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Incentive Targeting is the Latest Company Acquired By Google, Specializes in Deals

Another day, another company acquired by Google for the greater good. A company named Incentive Targeting took to their website today to announce that Google has officially acquired them and that the two will begin working together soon. Incentive Targeting is a company that specializes in making retail couponing “simple, relevant, measurable, and effective” and says that is what Google has done for the web.

This is another sign that Google is getting serious with their Shopping, Deals and Wallet divisions. This acquisition will no doubt give Google more information on what we like to buy so they can turn around and give us deals on those things. In the end, who knows what Google will use this new company for, but we hope that it’s money well spent.

Via: Engadget

  • michael arazan

    Nice to know that Google specializing Ads Just For Me will also add coupons on those ads with it for discounts on products I’m interested in.

  • Trevor

    In other words, Google really is taking over the world.

  • JoshGroff