end of the day. I kept a spare battery on me too just in case though.

          • hfoster52

            I do the same anywhere I am not near a charger with this phone.

    • picaso86

      That’s too thick for my liking….

      • S2556

        thats what she said

  • For that price you could buy a charging pack with the same, if not more power that you could use when needed AND use it for other devices. Not to mention it doesn’t make your phone look god awful.

    • JoshGroff

      Exactly, I bought a mophie 4000mAh juice pack a while ago for $50 and have not regretted it since. Also, having the ability to charge multiple devices is always good.

    • Ibrick

      Exactly what I was thinking, I picked up the New Trent 12000ma pack through Amazon on their black friday deal for $55. It’s back up to $79, but still discounted from $120 at least.

  • This is just crazy. do you have any idea what you could do with this thing? Tether 4G all day? Watch 2 or 3 movies? I don’t see any realistic situation ever having you worry about battery life anymore. And you know what? That’s beautiful. Good job to Mugen to not making it look like total crap, either. It has a nice design.

    • justincase_2008

      IDK while i was in the middle of no where for Thanksgiving i could have used a longer battery life.

  • Still thinner and lighter than a Thunderbolt.

  • JDizzle


  • For that price you could buy an external charging pack with the same, if not more power that you could use when needed AND use it for other devices. Not to mention it doesn’t make your phone look god awful.

  • iamjackspost

    So that would make it literally the size of a brick.

  • Droidzilla

    I’ll wait until the thickness reaches Star Tac levels. Then I’ll whip out my phone at The Maxx and order AC Slater a pizza.

    • hkklife

      You mean a MicroTAC. That one came out in ’89 and was used by Zack. StarTAC was MUCH smaller and came out in ’96.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Funny but the SarTAC was a pretty small phone…

      • Droidzilla

        This is what I get for not having my facts straight on a tech site. I’m going to go open a hotmail account in shame (from my Netscape Navigator, of course).

      • Old Fart (Slient butt Deadly)

        I had a StarTac phone. I think it was a later model it was silver and had an amber display I believe. It was a sweet phone at the time. My first phone was a small black brick. I don’t recall the manufacture but I went to a Moto Flip after AirTouch said my phone had been cloned. My next phone was I believe a Sanyo thin candy bar style with an LCD display. I’ve had a couple Razrs (early models) and I believe am LG for a while. The LG was two small for my male fingers. My hand it not unusually large but the buttons on the LG were so small and close I often hit 2 while dialing. I’ve had cell phones since about 1994 or 95 I guess. I’ve been on AirTouch Cellular, General Telephone (Southern Cal), Pacific Bell, Sprint, US Cellular and finally Verizon.